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Greyhawk Resources

(TSR/WOC product #’s given where possible)

Boxed Sets

----- 1st Edition AD&D

TSR 1015 The World of Greyhawk
TSR 1032 Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms
----- 2nd Edition AD&D
TSR 1043 City of Greyhawk
TSR 1056 Castles 3D Accessory (Castle Hart)
TSR 1064 Greyhawk: From the Ashes
TSR 1068 Greyhawk Wars
TSR 1072 Spelljammer: War Captain's Companion (fleets and ports in Greyspace)
TSR 1083 Menzoberranzan Campaign Setting (so-o-o inspired by Demonweb series)
TSR 1125 Night Below: An Underdark Campaign (includes a Temple of Tharizdun)
TSR 1145 The Rod of Seven Parts
TSR 1162 Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Rule Books & Supplements

----- 1st Edition AD&D

TSR 2001 D&D Basic Booklet
TSR 2002 D&D Original 3 volume set
TSR 2003 Supplement I: Greyhawk
TSR 2004 Supplement II: Blackmoor
TSR 2005 Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry
TSR 2006 Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes
TSR 2007 Swords and Spells
TSR 2008 Chainmail
TSR 2009 Monster Manual
TSR 2010 Players Handbook
TSR 2011 Dungeon Master’s Guide
TSR 2012 Fiend Folio
TSR 2013 Deities and Demigods
TSR 2016 Monster Manual II
TSR 2017 Unearthed Arcana
TSR 2018 Oriental Adventures
TSR 2019 Dungeoneers Survival Guide
TSR 2020 Wilderness Survival Guide
TSR 2022 Manual of the Planes
TSR 2023 Greyhawk Adventures
----- 2nd edition AD&D
TSR 2107 MC5 Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix
TSR 2116 MC6 Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur Appendix
TSR 2128 DMGR4 Monster Mythology
TSR 2130 Spelljammer: Complete Spacefarer's Handbook (Greyspace)
TSR 2131 PHBR8 The Complete Book of Elves (Grugach & Valley Elves)
TSR 2133 DMGR5 Creative Campaigning (A brief overview of GH campaign, p. 111)
TSR 2138 Book of Artifacts
TSR 2141 Encyclopedia Magica, Volume I: Items A-D
TSR 2152 Encyclopedia Magica, Volume II: Items D-P
TSR 2157 Encyclopedia Magica, Volume III: Items P-S
TSR 2161 Encyclopedia Magica, Volume IV: Items S-Z
TSR 2165 Wizards Spell Compendium Volume I
TSR 2168 Wizards Spell Compendium Volume II
TSR 2175 Wizards Spell Compendium Volume III
TSR 2177 Wizards Spell Compendium Volume IV
TSR 2623 Planescape: On Hallowed Ground (GH pantheon)
TSR 2631 Planescape: Dead Gods (some GH)
TSR 11359 Priest’s Spell Compendium Volume I
TSR 11421 Priest’s Spell Compendium Volume II
TSR 11611 Priest’s Spell Compendium Volume III

Novels & Short Stories

Dragon #100 "At Moonset Blackcat Comes: A Tale of Gord of Greyhawk."

TSR 8240 GHA1 Saga of the Old City, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 1
TSR 8241 GHA2 Artifact of Evil, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 2
ACE **** City of Hawks, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 3
ACE **** Night Arrant, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 4
ACE **** Sea of Death, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 5
ACE **** Come Endless Darkness, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 6
ACE **** Dance of Demons, by E. Gary Gygax, Gord the Rogue book 7
Dragon #344 "The Return of Gord", by E. Gary Gygax
TSR EQ10 Circus of Fear, by Rose Estes, Endless Quest
TSR SEQ2 The Ghost Tower, by Jean Blashfield, Super Endless Quest
TSR HC1 The Ice Dragon, by E. Gary Gygax, Sagard the Barbarian book 1
TSR HC2 The Green Hydra, by E. Gary Gygax, Sagard the Barbarian book 2
TSR HC3 The Crimson Sea, by E. Gary Gygax, Sagard the Barbarian book 3
TSR HC4 The Fire Demon, by E. Gary Gygax, Sagard the Barbarian book 4
TSR 8242 GHA3 Master Wolf, by Rose Estes
TSR 8243 GHA4 The Price of Power, by Rose Estes
TSR 8248 GHA5 The Demon Hand, by Rose Estes
TSR 8249 GHA6, The Name of the Game, by Rose Estes
TOR **** Quag Keep, by Andre Norton
TOR **** Return to Quag Keep, by Andre Norton & Jean Rabe
TSR **** Nightwatch, by Robin Wayne Bailey
TSR **** Seige of the Tower, by Kem Antilles, Endless Quest
TSR **** Bigby's Curse, by Anne Brown, Endless Quest
TSR **** King of the Dead, by Gene De Weese (Ravenloft, some GH)
TSR **** Lord of the Necropolis, by Gene De Weese (Ravenloft, some GH)
WOC **** Against the Giants, by Ru Emerson
WOC **** White Plume Mountain, by Paul Kidd
WOC **** Descent Into the Depths of the Earth, by Paul Kidd
WOC **** The Temple of Elemental Evil, by Thomas M. Reid
WOC **** Queen of the Demonweb Pits, by Paul Kidd
WOC **** Keep on the Borderlands, by Ru Emerson
WOC **** Tomb of Horrors, by Keith Francis Strohm
Adventures & Accessories

