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Superintendent Payment Disclosure Form


Counly·District Number _ _ __ _____o
o_1_ _ _ __ _ __
Information Flied Pursuant to Texas Education Code {TEC) §11 .201 •
School Dlslrict Name (ISO) _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __
Collection Authority: T.E.C. §11.201
Instructions: Request for compliance information Is for severance agreements executed on or alter September 1, 2001.
File a separate form for each former superintendent, If applicable.
The Commissioner's Rules concerning severance payment and any reduction amount Is to be applied in accordance with 19 Texas
Administrative Code §105.1021.
Part 1 Complete the followlng questions:
a. Former superintendent's name: _s_te_t_s_o_n_E_u_g_e_n_e_R_o_a_n_e_______________________

b. Date severance agreement was executed: _0_2_12_a_1_11_________________________

c. Annual salary per superintendent employment contract terms agreed upon prior to first day of service for last contract
year of employment: $208,600.00

P/oase provfda an lt•mlzad detail of tole/ amount fisted Including any :supporting documontatlon, I.a.• th• baso salary, banents, board
mlnutH, contract amendments, school policies, etc., on a sep11,.te :sheet orpaper.

d. Aggregate payment amount or any salary and/or any other payment paid during last contract year of employment through
dale employment as superintendent ended: $156,566.64

Please provide an Itemized dotall or total amount llsled and •ny supporting documenlatlon, which also Includes payments made on
behalf of, e.g., membershrp fees, car /ease, cetf phone, etc., on a separate shoet of paper.

e. Aggregate payment amount of any salary and/or any other payment paid !fl!! employment as superintendent ended:
On a separate sheet ofpaper, please provide an Itemized detail of total amount listed Including any supporting documentation.

f. Oate(s) of employment wfth district after the execution of severance agreement: None I None
(Began) I (Ended, ii applicable)
Part 2 Coples of Superintendent's Documents:
Superintendent document copies filed with this form.
IE) Indicate If copy of the mandatory superintendent employment contract Is enclosed.
Indicate if copy of the mandatory termination/severance agreement is enclosed.
D Indicate If copy of any agreement for employment, !!1fil employment as superintendent is enclosed.

Part 3 Complete this Information:


Current Superintendent's Name Date email address

Ishmael Flores 03/23/17
Current Board President's Name Date email address
Anthony Hillberg 830-401-8666 CFO
District Contact Person's Name Telephone email address Title

Part 4 Return to:

Contact Person: Elsa Dominguez Reset Form
Email: Print Form
Texas Education Agency
Division of School Financial Compliance
1701 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 76701
Phone#: (512) 463-7652; Fax#: (512) 463 1777 AUDOD1R01 Form-revised Mar. 2017



THIS SUPERfNTENDENT'S EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT (''Contract") is made and entered into effective the_.
st day of February, 2016, by and between the Board of Trustees (the "Board") of the SEGUIN 11\'DEPENDENT
SCHOOL DISTRICT ("District") and Stetson Roane (the "Superintendent").


NOW, THEREFORE, the Board and the Superintendent, for and in consideration of the tenns hereinafter
established and pursuant to Section 1 l.20l(b) and Chapter 21, Subchapter E, Texas Education Code, ha\•e agreed,
and do hereby agree, as follows.

I. Term

1.1 Term. The Board, by and on behalf of the District, does hereby employ the Superintendent, and the
Superintendent does hereby accept employment as Superintendent of Schools for a tenn of years beginning
March 11, 2016 and ending June 30, 2019. The District may, by action of the Board, and with the consent
and approval of the Superintendent, extend the term of this Contract as pennined by state law.

1.2 No Tenure. The Board has not adopted any policy, rule, regulation, law, or practice providing for tenure.
No right of tenure is created by this Contract. No property interest, express or implied, is created in
continued employment beyond the Contract term.

