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In the second 4 Exhibition Park
decade of the
2lst Century,
the Freemen of
5 Nunsmoor Allotments
the City have a
most pivotal role
and inherent
6 Michaelmas &
responsibilities, Christmas Guild
greater in scope
and challenge
than when in l774, the transition 8 Lord Mayor’s Coach
was fully realised by the Trade
The Coat of Arms of the and Merchant Guilds to grasp the
nettle of ensuring the Town Moors
9 Summer Social Event
City of Newcastle upon Tyne remained as an environmental
asset with the traditional rights of 10 Moor Bank Lodge
‘air and exercise’ for the public
at large secured in perpetuity via Shipwrights Annual
Act of Parliament. The vision and
commitments since those times has Outing
not only been sustained but more
clearly defined in respect of duty
of care and effective partnership 11 North Eastern Cross
working with Newcastle City Council. Country Championships
We continue to blend traditional
values with a progressive 12 Stewards Committee
engagement, in all that we do.
Whilst we may not please everyone News
all of the time the confidence
installed as a consequence of our
overriding objectives provides the
13 Stints
very bedrock of all that we do, some
of which is reflected upon via this
Edition of the Magazine.
14 Trade Guilds History
We champion and are proud of 16 Superintendent’s Report
what is being achieved for not
only our City but the North East of
England in all that we do. 18 Diary Dates
Front cover photograph: Moor Bank Lodge Garden. Sir Leonard Fenwick CBE Edited by
Chairman, Stewards Committee Freemen of Newcastle Upon Tyne Editorial Team
Guild swearing in photographs taken by Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
The Newcastle Upon Tyne Freemen Magazine,
Official Photographer , Steve Brock Photography.
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Copies available from Tel 01912863430 Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 4NL

FreemenMagazine 3
Editorial Nunsmoor Allotments
Welcome to 2015 and Issue 17 of our Magazine which kicks Nunsmoor Allotments is one of the Freemen’s large portfolio of
Allotments sites with the Freemen being the largest provider
off a busy year for the Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne. of Allotment sites in the City other than the City Council. The
It is heartening to hear that so many readers look forward to reading our magazine and Nuns Moor site occupies a large 12.58 acre expanse situated
hearing about the work and activities of the Freemen of the City. 2014 was an eventful year at the junction of Barrack Road and Brighton Grove (diagonally
with ever increasing requests for use of the Town Moors, an asset which we continue to opposite the BBC Newcastle studios).
cherish and protect with values and tradition which the Freemen hold dear. We do hope you
enjoy the content of this issue which includes the first of some abstracts of the history of the
various Guilds of Newcastle and an insight into our stewardship of the Town Moors. These allotments are ‘War seven years to one year with
Time Allotments’; they were the warning that if things did
Thanks go to Nick Atkinson who kindly edited the previous issue, Due to work commitments set up as a TEMPORARY not improve the lease would
Nick has decided to step down as Editor although he will continue to serve on the Stewards facility during the War years to not be renewed – this was
Committee. enable people to grow their several years ago!
own food. It would appear
As always we do rely on Company Stewards and Freemen alike to keep us informed of any that this was overlooked The Stewards Committee
address or changes or in circumstance, please let us know via email to over the years and the site continued to monitor the or to the address at the back of this publication. was not returned to grazing situation and conducted
Allotments Association with
following the end of the regular inspections of the
the outcome being that a
War – an important lesson for site; despite pressing the
fresh start is required for the
the Freemen (in particular Association Committee
site. The two primary options