----- 1st Edition AD&D

TSR 9016 G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
TSR 9017 G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
TSR 9018 G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King
TSR 9019 D1 Descent into the Depths of the Earth
TSR 9020 D2 Shrine of the Kuo Toa
TSR 9021 D3 Vault of the Drow
TSR 9022 S1 Tomb of Horrors
TSR 9023 B1 In Search of the Unknown
TSR 9025 The World of Greyhawk Folio
TSR 9026 T1 The Village of Hommlet
TSR 9027 S2 White Plume Mountain
TSR 9031 Rogues Gallery
TSR 9032 C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
TSR 9033 S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
TSR 9034 B2 Keep on the Borderlands
TSR 9035 Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
TSR 9038 C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness
TSR 9039 A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity
TSR 9040 A2 Secret of the Slaver’s Stockade
TSR 9041 A3 Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords
TSR 9042 A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
TSR 9045 L1 Secret of Bone Hill
TSR 9046 I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City
TSR 9055 I2 Tomb of the Lizard King
TSR 9057 L2 Assassins Knot
TSR 9058 G123 Against the Giants
TSR 9059 D1-2 Descent into the Depths of the Earth
TSR 9061 S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
TSR 9062 U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
TSR 9063 N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God
TSR 9064 U2 The Danger at Dunwater
TSR 9065 WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
TSR 9066 UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave
TSR 9072 EX1 Dungeonland
TSR 9073 EX2 Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
TSR 9076 U3 Final Enemy
TSR 9101 UK2 The Sentinel
TSR 9111 UK3 Gauntlet
TSR 9112 WG5 Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure
TSR 9147 T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil
TSR 9153 WG6 Isle of the Ape
TSR 9164 OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
TSR 9167 A1-4 Scourge of the Slave Lords
TSR 9172 DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
TSR 9175 DA2 Temple of the Frog
TSR 9179 GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders
TSR 9186 OA2 Night of the Seven Swords
TSR 9191 DA3 City of the Gods
TSR 9195 OA3 Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
TSR 9203 OA4 Blood of the Yakuza
TSR 9205 DA4 The Duchy of Ten
TSR 9209 S1-4 Realms of Horror
TSR 9222 WG7 Castle Greyhawk
TSR 9242 OA5 Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claws
----- 2nd Edition AD&D
TSR 9251 WG9 Gargoyle
TSR 9253 WG8 The Fate of Istus
TSR 9257 OA6 Ronin’s Challenge
TSR 9258 OA7 Test of the Samurai
TSR 9265 WG10 Child’s Play
TSR 9269 WG11 Puppets
TSR 9270 WG12 Vale of the Mage
TSR 9279 WGA1 Falcons Revenge
TSR 9289 WGA2 Falconmaster
TSR 9292 WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins
TSR 9297 FOR1 Draconomicon (p. 69, ref. to the GH dragons of Oerth)
TSR 9302 WGA3 Flames of the Falcon
TSR 9307 FROA1 Ninja Wars
TSR 9309 WGA4 Vecna Lives!
TSR 9317 WGS1 The Five Shall be One
TSR 9326 FOR2 The Drow of the Underdark
TSR 9337 WGS2 Howl from the North
TSR 9360 WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk
TSR 9374 SJR6 Greyspace
TSR 9375 RQ3 From the Shadows (Azalin the Lich is from the Flanaess)
TSR 9385 WGQ1 Patriots of Ulek
TSR 9386 WGR3 Rary the Traitor
TSR 9398 WGR4 The Marklands
TSR 9399 WGR5 Iuz the Evil
TSR 9402 TM5 Kara-Tur Trail Map
TSR 9405 WGR6 City of Skulls
TSR **** WGR7 Ivid the Undying (unreleased)
TSR 9406 WGM1 Borderwatch
TSR 9413 RM1 Roots of Evil (Azalin the Lich is from the Flaeness)
TSR 9433 ALQ4 Secrets of the Lamp (p.13 Yagrax’s Tome/Codex of Infinite Planes)
TSR 9506 Chronomancer (p.88 describes time travel in the GH campaign)
TSR 9576 Return of the Eight
TSR 9577 Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins
TSR 9578 A Players Guide to Greyhawk
TSR 9579 The Star Cairns
TSR 9580 Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad
TSR 9581 The Doomgrinder
TSR 9582 Vecna Reborn
TSR 9586 A Paladin in Hell (…but, it has Emirikol the Chaotic in it…)
TSR 9844 L3 Deep Dwarven Delve
TSR 11325 The Shattered Circle (1 GH reference, Suel)
TSR 11326 The Vortex of Madness (some GH content)
TSR 11327 Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
TSR 11347 Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
TSR 11361 Warriors of Heaven (GH pantheons)
TSR 11374 The Scarlet Brotherhood
TSR 11392 Reverse Dungeon (some GH content)
TSR 11413 Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff
TSR 11431 Guide to Hell (some GH content)
TSR 11434 Return to White Plume Mountain
TSR 11442 Bastion of Faith (Heironeous & Hextor)
TSR 11445 RPGA TSR Jam 1999
TSR 11448 Dragon Magazine Archive [CD-ROM]
TSR 11621 Slavers
----- 3rd edition AD&D
WOC 11743 Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
WOC 11829 Sword and Fist (some GH-specific information)
WOC 11843 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
WOC 13663 Die, Vecna, Die!
WOC B1723 The Fright at Tristor [RPGA bonus module]
WOC 1092572 Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk
WOC 9556872 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits
Appendix A: Dave Arneson
Blackmoor Campaign
(JG/TSR/ZTG product #'s given where possible)

JG 0037 First Fantasy Campaign (Blackmoor Castle)

TSR 9172 DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
TSR 9175 DA2 Temple of the Frog
TSR 9191 DA3 City of the Gods
TSR 9205 DA4 The Duchy of Ten
ZTG 4500 Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: Core Campaign Book
ZTG 4501 Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: The Redwood Scar
ZTG 4502 Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: The Wizard's Cabal
ZTG 4505 Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor: The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor
ZTG 4506 Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor: The Player's Guide to Blackmoor
ZTG 4510 Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor: City of the Gods
Appendix K: Robert J Kuntz
World of Kalibruhn Campaign
(CU/K&C/PPP product #'s given where possible)

CU 1001 Maze of Zayene, pt1: Prisoners of the Maze

CU 1002 Maze of Zayene, pt2: Dimensions of Flight
CU 1003 Maze of Zayene, pt3: Tower of Chaos
CU 1004 Maze of Zayene, pt4: The Eight Kings
CU **** Garden of the Plantmaster
**** To The City of Brass (published online)
K&C 2212 Sir Robilar's City of Brass
Dungeon #112 Maure Castle, "Levels 1-4", by R.J. Kuntz & E.G. Gygax
Dungeon #124 Maure Castle, "Chambers of Antiquities"
Dungeon #139 Maure Castle, "The Greater Halls"
GenCon #40, Maure Castle, "Warlock's Walk" (published online)
PPP **** The Original Living Room (originally from Castle Greyhawk)
PPP **** Dark Druids (originally in the Gnarley Forest)
PPP RJK1 Bottle City
Appendix L: Lenard Lakofka
Lendore Isles Campaign
(TSR product #’s given where possible)

TSR 9045 L1 Secret of Bone Hill

TSR 9057 L2 Assassins Knot
TSR 9844 L3 Deep Dwarven Delve
TSR **** L4 Devilspawn (unpublished)
Footprints #5, p.11, "The Nystul and Lendore Isle Campaign" (published online)
Footprints #9, p.5, "The Church of Osprem" (published online)
Appendix M: Frank Mentzer
Aquaria Campaign (Aquaerdy="Aqua Aerdy", Aquarian="Aqua-Oeridian")
(RPGA/TSR product #’s given where possible)

RPGA 6060 R1 To the Aid of Falx

RPGA 6061 R2 The Investigation of Hydell
RPGA 6062 R3 The Egg of the Phoenix
RPGA 6063 R4 Doc's Island
TSR 9201 I12 Egg of the Phoenix 1987 [R1-4]
GenCon'82 R5 Great Bugbear Hunt (re-printed in Polyhedron #28)
GenCon'82 R6 Bigby's Tomb (re-printed in Polyhedron #20)
GenCon'82 R7 'Dwarven' Quest for the Rod of Seven Parts
GenCon'82 R8 Yog's Dessert
GenCon'82 R9 Tinker's Canyon
GenCon'82 R10 Air Plane!
Appendix P: Periodicals
I. The Dragon Magazines
II. Dungeon Magazines
III. Footprints e-Magazine
IV. Oerth Journal e-Magazines
V. Polyhedron Magazines

I. DRAGON Magazines

Dragon #1, p. 28
The Gnome Cache, by Gary Gygax
This first installment of Gygax's incomplete serial novel marks the first use of Oerth in Dragon Magazine

Dragon #2, p.12

Hints for D&D Judges: Part 3: The Dungeon, by Joe Fischer
Brief mention of entrances to the Castle Greyhawk dungeon

Dragon #9, p.5

DM's Brew: Mixing Alignments in D&D, by Gary Gygax
Alignments in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #12, p.22

Quag Keep, by Andre Norton
An excerpt from the novel (set in the World of Greyhawk setting)

Dragon #17, pp.6

Faceless Men & Clockwork Monsters, by Gary Gygax
A tale of Greyhawk adventurers transferred to the Starship Warden

Dragon #30, p.12

From the Sorceror's Scroll: Greyhawk: New Settings for Adventure, by Gary Gygax
Real-world adventuring in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #37, p.10

From the Sorceror's Scroll: the Shape of the World, by Gary Gygax
Information about the Greyhawk campaign setting and the armies and holdings of Bigby, Mordenkainen, Robilar,
and Tenser

