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Board of directions-responsible for policy decision and strategy, aproving Shareholders/stockholders-who provide the capital President, the chair person

Management-Organization and coordination of the activities of an enterprise in accordance with certain policies and in achievem ent of clearly defined objectives. Management is often included as a factor of production along with machines, materials, and money y y They overall responsibility for running the business Chief executive officer CEO, managing director

Seniors managers-> company officers: they head the various parts of the company ± marketing department -personel/human resouces -production department -finance department -PR department -customer support -research and development (R&D) -information and technology (IT) Workforce-Total number of a country's populationemployed in the armed forces and civilian jobs, plus those unemployed people who are actually seeking paying work. (Board of DirectorsChairperson or President)-responsible for policy decisions and strategy Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director-responsible for policy Senior managers or company officers y Marketing, public relations, information technology or IT, personnel or Human Resources, finance, production, research and Development or R and D An innovation-the introduction of a new idea A patent-the right to make or sell an invention Diversification-making different types of products A range-a selection or series Headquarters-main offices A location-a place or address A strategy-an agreed course of action A policy-a planned series of action Eskablished- stvorioTartu

having enough skill. knowledge. Apply for the job-prohibit se zappose Letter of application-writing request for a job CV-Curriculum Vitae) Cunning-the ability to deceive people A brainteaser-a problem which is fun to solve Intangible-sometimes that cannot be felt or described A hire-someone who started to work for company To slash-to cut Anecdotal-based on personal experience To bring around-to persuadesib to agree with someone A trait-a quality in someone¶s character Survey-a set of questions given to a group of people to find out about their opinions or behavior-istra ivanje Behavior-the whey that someone acts in different situations / pona anje Competent.000squere meters Department store-something like Avenue Mall. /maloprodaja Outlets-stores which selling everything from one company. or ability to do something to satisfactory standard / sposoban Employer-a person or company that pays people to work for them Retailing-the business of selling products to general public. or agency selling the goods of a particular wholesaler or manufacturer Hypermarkets-over 30. in shopp ing malls in the same location y A store.Recruitment-process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy.a large retail store carrying a wide variety of merchandise and organized in various departments Warrants-osigurava Cloaks up-zajedno Operating margin-izme u profita i zarade y Measurement between company¶s income and the profit Soared-popelo (npr. in a most timely and costeffective manner. British Herod¶s. merchant.novaca) Converter. .000 square meters Superstores-under 30. Nama y . Such as converting paperstock into disposable cups.Firm that takes a material intended for one purpose and converts into a material intended for another purpose.

Purchasing-Purchase of goods. y Arrangement where one party (franchiser) grants another party (franchisee) the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as certain business systems and processes. to produce systems and market a good or service according to certain specifications Franchisor-McDonalds Franchisee-person who sells McDonalds food using the franchisor¶s establishing system or format Franchise feeFront and feeManagement service feeAdvertising feeOperations manualMaster franchiseTo boast-have a future A challenge-a difficult but exciting thing to do . FRANCHISE. without contract or negotiations.privilege granted to make or market a good or service under a patened process or trademarked name Franchising-a business system in which compa ny sells an individual the right to operate a business using the franchisor¶ s establishing system of format. usually in smaller quantities or in an emergency.Raps outHis blond hairCut-price-outlet Stock-zalihe Overheads-re ije End-of-line-manjak Surplus-vi ak Lucrative-profitabile/ unosno Niche-A focused. Separatesoff-load-rije iti se ne aga Late spacePushing-promovirati ne to ³bargains bins´-puna ko ara stvari Tout-trying to sell Duty-A taxes on imports and exports. targetable part of a market.

.e.any other business I. Trademarks are protected by law Charge..managing director PAYE.an amount of money paid for services or goods money charged by a bank for services such as paying che ques sending out bank statements etc Gross margin also gross profit margin.limited AGM. sign or design used on a product to show it is made by a particular company. or information about what they might buy Aou.a. Sad neznam dal ima jos neki? M.-per annum-godi nje SFr-Swiss frank Plc.D.to deal with To update-to review and include recent changes Records-written documents containing information about the past A payroll-a list of employers and the wages they paid To focus-to pay a special attention Paperwork-work involving written or printed documents Working capital or operating capital-money used by a business to carry on production and keep trading for example to pay employers and suppliers before money is received for good sold Return-tax on official form that is filled in and sent to the tax authorities so they san calculate how much is owed Fixtures and fittings-law property thing such as lights etc that are fixed or fastened to a house or building and are included as part of the prope rty when it is sold Trademark-a name.-public limited company .id est/ doslovni prijevod²ovo/to je.Maintenance-keeping equipment in good condition booking-a reservation A report-a peace of writing giving information on a particular subject To tackle.annual general meeting CEO-CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER P.pay as you earn Ltd.the difference between the price that a product or service is sold for and the cost of producing it without including Market research-marketing the activities involved in obtainin g information about a particular market. including how much of a product is being sold who is buying it etc.

what salesperson says to persuade the buyer maintainance-odr avanje commercial bank-for ³ordinary´ people merchant bank.mladi poduzetnik elicit.ek .g.nedopu ten spokesperson retail park. ± automated teller machine (American) Cashmachine/ cash point (Brittish) Bank statement.group of large retail stores in a city suburb cut price.discount sales pitch.does¶t have a limit Debit card.prekora enje Cheque.-exampla gratia/ for example N/A-not applicable-available A.prijepodne ENTERPRENEURS.has a limit A.for companies credit card.stanje ra una Credit ± kolko imam Debit.M.m.-corporation GMT-Greenwich Mean time-central euro pin E.kolko dugujem Balance ± balans=) Overdraft.iznuditi illicit.Asap-as soon as possible Corp.T.

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