Exhibition Park
the Stewards Committee) to improve the site and
for the new start were:
to always be vigilant and ensure compliance with the
proactively manage the lease there has been no
The £3 Million renovation of Exhibition Park is now completed. During the major leases on sites on the Town significant improvement. A
• Return the area to
Moor. As an Allotments site new Association Committee
elements of renovation, annual events were in danger of cancellation until the this area of the Town Moor was put in place and they
grazing and make the
Freemen answered the call for help by making the former Tyneside Summer land available to the
is not available for grazing tried over several years to
public for rights of air and
Exhibition site available for two important local events. and is closed to the general rectify the situation – in fact
exercise. This would also
public for the right of air things got worse with many
The first being the Northern Pride event The second being the Mela, a free event significantly enhance the
and exercise, this is always instances of vandalism and
which was held on Saturday 19th July & based around Pakistani, Bengali, Indian vista on one of the main
something that today’s criminal damage. As part of
routes in and out of
Sunday 20th July 2014 commencing on and other South Asian cultures which is Steward Committee are very the attempted improvements
the City.
the Saturday the Northern Frontrunners 5K open to anyone who wants to learn more conscious of when reviewing the association £16,000 was
run plus some main stage entertainment, about Asian cultures and be entertained and considering the spent on the installation of a
• Clear the site and
and with a Parade from the Civic Centre with a chance to meet new people as well appropriateness of leases. new water supply system for
create a remodelled set
at 12noon arriving at the Town Moor then as enjoy different music, art and food in the site – within a short period
of allotments which
continuing till 6pm, the event continued on Newcastle, the event was held on 24th and Over a period of years the of time the entire new system
reflects current allotments
the Sunday. 25th August. The organisers went out of their condition of the Nuns Moor was vandalised and rendered
needs and best practice
way to thank the Freemen of Newcastle for site became more and more unusable.
and which is in
their support. dilapidated with a good
compliance with the
number of the allotments Eventually in 2013, with no
failing to comply with the improvement the Stewards
terms of the lease especially Committee, with due regard
in respect of structures to their duty of care for all Further to discussion at Guild
and fences plus a range of areas of the Town Moor, it has been determined that
materials that should not decided that they could not the site will be cleared and
be on site. Despite many renew the lease for this site. a reduced size site will be
warnings to the Association Since then the Allotments set up as allotments with the
there was no improvement Association Committee remainder of the site being
in the situation. Eventually have applied their best opened up to public access
because of manifest endeavours to rectify the and returned to grazing.
dilapidation the Stewards issues, however this has not This is a major undertaking
Committee reduced the term worked out. Discussions were which will be managed and
of the lease on the site from held with Newcastle City underwritten by the Freemen.
Officers, Councillors and the
4 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 5
Michaelmas Guild 13th October 2014
Michaelmas Guild was held on 13th October 2014 in the Guildhall Newcastle
upon Tyne.

The Close Guild started at 10am with prayers take his seat for the Open Guild, At the end
taken by Canon Kevin Hunt, then following of the proceedings the calling of the names
the company roll call the election of the by the Lord Mayor Principal Secretary Ian
Stewards Committee took place. There were Humphries, of those claiming their right to be
13 applicants and the Company Stewards sworn in, the Guild was closed and the lord
present completed the ballot paper voting Mayor presided over the swearing in of 17
for no less than 9 and no more than 12, the new Freemen.
following being elected.
Judith Barbara Barber; Bakers & Brewers:
F.H. Alder: H. Alder: P. Anderson: C.G. Frances Ruth Nixon; Coopers: Helen Nixon;
Atkinson: N.B. Atkinson: A.R. Bainbridge: Sir Coopers: Louise Clark; Cordwainers: Ronald
L.R. Fenwick: W.G. Frizzle: K. Hall: J. Johnson: Blackburn; Shipwright: Sarah Elizabeth
I.F. Miller: H.D.Wilson: Sir Leonard Fenwick McAlpine; Cordwainers: Sarah Clare West;
was re-elected as Chairman: David Wilson Butchers: Euan Patrick Stenhouse; Master
was re-elected as Vice Chairman, both Mariners: Peter John Edward Gibson;
Michaelmas Guild 2014
unanimously. Bricklayers: Gillian Sarah Baty; Cordwainers:
Debra Churchill; House Carpenters: David
Christmas Guild 2015 The Close Guild finished at 11.45am, coffee Bowman; Joiners: Deborah Joan Hall;
was served prior to the Stewards and Shipwrights: Margaret Storey; Tanners: Robert
Freemen assembling at 12pm in readiness Graeme Bell; Smiths: Emma Green; Taylors:
for Councillor George Pattison Lord Mayor to Laura Jane Irving; Bricklayers.

