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College Entrance Examinations Tutorials and Preparations 2018


1. The College Entrance Examinations Tutorials and Preparations 2018 is one of the flagship projects
of the UP Educators’ Circle, an organization based in the College of Education.

2. CEETAP 2018 is a series of review sessions intended to cater senior high school students who will
be seeking admission to different colleges and universities, especially the University of the

3. Upon the submission of forms and other requirements, interested students shall wait for the final
list of accepted participants for CEETAP review.

4. CEETAP 2018 consists of seven Saturdays.

5. Sessions will include lectures and discussions on different subject areas, namely, the following:
Arithmetic, Elementary
and Intermediate Reading Comprehension,
Algebra, Word General Science, Biology, Grammar, Essay Writing,
Problems, Geometry, Chemistry, and Physics Vocabulary, and Other Topics
Trigonometry, and (English and Filipino)

6. It is the responsibility of the students to attend the sessions and to be punctual. Classes start at
exactly 8:00 AM and end at 5 PM. Attendance will be strictly checked every week. If the student
incurs 3 or more absences, he/she will be automatically dropped from the review program.

7. Courtesy is expected from the students. The use of gadgets during the lectures will not be
tolerated. Proper decorum during the discussions is also expected from every participant.

8. Each section has their own advisers. Two members from UP Educators’ Circle will be given to each
section. The advisers are the Kuyas/Ates of the participants.

9. Each section shall elect a class leader and assistant leader. This is for easier communication and
dissemination of information.

10. The participants are entitled of the following benefits: review sessions, food and snacks, module,
review kit, and certificates.