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What is meant by ZBNF?

Zero Budget Spiritual Farming means for all the crops, the production cost will be zero. In
the Zero Budget Natural Farming nothing has to be purchased from the outside. All things
required for the growth of the plant are available around the root zone of the plants. There
is no need to add anything from outside. Our soil is prosperous-full of nutrients. How much
nutrients the crops takes from the soil? Only 1.5 to 2.0 % is taken from the soil. Remaining
98 to 98.5% nutrients are taken from air, water & solar energy. Agriculture Universities says
false that we have to add fertilizers from outside. If science says, that 98% crop body is
constituted by air and water, then where is the need to add the fertilizers from the outside?

Every green leaf produces the food throughout the day. These green leafs are
foodproducing factories. What is used by leaves for producing the food? It takes carbon
dioxide & nitrogen from the air, water from the canal, river or well given by the monsoon
clouds, and solar energy from the sun for producing the food. Every green leaf of any plant
produces 4.5 gram carbohydrates per square feet surface, from which we get 1.5 gram
grains or 2.25 gram fruits. For preparing this food, the plants take necessary elements like
air, water and solar energy from the nature, not from us. Monsoon clouds do not send any
bill for the water that they supply. Neither air sends bill for the nitrogen it supplied or the sun
for the solar energy. All these are available free of cost. Green leaves do not use the
technology of the Agriculture University for taking CO2 from the air or solar energy from the
sun. Whether monsoon clouds use the technology of Agriculture University for giving
rainwater? No! All these elements constituting 98% body of the plant are available free of
cost. Remaining 1.5% nutrients taken from the soil are also available free of cost as it is
taken from the prosperous soil which is enriched with these nutrients. Moreover, for this it
does not use the technology of the Agriculture University. In the forest or on the bunds of our
farm, there are huge trees of Mango, Tamarind or Plum with uncountable export quality fruits
in famine also without any application of chemical or organic fertilizers, insecticides, without
any cultivation by tractor, without irrigation. There is no existence of any technology, any
fertilizers, insecticides, cultivation and irrigation, still these trees are giving enormous export
quality fruits every year in famine also. That means, for the plants to grow and to give the
production there is no necessity of adding from outside.