Christmas Guild 19th January 2015

At the close of the Open Guild, the following were sworn in by Councillor George
Pattison Lord Mayor.

Adam Irvine, Bricklayer: Janice Charlton, Butcher: John Dryden, Butcher: Elizabeth Ena
Garry, Cordwainer: Mandy Turnbull, Cordwainer: Christopher Edward Sample, House
Carpenters: Richard Alan Sample, House Carpenters: Charlotte Blacklock, Tanners:
Brenda Patricia Sparham, Tanners.

6 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 7
Summer Event was
held on 3rd August
2014 and once
again a resounding
success especially
considering it
is organised by
one person Alan
Bainbridge, the Town

Newcastle upon Tyne Moor Superintendent

Kevin Batey assists
with the setup and a good many of those attending. John could meet up with others and talk about

Lord Mayor’s Coach help on the day by

Alan’s family and
who is the lead person for Creepy Crawlies
later explained that his mother passed
all manner of concerns, with distractions to
keep the conversation fresh and have an
family friend. Alan away very suddenly. but due to the enjoyable time doing it. There have been
Since the joint purchase of the Lord Mayor’s circumstances communication was difficult. various suggestions over the years which I
coach by the Freemen of Newcastle and Shepard said...
I have on behalf of The Freemen given our have resisted, from introducing things for
Offshore (Freddy and Bruce Shepard) the coach condolences. children to do, to getting star performers
has remained in the care of the City Council at the in for the adults. Although children are
Mansion House in Jesmond. Freddy leased and “The weather is always The whole event went well with the various welcome this is first and foremost an event
over the past months renovated the Palace of Arts a concern when side attractions creating lots of interest and for Freemen and the entertainment is aimed
building in Exhibition Park to display a collection of organising an outdoor stimulating conversation, from the Drug Dogs at adults with suitable coverage for the
event, as those who to the Marching Band. My thanks go to all children.
motor vehicles and carriages including the jointly
attended the 2014 concerned.
owned Lord Mayor’s Coach, which was welcomed Freemen’s summer event Cost must be borne in mind when any event
to the building by Sir Leonard and Freddy. will know the weather At the start of the event I did mention that is planned. It would be irresponsible for me
was kind to us. Not as the previous year had been a bit of a smash to continue to expand the fete without
Sir Leonard in this regard explained: “The Freemen of the forecasters had said and grab when it came to the sandwiches bearing this in mind. Over the very short time
Newcastle have been around a long time and have the previous day, which and I asked people to refrain from getting I have been organising the event I have
guarded the Town Moor. was reflected in the three, four and more at any one time, seen the cost rise at an alarming rate and
many congratulations I portion control was once again a challenge some thought must be given to the viability
“It’s great that the carriage is now on the Town Moor and received when the sun this year, so apologies to those who did not of the event as it exists in its present form.
is available at any time for the Lord Mayors. shone all afternoon. get to taste the excellent roast - back to the
It’s strange that I was drawing board I think. The Summer Freemen’s event has become
“All in all It’s a privilege that the Lord Mayor’s Carriage congratulated on the The drink counter has always proved to be the largest annual meeting of Newcastle
remains in Newcastle upon Tyne.” weather more than a popular place and probably the scene Freemen that Newcastle has seen since
anything else, the only of the two hardest working volunteers Jean before the Second World War and probably
thing over which I have Bainbridge and Vera Harvey, Jean is there before then. There are other events that
no control of at all. because she is my wife and has continually have a higher profile within the city that most
It was unfortunate that supports me in everything I get myself Freemen seem to conveniently forget about,
one of the Headline involved in. Vera is a family friend, many it would be good to see a similar support at
performers [The Creepy thanks to them both. these other events.”
crawlies] failed to turn
up. I was acutely aware The idea at the outset was not to put on a Alan Bainbridge
that this disappointed fete, but construct an event where Freemen

8 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 9
Tyne Bridge Harriers secretary, David
Moor Bank Shipwrights North Eastern Appleby, explained, “Those of you who were
on Town Moor in 1986 for the National will

Lodge Gardens Annual Outing Cross Country remember that the course was a white-out.