II. Employment

2.1 Professional Certific:ition. The Superintendent shall at all times during the tem1 of this Contract, and any
renewal or extension thereof, hold and maintain a valid certificate required of a Superintendent by the State
of Texas and issued by the State Board for Educator Certification or The Texas Education Agency and any
other certificates required by Jaw.

2.2 Representations. The Superintendent makes the following representations:

2.2.1 Beginning of Contract: The Superintendent represents that he has disclosed to the Board, in
writing, any arrest and any indictment, conviction, no contest or guilty plea, or other adjudication
of the Superintendent. TI1e Superintendent understands that a criminal history record acceptable to
the Board, at its sole discretion, is a condition precedent to this Contract.

2.2.2 Dul"ing Contrnct: The Superintendent also agrees that, during the term of this Contract, the
Superintendent will notify the Board, in writing, of any arrest or of any indictment, conviction, no
contest or guilty plea, or other adjudication of the Superintendent. The Superintendent agrees to
provide such notification in writing within seven calendar days of the event or any shorter period
specified in Board policy.

2.2.3 False Statements and Misrepresentations: The Superintendent represents that any records or
information provided in connection with his employment application are true and correct. Any
false 5talements, misrepresenlations, omissions of requested infonnation, or fraud by the
Superintendent in or concerning any required records or in the employment application may be
grounds for tennination or nonrenewal, as applicable.
Superintendent's Contract

2.3 Duties. The Superintendent is the educational leader and the chief executive of the District and shall
faithfully perform the duties of Che Superintendent of Schools for the District as prescribed in the job
description and as may be lawfully assigned by che Board, and shall comply with all lawful Board
directives, state and federal law, district policy, rules, and regulations as they exist or may hereinafter be
amended. Specifically, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent to recommend for employment all
professional employees of the District subject to the Board's approval. It shall be the further duty of the
Superintendent to employ all other personnel consistent with the Board's policies. 1t shall be the further
duty of the Superintendent to direct; assign, reassign, evaluate, or cause to be evaluated and, when
tendered, accept resignations from, any and all employees consistent wich Board policies and federal and
state law. It shall be the further duty of the Superintendent to organize, reorganize, and arrange the staff of
the District, and to develop and establish administrative regulations, rules, and procedures which the
Superintendent deems necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the district consistent with the
Board's policies, and state and federal law. The Superinlendent shall perfonn the duties of the
Superinlendenl of Schools for the District with reasonable care, diligence, skill, and expertise.

2.4 Reassignment. The Superintendent cannot be reassigned from the position of Superintendent to another
position without the Superintendent's express written consent

Z.5 Bonrd Meetings. The Superintendent shall attend, and shall be pcnnittcd to attend, all meetings of the
Board, both public and closed, with the exception of any portion of those closed meetings devoted to the
consideration of any action or lack of action on the Superintendent's Contract, discipline related to the
Superintendent, conflict of interest concerning the Superintendent, the Superintendent's evaluation, for the
purposes of resolving conflicts between Board members, or when the Board is acting in its capacity as a
tribunal. In the event of illness or Board approved absence, the Superintendent's designee shall allend such