If it the ultimate truth that without adding from outside, the plants grows and give
the production, it means that, all the nutrients needed for the growth and production are
available around the root zone. There is no need to add it from outside. In the forest, there is
no human existence, but, even though the trees are having enormous fruits. That means
nature had supplied all the nutrients needed for the plant. Our soil is prosperous-enriched
with the nutrients! When I say that our soil is enriched with the nutrients, then I have to
prove it scientifically. Now we will see the scientific evidences for it. In year1924, Dr. Clark
and Dr. Washington, the world famous soil scientists came to India in search of crude oil.
Barmashell Company sends them in search of petroleum products in India. After studying
the samples of the thousand feet deep soil and tested it at the American laboratory, they
found that, as we go deeper in the soil, the nutrients needed for the growth and production of
the plant are in the increasing quantity. Our soil is prosperous-enriched with the nutrients.
Our soil is enriched with nutrients, but these nutrients are not in the form, which the roots
want. These nutrients are available in the form of grains not in the form of Chapatti or Roti. If
there is enough amount of grains in your house, but nobody (your wife, mother) to cook it
and you do not know cooking, then either you have to be hungry or go to hotel. You will
definitely go to the hotel. If we donot want to go to hotel, then you have to bring back your
mother or wife. These chemical or organic fertilizers are the food from the hotel. This non-
available form is converted to available form by the millions of micro-organisms. In the forest,
these micro-organisms are present in tremendous amount (One crore or lakh per gram soil)
that convert these non-available form nutrients into available form and make available to the
plants. That is why there is no need to add any fertilizers from outside in the forest.
However, in our farm these nutrients are not available because the micro-organisms which
convert these non-available from nutrients into available from are destroyed by means of
poisonous chemical and organic fertilizers, insecticides, weedicides and cultivation by the
tractor. If these cooks are destroyed them how the roots will get the nutrients? That means
we have to re-establish these micro-organisms in the soil. How it can be done? By applying
the cow dung of our local cow. The cow dung of the local cow is a miraculous culture. As our
mother or wife add a spoon curd (culture) to the pot full of milk and whole milk is converted
into curd. Likewise, the local cow dung is a culture. One gram of cowdung contains about
300 to 500 crore beneficial effective microbes..After studying all Indian cow breeds like
Gaulao, Lal Kandhari, Khilar, Deoni, Dangi, Nimari from Maharashtra; Gir, Tharparkar,
Sahiwal, Redsindhi from West India; Amrutmahal, Krishna kathi, from South India and
Hariyana from North India, PalekarJi has tested the cow dung and urine of all these breeds
on every crop, in each Naxatra, in each Charana of each Naxatra. After six years of
research, he found some conclusions.First conclusion is that only cow dung of our local cow
is effective not of Jersey or Holstein. We can mix half cow dung and half the dung of bullock
or buffalo, but not of Jersey or Holstein at any cost. Secondly, the cow dung and urine of
black colored Kapila cow is most effective. Thirdly, the cow dung should be used as fresh as
possible and the urine as old as possible. It is more effective. Fourthly, only one cow is
needed for thirty acres of land. You need not have to purchase the F.Y.M., chemical or
organic fertilizers like compost, vermi-compost etc. My six years experimental result says
that for one acre land, only ten kilogram of local cow dung is sufficient per month. One local
cow gives on an average about 11 Kg of cow dung, one bullock about 13 Kg of dung and
one buffalo about 15 Kg dung per day. For one acre one day’s cow dung is enough. That
means thirty days cow dung for thirty acres. There is no need to purchase the F.Y.M. in bulk
quantity. I started thinking, what should be added in the cow dung? I examined the forest. I
found there the excreta of the animals, birds, earthworms, insects and their urine around that
huge tree with uncountable export quality fruits. I thought there must be definitely some
relation between the excreta of the animals, birds, insects, earthworms with the production
and growth of the plant. One gram of local cow dung contains 300 to 500 crore beneficial
effective microbes. These micro-organisms decompose the dried biomass on the soil and
get available the nutrients to the plants. Nature uses the dung and urine of the various
animals, birds, insects and earthworms in his self-developing, self-nourishing system. That
means the use of cow dung and urine is very natural and hence scientific. I found in the
shadow of that huge tree in the forest, few insects like ants working there. But in the shadow
only, not outside the shadow. He examined and studied this nature’s self-developing, self-
nourishing system for six years. He saw that some sweeteners are secreted from the roots
to attract the micro-organisms. In addition, these micro-organisms get available the nutrients
from the soil to the rootzone. There is symbiosis in the nature. Science had proved this. If
nature uses the sweeteners to attract the microbes, then why not we use it? He thought why
not to add some sweeteners with cow dung? He started adding Jaggery with the cow dung
and urine and examined its effects on each crop in each Naxatra. The results were
fantastic.PalekarJi found the various vegetation in the shadow of that huge tree in the forest.
He verified those vegetations. He found 268 different species. Among them 3 parts were
dicots and one-part monocots. He was surprised! Why this proportion 3:1? He understood
that the dicot contains proteins and proteins are saturated with solar energy. The matured
seed falls down. They are decomposed and the energy enclosed in it gets available to
the micro-organisms and the micro-organisms are multiplied. He thought why should not add
the dicot flour to the cow dung, urine and Jaggery. He started experimenting with cow dung,
urine, Jaggery and dicot flour in different proportions. He found after continuous six years
experiments one formula, which he named as Jiwamrita. He had used those things in the
Jiwamrita that the nature uses. For preparing Jiwamrita, we have to use dung and urine of
our local cows only and not of Jersey or Holstein. Because the Jersey or Holstein is not
cow, it is a different animal. It has not a single character of cow (Zebu Family). In his
experiments of Jiwamrita, he derived some conclusions. Firstly, we have to use the dung
and urine of the local cow only. If it is not available in sufficient quantity, you can use half of
Bullock or Buffalo, but not alone of Bullock or Buffalo. Secondly, the cow that gives more
milk, its dung and urine is less effective and which gives less milk, its dung and urine is
more effective.