“While I’ve been told it looked picturesque

Following the return as Town Moor land Championships with streams of athletes with their heads
down going up Cow Hill I’m hoping things
our staff looked after the greenhouses won’t be that bad this time round.
and garden of the Moor Bank Lodge The North Eastern Cross-Country
garden while communicating with Championships have never been held “Tyne Bridge were delighted and honoured
horticultural organisations with the offer on the Newcastle Town Moor, however, when asked if they could host this year’s
to take any rare or plants of special thanks to the Freemen of Newcastle, championships even though time was
history was made with the109th running pressing but I think we are all set for a great
interest which had been abandoned by
day’s competition.
the University. of the championships taking place at
11 o’clock on Saturday morning on the “However, I have to say a big thanks to the
Plants have been 10th December 2014. Freemen for giving us the permission to use
collected by Botanic Town Moor at short notice.”
Gardens from around
the country, and by
the Autumn we were
able to turn down For their annual outing members of the
the heating in the Shipwrights Company visited Trinity
greenhouses making House on the 4th October 2014. Twenty-
a considerable
saving to the running
five attended this very interesting
costs. guided tour lasting one and a half hours
– which we can highly recommend.
The outside gardens were a particular
challenge due to many peripheral areas The magnificent old building is situated off
being overgrown with various weeds, some Broad Chare, near the Law Courts, and one
noxious which were of concern had they goes through an archway into the courtyard
been allowed to spread to other areas where a plaque on the wall indicates that it
of Town Moor. Our staff dealt with the was built in 1721.
infestation and are now looking after the
garden on a care and maintenance basis, A flight of stone steps leads up to the
consideration to the future of this area is Entrance Hall which contains various
underway. There are many unusual and interesting curiosities. A model of the
rare trees which will remain and continue battleship Ville de Paris made by prisoners
to flourish, we have had many suggestions out of beef bones and a model of the
regarding the grassed area, from continuing Groyne Lighthouse, South Shields may be
to keep as a lawn, another being to establish seen, while other relics are mounted on the
a wildflower meadow with a variety of walls or suspended from the ceiling.
flowers which in turn would attract a variety
of insects and, of course, the creatures that We were shown around the Library and the
feed on them. Board Room, the walls of which were literally
covered in paintings and engravings. Some
Earlier in the year City Council officers of the paintings were by Carmichael, the
visited the site together with the Stewards shipwright turned artist.
Committee and were dismayed at the
dilapidated condition of the infrastructure. Finally we came into the Chapel which
We shall continue to consult with the is said to date from 1491 with its ancient
City Council as to the best option for pews and pulpit of finely carved black
the buildings. In respect of the external oak. Our guide was excellent and very
landscape we now believe the presentation knowledgeable indeed.
is much improved.
Ian Miller Senior Steward
10 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 11
We have many requests for charity runs to Each resident Freemen (living within the
Stewards use the Town Moor, each one has to be
assessed to take the safety of the public Stints city of Newcastle) or surviving spouse is
entitled to apply before 1st April in any year

