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A . Complete the blanks with the correct reflexive pronouns.

1. I was in a hurry, so I washed the car __________.

2. You’re going to have to drive _____________ to school today.
3. He wanted to impress her, so he baked a cake _____________.
4. Jennifer does chores _____________ because she doesn’t trust others to do them
5. That car is in a class all by ______________.
6. We don’t have to go out; we can fix dinner ____________.
7. You are too young to go out by _____________.
8. The actors saved the local theatre money by making costumes ______________.

B. Choose the best answer to

3. The children made holiday
complete each sentence.
decorations by ________________.
1. Each morning, I brush my teeth and A. Itself
stare at ______________ in the B. Ourselves
C. Themselves
A. Himself
D. Their selves
B. Herself
C. Myself
D. Itself
4. Paul copies his friend’s homework
instead of doing it _______________.
A. Itself
2. Dad and I painted the trailer B. Himself
C. Myself
A. Myself
D. Yourself
B. Himself
C. Itself
D. Ourselves
5. Please make ________________ at
home while you wait.
A. Themselves
B. Himself
C. Yourselves
D. Herself

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct reflexive pronouns.

1. Tom cut while he was shaving this morning.

2. We really enjoyed very much.
3. I repaired my bike .
4. Why don't you clean the windows ?
5. Jack and I intoduced to our new neighbour.
6. He decided to repair his bike .
7. They looked at .
8. The film wasn't very good, but I liked the music.
9. The old woman sat at the park bench talking to .
10.Let's paint the house .
11.Did you write it ?
12.She locked the door .
13.The children cleaned their room .
14.Ann backed the cake .
15.The cat caught the mouse .

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