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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Headline Article has a headline that Article has a headline that Article has a headline that does Article is missing headline.
captures the reader's attention accurately describes the not describe the content.
and accurately describes the content.

Supporting The details in the article are clear The details in the article are Most details in the article are The details article are neither
Details and supportive of the topic. clear but need to be developed clear. Article does not focus on clear nor related to the topic.
more. Some details may not fit the topic well.
in with the topic.

Who, What, Article adequately addresses the The article is missing one of The article is missing 2 of the 5 The article is missing 3 or more
When, Where & 5 W's (who, what, when, where the 5 W's. W's. of the 5 W's.
and how).

Lead Sentence Lead sentence grabs the reader's Lead sentence tells most Lead sentence is not clearly There is no clear lead sentence
attention and focuses the reader important details. connected to the article. in the article.
on the topic.

Evidence Chooses specific and relevant Makes adequate use of Uses evidence that Presents little or no evidence
evidence to support claim(s) relevant evidence to inadequately supports claim, from the text
support claim(s) or makes use of some
evidence that may be

Spelling and No spelling or grammar errors. No more than a couple of No more than 3 spelling or Several spelling or grammar
Grammar spelling or grammar errors. grammar errors. errors.