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Antisana Ecological Reserve

Antisana is a place where yo can have a lot of contact with the nature, also you will find some
peace here. The natural environment is so interesting you can realize studies about animals,
plants, environment, the lake etc. Is located in Napo and Pichincha in Quijos, Archidona and
Cayambe, is a higher place. The climate in this place is cold and there is a lot of wind because is
like in the mountains. When i goes to this reserve i really like it because is a new experience
and i can learn more about the nature. Personally i think that you have to visit the reserve
because is a wondeful place where you will find a lot of attractions and things to do.

Learn new things about the nature because here you can study some things of this place like
their animals, plants, climate, lake, the state of temperature this is a great way of adquire
more knownment over the nature. Is a comfortable reserve and have all the necessary
adecuations for realize any type of study, you will have the inconditional guide and help of the
leadings that will tell you about the reserve and answer all your questions so they can help you
in the research or study.

Have more contact with the nature you can find some animals like birds, rabbits, bears, fish.
Here exist a calm and peaceful atmosphere perfect to be able to get away from the stressed
atmosphere of the city, besides being able to relieve the stress and relax of our routine we can
be in a much more pure and recommendable environment For our health and from time to
time doing an activity out of the ordinary does us good because it helps us to concentrate and
start new projects.

Practice sports and stay healthy you can improve your state physic with walks in the
mountains and algo you can get a beautiful view. This is something very beneficial for our body
because it helps us to carry out new activities such as fishing, hiking, mountaineering,
obviously this must be done with safety precautions and the necessary materials because if
they are not done in a proper way this can bring us consequences So it is always better to be
prepared with a safety equipment.

You can go in bus or in a car the time to go here is 2 hours the travel is fine, the people in the
place is very iteresting and algo tell you some dates about the reserve. Antisana is a beautiful
ecological reserve and have many important things that you can joy and learn about this great