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This Rental Agreement is made on this 13th day of March, Two thousand seventeen (13-03-
2017) BETWEEN: Mrs. RADHIKA, w/o. Mr .B. Vijay Prakash Reddy, Aged about 30 years,
residing at NO.10, Seethamma Road, 1st Cross, Venkateshappa Layout, Kammanahalli,
Bangalore -560084, herein after called the OWNER of the part; AND: Mr Y GOPI , S/o. Y
Lokanadha Reddy, herein after called the TENANT of the other part and witnesses as follows:
Whereas the above named tenant has taken the house premises of the above said owner at
No.46, 15 H Cross, Bandappa Garden, Muthyalanagar, Bangalore – 560054, second floor
portion, RCC roofing , consisting of one Hall, Two Bedrooms, Kitchen, Two Bathrooms and
Toilets with electricity and water facilities, having fittings of 3Tubelights , 3 Fans, Cupboard, on
a monthly rent of RS. 9100/- (Rupees nine thousand and hundred only). The tenant has paid an
advance amount of RS. 80000/-(Rupees eighty thousand only) to the owner this day before the
following witnesses, for which the owner hereby acknowledges. This advance amount does
vacating and handing over the house premises in good condition.

The Tenant has to pay the electricity charges to the concerned department every month
without fail. The tenant has to pay the monthly rent to the owner within 5 th of every month.
The tenant has to keep the house premises in good condition, i.e. the tenant should not make
any damage/alteration to the property which belongs to the owner. If any damages are caused
to the house premises by the tenant he has to repair the same with his own expenses. The
Tenant has to use the premises for residential purpose and the tenant should not
sublet/underlet the property of the owner to any persons without prior permission of the
owner in writing. The Tenant has to do the Painting work at the time of vacating the house
premises with his own expenses, otherwise painting charges will be deducted from the advance

The agreement is valid for a period of 11(Eleven) months only commencing from 13-03-2017 in
the First instance and it may be further renewed by both the parties on their mutual consent.
Both the parties shall 3 (Three) months notice in advance to each other in case of vacation of
the house premises/ termination of this agreement. IN WITNESSES OF WHEREOF both the
parties have affixed their respective signatures to this rental agreement on the date above