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University of the Philippines Mindanao

Tugbok District, Mintal, Davao City 8000

04 January 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:


The UP Biological Society (BioS) is a recognized course-based organization comprised of

bonafide Biology students of University of the Philippines Mindanao. Since 1996, the
organization primarily aims to serve people through the knowledge and skills learned in their
course. We also intend to conduct and participate in activities that will promote harmony with
students from other degree programs. The UP Biological Society is also a member of the
Alliance of Davao Biology Majors (ADBM), a greater network of biology students all over
Davao City. Through this, we are able to value camaraderie and bring honor not only to our
home college but to the entire University as well.

We, the BS Biology students, respectfully seek generosity through financial assistance for our
activities for the 2nd semester of A.Y. 2017-2018. Some of our activities include the Medical
Mission, ADBM Biolympics, Biological Society Week. The Medical Mission aims to visit
communities with limited access to public health care and provide medical services to the
impoverished and disadvantaged. The ADBM Biolympics will be held on the months of January
and February. This annual event showcases the talents and skills of the Biology majors through
sports, dancing, singing, and pageants. The BioS Week will be held on February with various
activities such as Biocoustic Night and BioS Quiz Bee. This annual activity aims to develop
camaraderie not just between the members of the organization but with the other university
students as well. Other activities may still be added.

Your support and favorable response regarding this matter is highly appreciated and thanked for.

We are hoping for your positive response. Thank you very much!

Respectfully yours,

BioS President