2.6 Legal Defense. To the extent it may be pennitted lo do so by applicable law, including, but not limited to
Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Chapter 102, the District does hereby agree to provide a legal
defense to the Superintendent from any and all demands, claims, suits, actions, judgments, expenses and
attorneys' fees incurred in any legal proceedings brought against Superintendent in the Superintendent's
individual or official capacity as an employee and as Superintendent of the District, providing the
incident(s), which is (are) the basis of any such demand, claim, suits, actions, judgments, expenses and
attorneys' fees, arose or does arise in the future from an act or omission of Superintendent as an employee
of the District, acting within the course and scope of Superintendent's employment with the District;
excluding, however, any such demand, claim, suits, actions, judgments, expenses and attorneys' fees for
those claims or any causes of action where it is determined by the Board, in its reasonable discretion, that
Superintendenl committed official misconduct, or a criminal act, or is the subject of a criminal investigation
or proceeding, the Board's interests in the proceeding are directly adverse to the Superintendent's interests,
or committed a willful or wrongful act or omission, or an act or omission constituting gross negligence, or
acted in bad faith; and excluding any costs, fees, expenses or damages that would be recoverable or payable
undt!r an insurance contract, held either by the District or by Superintendent. The selection of
Superintendent's legal counsel shall be with the mutual agreement of Superintendent and the District if such
legal counsel is not also the District's legal counsel. A legal defense may be provided through insurance
coverage, in which case the Superintendent's right to agree to legal counsel provided for him will depend
on the tenns of the applicable insurance contract. To the extent this Section 2.6 exceeds the authority
provided and limitations imposed by Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code, Chapter 102, it shall be
construed and modified accordingly. The provisions of this Section 2.6 shall survive Che termination of this

III. Compensation

3.1 Snlnry. The District shall compensate the Superintendent with an annual salary of One Hundred Eighty· L...
Nine ·n.ousand Dollars and No/Cents ($ 189,000.00) 10 be effective at the time of the approval of this "\
agreement until the end of the contract period. At any lime during the term of this Contract, the Board
may, in its sole discretion, review and adjust the salary of1he Superintendent, with any adjustment being in
Supcrin1cnden1's Contract

the form of either a written addendum to this Contract or a new contract. However, in no event shall the
Superinlendent be paid less than the salaty set fonh in Section 3. l of this Contract. The Superintendent
shall be entitled to all applicable supplements approved by the Board for professional personnel in addition
to any other supplementsfbcncfits specifically authorized by the Board for the Superintendent. This annual
salaty rate shall be paid to the Superintendent in equal installments consistent with the Board's policies.

IV. Other Dcncnts

4. l Expenses. The District shall pay or reimburse the Superintendent for reasonable expenses Incurred by the
Superintendent in the performance of his duties under this Contract, including travel costs. The
Superintendent shRll comply with all procedures and documentation requirements in accordance with
Board policies.

4.1 Insurance, The Superintendent shall recei\'c the same health, dental and \'lsion insurance coverage
benefits as all other employees.

4.3 Carffrnvcl Allowance. The District shall provide the Superintendent with a car/travel allowance of 800
Hundred Dollars and No/Cents ($800.00) per month. The Superintendent sh11ll receive no other
compensation for travel within Ouadolupe County. The District shall compensate/reimburse the
Superintendent for all travel to and from points outside of Ouadalupe County as per District policy and

On or before June 30, 2016 and continuing thereafter on or before June 30 of each
subsequent year during which this Agreement Is In effect the Board on behalf or tho Superintendent shall
contribute the amount of Ten Thousand and No/\00 Dollars a taNhcltered nnnulty In the
Superintendent's name, the exact terms of such annuity to be described In plan documents which are hereby
lncorporatcd by reference. This annuity contribution shall count as creditable compensation ellalble for
Tencher Retirement of Texns (TRS) purposes as n result or this amount being deducted from the
superintendent's rcgulnr pn)'. TI1e snlary reflected In paragraph 3.1 reflects the amount orrcaulnr pay minus
the deduction described In thh; paragraph above.

4.5 Porromrnnco Bonus. On or before June 30, 2016 or within flf\een (15) days af\cr prior school year
accountability ratings arc released, whichever ls later, and each year on the same day nf\cr th111 for the life
of this 11gree111ent1 the Superintendent shall, be paid, In addition to the other compensation categories act
for1h above, per rminccJ nee c a . hCJDoardCO lit
. l m
·Itta-au 1211. amount of

- oni; ·.. · . · ... · lJJ

li>.!1Ji1I!ffii. Dastly, an amount of
r u,jn
Pslatl!t:mt every year for the life of this agreement. The amounts paid to the Superintendent under
t lSparagraph are mutually exclusive and do not build on each other with the exception of the performance
bonus related to the District as a whole earning a rating of Met Standard. t m pCH"olm'iKCE"'.dJC51\llmlflllJ