Dragon #43, p.12

Survival tips for the Slave Pits, by Dave Cook
Information and playing tips for the Slave Lords series of modules

Dragon #46, p.48

Three views of Greyhawk, by Jeff Seiken, Kenneth W. Burke, and Lawrence Schick
Product reviews of the World of Greyhawk campaign setting, including information on how to interpret the Darlene

Dragon #52, p.18

Leomund's Tiny Hut: Adding depth to the Flanaess, by Lenard Lafofka
Places of birth for humans and demi-humans

Dragon #53, p. 18
Understanding Armory, by Lewis Pulsipher
Information on interpreting heraldry, including some of the coats of arm of Greyhawk
Dragon #55, p. 17
From the Sorceror's Scroll: More "meat" for Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
An update on the status of the World of Greyhawk setting, along with information on the races of the Flanaess

Dragon #56. p.18

From the Sorceror's Scroll: News of the North Central Flanaess, by Gary Gygax
Recent events (578 CY) in and around the lands of Iuz and the Bandit Kingdoms

Dragon #57, p.13

From the Sorceror's Scroll: Developments from Stonefist to South Province, by Gary Gygax
Further news of the events of CY 578, focusing on the barbarian lands, the South Province, and the Iron League

Dragon #59, p.24

The Great Kingdom and the Knights of Doom, by Robert J. Kuntz
Statistics and levels for the Demonic Knights of Doom, as well as the politics of Rauxes

Dragon #63, p.8

The big, bad barbarian, by Gary Gygax
The new barbarian class, including notes on using it in the World of Greyhawk setting

Dragon #63, p.14

Where the bandits are, by Gary Gygax
Map and details on the Bandit Kingdoms

Dragon #63, p.15

Greyhawk's World: Events of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess, by Robert J. Kuntz
Further information on the war efforts of the Great Kingdom

Dragon #64, p.13

Greyhawk's World: Redefining Deities of the Flanaess, by Gary Gygax
Details on Raxivort, the god of xvarts, and some changes for the Deities and Demigods cyclopedia when used with
the Greyhawk setting

Dragon #65, p.11

Greyhaw's World: Events of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess (II), by Robert J. Kuntz
The Spindrift Isles, Nyrond, and Almor

Dragon #67, p.4

From the Sorceror's Scroll: new magic-user spells, by Gary Gygax
Included are some personal spells from Melf, Leomund, Otiluke and Evard, mages of the Greyhawk campaign

Dragon #67, p.10

Featured Creatures: Grugach and Valley Elves, by Gary Gygax
Stats and history of two new elven races for the Greyhawk campaign setting, as well as elven dogs (cooshee)

Dragon #67, p.23

The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
Heironeous, Hextor, Iuz, and Saint Cuthbert

Dragon #68, p.24

From the Sorceror's Scroll: Be the first to cast these new high level spells, by Gary Gygax
Included in this installment of new spells are those of Mordenkainen, Leomund and Otiluke

Dragon #68, p.42

Weather in the World of Greyhawk, by David Axler
Very detailed weather system for the Greyhawk campaign setting, including a gatefold screen with charts and tables

Dragon #68, p.63

The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (II), by Gary Gygax
Celestion, Fharlanghn, Ehlonna, Pholtus, and Tritherion

Dragon #69, p.27

The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (III), by Gary Gygax
Istus, Time Elementals and Obad-Hai

Dragon #70, p.20

The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (IV), by Gary Gygax
Boccob, Zagyg and Olidammara

Dragon #71, p.5

From the Sorceror's Scroll (forward), by Gary Gygax
A brief note in the introduction mentions using Roger Moore's demi-human deities in the Greyhawk campaign

Dragon #71, p.19

Greyhawk's World: Quasi-deities, by Gary Gygax
Heward, Keoghtom, Murlynd and Kelanen are described, along with general notes on quasi- and hero- deities

Dragon #71, p.52

Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk (V), by Gary Gygax
Erythnul, Incabulos, Nerull, Ralishaz and Wastri

Dragon #82, p.55

Spells between the covers, by Bruce Heard
Rules for spell research, the list of random books includes many penned by Greyhawk personalities

Dragon #85, p.12

Special skills, special thrills, by Roger E. Moore
Notes on special powers for clerics, including those of the Greyhawk and nonhuman gods

Dragon #86, p.30

Presenting the Suel Pantheon, by Lenard Lafofka
Lendor and Norebo

Dragon #87, p.23, by Lenard Lafofka

Gods of the Suel Pantheon
Kord and Phaulkon

Dragon #88, p.8

Gods of the suel Pantheon (II), by Lenard Lafofka
Syrul, Fortubo and Wee Jas

Dragon #89, p.20

Gods of the Suel Pantheon (III), by Lenard Lafofka
Pyremius, Beltar and Llerg

Dragon #90, p.24

Gods of the Suel Pantheon (IV), by Lenard Lafofka
Phyton, Xerbo and Osprem

Dragon #92, p.6

From the Sorceror's Scroll: Clerics live by other rules, by Gary Gygax
Examples of special sects of the priests and druids of Ehlonna

Dragon #92, p.22

Gods of the Suel Pantheon (V), by Lenard Lafofka
Lydia, Bralm and Jascar

Dragon #93, p.24

Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd, by Frank Mentzer
The proper pronunciations of several Greyhawk persons and places are included

Dragon #96, p.8

From the Sorceror's Scroll: New jobs for demi-humans, by Gary Gygax
Level limits for clerics, druids and rangers of the demi-human races in the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #100, p.22

At Moonset Blackcat Comes, by Gary Gygax
Short fiction set in the City of Greyhawk

Dragon #101, p.8

Update from the chief, by Gary Gygax
Included in this article is errata for the World of Greyhawk boxed set

Dragon #108, p.12

The role of nature, by Bruce Humphrey
Although not directly Greyhawk connected, this article on weather and the environment has many references to the
Weather in the World of Greyhawk article

Dragon #123, p.60

Just Making Time, by Roger E. Moore
Notes on the Greyhawk calendar (partially in error, the months are 28 days on Oerth, with 4 festival weeks)

Dragon #125, p.64

Bazaar of the Bizarre: The Magical Maps of Greyhawk, by Lee Ian Wurn
A collection of enchanted maps for the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #129, p.57

The Game Wizards: A volume of Oerthly delights, by James M. Ward
A brief article requesting input for the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, of historical interest

Dragon #131, p.40

Lords & Legends: "Short" does not mean "harmless", by Steve Seguin and Christopher Jones
A pair of dwarven heroes from the World of Greyhawk

Dragon #134, p.29

Lords & Legends: Fabulous riches and hideous death, by William Simpson
The history and statistics of Dragotha, the undead dragon

Dragon #135, p.30

The Game Wizards: Readers speak out on Greyhawk Adventures, by James M. Ward
Jim Ward's commentary on what readers wanted to see in the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover

Dragon #137, p.3

Letters: Odds & ends (anonymous)
Waldorf destroys Greyhawk
Dragon #137, p.54
The Fairest of the Fairs, by Bill Volkart
Amongst the holidays in this article is the Oeridian St. Cuthbert's Day

Dragon #139, p.16

Lords & Legends: A miscellany of magic-users, by Niel Brandt
Elayne Mystica, the Lerara mage, is described

Dragon #139, p.86

The Ecology of the Spectator, by Dougal Demokopoliss
Details on the spectator, including a handful of Greyhawk references

Dragon #141, p.14

Sage Advice: World of Greyhawk setting, by Skip Williams
The Sage tackles a variety of questions about the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #143, p.70

Role-playing Reviews: Greyhawk Adventures hardcover, by Jim Bambra
This review covers the history and development of the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #146, p.22

The Dragon's Bestiary: All dragons, great and small, by Mark Mathis
The obsidian dragon, detailed in this article, hails from Oerth

Dragon #149, p.5

Letters: Waldorf hysteria (various)
Responses to Waldorf destroying Greyhawk

Dragon #155, p.26

In the Frost and the Snow, by David S. Reimer
An article about the snow elves of the Crystalmist mountains

Dragon #160, p.32

Sage Advice: World of Greyhawk setting (II), by Skip Williams
More questions about the Greyhawk campaign setting are answered

Dragon #167, p.10

See the Pomarj -- and Die!, by Joseph Bloch
An expansion to the Pomarj region, in extensive detail (includes a description of the quasi-deity Krovis)

Dragon #171, p.20

Care for a Drink?, by David W. Montgomery and Jim Milner
Buried in this article is an amusing possibility for the origin of the Vast Swamp

Dragon #173, p.5

Letters: Mail call (anonymous)
Waldorf returns!