Committee News and cattle into consideration. The Cancer

Research 5k and 10K Race for Life including
the Pretty Muddy event has been given the
We should never underestimate the
importance of grazing the Town Moor,
for stints (each of which shall be in respect
of the right to depasture one cow) if the
applications exceed the number of stints
We have continued assessing and it is the single most important activity
green light and we are working with the or the stints outnumber the applications a
installing the Elizabethan metal fence organisers to finalise arrangements. These undertaken by the Freemen, this ballot takes place.
where appropriate, in 2014 a section on are in addition to the annual events the centuries old tradition of grazing mulch
east of the A167 on Grandstand Road largest being the Hoppings, also the Circus, cows is so important it is enshrined in Resident Freemen if allocated a stint may
adjacent to the woods was installed, we Great North Run, Army recruitment day, law, as described in the Town Moor Act. depasture their own cow or authorise the
not forgetting the Nuns Moor Fair, the list is Stewards Committee to sell or transfer on
took the opportunity to bring the fence
endless. their behalf the stints which they have been
line nearer to the road thus reducing Stints is a term used to describe the authority allocated in the ballot.
the verge to a manageable depth of Members of the Stewards Committee and to graze a cow on the Town Moor.
three metres. the Town moor Superintendent constantly The Stewards Committee may impound any
carry out inspection of areas where a lease The Stewards Committee have the power, cattle, horses, sheep, pigs or other domestic
is in place, ranging from the Newcastle Golf subject to provisions of the Town Moor Act animals at large on the Town Moor without
As you will be aware there is a public
Club to Allotments, lease enforcement being 1988, to regulate the stintage of the Town lawful authority.
perception that the Freemen are responsible
a very important function to protect the Moor, that is to say, the allocation of grazing
for all maintenance of the verges of the
Town Moors. When any lease is due to be rights and the conduct of grazing and may The grazing season starts on 31st March
Town Moors when actually it is in partnership
renewed we review the content to ensure make such rules for that purpose as may be through to 31st October each year, (and
with the City Council. Newcastle City
there is provision for reinstatement within required. on occasions beyond) dependant on the
Council has been obliged to reduce verge
and hedgerow maintenance, and where the lease, an area which was lacking as condition of the herbage, the graziers start
we experienced with the University Botanic They also decide the number of cows which to deliver the cattle gradually building up
this has had an impact on areas adjacent to
Garden lease. may be depastured on the Town Moor in the the herd circa 600 cattle were present
the Town Moors we have stepped in to carry
any year having regard to the conditions on the Moors. At the end of the season
out the work to protect the Town Moors from
We are often asked ‘what is an Intake?’ and capacity of the areas available up to graziers collect the cattle which are returned
infestation and to ensure the routes into the
In accordance with the provisions of the a maximum of 800 cows. to the farms for the winter period.
City are presentable.
Town Moor Act 1988 the City Council may,
with the concurrence of the Stewards No cow can be depastured except under
There are many requests for events to
Committee, grant leases of Intakes by public the authority of a stint ticket issued by
be held on various Town Moors which
auction or tender for a term not exceeding the Stewards Committee to a Newcastle
we accommodate as much as possible,
21 years. Revenue derived from the intakes resident Freemen or surviving spouse or his
permission has been given for the Army
is utilised by the Town Moor Money Charity. or her transferee on payment of a sum
Medical Corp to hold a “Medi-Challenge”
The Stewards Committee carefully consider which is fixed be the Stewards
on Nuns Moor which will involve a scenario
the potential impact any lease has on the Committee and applied towards the
where casualties are located and medically
environment. cost of herding, administration for
assessed then evacuated by foot to a
depasturing cows on the Town Moor.
Chinook helicopter which will land on the

12 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 13
Newcastle, a privilege not granted to the shippings, paying for every sack of wool 10s. and the like sum for every 240 woolfels. December
Newcastle upon guild of Merchants. In 1343, they complained
that the other burgesses of the town were
11, 1509, King Henry VIII. renewed the above grant: and, in 1517, he made an exemplification
of former grants to the merchants of Newcastle. The exports of this society, about the year 1520,
permitted to purchase merchandise at prime appear to have been canvas, sheep skins, lamb-fels, lead, grindstones, coals, and rough-tanned
Tyne Trade cost, for their private use, out of all ships in
the port, which was an infringement of their

