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Ms. B

I. Body functions and structures impacted

Panic attacks, healthy with low blood pressure

Tingling in her extensions

II. Activities and Participation - Explain the person’s capacity and performance for daily living tasks and social roles.
Is the individual’s capacity aligned with performance? Is there a discrepancy?
b. g.
c. a. Capacity for daily living tasks andh. b. Performance of daily living tasks and social
social roles roles
d. Ms. B has the very good capacity fori. Ms. B is underperforming as a bank teller, is
accuracy and precision with numbers at unable to deal with the public in a consistent
her task as a bank teller. manner.
e. She can to ADL’s she has a capacity toj. Also, she underperforming in dealing with stress
dress professionally by leaving suddenly at work due to a panic
f. Ms. B has the capacity to have solid attack.
relationships, she is engaged. k. She needs help with social performance, she has
an odd relationship with co-workers and her
perceptions are negative
II. Contextual Factors
a. Environmental factors a. b. Personal Factors
III. Work environment she is a
good fit for this environment Ms. B has misperceptions of others work performance
and she has a rigid idea of people’s mistakes.
She has a supportive finance
She not accepting help therefore I feel this is a
continuation of her misperceptions of and mistrust in
her personal relationships with society.

IV. Tests and assessments

First explain test results provided. Then identify any additional tests/assessment you think would help to
maximize treatment planning. Also identify sources of error that may need to be considered in test
According there were certain discrepancies in making occupational adjustments such as her underperforming in
dealing with stress, therefore I agree she needs a psych evaluation, from there we can understand where to go
from there and we can then asses with an NEO to see how she scores in agreeableness.

And a vocational test to be able to give her more assurance as a reliable bank teller. Also, to get her interests
profiler. (ONET)

Avoid the word “tests” gathering information for her to get to know herself more and for me to get to know you
more personally.

V. Identify any accommodations that are needed

JAN – for Anxiety, and functioning

Provide praise,

Educating her co-workers

Allow telephone call during work hours to doctors

Providing regular information meetings to discuss workplace

Disclosure is very helpful,

Having her set up her own work goals,

VI. Identify appropriate counseling goals, including vocational, educational, relationship

Working on misperceptions on being fired and also not trusting the

Developing a bigger social network

Mistrusting counseling would help unveil