4.6 Vacl\tfons, Holidays, Personal Lenn and Comp Time. The Superinlendent may take, at times selected
by the Superintendent, the same number of days of vacation authorized by policies and calendar adopted by
the Board for administrative employees on twelve months (226 days} contract, the days to be in a single
period or at different times. The vacation days taken by the Superintendent will be taken at such times or
time that will not substantially intcrfore with the performance of the Superintendent's duties as set for1h in
this Contract. Jtti unuse<I. VacaliOJJttla s shalj tlfe_
Superintendent's Contract

The Superintendent
is hereby granted the same number of personal leave days as aulhorized by the Board for all professional
employees. The Superintendenl may accumulate up to I0 comp days per year for days worked outside 1he
226-day administralor calendar (i.e. weekends, holidays, etc.) OJ!'.ShtU1
_J be eli !!?!.e fot•'COfflpJ imf Comp time days not used within 3 years shall be lost.
4.7 Membership Dues. The Board encourages the Superintendent lo become a member of and participate in
professional associations and community and civic affairs, including the chamber of commerce, civic clubs,
governmental committees, and educational organizations. The Board concludes that such participation will
serve a lcgitlmalc purpose relaled to the educational mission of the District. The District shall reimburse
the Superintendent for the cosl of membership in all local civic organizations in which the Superintendent
participates and related travel outside of Guadalupe County, subject to advance Board approval.

4.8 Professional Ori:anlzatlons. The Superintendent shall devole the Superintendent's time, attention, and
energy to the direction, administration, and supervision of the District. The Board, however, encourages
the continued professional growth of the Super[ntr:ndent through the Superintendent's active ancndancc
11nd p11r1icipntlon in approprhue professional meetings, seminars, conferences, or courses at the local,.
reglon11I, slate, and national level. In Its encouragement of the Superintendent to grow professionally, the
Bo11rd shall permit 11 reasonnble 11mount of release time for the Superinlendenl as the Superintendent and
1hc Board deem approprlale, to attend such meetings, seminars, conferences, or courses. Expenses for
altendlns professional meetings at lhe local, stale or nallonal level may be reimbursed subject to the
avnilabilily or funds budgelcd, policy lhnltatlons and ns pre-authorized by the Board. The District shall pay
for the Superintendent's membership dues to the Texa& Association or School Admlnl5tr111ors and one olhcr
professiom1I organhmtlon sclec1cd by the Superintendent, the purpose of which Is to bencfll the District,
subject to the nv111l11billty of funds budgeted by the District for th ls amount.

4.9 Llnblllty lns11r11nco: The Dimlcl's Professional Liability Insurance policy provides coverage for the
Superinlendent, ns sci forth In the policy, and this policy or one with slmilnr covcrnge wlll be kept In full
force and efTecl during the tcnu of this Contract. The Superlnlendenl shall fully cooperate with the District
In the defense of any and all claims, demands, suits, actions and legal proceedings brought against the
District, lnch1dlns matters orlslng after the term of this Contract expires but which relate to events
occurring during the Supertntendent's employment whh the District.

\I, Annunl l'crrormance Gonls

5.1 Dc\•elopmcnl of Go11ls. The Superintendent shell submit to the Board each year, for the Board's
consldemtlon and odop1ion, a preliminary list of goals for the District. The goals approved by the Board
shall at all times be reduced In writing ("District Gonls") and shall be among the criteria on which the
Superinlendcnt's performance Is reviewed and evalua1ed. The Board agrees to work with and support the
Superinlendcnl In achieving the District Goals.

