Follow the below checklist, and ensure that the Rough Draft has each item.

Write “Yes/No” in the column on the right. Checklist: 1. Your title is interesting and provocative. 2. Your opening (hook) immediately captured my interest. 3. As I read your paper, I felt a sense of exploration and discovery. 4. Your paper reflects your individuality, both in content and voice. 5. Your paper is grounded in factual information about your name. 6. Your paper incorporates your personal experiences and how they relate to your name. 7. Your paper goes beyond factual and personal information to fanciful, imaginative,and reflective associations on that information. 8. Your paper thoughtfully analyzes how your name has affected you. 9. Your paper held my attention. 10. Your paper is filled with images, pictures that appeal to the writerʼs five senses. 11. Your paper flows; the ideas follow each other in a comprehensible way. 12. When I finish reading your paper, I felt your paper was finished. 13. Your paper is typed and cleanly presented. Yes/No

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