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21st November 2017
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A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or

publicizing a job vacancy.

Problems Faced

It's a problem that many businesses increasingly find. They begin to advertise their service
or product on a media space and for a while, it proves to be a good investment. Every
pound spent results in more sales and hopefully profit but slowly as more competitors turn
to the same media space the effectiveness of the media wanes as each business begins to
look like a 'me too' and the return on investment starts to dwindle.

This is a common problem for Colleges and Universities. In particular, Colleges are faced
with the double conundrum of a competitive media landscape combined with hyper-local
targeting. So what are some possible solutions? Creativity combined with the non-
traditional medium. If you build a clever, creative message it will get attention. If you
combine the message with fresh, hyper-local targeting tools then it will not only get
attention but also be highly effective.

Some areas of focus for University Marketing campaigns are as follow:

1. Focus on the end game:

Students become students because they want to align their education with their ultimate
career and now even more so they want a career aligned with their passions so help make
the connection between the ultimate destination and the starting steps of their journey. Use
your excess of graduates to demonstrate how through your University you can become
what you love. Search your database of ex-students for interesting examples of career
choice. Games Designers, rocket scientists, and Rock Stars are the obvious choices but
what about investigating deeper and finding the Nurse who went on to save a patient's life
or the Engineer now working in the alternative energy industry. Appeal to your audience's
emotions hopes and desires and then ask your current students to help you craft the
delivery of your message.
2. Touch me
Potential students are bombarded with messages from all channels, outdoor, radio, TV,
Facebook YouTube, print, cinema and most of these are ignored or simply not seen. Have
you considered putting your college assets in the actual hands of your future alumni?
Instead of faculty tours experiential marketing gives you the opportunity to bring your
college to the audience. Why not ask your Computer Science and media departments to
create a virtual tour of your college and film what actually goes on inside the lectures,
student unions, and libraries? Virtual Reality equipment for both filming and headsets for
viewing are becoming increasingly less expensive and more user-friendly so make a film
and then take the headsets into schools and shopping malls to entertain and educate at the
same time...

3. Social
A recent EVG survey found that 87.2% of 16-20-year-olds used Facebook as part of their
college search. Facebook is picture perfect for local advertising. Why? Because their
advertising campaign creation tools allow you to target the individuals you are looking
for. So if your target is social, Go and engage with your audience with real, valuable
content about students at your school. Don't tell the story of your University and why you
are the best, no one cares about your establishment, they only care about what you can do
for them. So put your marketing in their shoes and tell stories of students who are similar
to your audience and whom they can immediately relate to.

4. Academic Reputation
Create quality content that showcases your academic programs and their reputation.

Five Characteristic that Students look in a university when researching for online during
university search

 Academic Reputation
 Financial Aid/ Scholarships
 Academic Programs
 Cost/Tuition Fee
 Proximity To home
5. Public Service Advertising
The message should communicate on behalf of a good cause or prevention of bad
situation from happening.
Save trees, follow traffic rules, Bullying

6. Celebrity Advertising
Although the audience is getting and smarter and the modern day students is getting
immune to the exaggerated claims made in majority of adverstisments,there exists
a section of advertisers that still bank upon celebrities.
Like politician advertise for Comsats Abbottabad in TV ads or billboards.

These were some ways to advertise Comsats Abbottabad to get more inflow and
get to know about the University to peoples as some of them are not aware and it’s
also a Brand so to also create a Brand awareness among the peoples in Abbottabad.