immunities. In 1353, Edward III. removed the A. D. 1546, King Edward VI. granted the charter under which the present company of Merchant
Guilds staple of English wool from the Flemings to
England, when Newcastle became one of
Adventurers took their corporate title of “The Governor, Assistants, Wardens, and Fellowship of
Merchant Adventurers of the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne,” which is their present
the nine staple towns and in 1397, Richard II. name of incorporation. Previous to this time, they were styled “Merchant Venturers in the Ports of
British History Online includes granted leave to the Newcastle Merchants Brabant beyond the Seas.” By this charter, it was directed that a Governor, twelve Assistants, and
interesting abstracts of the various to carry woolfels, and other commodities, two Wardens, should be elected, and sworn on the 9th day of October in every year; that the
Guilds of Newcastle upon Tyne too to any other foreign port, besides Calais, on company should have a perpetual succession; power to sue and be sued, &c. a seal, a clerk,
many to include all in one issue, but paying custom and subsidy. This licence was, and beadle; power to purchase lands, to take recognizances, to make bye-laws, to buy and ship
we will include two or three in each in after reigns, often repealed and renewed, to foreign parts, &c. as before by Henry VII.
publication. just as the Merchants succeeded in bribing
the crown. A considerable trade, at this time, The following are the names of the original officers of the Company, inserted in the charter,
seems to have been carried on between viz. Henry Anderson, Governor; Robert Brandling, Robert Lewen, George Davell, Mark Shaftoe,
Merchant Adventure’s, comprising the Newcastle and the ports of the Baltic. Cuthbert Ellison, Robert Brigham, William Carr, Bartholomew Bee, Roger Mitford, Thomas Bewicke,
three branches of Drapers, Mercers, Bertram Anderson, and Oswald Chapman, Assistants; Bertram Bewicke and John Rawe, Wardens.
and Boothmen. In the year 1480, the society of Merchants of Charters of confirmation were subsequently granted by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and King
Newcastle subscribed a written agreement James I.
for the better government of that body, which
was to remain in force for six years. They bind
themselves to meet and hold their courts Coopers Guild
at the Maison Dieu Hall, on the Sandhill, on The ancient ordinary of this society, dated January 20, 1426,
the last Thursday of every month; their head enjoined them to go together yearly at the feast of Corpus Christi
meeting (called a guild) to be on the Thursday in procession, as other crafts did, and play their play at their own
next after “Mid-fast” Sunday. Apprentices to charge; each brother to attend at the hour assigned him at the
serve seven years. The society are to go in procession, on pain of forfeiting a pound of wax; that none should
procession on Corpus Christi Day, when they take a Scotsman born to apprentice, nor set any such to work,
are to appear in the meal market, by seven under the penalty of 40s. whereof 26s. 8d. to go to the fraternity,
o’clock in the morning. (By an after insertion, and 13s. 4d. to “Sente Nicholas Kyrkwarke.” No brother to take any
The borough of Newcastle upon Tyne, the time is altered till “after high mass be more than one apprentice in seven years. All turners and pulley-
distinguished by some privileges in former done.”) Those persons of the society who, makers coming to Newcastle, to be bound by the same ordinary.
charters, was honoured very early in the reign for the time being, shall be mayor, sheriff, An ‘after clause’ forbade the employing of any Dutchman; and, by another after clause, the
of King John, with new franchises and more or aldermen, to attend, with their officers company of ropers was united with this society.
extensive immunities. It was not, however, till and servants, upon the holy sacrament,
his 17th year, A. D. 1215, that he constituted and according to seniority of office, are to By an ordinance of the corporation of Newcastle (17th of Elizabeth) which consolidates the
therein a society of free merchants, the be principal in the said solemn procession, companies of coopers, pulley-makers, turners, and rope-makers, it is ordained, “That none
members of which he exempted from in which the latest made burgess is to walk of these companies shall take any apprentice but one in four years, except the children of
pleading anywhere without its walls to any foremost. The name of the play they acted brethren;” and by a bye-law of this consolidated company, in the year 1786, it was enacted,
plea, but that concerning foreign tenures: was “Hogmagog.” Many entries occur in their “that for the enrolment of every apprentice so taken, a brother shall pay £10, or any apprentice
he released them also from the duties of toll, books concerning the expenses of the above at all during the servitude of another, £5.”
lastage, pontage, and passage in all the sea- procession and play. January 30, 1650, the corporation of Newcastle ordered this company a lease for seven years of
ports of his dominions at home and abroad, a place in the Manors, to be a meeting-house. The Company of Plasterers appear to have met
empowering the mayor of Newcastle, or sheriff December 4, 1504, a licence was granted by with this society soon after the restoration. The following entry occurs in their books:—”June 5,
of Northumberland, to give them reparation King Henry VII. to the governor and merchants 1667, received of the Plasterers for their part of the plastering of the new meeting-house, £1, 4s.
for whatever injury they might sustain. of the Merchant Guild of Newcastle upon 6d.” October 7, 1699, a warrant was granted to this society by the Mayor of Newcastle, to search
The above charter was confirmed to the Tyne, empowering them, till the 1st of August all herrings, &c. a power which is still continued in their hands. In 1725, a legacy of £20 was left by
merchants of Newcastle by the succeeding next, to buy any wools or woolfels of the Mrs. Margaret Stephenson to this society, to be divided, and let out to two brethren for a certain
sovereigns, Henry III. Edward II. and Edward III. growth of Northumberland, Cumberland, number of years, without interest. The company consists of 70 members. Previous to 1791, they
with the addition of new privileges. Westmoreland, Durham, Allerton, and met in a room above the Water Gate, on the Sandhill.
Richmondshires, and ship them from
In 1281, an Italian merchant occurs making Newcastle to any part of Flanders, Brabant, At present, they hold their meetings at a tavern, but have petitioned for Pink Tower, which it is
large shipments of wool and leather at Holland, Zealand, or any foreign parts, at two expected will soon be converted into a handsome meetinghouse.

