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Caribbean Parasol HAVANNA


Model HAVANNA Segments Area m² cm cm cm cm kg mm

Ø 2.5 m 9 4.9 250 220 130 80 66 100

A Total height without roof peak B Headroom C Ground clearance D Roof peak
Weight without packaging Diameter of centre mast

Dowel-anchored plate hot-galvanized, 50 x 50 x 1.2 cm, weight 23 kg, a = 23 cm, x = o 50 x 50 cm, t = 1.2 cm, z = Ø 1.8 cm. lockable incl. theft pin 200826 Order No. HZ124 Anchor tube to be embedded in concrete 2 parts, screw-off upper part, hot-galvanized, weight 7 kg. incl. top plate for winter protection, a = 22 cm, b = 29 cm, x = Ø 12 cm, y = 16 cm, lockable incl. theft pin 200826 Order No. HZ119 Installation base 40 x 40 x 50 cm. Base must be frost-proof and enlarged if the ground is unstable.

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Enjoy that typical Caribbean feeling on your home patio.
This novel, eye-catching thatched parasol is a perfect way of creating a tropical ambience, reminiscent of holidays far away. Just lay back and close your eyes. Picture the beach, palm-trees, sun and cocktails. Imagine the sound of the sea. What could be more relaxing?

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Installation base


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HAVANNA –Product Information
Operation The parasol can be opened and closed with next to no effort, just by rotating the canopy. When opened completely, it displays an air of straight-line Caribbean stylishness. Just a few turns less and the wave form of the parasol gives the ambience a swinging, casual touch. The mast Thanks to ample dimensioning and excellent workmanship the spiral mast is extremely sturdy and safe. Glue-laminated solid rosewood ensures strength and longevity. The colour of the wood is similar to RAL 0089. Robust central rod system The main components of the rod system (support struts and spokes) are made of cast aluminium, thus making them light, strong and corrosion-resistant. In addition, special surface finishing contributes to the uniform, high-quality characteristics. Frame joints All moving axes of the support struts are fitted with bolts and secured with a locking ring. This technology ensures maximum stability as well as easy execution of repairs. Thatch reed The thatch reed used for the canopy roof is natural, organic material, proven for many years in Europe, Africa and Asia. Parasol thatch will retain its natural charm for many years if it is well-tended and aired. After rain it is advisable to open the canopy to allow the thatch reed to dry and air. Mounting Pull parasol out of cardboard sleeve. Join the two parts of the centre mast by screwing them together. Place the spiral mast in the installation tube. Voilà! That’s it! Installation tubes Cf. next page




Central rod system

Frame joints

Thatch reed

Closing function