Dragon #173, p.62

Sage Advice: Legends and Lore, by Skip Williams
Advice on dealing with Iuz's demigod status and assassin abilities

Dragon #176, p.10

Servants of the Seldarine, by Chris Perry
Specialty priests of the elven gods, with notes on their use in the Greyhawk campaign world
Dragon #177, p.5
Letters: The final word, by Douglas M. Burck
Buried at the end of the letters section, the final fate of Waldorf is revealed!

Dragon #178, p.17

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Military magical items for the fantasy battlefield, by Mark Galeotti
Included is Bigby's demanding ram, an enchanted battering ram

Dragon #179, p.11

Picture This!, by Nigel D. Findley
A magical painting of a dragonnel of the Pomarj is included in this article

Dragon #180, insert

AD&D Trading Cards, various authors
One of the trading cards is for Maltus Vindir, a half-elf of the Valley of the Mage

Dragon #185, p.56

Magic in the Evening, by Ed Greenwood
Short fiction and gaming snippets concerning a meeting between Elminster and Mordenkainen

Dragon #188, p.26

The Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
More short fiction and snippets, with Dalamar added to the Elminster and Mordenkainen mix

Dragon #191, p.22

The Elven Pantheon -- Completed!, by Carl Sargent
The missing Rillifane from Monster Mythology, revered by Oerth's wood elves and voadkyn

Dragon #191, p.64

Campaign Journal: Risen from the Ashes, by Carl Sargent
Adventuring in the From the Ashes Greyhawk campaign setting, including >From the Ashes errata
Of particular interest is the material left out -- and later not followed -- on the Star Cairns and the Doomgrinder

Dragon #194, p.53

Sage Advice: Rary's Fortress, by Skip Williams
Printed in this Sage Advice column are the three missing maps from Rary the Traitor

Dragon #195, p.94

Campaign Journal: Fitting into the new World of Greyhawk, by Carl Sargent
Advice on adapting From the Ashes to your own version of Greyhawk

Dragon #196, p.82

Three Wizards Too Many, by Ed Greenwood
More spells, magic items, and fiction concerning Elminster, Mordenkainen and Dalamar

Dragon #199, p.48

Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co., by David Montgomery and Jim Milner
A society of Spelljamming merchants, based in Oerth

Dragon #200, p.20

The Wizards Three: Once more the three, by Ed Greenwood
Another installment of the Wizard's Three series, including new spells

Dragon #200, p.38

Arcane Lore: The Spells of Naz, by Rich Stump
The spellbooks of a mixed-blood Suel/Oerdian spellweaver
Dragon #200, p.69
Making the Most of a Module, by Lisa Stevens
Advice on running the Temple of Elemental Evil module

Dragon #200, p.104

Sage Advice: Flan Names, by Skip Williams
Amongst the questions answered is a listing of the Flan names for the various Oerth races

Dragon #204, p.52

Campaign Journal: The Twin Cities, by Carl Sargent
The first excerpt from the unpublished Ivid the Undying product, including maps

Dragon #206, p.22

Part Dragon, All Hero, by Roger E. Moore
Half-dragons, including notes on using them in the Greyhawk campaign setting

Dragon #206, p.34

Campaign Journal: The Sea Barons, by Carl Sargent
The second excerpt from Ivid the Undying

Dragon #206, p.42

Fiend Knights and Dark Artifacts, by Carl Sargent
Magic items from the Ivid the Undying supplement

Dragon #208, p.48

Campaign Journal, p.48: The Adri Forest, by Carl Sargent
The third, and sadly final, excerpt from Ivid the Undying

Dragon #209, p.10

Branching Out All Over, by Roger E. Moore
Tips on using the Complete Druid's Handbook, including Greyhawk-specific information

Dragon #210, p.73

Arcane Lore: The spells of Drenal Farkahn, by Nicholas Baran
A select of spells from a Velunese mage

Dragon #211, p.82

The Wizards Three: A Night of Shadows, by Ed Greenwood
More fiction and game miscellany from Ed Greenwood

Dragon #219, p.92

The Wizards Three: Warmer than Expected, by Ed Greenwood
Another installment in Ed Greenwood's ongoing series

Dragon #225, p.49

Campaign Classics: Three Greyhawk Grimoires, by Robert S. Mullin
Spell from Vecna, Iggwilv and Acererak

Dragon #230, p.8

The Orbs of Dragonkind, by Roger E. Moore
An adventurer starter for the post-Wars Greyhawk

Dragon #233, p.92

Game Wizards: The Rod of Seven Parts, world by world, by Skip Williams
Adapting the Rod of Seven Parts module to various campaign settings, including Greyhawk
Dragon #236, p.12
The Seldarine Revisited, by Chris Perry
More on the gods of the elves, with some Greyhawk-specific notes

Dragon #238, p.42

The Return of the Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
Another Wizards Three installment, with more new game information

Dragon #241, p.38

Legacies of the Suel Imperium, by Roger E. Moore
Five Suel-spawned races for your Greyhawk campaign: derro, jermalaine, skulks, lerara, and suel dopplegangers

Dragon #241, p.75

Arcane Lore: Greyhawk Grimoires II, by Robert S. Mullin
The spellbooks of Jaran Krimea (the Mage of the Valley), Keraptis and Slerotin

Dragon #241, p.88

Campaign Classics: The roof of the World, by Wolfgang Baur
The Yak-men are described, including using them on Oerth

Dragon #242, p.48

Jest the Wizards Three, by Ed Greenwood
A light-hearted episode in the ongoing Wizards Three series

Dragon #243, p.89

Arcane Lore: "Traveling" spellbooks, by Anthony Nixon and David Head
Three books from remote areas of the Flanaess

Dragon #245, p.70

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Relics, by Kevin Melka
One of the dwarven relics is a banner from the dwarves of the Crystalmist

Dragon #246, p.86

The Wizards Three: The Night it Wailed Wizards, by Ed Greenwood
A further episode in the Wizards Three series

Dragon #248, p.120

Profiles: Gary Gygax, by Allen Varney
Gary Gygax pontificates on a variety of subjects, include the feel of Greyhawk

Dragon #249, p.38

Below the Tomb of Horrors, by Bruce R. Cordell
A new level for the Tomb of Horrors module

Dragon #249, p.90

Arcane Lore: The Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor, by Ed Bonny
Rary's devious spellbook, "lost" by design

Dragon #253, p.40

A Treasure Trove of Tomes, by Scott Casper
A collection of non-magical books for the Greyhawk setting

Dragon #256, p.44

Hidden Agendas, by Andy Miller
Secret Societies for the World of Greyhawk
Dragon #262, p.36
Elmshire, by Roger E. Moore
The history and people of a halfling village near the City of Greyhawk