14 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 15
allowing the land to drain quicker and better
Town Moor rather than gathering in the slack areas and
creating mini ponds all over the site. The

Superintendent’s areas were all worked and seeded and as a

result the seed has taken very well and the

pasture improved.

Southern Green returned to Moor Bank

Following on from the last issue of garden on the 16th of October with
our magazine I can conclude that delegates from the Avery Hill Botanic
gardens in Greenwich to remove the
the feedback from our graziers was
specimens they had earlier potted on. Both cross country championships, followed by stretches of refurbishment are being looked
that they had again enjoyed a very agencies expressed their gratitude to the the National cross country championships at and I may be reporting on them in the
productive grazing season on the Town Stewards Committee of the Freemen for which is the first time they had used the Town next issue.
Moors with all indicating that they allowing them the opportunity to access Moors. The Lord Mayor of Newcastle opened
would love to be invited back to graze such a variety of plants that they may have the event and assisted in presenting the Town Moor Staff are steadily working their
their cattle in the spring of 2015. never had the chance of obtaining. medals at the end of the event. Feedback way through the winter works programme,
from the event organisers was that the the main concentration of the these works
Our staff continue to maintain the Gardens Moors had provided a challenging course have involved the staff “stepping in” to
The Hoppings vacated the Town Moor on a care and maintenance basis. May and all were impressed with the venue. assist the City Council with boundary fence
and as the weather had been very kind I express great credit to our staff for the Moving into mid-October the Army from line clear outs and verge works on Town
whilst Europe’s largest travelling fun fair works that have been carried out so far. Fenham Barracks held an open day on the Moor land. With continued cut backs within
visited our City, this in turn meant that the Feedback from the Stewards Committee is Town Moor for the public of Newcastle to our City Council the Stewards Committee
reinstatement works were kept to a minimal. that the grounds look better now than they attend free of charge as a way of a thank through the Town Moor Joint Working
As a consequence of this it enabled us have ever done. There is further tree work you for their continued support during the Group have given assurances of support
to investigate parts of the vast drainage planned in for over the winter months as part recent middle eastern conflicts. Different and assistance where needed. This has
network within the site which had not been of the winter works programme, these works regiments put on their displays across the been greatly appreciated by the Local
operating as it should have been. After a can only benefit the other plants within the course of the day which was well attended Council and work continues as a partnership
week of investigating these areas, 3 areas gardens allowing them to flourish which will and as a consequence talks of hosting a throughout the West End of Town Moor land.
were highlighted for repair. The findings were in turn enhance the overall appearance of similar event this year are already underway.
reported back to the Stewards Committee the Moor Bank Lodge Gardens. Then to finish the year off we had the New On the main Town Moor our drainage
along with the plan of repair, the schemes Year’s Day Resolution Charity Run, with the renewal programme continues with a vast
were agreed and the works were carried The Town Moor was host to a multitude of proceeds raised from this event going to scheme being implemented below the two
out immediately giving maximum benefit to events over the summer months filtering into Saint Oswald’s Hospice and Water Aid. hills, we hope this will be finished by the end
the land prior to the winter months ahead. the autumn, we had the Hoppings, followed of February, and once settled will improve
We imported 560 tonnes of new top soil onto by the Pride in July, followed by the Mela in Our Elizabethan fencing programme a large parcel of land that has recently
the site. This was used to infill large shallow August, which overlapped with the circus, continued with 304 metres of wooden become waterlogged due to collapsed and
depressions on the site to allow the surface we then hosted the Great North Run in mid- fencing being replaced on Grandstand blocked field drains. Further updates to be
water to run to the drainage schemes September, then we had the private schools Road this now completes Grandstand Road included in my next report.
renewal from the Blue House right up to
the southern slip road of the A167. Other Kevin Batey
Town Moor Superintendent

