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Program XYplorer

File manager for Windows 10, 10 Server, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, 7,

Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003; 32-bit and 64-bit versions
Version 18.10.0100
Release 2017-Jul-17
License Proprietary
Author Donald Lessau
Copyright (c) 1997-2017 Cologne Code Company. All Rights Reserved.

XYplorer is a multi-tabbed dual pane file manager for Windows,
featuring a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly
customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to
efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It's extremely
fast and light, it's innovative, and it's fun!

XYplorer is portable. It doesn't require any "installation" in the
proper sense, and using it does not change your system or registry.
You can run it directly from your USB drive, and you can have as many
parallel "installations" as you wish.

Choose one of the following packages:

(1) Installer Package
(2) No-Install Package

Note: No matter which package you use, Install or No-Install, running

XYplorer does not change your system or registry at any time.

Installation using the Installer Package

Use this package to use an installer to install XYplorer, with icons
in the start menu and an uninstaller.

Extract to some temporary directory and run

the included XYplorer_?.??_Install.exe.

The following files are installed to the directory you

selected/created during the install procedure:

XYplorer.exe ......... Application

XYcopy.exe ........... Copy Handler
ContextMenu64.exe .... Context Menu Handler
XYplorer.chm ......... Help
Startup.ini .......... Sets the Application Data Path
XYplorer Homepage.url Link to
LicenseXY.txt ........ XYplorer License Agreement
ReadmeXY.txt ......... Readme (this file)
CatalogDefault.dat ... Sample Catalog File
Uninstall.exe ........ Uninstaller
Optionally a program group "XYplorer" is created under "Programs"
in your Start menu, containing four icons. You have a choice here:
* Install for anyone using this computer (Default)
> The program group is created for all users.
* Install just for me
> The program group is created just for you.

The file Startup.ini contains information about the Application Data

Path. By default this path is set to %appdata%\XYplorer which on a
typical system (with English locale) is resolved to C:\Documents and
Settings\<user>\Application Data\XYplorer.

The total size of all installed files will be about 7 MB.

No further files are added anywhere to your system, and nothing
will be put into the registry but uninstall information.

To uninstall the program click the "Uninstall" icon in the

program group created during installation.

How to Upgrade: Install over the current directory of XYplorer. Your

INI file will not be overwritten, so your settings and personal
license key remain intact.

Installation using the No-Install Package

Use this package to install XYplorer on a removable drive (e.g. USB),
or in any folder on any drive you like. All application data will be
stored under the application path.

Simply extract anywhere.

Read, understand, and accept LicenseXY.txt, the XYplorer License
Agreement. Start working.


* VB6 Runtime Files does NOT contain the VB6 runtime files needed to
run XYplorer. This is to keep download times short, and because they
are present on almost every computer.

If you are not sure whether you got those files, it's easy to find out:
If you can start XYplorer.exe you got them, if not you have to get them.


The VB6 runtime files needed can be found at this URL:
Download the self-extracting file that installs the latest
versions of the Microsoft Visual Basic runtime files that all
applications created with Visual Basic 6.0 need in order to run.
License Information
LICENSE GRANT. This Software (XYplorer) is not freeware. You may
evaluate the unregistered trial version for free for a maximum period
of 30 days. If you wish to continue using it after 30 days, you have
to register and purchase a license. Unregistered use of this Software
after the 30-day evaluation period is in violation of international
copyright laws.

See also LicenseXY.txt.

The unregistered trial version is fully functional with only minor

limitations. See web site for details.

The unregistered version may be freely distributed in unmodified form.

Reporting Problems

If you encounter problems, please visit and

download the latest version to see if the issue has been resolved.

If not, please post a bug report in the user forum:

Only as a last resort, send us a bug report by email:


Feel free to contact us to get support, report bugs or give

suggestions. Again, primarily via the user forum, please. And don't
forget to check the web site for news and product updates.

Terms of Use
This software is provided "as is", without any guarantee made as to its
suitability or fitness for any particular use. It may contain bugs, so
use of this tool is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any
damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use.