Dragon #263, p.44

The Oeridian Lesser Gods, by Andy Miller
Atroa, Delleb, and Kurell are detailed

Dragon #264, p.46

The Oeridian Lesser Gods (II), by Ander Miller
Raxivort (an Oeridian?) and Sotillon revealed

Dragon #265, p.56

The Oeridian Lesser Gods (III), by Andy Miller
Telchur and Rudd make up the final installment in the series

Dragon Annual #1, p.72

Beyond the Flanaess, by Skip Williams
A map of the world of Oerik, of questionable validity

Dragon Annual #2, p.96

Founding Greyhawk, by Gary Gygax
A wonderful article on the origins of the Greyhawk campaign

Dragon Annual #3, p.18

Weaponmasters of the Flanaess, by Lloyd Brown III
A selection of famous instructors for the World of Greyhawk

Dragon Annual #4, p.16

Campaign Holidays, by Andy Miller
Dozens of holidays for all areas of Oerth
II. DUNGEON Magazines

Dungeon #5, The Kappa of Pachee Bridge

Lv.2-5, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Jay Batista
An unusual visitor who likes villagers--medium rare.

Dungeon #6, House of the Brothers

Lv.6-10, Greyhawk 1E, by Mark R. Shipley
Two huge opponents from the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting.

Dungeon #7, Samurai Steel,

Lv.3-5, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Daniel Salas
A beautiful face hides treachery and deceit.

Dungeon #8, The Flowers of Flame

Lv.5-8, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Jay Batista
Why are your governor, your Emperor, and your gods so interested in a fairy tale?

Dungeon #9, The Golden Bowl of Ashu H'san

Lv. 2-4, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Rick Swan
What angers the spirits? You don't have long to find out.

Dungeon #10, The Shrine of Ilsidahur

Lv.3-6, Greyhawk, 1E, by John Nephew
It's strange that a shrine to a vanished god should still be taking sacrifices.

Dungeon #10, The Artisan's Tomb

Lv.3-5, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Matthew Maaske
Everything would be fine if the person you're trying to help wasn't already dead.

Dungeon #13, The Ruins of Nol-Daer

Lv.5-8, Greyhawk, 1E, by H.L. McClesky
He left the abyss to visit his human mother, not realizing he was a century too late. Still, there was a lot he had left
to do.

Dungeon #15, The Elephant's Graveyard

Lv.5-7, Greyhawk, 1E, by David Howery
Tons of ivory for the taking--if you can take it from the heart of the savage jungle.

Dungeon #15, The Dragon's Gift

Lv.2-7, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Thomas Kane
The adventure began when a fish left a message for you.

Dungeon #17, The Waiting Room of Yen-Wang-Yeh,

Lv.5-6, Oriental Adventures, 1E, by Greg Kramer
Your mission is to recover the bones of a long-dead noble. But he isn't ready to give them up yet.

Dungeon #18, Crocodile Tears

Lv. 4-6, Oriental Adventures, 2E, by Marcus Rowland
What really destroyed the peaceful village of Tijiki?

Dungeon #19, By the Wayside

Lv. 6-10, Greyhawk, 2E, by Tim Villademoros
No one believes in the Mist Woman--no one alive, that is.

Dungeon #27, Bride for a Fox

Lv.4-8, Oriental Adventures, 2E, by Craig Barrett
Treachery so deep that even the villains can't find the bottom.

Dungeon #30, Ghazal

Lv.6-8, Greyhawk, 2E, by David Howery
Slavery may not be worse than death, but you might come to think so before too long.

Dungeon #32, Ghost Dance

Lv.4-7, Greyhawk, 2E, by David Howery
From the moment the old man gave you the skull, there was no turning back.

Dungeon #33, Mad Gyoji

Lv.7-10, Oriental Adventures, 2E, by Colin Sullivan
The island has been forgotten by everyone--but one person remembered, and from there he played out his revenge.

Dungeon #41, Hopeful Dawn

Lv.3-6, Greyhawk, 2E, by Gary Lai
The prophecy is fulfilled. A new age is at hand... if you can survive this one night.

Dungeon #53, A Serenade before Supper

Lv.3-5, Greyhawk , 2E, by Andrew Veen
Music to lull the most savage adventurer's heart.

Dungeon #70, Kingdom of the Ghouls

Lv.9-15, Greyhawk , 2E, by Wolfgang Baur
Grave danger awaits heroes in the gloomy depths of DeepOerth.

Dungeon #71, Priestly Secrets

Lv.2-4, Greyhawk , 2E, by W. Jason Peck
A plague of giant rats is the least of Restenford's worries.

Dungeon #73, The Setting Sun

Lv.5-7, Greyhawk , 2E, by Andy Miller
A community trapped in a war-torn land faces even greater threats from within.

Dungeon #77, Ex Keraptis Cum Amore

Lv.8-12, Greyhawk , 2E, by Jeffrey P. Carpenter
If you think the legacy of Keraptis ended with White Plume Mountain, think again!

Dungeon #82, Playing With Fire

Lv.2, Greyhawk , 3E
Follow a half-forgotten legend to treasures untold and a fiery doom

Dungeon #82, Evil Unearthed

Lv.1, Greyhawk , 3E
People are vanishing from the village of Brookhollow. Can you solve the mystery in time to save your friends?

Dungeon #83, Deep Freeze

Lv.2, Greyhawk , 3E
It's been buried under the ice for millennia, waiting to be found.

Dungeon #83, Alterations

Lv.1, Greyhawk: 2000 , 3E
When a science experiment goes awry, who will be left to clean up the mess?

Dungeon #84, Demonclaw

Lv.5, Greyhawk , 3E
A wizard's hideous transformation spells trouble for the kingdom of Nyrond.

Dungeon #84, Armistice

Lv.7, Greyhawk , 3E
The war in the mountains might be over, but there's still one more enemy to fight.

Dungeon #85, Natural Selection

Lv.5, Greyhawk , 3E
Ridding a forest of monsters is tricky business, especially when the druids like the monsters where they are!

Dungeon #85, Lord of the Scarlet Tide

Lv.9, Greyhawk , 3E
A foul plague in the Realm Below threatens to destroy all life in the world above.

Dungeon #87, The Cradle of Madness

Lv.6, Greyhawk , 3E
Madness grips the Danwick family and threatens to awaken a sleeping god.

Dungeon #89, Rage

Lv.7, Greyhawk , 3E
What happens when a barbarian loses his nasty temper and bad manners?

Dungeon #89, Headless

Lv.12, Greyhawk , 3E
Hundreds of souls are at stake as heads continue to roll.

Dungeon #89, Honor and Eta

Lv.1, Oriental Adventures, 3E
Even those of unclean spirit deserve the chance to perform an execution in peace.

Dungeon #91, Sloth

Lv.6, Greyhawk , 3E
A slovenly conjurer makes a mess of things and learns that irony is without mercy.

Dungeon #91, The Legend of Garthulga

Lv.1, Greyhawk, 3E
A monster from elven folklore proves bad for business.

Dungeon #91, Kambranex's Machinations

Lv.9, Greyhawk, 3E
Nothing good ever came from the Belching Vortex of Leuk-O!

Dungeon #93, Vanity

Lv.5, Greyhawk, 3E
An ancient temple's guardian hides the secret of one man's great hubris.

Dungeon #93, The Storm Lord's Keep

Lv.21, Greyhawk, 3E
The Storm Lord's daughter has been slain, and no force in the world can keep him from his vengeance -- except the
PCs. This adventure is for use with the new Epic Level Handbook.

