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Thales supports COCESNA’s multi-country

navaid renewal project

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At World ATM Congress 2017, Thales received a contract from the

Corporacion Centroamericana de Servicio de Navegacion Aerea Key Points
(COCESNA), the air navigation service provider for six Central  Thales will provide navaids to
American countries, to provide four Doppler VHF Omni Directional support COCESNA’s
multiyear, multisite “Navaid
Radio Range with Distance Measuring Equipment (DVOR/DME) Renewal Project of Central
and two Instrument Landing Systems with Distance Measuring America.”
Equipment (ILS/DME), site surveys, installation and on-the-job  COCESNA will receive the
training. Thales will provide the equipment and services in support latest generation, high
reliability navaid systems,
of COCESNA’s “Navaid Renewal Project of Central America,” a user friendly local and remote
multiyear, multisite project which will run from 2016 to 2020. control maintenance, low life
cycle cost and after sales
For almost 20 years, Thales has partnered with COCESNA to provide customer support.
navigation, ADS-B surveillance and automation solutions for Central  Thales has been a trusted
America. The navaids associated with this contract will be deployed in provider of air traffic
management solutions to
Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. COCENSA for almost two
DVOR systems enable an aircraft to determine its bearing relative to the
location of the DVOR ground system supporting approach and en route
guidance. DME systems provide distance information between the
aircraft and the location of the DME ground equipment. Further, ILS

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systems aid in approach and landing, especially under poor weather
and visibility conditions, by providing information to enable guidance
during descent. They also provide deviation information from a defined ”Thales’ commitment to our

approach path down to and along the runway surface. customers and dedication to
their satisfaction creates
Thales has supplied air traffic management solutions to the global strong, multi-year
aviation community for more than 80 years. More than 7,000 Thales relationships. We are proud
navigation aids are deployed around the world, helping pilots land safely of our longstanding
in all weather conditions. relationship with COCESNA
and being selected for this
critical 6-country aviation
infrastructure modernization
Notes to editors project. ”
COCESNA Countries are Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Jean-Marc Alias, Thales Vice
Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. COCESNA is a nonprofit and public President in Charge of ATM business
services organization of Central American Integration with legal status
and financial autonomy. It holds exclusive rights in the provision of
Air traffic services, Aeronautical Telecommunications, Navaids and
Aeronautical information for the territories of the Member states
and contracting parties. Please visit
Thales Group
About Thales ATM
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The world’s largest footprint:
340 TopSky ATM solutions, 7,000 Navaids, 680 radars, 1,800 ADS-
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B/MLAT stations, and over 16,000 controllers utilising Thales solutions.
Two out of three aircraft take off, reach their destination and land Media Relations
thanks to Thales’s systems. Civil Aerospace
Participating in all 3 major initiatives for the restructuring of global ATM: Giaime Porcu
Number 1 industrial partner to SESAR, involved in NextGen and ICAO
Tel +33 688 238 479
Block Upgrades, Thales fully integrates all of these evolutions in its
product roadmap.
Air Traffic Management
About Thales Communications
Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport,
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Defence and Security markets. With 62,000 employees in 56 countries,
Thales reported sales of €14 billion in 2015. With over 22,000 engineers Tel +1 315 459 1896
and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design and deploy
equipment, systems and services to meet the most complex security
requirements. