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Applicability These hiring procedures apply to all headquarters staff of

OCA. The job vacancy notice procedures also apply to non-
headquarters staff, but all other procedures are subject to the
discretion of the presiding judge supervising the position.

Job Description Before a job vacancy is posted, the hiring manager for the
department will work with the human resources officer to draft
a job description. The job description shall include a summary
job description, the essential job functions, the state job
classification, the FLSA classification, and the job
requirements. If a position is temporary or part-time, or
otherwise atypical, that will be noted.

Job Vacancy Notice The human resources officer will draft a job vacancy notice,
using the job description. Ordinarily, headquarters positions
will be posted at a mid-range of the salary scale, while
specialty courts positions may be posted at a specific salary.
The salary range for all postings shall be approved by the
budget analyst before posting. The minimum and preferred
qualifications shall be coordinated with the hiring manager.

Screening Applications The human resources officer will conduct the initial screen to
determine which applicants meet the minimum qualifications.
A second screen may be conducted to only approve candidates
meeting the preferred qualifications. Those applications
meeting the minimum qualifications, or those applications
meeting the minimum and preferred qualifications, will be
given to the manager for consideration and scoring.

Scoring Applications The manager will weight, rate, and score the applications on a
screening matrix form. Based on scores, the manager will
determine how many of the highest scoring candidates will be

Interviews Interviews will be conducted by panels of two or more

interviewers, including the immediate supervisor for the job
position. With the assistance of the human resources officer
and the other interviewers, the manager will develop standard
questions to be asked of each applicant. Each panelist will be
presented with an interview packet for each candidate, which
contains the job posting, the screening form, the application,
and the interview questions, with space below each question
for the panelist to take notes.

Skills Demonstration If approved by the human resources officer, a demonstration

of skills may be conducted during the first interview, or later
interviews, if deemed appropriate and necessary to assess the
applicant=s ability to perform certain key or essential

Selection and References The panel will discuss the interviews and decide which
applicant is best qualified for the position. Second interviews
may be conducted, with the division director or administrative
director participating. With the assistance of the human
resources officer, the manager will check at least two
references for the top selection.

Required Forms Once a selection is made, the hiring supervisor will compile
three forms. The first is a recommendation-to-hire memo that
recommends one candidate for the position and states the
reason that candidate is the best person for the job. The
second is a new-hire in-processing form that specifies the
office equipment, phone, computer, security access, and
training needs for the new hire. The third is a personnel
action form (generated by the human resources director) that
specifies the salary to be offered and the starting date. The
hiring supervisor will circulate the three forms together and
obtain the required signatures on the personnel action form.
After that, the hiring supervisor may offer the position to the
candidate. If any changes are made to the terms of the offer,
those changes must be noted on the personnel action form and
initialed by each of the required signatories. Once the
position is accepted, the hiring manager will return the three
forms to the human resources officer. The applications, rating
forms, and interview forms will be returned to Human
Resources upon conclusion of the hiring process.

Letters to Applicants Human resources will prepare and send a welcome letter to
the new hire and regret letters to all other applicants for the
position. The supervisor signs letters to applicants who were
interviewed, and the human resources officer signs the other