Dungeon #95, Lust

Lv.4, Greyhawk, 3E
Heredity can lead you to dangerous and dark deeds, especially if you're a half-fiend.
Dungeon #96, Beyond the Light of Reason
Lv.13, Greyhawk, 3E
The town of Rutherton has lived in peace for years, thanks to the protective flame of the light of reason. When the
flame is extinguished, the PCs must race against time to re-light it or the town will be destroyed.

Dungeon #97, Heart of the Iron God

Lv.13, Greyhawk, 3E
A 185-foot iron giant has appeared out of the ocean to terrorize the coast. Its metal skin hides many secrets, and only
the PCs can find a way to halt its path of destruction.

Dungeon #98, Gluttony

Lv.4, Greyhawk, 3E
Blood-sucking evil-doers have been terrorizing remote farms. The locals claim a vampire infestation, but are the
fanged, unholy undead really responsible?

Dungeon #99, Quadripartite

Lv.14, Greyhawk, 3E
A minion of chaos has come to the Prime Material Plane from the void of the Far Realms to terrorize and conquer in
the name of its masters. The PCs must act quickly to assemble a legendary artifact powerful enough to weaken the
minion so it can be defeated.

Dungeon #103, Glacial Inferno

Lv.7, Greyhawk, 3.5E
The evil wizard Huhueteotl's flame mages threaten the Duchy of Urnst! Track the curs to their fiery lair, take a dip
in liquid hot magma, and prepare yourselves for a chilling surprise.

Dungeon #105, Racing the Snake

Lv.6, Greyhawk, 3.5E
A merchant's daughter faces an assassination threat. Will you lead her would-be killer on a chase through the
treacherous Yatil Mountains while she makes good her escape?

Dungeon #106, Tammeraut's Fate

Lv.6, Greyhawk, 3.5E
Ten years ago, zombies arose from the foamy sea to take vengeance against the inhabitants of Firewatch Island.
Now, they have risen again, just in time to welcome the visiting player characters! Will your heroes manage to
escape the island with their lives (to say nothing of their delicious brains)?

Dungeon #111, Strike on the Rabid Dawn

Lv.15, Greyhawk, 3.5E
A terrible thunderstorm batters a seaside port, yet thunder and lightning are nothing compared to what is about to be
unleashed by the diabolic crew of the Rabid Dawn.

Dungeon #112, Maure Castle

Lv.12, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Robert J. Kuntz
Prepare your most powerful spells and don your hardiest armor. Maure Castle awaits!

Dungeon #114, Torrents of Dread

Lv.6, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Greg A. Vaughan
A supernaturally powerful storm, mudslides, and agitated dinosaurs are the least of the worries in the tropical village
of Mora. The village's spiritual leader, the Zombie Master, has gone missing, and now undead rise from sodden
graves and the village matriarch lies dead, murdered by her own son. What dire menace awaits in the flooded
catacombs below? Set on the infamous Isle of Dread.

Dungeon #114, Mad God's Key

Lv.1, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Jason Bulmahn
A hunt for a missing key leads the heroes from the streets of the city of Greyhawk to the Tomb of Blood
Everflowing in the treacherous Cairn Hills.

Dungeon #117, Touch of the Abyss

Lv.11, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Greg A. Vaughan
Part 1, Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign
A decade ago, the drow goddess Lolth captured the city of Istivin in her world-spanning Demonweb. Adventurers
eventually won the day, but the affair left a dark stain on the city's soul that now sputters to terrible life.

Dungeon #118, Throne of Iuz

Lv.14, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by John Simcoe
At the heart of the Vesve Forest lies the warped, twisted region of deadly bogs, acidic gases, and treacherous terrain
known as the Defiled Glades. And out of the Defiled Glades hops King Bog, a titanic awakened toad with a taste for
player characters.

Dungeon #118, Shadows of the Abyss

Lv.11, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Greg A. Vaughan
Part 2, Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc
On the trail of Ilkharis, frost giant cleric of Kostchtchie and pawn of the Malgoth, the PCs venture out of Istivin to a
mountain border fort inhabited by giants and a nasty blue dragon. Part Two of the Istivin: City of Shadows
Campaign Arc.

Dungeon #119, Wrath of the Abyss

Lv.12, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Greg A. Vaughan
Part 3, Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc
Why have the drow returned to torment the beleagured city of Istivin? Can the shadowy menace that lurks in the city
be destroyed? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc!

Dungeon #120, Lost Temple of Demogorgon

Lv.14, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Sean K Reynolds
His name has inspired fear in legions of heroes, and his savage, feral cult has lurked in the dismal reaches of the
world for countless ages. He is Demogorgon, and his temples are nightmare realms haunted by primeval menaces
and hateful legacies from a time when the world was savage.

Dungeon #121, Fiend's Embrace

Lv.4, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Stephen S. Greer
Ages ago, the demon prince Graz'zt fashioned a cloak, the Fiend's Embrace, from the skin of a pit fiend and offered
it as a gift to his lover, the witch queen Iggwilv. Today, rumors claim it is hidden in a keep in the Cold Marshes.
Will agents of a jealous demigod get to the cloak before the PCs?

Dungeon #124, Maure Castle: Chambers of Antiquities

Lv.16, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Robert J. Kuntz
Deep under the ruins of Maure Castle lie the Chambers of Antiquities, vaults designed by ancient wizards to store
magic items even they didn’t quite understand.

Dungeon #130, The Palace of Plenty

Lv.10, Oriental Adventures, 3.5E, by Tito Leati
The fair Yayosei were the children of an ancient tribe and benign river spirits, until they tried to preserve their
paradise by trapping the power of the Void Dragon. Their home was indeed preserved, but at a terrible cost. Today,
the descendants of the Yayosei have degenerated into beasts, but what remains trapped within the Palace of Plenty is
much worse.

Dungeon #131, The Hateful Legacy

Lv.12, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Greg A. Vaughan
At the end of the Hateful Wars, Lord Sandor led an army into the foothills of the Barrier Peaks in pursuit of a host of
goblins and orcs. He and his army vanished, and now a group of adventurers follows his footsteps to discover what
doom fell upon him and his men.
Dungeon #139 Maure Castle, "The Greater Halls"

Dungeon #148, In the Shadow of Spinecastle

Lv.9-10, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Stephen S. Greer and Gary Holian
The PCs must infiltrate a city ruled by monsters to search for the spymaster that holds the key to saving a besieged

Dungeon #149, War of the Wielded

Lv.5-10, Greyhawk, 3.5E, by Michael Kortes
"Centuries ago, two rival thieves' guilds crafted a number of intelligent weapons to aid them in their conflicts.
Although the guilds are now long dead, their weapons remain, and have begun to recruit new soldiers from the
people of Sasserine. Can your PCs put an end to this deathless war? "
III. FOOTPRINTS e-Magazines (published online)
Dragonfoots’ Footprints is an online e-zine of original, never before published material, submitted by Dragonsfoot
forum members, many of whom have been old-school AD&D fans since well before it was old-school!

Footprints #5, p.11, "The Nystul and Lendore Isle Campaign", by Lenard Lakofka
Footprints #6, p.7, The Clergy of Phaulkon, by Len Lakofka
Footprints #9, p.5, "The Church of Osprem", by Lenard Lakofka
Footprints #11, p.25, The Hidden Shrine of Tharizdun, by Alphonso Warden
IV. OERTH JOURNAL e-Magazines (published online)
The Oerth Journal is an online collaborative project dedicated to publishing creative, high-quality fan-authored
works for the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Campaign Setting.