VI. Review of Performance

6.J Time and Oasis of E\•nluatlon, De\•elopment of Gonls: The Board shall work collaboratively with the
Supcrinlendent each year to prepare a list of goals for the District. The ultimate content and approval of the
list of goals shall be at the sole discretion of the Board. The goals approved by lhe Board shall at all times
be reduced to writing (..District Goals") and shall be among the criteria on which the Superintendent's
performance is reviewed and evalualed. The Board agrees to work whh and support the Superintendent in
achieving the District Goals.

6.2 Time n11d Dnsls of Evnlunllon: The Board shall evaluate and assess in writing the perfomtance of the
Superintendent at least once each year during the temt of this Contract. The Boord's evaluation and
assessment of the Superintendent shall be reasonably related to the duties of the Superintendent as outlined
Superintendent's Contract
Page 5

in the Superintendent's job description ancl shall be: based on the District's progress towards accomplishing
the District Goals.

6.3 Confidentinlity: Unless the Superintendent expressly requests otherwise in writing, the evaluation of the
Superintendent shall at all times be conducted in closed session and shall be considered confidential to the
extent pennilted by law. Nothing herein shall prohibit the Board or the Superintendent from sharing the
content of the Superintendent's evaluation with their respective: legal counsel, used in a termination or
nonrenewal proceeding or in legal proceedings filed by the Superintendent.

6.4 [\'aluation Format and Procedu1·es: The e\'aluation fonnat and shall be in accordance with
the evaluation instmment selected by the Board in accordance with Section 6 of this Conlract, the Board's
policies, and stale and federal Jaw. In the evenl the Board deems that the evaluation instrument, fonnat
and/or procedure is to be modified by the Board and such modifications would require new or different
perfonnance expectations, the Superintendent shall be provided al least three months of time to
demonstrate such expected performance before being evaluated.

VII. Renewal or Non-renewal and Suspension without pay of Superintendent's Contract

7.1 Renewal/Non renewal of Conlrnct. Renewal or Non-renewal of this Contract shall be in accordance with
Texas Education Code Chapier 21, and Board policy. At anytime during the Contract tcnn, the Board may,
in its discretion, reissue this Contract for an extended tenn.

7.2 Suspension. In accordance with Texas Education Code Chapter 21, the Board may suspend the
Superintendent without pay during 1he term of this Contract for good cause as determined by the Board.

VIII. Termination of Superintendent's Contract

8.1 Mutual Agreement. This Contract may be terminated at any time by the mmual agreement of the
Superintendent and the Board in writing upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon.
Nol\Vithstanding, the Superintendent may leave the employment of the District at the end of a school year,
without penalty, by filing a written resignation with the Board in accord1mce with Chapter 21 of the Texas
Education Code. The Superintendent may resign with the wrinen consent of the Board at any other time.

8.2 Retirement or Death. This Contract shall be terminated upon the retirement or death of the

8.3 Dismissal for Good Cause. The Board may dismiss the Superintendent during the term of the Contract for
good cause in accordance wilh Texns Education Code Chapter 21and Board policy. In the event that the
Board lenninates this Conlntcl for "good cause,'' the Superintendent shalt be afforded all rights as set forth
in Iloard policy and state and federal law.

IX. Miscellaneous

Genernl pro,•isions.

9.1 Amendment: This Contract may nol be amended except hy written agreement of the Panics.

9.2 Se\'embillty: If any provision in this Contract is, for any reason, held to be invalid, illegal. or
unenforceable, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision of the
Contract. This Contract shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision had never
been a part of the Contract.

9.3 E111ire Agreement: All existing agreements and contracts, both verbal and written, between the Panics
regarding the employment of the Superintendent are superseded by this Contract. This Contract constitutes
the entire agreement between the Parties.
Superintendent's Contrac1
Page 6

9.4 Applicable Law and Venue: Texas law shall govern construction of this Contract. The Parties agree that
venue for any litigation relating to the Superintendent's employment with the District, including this
Contract. shall be the county in which the District's administration building is located. If litigation is
brought in federal court, the Parties agree that venue shall be the federal district and division in which the
District's administration building is localed.

