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Chrome Extension Description Technologies
Over 30 Detector Highlights any date on a HTML, CSS, JS, jquery-3.3.1.js,
page that is over 30 days jquery.mark.js, regular expressions,
before the current date background.js, content-script.js,
chrome.tabs, manifest.json
Save for Later Saves the url, title, & HTML, CSS, JS,,
selected text from the chrome.downloads, background.js,
currently open page in a options.js, manifest.json
csv file
GIF Maker Plus Make gifs right on your HTML, CSS, JS, background.js, jquery-
browser 3.3.1.js, jquery-filestyle.js, jquery-
filestyle.css, gifshot.js, filesaver.min.js,
font-quicksand.css, font-rocksalt.css, file
reader, chrome.tabs, manifest.json
Look Smart Secure Look Smart Secure HTML, CSS, JS, chrome settings
Search Search - powered by overrides, background.js, popup.html,
Blockchain chrome.omnibox, chrome.tabs,
MS Excel Google MS Excel Google Chrome HTML, CSS, JS, theme, images, colors,
Chrome Theme Theme tints, manifest.json
PPL Pass Fail Shows ppl pass fail HTML, CSS, JS, content-script.js,
information on a scope- fonts.css, jquery-3.2.1.js, manifest.json
modified page
Easy Shipping Track packages via USPS, HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html,
Tracker UPS, and FEDEX background.js, chrome.contextmenus,
chrome.tabs, manifest.json
Account Control Extracts decimal HTML, CSS, JS, jquery-3.2.1.js,
numbers from websites background.js, content-script.js,
and updates online options.html, popup.html,
spreadsheet chrome.runtime.onmessage,, filesaver.min.js,
options.js, chrome.tabs, google apps
script, xpath, selenium, gspread,
oauth2client, python, auto hot key,
options.js, popup.js, manifest.json
IP to Country Flag - IP to Country Flag - HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html, jquery- 3.2.1.js, background.js, chrome.tabs,, popup.js,
UNX Auto Buy UNX Auto Buy HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html, jquery-
3.2.1.min.js, content-script.js,
Kisafi Order next day laundry, HTML, CSS, JS, jquery-3.2.1.js,
home cleaning and gas popup.html, manifest.json, popup.js,
delivery for homes zebra.datepicker.min.js,
zebra.datepicker.min.css, button.min.css
SNYICOAF Allows the user to HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html, jquery-
automate the purchase 3.2.1.js, content-script-1.js, icheck-
process at 1.0.2.js, content-script-2.js, eventpage.js,
www.supremenewyork.c button.min.css, manifest.json, popup.js
Tone Analyzer Allows the user to HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html, jquery-
identify tones at both the 3.2.1.js, popup.js,
sentence level and
document level analyzer/api, ajax, chrome.tabs,
Price Theory Game Price Theory Game HTML, CSS, JS, main.js, game.js, jquery-
2.1.4.js, index.html, manifest.json
IRSCAPPAES Indiegogo ROOMIE: HTML, CSS, JS, popup.html, jquery-
Smart Collaboration 2.1.4.js, popup.js, manifest.json,
Assistant Project Page imacros-code
Automatic Email
Submission Software
Kurety A software suite that HTML, CSS, JS, tesseract, auto hot key,
takes care of multiple wordpress, jquery-2.1.4.js, popup.js,
security aspects such as,,
strong password manifest.json, xmlhttprequest,
generation, message chrome.tabs, oauth2,,
encryption, and, auto hot key, adobe
decryption photoshop
Trip Planner DOCX Downloads google maps HTML, CSS, JS, background.js, jquery-
trip data in a docx file 2.1.4.js, content-script.js, index.html,
Games Island Shows new releases from HTML, CSS, JS, manifest.json,
Games Island popup.html, jquery-2.1.4.js, popup.js,