16 FreemenMagazine FreemenMagazine 17
Diary Dates Notice Board & Freemen Shop
Easter Guild
Monday 13th April 2015
The Hoppings
19th June - 27th June 2015
Bereavements The Freemen of
Held upstairs in Newcastle Guildhall (on
Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) Close
Come along and enjoy all the fun of the
largest traveling funfair in Europe (probably John George Glass
Newcastle shop is open
Court of Guild (for Company Stewards only) the World). Margaret Storey
begins at 10.30 am. Freemen of Newcastle upon
Tanners Company Tyne pin badges are available
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at 12 Michaelmas Guild now. The 16mm badge depicts
noon prompt. Monday 12th October 2015 Colin Ions the armorial bearings of the
You must be seated by 12 noon for the Open Held upstairs in Newcastle Guildhall Shipwrights Company City circled by the inscription
Guild in readiness to receive the Lord Mayor. (on Quayside, bottom of Dean Street) “Freemen of the City of
The meeting concludes with new Freemen
Close Court of Guild (for Company Stewards Newcastle upon Tyne”.
being called, and if present sworn in by the Bill Lorraine
Lord Mayor. only) begins at 10.00 am. At this particular
meeting the Stewards Committee is Cordwainers Company The ever popular multi crested
Following the proceedings a buffet lunch is democratically elected via ballot for the
served in the Merchant Adventurers Court. ensuing year. silk ties are back in stock.
Open Court of Guild (for all Freemen of William Sexton Blake
Newcastle upon Tyne) commences at 12 Plumbers Company And new for the ladies - 25mm Charm,
The Lord Mayor’s Parade noon prompt. Necklaces are also available complete
Sunday 17th May 2015
You must be seated by 12 noon for the Open on a 60mm chain, both depict the
To be held in the Cathedral Church of St. Guild in readiness to receive the Lord Mayor. armorial bearings of the City circled by
Nicholas. The meeting concludes with new Freemen
the inscription “Freemen of the City of
Robing in the Cathedral Refectory at being called, and if present being sworn in
by the Lord Mayor. Newcastle upon Tyne”.
9.30am. for commencement of parade
into the Cathedral at 9.45a.m. with the Lord Following the proceedings a buffet lunch is
Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne. served in the Merchant Adventurers Court. Orders to Kevin
All Newcastle Freemen are welcome. Should Batey Town Moor
you need to borrow a robe there will be a Superintendent
small quantity available on the day. at Moozr Bank
To assist on the day, parking will be available Lodge, payment
at Moor Bank Lodge and transport at with order by
9:00am to and from the Cathedral will be
cheque payable
to ‘Freemen of
Newcastle upon
Tyne’ - the address can be found at the
rear of the magazine.
Annual Guild Days
Ties - £27.00
Christmas Guild - the first Monday after 13th January
Pin Badge - £3.00
Easter Guild - the first Monday after Easter Monday Stick Pin Badge - £4.00
Michaelmas Guild - the first Monday after Michaelmas Monday Charm - £6.00
Necklace - £7.00

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Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne
Superintendent and Office
Mr Kevin Batey,
Moor Bank Lodge, Claremont Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL
Tel: 0191 2615970

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