9.5 Paragraph Headings: The headings used at the beginning of each numbered paragraph in this Contract
are not intended to have an)' legal effect; the headings do not limit or expand the meaning of the paragraphs
that follow them.

9.6 Lcgnl Rcprcsent:1tion: Both Parties have been represented by legal counsel of their choice, or have had
the opportunity to consult with legal counsel, in the negotiation and execution of this Contract.

X. Notices.

10.1 To Superintendent: The Superintendent agrees lo keep a current address on file with the District's human
resources office and the Board President. The Superintendent agrees thal the Board may meet any legal
obligation it has to give the Superintendent written notice regarding this Contract or the Superintendent's
employment by hand-delivery, or by certified mail, regular mail, and/or express delivery service to the
Superintendent's address of record.

J0.2 To Board: The Board agrees that the Superintendent may meet any legal obligation to give the Board
wriuen notice regarding this Contract or the Superintendent's employment by providing one copy of the
notice to the President of the Board and one copy 10 the Vice President of the Board. The Superintendent
may provide such notices by hand delivery, or by certified mail, regular mail, and/or express delivery
service, to the Board President and Vice President's ilddresses of record, as provided to the District.

I hn,·e read this Contract nnd ngree lo nbide by ifs terms nnd conditions:


oard of Trustees

Executed this _/J_ day of /'17 }1((l !-/ '2016.

Stetson Roane, Superintendent

Executed this _j_f_ day of_.....Jtt..:....:..'11"""'-"'-=L'"""'f_:_

_ _, 2016.

This Agreement is entered into between Stetson Roane ("Roane") and the
Seguin Independent School District ("SISD" or "the District"), both of whom are
referred to as "parties" to this Agreement.

The parties are entering into this Agreement solely for the pwpose of
resolving any disputes between them amicably and without fu1ther expense, delay,
administrative action, or litigation.

For the valuable consideration stated below, Roane agrees to fully release
and discharge SISD, its trustees, employees, representatives, attorneys, and
assigns, in both their official and individual capacities, from all claims-including
but not limited to administrative claims or causes of action for breach of contract,
federal or state constitutions, laws or regulations, or board policies-regarding any
acts or events occurring prior to the date of execution of this Agreement.

SISD also agrees to fully release Roane, bis representatives, attorneys, and
assigns, in both his official and individual capacity, from all claims - including but
not limited to administrative claims or causes of action for breach of contract,
federal or state constitutions, laws or regulations, or board policies-regarding any
acts or events occurring prior to the date of execution of this Agreement.

The patties agree as folJows:

1. Resignation. By his signature herein, Roane hereby resigns from his

employment with the District effective immediately, which resignation
is hereby accepted on behalf of the District and is irrevocable. Roane
understands that he will not perform any further job duties for the SISD.

2. Payment. The District agrees to pay Roane the equivalent of six

months salary of his current contract. This payment will be made in
lump sum with the legally required deductions. The payment shall be
made within 10 business days.

3. Denise Roane. This agreement is contingent upon placing Denise

Roane on paid administrative leave effective March 6, 2017. Denise
Roane shall remain on paid administrative leave through June 30, 2017,
at which time she will resign from the District. While on paid
administrative leave, Denise Roane will receive all compensation and
benefits that she would have received had she been actively working.
Denise Roane shall be relieved of all duties except for those necessary
for transition. Consistent with the District's normal operating
procedures on administrative leave, Denise Roane shall be available by
telephone dwing regular school hours to assist with transition activities
as deemed necessary by the District.

4. Reference. The District agrees to provide a neutral reference for

Roane. He agrees to direct any requesl for an official District reference
to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources
Department will provide a neutral reference with only the foilowing
infonnation: (1) dates of employment, (2) last position held, (3) salary
infonnation, and (4) that Mr. Roane resigned for personal reasons.
Roane may seek a personal reference from any other District individual
he chooses, and that individual has the sole right to detennine whether
he or she chooses to provide a reference. Roane understands that if he
identifies any other SISD employee for a reference, the District has no
control over what that individual may choose to say, aud Roane will not
seek to hold the Dislricl responsible for whatever information that
individual chooses to provide.