Oerth Journal #1
p.4, The History of Oerth, by Grimwulf, Len Lakofka, & Steve Wilson
p.21, The Chronicles of the County of Sunndi, by Samantha Quest
p.25, Radigast City, by Tom Harrison

Oerth Journal #2
p.4, The Fountain of Pelor, by Daniel Carter
p.14, The Lortmil Mountains, by Sobhrach

Oerth Journal #3
p.4, Sorcerous Societies of the Flanaess, by Gary Holian
p.12, Baklunish Delights: The Mistress of Perfection & Her Servant, by Erik Mona
p.18, With Boccob’s Blessing: The Crook of Rao, by Eric L. Boyd
p.22, The Good Oerth: Oerth from the Ground Up, by Roger E. Moore

Oerth Journal #4
p.4, Dyvers, City of Adventure: Welcome to Dyvers! A Dyvers Prospectus, by Samantha Quest
p.8, Measuring Up the Oerth, by Gary Holian
p.12, Green Nightmare: The Amedio Jungle - Part I, by Roger E. Moore

Oerth Journal #5
p.5, The Archbarony of Blackmoor, by Frederick Weining
p.13, Wyrms of the Flanaess: Copperhead, by Eric L. Boyd
p.17, Dyvers, City of Adventure: The Longshoremen’s Union, by Chris Mills
p.20, Player’s Guide to the World of Greyhawk: Perrenland, by Jim Lanter
p.24, Tales from the Green Dragon Inn: Robilar Remembers: Erac’s Cousin, by Douglas J. Behringer & Robert J.

Oerth Journal #6
p.6, Tavern Fare of the Flanaess, by Rachel Lyndstrom
p.6, Wyrms of the Flanaess: The Wyrm of Woe, by Eric L. Boyd
p.10, Dyvers, City of Adventure: The One-Eyed Mug Tavern, by Rick LaRue
p.16, The Iquandex, v.10, by Erik Mona
p.44, Tales from the Green Dragon Inn: Robilar Remembers: Journey to the City of the Gods, by Dave Arneson &
Robert J. Kuntz

Oerth Journal #7
p.4, Of Oerth & Altar: Wee Jas – The Lady of Book & Bone, by Nathan Irving
p.10, Wyrms of the Flanaess: The Obsidian Dragon, by Eric L. Boyd
p.17, Gateway to Adventure: The House on Summoner Court, by Roger E. Moore
p. 35, Ahlissa: Land of Intrigue, by Morgan Rodwell
p.41, Tales from the Green Dragon Inn: Robilar Remembered: Lord Robilar & Co., by Douglas J. Behringer &
Robert J. Kuntz

Oerth Journal #8
p.4, Hochloch: Gateway to the Lost Land, by Tom Harrison
p.11, The Phostwood, by Morgan Rodwell
p.18, Verbobonc: The City, by Jeff McKillop & Tom Harrison
p.29, Wyrms of the Flanaess: The Dyverse Dragon, by Eric L. Boyd
p.33, Of Oerth & Altar: Wastri – The Hopping Prophet, by Russell S. Timm

Oerth Journal #9
p.4, Verbobonc: The Viscounty, by Jeff McKillop
p.11, Of Oerth & Altar: Incabulous – Lord of Evils, by Russell S. Timm
p.15, Gateway to Adventure: A Slight Distraction, by Morgan Rodwell
p.18, Of Oerth & Altar: Hextor – The Herald of Hell, byWill McPherson
p.24, The Good Oerth: The Fading Lands, by Jim Temple
p.30, Dyvers, City of Adventure: Faiths of the Western Gate, by Tom Harrison

Oerth Journal #10

p.5, Of Oerth & Altar: Heironeous – The Invincible One, by Russell S. Timm
p.10, Dyvers, City of Adventure: Assassin’s Guilds of Dyvers, by Phillip Niewold
p.17, The City of Hardby, by James A. S. Muldowney III
p.39, Of Oerth & Altar: Trithereon – The Summoner, by Creighton Broadhurst
p.46, Gateway to Adventure: The Mines of Elsidell, by Sean Williams
p.58, Return to Hommlet: 591 CY, by Scott Knowles
p.67, The Good Oerth: The Fading Lands: The Maze of Skin & the Mines of Dumathoin, by Jim Temple
p.75, Dyvers, City of Adventure: Faiths of the Western Gate, by Tom Harrison
p.78, Tales from the Green Dragon Inn: Leomund’s Life, by Len Lakofka
p.86 Oerth Journal Index, by James A. S. Muldowney III

Oerth Journal #11

p.4, Of Oerth & Altar: Joramy, the Raging Volcano, by Paul M. Rokuskie
p.13, Iron Enchantments, by Paul F. Schmidt
p.24, Repair to the Kepp on the Borderlands, by Russ Taylor
p.38, With Boccob’s Blessing: Crystal Skulls of Nerull, by Kenneth Newquist
p.42, The Good Oerth: The Fading Lands: Lands of the Great Kingdom, by Jim Temple
p.53, A History and Timeline of the Suloise, by Len Lakofka & Steve B. Wilson
p.61, Gateway to Adventure: Ruins of the Mistmarsh, by Sean Williams
p.76, Mastryne Castle, by Dan Buterbaugh

Oerth Journal #12

p.3, Interview: Thus Spake Gary Gygax: Ye Secrets of Oerth Revealed, by Gary Gygax & Paul J. Stormberg
p.12, Omnipotent Views: Citadel of Steel: 20th of Readying, 590, by Richard Di Ioia
p.16, Wintershriven, a Traveler’s Memoir, by Issak Haywood
p.19, Ye Auld Neblin: Or How to Say Hotfoot in Gnomish, by Margana Eman & Paul J. Stormberg

Oerth Journal #13

p.3 Of Oerth & Altar: Olidammara – The Laughing Rogue, by Russel S. Timm
p.8 Loneliness, the Draconic Perspective, by Russell Bird
p.13 Lerrek’s Tale, by Andy Seale
p.16 King Belvor’s Decision, by Richard Di Ioia
p.16 Knights of Hextor, by Richard Di Ioia
p.17 Ancient Artifacts of Evil, by Russell Bird

Oerth Journal #14

p.4, Erelhei-Cinlu: The Drow “City of Pleasure”, by Russell Bird
p.19, The Paganhammer, by Issak Haywood
p.22, The Valorous League of Blindness, by Issak Haywood
p.28, Interview: An Interview with Robert J. Kuntz, by Allan T. Grohe, Jr.
p.36, Evil’s Changing Face in the Vesve Forest, by Andrew Seale

Oerth Journal #15

p.4, Norebo: The Daredevil, by Paul M. Rokuskie
p.9, Legends & Folklore of the Vesvre Forest, by Andrew Seale
p.12,The Nature of Druids in the Flanaess: The Old Faith, by Paul J. Stormberg
p.20, By Sword & Song: Notes on the Old Faith Bards of the Flanaess, by Paul J. Stormberg
Oerth Journal #16
p.5, Of Oerth & Altar: Pelor – The Radiant Force, by Paul M. Rokuskie
p.10, Ahlissa: A Greyhawk Gazetteer, by Scott Casper
p.26, The Study: Knights of the Golden Dawn, by Chris Anderson
p.30, The Geopolitical History of Keoland, by Kirt Wackford
p.56, Appendix A: “What Everyone Needs to Know about Keoland”, by Samuel Weiss
p.61, Appendix B: Guide to the Duchy of Ulek, by Keith Hedger & Russell S. Timm
p.72, Appendix C: The History of Taurnusilmea, by Joe Katzman
p.76, The Temple of Elemental Evil, from the Rise of Iuz to His Release, by Scott Casper & Stylianos Scarlatos

