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Trust: Total.Reliance.Upon.Spoken.Truth. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4

In Matthew 4:4 Jesus tells us, “It is written, Man shall not live by
bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth
of God.” In John 1:1 we learn that “In the beginning was the
Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
Later, in verse 14, it says “And the Word was made flesh, and
dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.
What is the meaning of TRUST? To rely not on earthly things such
as ourselves or material blessings (bread), but to depend on
what God has spoken to us through the Word, that Jesus came,
full of truth, to be our propitiation.
This is a newsletter updating you on the happenings of my life in
The very very very happy newly weds, taking off on their
honeymoon in a nicely decorated car!
Jamaica, as I learn more about what it means to trust.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Widmer!
SNAPSHOT OF THE LAST MONTH It’s hard to believe my little brother is married! The slightly-out-of-control-
August 2-3 – Trip to Lake James with my siblings climbing-on-everything Matt is still an easy image to pull from my
to visit sister-in-law Tamara Raber memory, as is the mop-top high school kid and the young Christian man
August 6-7 – Gateway Woods Benefit Sale that grew to be someone I admired and respected during his college days. I
August 9 – Matt’s Bachelor Party can remember to just over a year ago when Matt came down to Jamaica to
volunteer and work with me for part of the summer, and the chats we had
August 11– Dinner at the Kim’s (Robin and Peter)
did not involve getting married…my how things change!
in Indy
I am so thankful to God for bringing Matt and Tamara together, and feel so
August 12-14 – Rittman, OH for ACWR meetings
blessed to have Tamara as a new sister-in-law. Their wedding was a great
and the AC General Conference
opportunity for me to meet the Raber family and many of those closest to
August 15 – Widmer family dinner (all 9 of us!) her. It was an honor to be involved in their wedding and make some
August 16 – Reminisce and catch-up with Makoto awesome memories.
and Anna Inoue in Indy
August 17 – Spend a day with Deaf ministry role
model Bob Ayres…I have lots to learn!
August 17-18 – Spend time with Indy friends and
August 19-22 – Bluffton for Matt and Tamara’s
August 23-24 – Indy visiting friends
August 27 – 29 – Central Illinois for wedding
receptions, baptisms and visiting friends
August 31 – Fly back to Jamaica

Above: A not so serious bridal party shot of us trying to separate

**Click the link to my blog for more detail!** the two love birds…it didn’t work!

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Total.Reliance.Upon.Spoken.Truth. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4

Sweet Fellowship with Fellow Missionaries John 6:48 I am that bread of

I am truly thankful for the timing of my furlough this August, particularly
because it was the perfect time when several fellow overseas missionary friends life.
were also on furlough. I was blessed with quality time with the following
friends; Hannah Young, John and Silvia Eisenmann, Kevin and Erica Kipfer, John 7:17-18 If any man will
David Thames and Luke Gudeman (they move to Zambia, Africa September 15,
please pray for them). do his will, he shall know of
For the various global paths we’re on (3 different continents + Caribbean) and
for only being home five weeks, I counted this as a gift from God and not a the doctrine, whether it be of
coincidence! There is something uniquely unifying about conversing and
praying with those who, despite the vast differences in location, culture and God, or whether I speak of
roles, serve for the sake of the Gospel in a foreign land.
Below with Hannah Young, a dear friend from high school and college, who
serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea He that speaketh of himself
seeketh his own glory: but he
that seeketh his glory that
sent him, the same is true,
and no unrighteousness is in

Blessed time with friends and family, many
encouraging conversations and prayers.

Matt and Tamara’s wedding weekend was blessed

and everything came together.

Overall I was blessed with safe and smooth travels

Left: John and Silvia Eisenmann serving with PAZ in Brazil (
Right: Kevin and Erica Kipfer, serving with LSM in Ethiopia (
to and from Jamaica and everything in between.

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9036 Northridge Lane
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Total.Reliance.Upon.Spoken.Truth. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 4

I LOVE My Family!
Is there anything really to say except for I am blessed and I love my family?
Praise God for lots of memories and a new sister-in-law!

• My fellow missionary friends who are

moving to new places or transitioning
back to established ministries.
• Praise God for sparing lives during the
JDV bus accident, July 31. I was able
to visit with most of them on Sunday,
Sept 5, and they are all ok but please
continue to pray for their recovery as
they get back to work.
• Our students as they come back to
school after a summer of uncertainty
and freedom, particularly those who
spent a summer in loneliness and
• For Matt and Tamara as they settle into
a new home and a new life.
• As I temporarily move up to the Deaf
Village (JDV) this fall to help with
various projects, please pray for the
time I do have (now and on weekends)
with the kids at the Kingston campus,
as well as for the time I have with
friends in the Mandeville area.
• Our ACWR July sea container is sitting
in port as we wait for paperwork to
clear through the Ministry of Finance.
Pray for God to provide the needed
• Pray for the packing of and shipment of
another ACWR container, scheduled to
depart September 23rd.
Clockwise from top-left: Widmer family dinner, Katie and I in our “twin” Purdue Championship
T’s, Matt’s farewell dinner at Bruno’s, me and my grandparents, Kates and I in Indy, Widmer
boys golf outing and Matt’s farewell.

4 Cassia Park Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.
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Work Team Coordinator Serving Through: Serving With:
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Prayer and a Sense of Humor

This was the response of my Leman grandparents, married for 65 years,
when one of my uncles asked, “What would you say helped you make it to
a 65th wedding anniversary?”
Sure there has to be a lot of things, particularly the grace of God, that in
today’s world would keep a couple together for 65 years, but I found my
grandma’s answer quite profound. Prayer and a good sense of humor. My
grandpa followed it up by saying the love and respect mutually exhibited to
and from all their kids. To me these statements clearly and concisely show
you who they are as people. And why I am so blessed!
At Matt and Tamara’s wedding service, Ed Schwartz shared how it
impacted him to sit across from our Widmer and Leman grandparents at the
rehearsal dinner. One couple married for 65 years, the other for 60. (And in
all honesty, they still laugh and tease and kiss and hold hands at 88 years
old). Then Grandpa proceeded to walk out of the wedding service and
forgot to walk with Grandma. She wasn’t happy but later they just laughed
about it 