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A, B & C can do a piece of

work in 12 days, 6 days and

15 days respectively. If A is
assisted by B on one day
and by C on the next day
alternatively, then find the
time taken by them to
finish the work?
(a) 5(4/5) (b) 4(4/5)
(c) 5(9/17) (d) 9(2/3)
(e) None of these
A boat cover 1(2/3) km in 5
min in still water, but a
wooden box cover 1 km in
12 min due to only speed
of current, then find the
distance covered by boat in
down stream in 12 min.
(a) 5km (b)3km
(c) 4km (d) 6km
(e) None of these
6 men & 8 women can
complete a piece of work in 6
days. 12 women and 9 men
can complete it in 4 days. In
how many days 18 men and
24 women complete 75% of
the same work.
(a) 15 day
(b) 1.5 day
(c) 2.5 day
(d) 3 day
(e) None of these
A sum of money becomes
10500 after 4 years and
Rs. 14700 after 8 years on
compound interest. Find
the sum?
(a) 8500
(b) 7500
(c) 6000
(d) 5500
(e) None of these
Two candidates contested an
election. 15% of votes was
invalid. One got 68% of the
total valid votes. If total votes
were 87500, then find the
valid votes that other
candidate got?
(a) 28800
(b) 23800
(c) 36300
(d) 32800
(e) None of these
Average age of 9 person is
increased by 1.5 years
when two of them whose
ages are 35 years and 33
years are replaced by 2
person. Find the average
age of the new person.
(a) 36 years 6 months
(b) 54 years 4 months
(c) 45 years 6 months
(d) 34 years
(e) None of these
6 litre milk is drawn from a
container of milk and then it is
filled with water. This
operation is performed two
times more and the ratio of
milk and water becomes 27 :
98. Find the quantity of pure
(a) 48 litre
(b) 15 litre
(c) 36 litre
(d) 37 litre
(e) None of these
A and B invest in a business in
the ratio of 11 : 9. But A left 3
month before the end of
business. If at the end of year
8% of the total profit goes to
charity. If the profit of A is Rs.
880. Then find total profit?
(a) 4000
(b) 6000
(c) 2000
(d) 1500
(e) None of these
A shopkeeper marks his goods
62.5% above the cost price of
an article. He allows a
discount of 20% for cash
payment to his customers. If
he receives Rs. 1430 after
paying discount, then find his
(a) 360
(b) 330
(c) 396
(d) 1100
(e) None of these
Ram sold an article to Shyam at a
certain profit percent and Shyam sold
it to Mohan at same profit percent. If
Mohan sold it to Rakesh at the same
price (C.P) of Ram and get 36% loss.
Then find at what profit percent Ram
sold the article.

(a) 25%
(b) 64%
(c) 30%
(d) 40%
(e) None of these
A person spends 75% of his
income. If his income increases by
30% and his expenditure also
increases by 25%, then how much
percent saving will change.
(a) 45% increase
(b) 25% increase
(c) 25% decrease
(d) 20% increase
(e) None of these
A certain sum of money is
invested for 3 years. If rate of
interest is 12.5%, 10% & 25% per
annum compounded annually
respectively. If the total
compound interest in 3 year is Rs.
1750. Find the principal.
(a) 3400
(b) 3200
(c) 3265
(d) 3464
(e) None of these
In one glass milk and water are
mixed in the ratio 2 :3 and in
another glass they are mixed in
the ratio 7 : 3. In what ratio should
the content of the two glasses be
mixed together so that the new
mixture contains milk and water
in the ratio 1 : 1.
(a) 3 : 2
(b) 2 : 3
(c) 1 : 2
(d) 2 : 1
(e) None of these
A certain money is distributed
among A, B, C & D. Such that B get
12.5% more than A but 25% more
than C. D get 1/3rd less than C. If
A gets Rs. 260 more than D. Then
find the amount of D.
(a) 560
(b) 540
(c) 570
(d) 640
(e) None of these
8 years ago a couple was married,
at the time of marriage the age of
wife was 20% more than her
husband but after 7 years from
now the age of wife will be 12.5%
more than her husband. Find their
present age.
(a) H - 33/ W- 38
(b) H - 38/ W- 33
(c) H - 32/ W- 37
(d) H - 25/ W- 30
(e) None of these