Oerth Journal #17

p.3, Gazetteer of the Flanaess: Cities of Aerdy – Kalstrand, City of Gold, by Paul Looby
p.24, The Good Oerth: The Gray Orcs of Greyhawk, by Everett Brunson & Tal Meta
p.38, The Gray Orcs of Greyhawk 3.5 Conversion Notes, by Brian McRae
p.39, With Boccob’s Blessing: The Shadow Tome, by Rick Miller
p.42, Gateway to Adventure: Part 1 of the Trail of Evil: The Hands of Aargrosh, Stephen S. Greer
p.52, Denizens of the Flanaess: The Skulltwister, by Rick Miller

Oerth Journal #18

p.3, Gazetteer of the Flanaess: Zelradton – City of Steel, by Creighton Broadhurst, Paul Looby, & Stuart Kerrigan
p.9, Denizens of the Flanaess: The Chronals, by Victor Caminha
p.13, Gazetteer of the Flanaess: The Vale of the Mage, by Mike Bridges, Rick Miller, & Sam Weiss
p.28, Gateway to Adventure: Seas of Fallen Summer, by Rick Miller

Oerth Journal #19

p.4, Gazetteer of the Flanaess: Ull, by Michael Bridges & Rick Miller
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Oerth Journal #20

p.3, Of Oerth & Altar: The Middle Faiths, by Sam Weiss
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Oerth Journal #22

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Polyhedron #20, The 384th Incarnation of Bigby's Tomb, by Frank Mentzer

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Appendix W: World of Greyhawk Miniatures

(Minifigs product #’s given where possible)

WoG-01 Amazon Infantry (6) Swords and Flails

WoG-02 Amazon Infantry (6) Axes, Spears, Bow, Polearm
WoG-03 Amazon Cavalry (3) Spears, Bow
WoG-04 Amazon Cavalry (3) Swords, Axe
WoG-05 Beserker Mercenaries (6) Swords, Spears, Javelins.
WoG-06 Hireling Men-at-Arms (6) Axes, Spears, Bows.
WoG-07 Men-at-Arms of the Watch (6) Axes, Spears, Bows
WoG-08 Infantry of the Guilds (6) Spears, Crossbows
WoG-09 Cavemen (6) Spears, Clubs
WoG-10 Valley Elf Infantry (6) Axes, Swords
WoG-11 Valley Elf Infantry (6) Bows, Spears
WoG-12 Valley Elf King & Guards (6) Pole-arms
WoG-13 Valley Elf Cavalry (2) Lances
WoG-14 Valley Elf Cavalry (2) Sword, Bow
WoG-15 Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Sword, Axe
WoG-16 Knights on Foot (6) Swords, Axes, Pole-arms
WoG-17 Freeholder Infanctry (6) Spears, Bows
WoG-18 The Steadfast Pike (6) Pikes
WoG-19 Free City Foot (6) Spears, Swords, Bows
WoG-20 Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (6) Swords, Spears
WoG-21 Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (6) assorted weapons.
WoG-22 Goblin Infantry (6) Swords, Axes
WoG-23 Goblin Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows, Hand Catapults
WoG-24 Goblin Chieftain & Guards (6) Spears, Pole-arms
WoG-25 Human Forest Warriors (6) Swords, Axes, Spear, Pole-arm
WoG-26 Human Forest Warriors (6) Bows, Crossbows, Slings
WoG-27 Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Axe, Sword
WoG-28 Heavy Missile Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows
WoG-29 Light Missile Infantry (6) Bows, Crossbows, Slings
WoG-30 Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Mace, Sword
WoG-31 Knights on Foot (6) Swords, Axes, Pole-arms
WoG-32 Freeholder Infantry (6) Spears, Bows
WoG-33 Exquire (Medium) Horse (3) Lance, Sword, Axe
WoG-34 Brethren Foot Guards (4) Spears
WoG-35 Hierarch, Headsman, Amazon Captive on Torture Stake
WoG-36 Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (6) Swords, Bows
WoG-37 Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (6) Axes, Spears
WoG-38 Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (3) Spears
WoG-39 Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (3) Spears, Scything Axe
WoG-40 Mounted Knights (3) Lance, Mace, Sword
WoG-41 Brigand Infantry (6) Swords, Spears, Bows
WoG-42 Halfling Fighters (6) Swords, Axes, Spear, Bow
WoG-43 Wandering Adventurers - Magic User, Cleric, Bard, Halfling Thief
WoG-44 Heroic Mercenary Foot (5) Axes, Spear, Bow
WoG-45 Heroic Mercenary Foot (5) Swords
WoG-46 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Swords
WoG-47 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Short Sword, Spear
WoG-48 Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (2) Morning Star, Bow
WoG-49 Elite Death-Guard Cavalry (2) Lances
WoG-50 Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (2) Lances
WoG-51 Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (2) Axe, Sword
WoG-52 Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (6) Spears, Axe, Blow-pipe
WoG-53 Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (6) Pole-arms, Swords
WoG-54 Wyvern (1)
WoG-55 Harginn Elemental Grue - Elemental of Plain of Fire
WoG-56 Iuz Enthroned & Evil Halflings (4) - evil demi-god & minions.
WoG-57 Dragonnel & Lancer (1)
WoG-58 Dragonnel & Archer (1)
WoG-59 Dragonnel & Pole-Axeman (1)
WoG-60 Magnus Dragonnel (1)
WoG-61 Dragonnettes (2)
WoG-62 Giant Spider, Rat, Beetle
WoG-63 Flying Dinosaur, Armored Dinosaur
WoG-64 Aquatic Dragonnel (1)
WoG-65 Monster Stoppers: Catapult and Dart Thrower
WoG-66 Unicorn, Beasts and Hounds
WoG-67 Elite Death Guard Cavalry, Axe, Sword
WoG-68 Orcs, Sword, Pole-arms, Bows
WoG-69 Gnolls, Swords, Pole-arms, Bows
WoG-70 Half-Orcs, various weapons
WoG-71 Mounted Men-at-Arms of the Watch
WoG-72 Rovers of the Barrens
Appendix Y: Yggsburgh
(TLG product #’s given where possible)

Core Materials & Adventures

TLG 8050 CZ1: Yggsburgh

TLG **** CZ PDF1: Class Options & Skills (online)
TLG **** CZ PDF2: Yggsburgh Player's Maps (online)
TLG **** CZ PDF3: The Outs Inn (online)
TLG 8051 CZ2: Upper Works
TLG 8052 CZ3: The Dungeons (unreleased)
TLG 8053 CZ4: The Deep Works (unreleased)
TLG 8059 CZ9: The East Mark Gazetteer (Folio)
TLG 8060 CZA1: Dark Chateau

Yggsburgh Town Districts Supplements

TLG 8061 CZ10: Town Halls

TLG 8062 CZ11: Moat Gate
TLG 8063 CZ12: Storehouse District
TLG 8064 CZ13: East Corner
TLG **** **** : Citadel End (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Grand Temple & College District (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Bhurghers’ Quarter (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Gray Friars (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Bridgegate Markets (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : High Gardens (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Jewel District (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Rivergate Quarter (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : The Dargs (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : West Market Sector (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : The Rakes (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : The Manors (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Gaming District (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Workmen’s Sector (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Mixed Company District (unpublished)

The Outs Districts Supplements

TLG **** **** : Riverman’s Town (unpublished)

TLG **** **** : East Road & The Insiders (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : The Mills & Scalesbank (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Hookton, The Five Farms, & Y’s Cemetary (unpublished)
TLG **** **** : Watergate Bridge & Newtown (unpublished)