5. Confidentiality. Both parties will keep the terms of this Agreement

strictly confidential, and will not discuss them with any third parry or
member of the public except as required by applicable law, subpoena or
court order, except as fmther provided in this paragraph. The parties
understand that this agreement may be disclosed pursuant to the Texas
Public Information Acl and SISD does not breach this agreement by
releasing the agreement pursuant to a Texas Public Information Act
request. Roane may share the details of this Agreement with his
immediate family and his professional agents, including lawyers,
accountanls, and insurers. He may also inform third parties that he
amicably resigned his employment with the Dislrict. A breach of this
clause may give rise to a claim of breach of contract.

6. Notification to Texas Education Agency. STSD agrees that it will not

repo11 Roane or his resignation to the Texas Education Agency, State
Board of Educator Certification, or any other state or local agency
regarding the allegations investigated, and those underlying his
consideration for possible sanctions before his resignation.

7. Dismissal. Roane agrees to file appropriate dismissals of any pending

administrative appeal or other proceeding within five (5) business days
of the signing of the agreement, including but nol limited to any reque!>l
for a Subchapter F hearing under Texas Education Code Chapter 21, as
well as any charges of discrimination filed with the Equal Employment
Opporlunity Commission or Texas Workforce Commission, Civil
Rig11ts Division.

8. Investigation Report SISD agrees to maintain the attorney-client

privilege on the DIA(Loca1) investigation report initiated in January
2017. Upon a public information request for the investigation report,
SISD will notify the Texas Attorney General that the information should
be withheld pursuant to Section 552. I 07 of the Texas Government
Code. SISD will abide by the detenninntiou of the Texas Attorney
General's Office. Additionally, no negative documents or info1mation
will be placed in Roane's personnel files. Instead, such documents or
information (including those relating to the a\legations investigated) will
be placed in a separate file to be kept confidential to the extent
penuitted by law.

9. Non-Disparagement and Non-Interference. Roane and Lhe District

(including the Board and cabinet members) agree not to engage in any
disparaging conduct toward the other. Tht: panics understand thal if they
engage in any disparaging conduct described in this Paragraph, il will be
considered a breach of this Agreement and take any and all legal actions
necessary to address such a claim. Further, the parties agree that they
will not engage in any conduct that would interfere or otherwise
negatively impact any SISD program or department.

10. Scvcrnbility. Should any provision of this Agreement be declared

invalidt the validity of the remaining terms or provisions shall not be
affected and shall remain in force, although neither party shall be
deprived of the benefit of its bargain.

I I. Entire agreement. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and
understanding behveen Roane and the District regarding \us
employment with and separation from the Dislricl.

12. Re-employment. shall not re-employmenl with SlSD for

two (2) years.

13. Written modification. This Agreement may not be modified,

amended, or otherwise changed unless the modification, amendment, or
change is in writing and signed by the SISD Board President nnd Ronne.

14. Governing law. This Agreement is to be governed by lhe laws of the

State of Texas.
15. Statement of signatory's authority. The signatory below represents
that he or she has the authority to act on behalf of the District in this
matter and to bind District to this Agreement.

16. Multiple copies. Any true copy of the original execuled Agreement
shall be deemed an original for all purposes.

17. Agreement read. The parties hereby certify that they have read this
entire Agreement, and enter into it voh.mlarily. They fully understand
all the tenns and consequences of this Agreeme11l.

Date: 02128/2017
Stetson Roane

J>e11ise 'Roa>te
Date: 02/28/2017
Nancy Denise Graves-Roane

ls nael Flores
Date: __¢?j!L
eguin ISD Board President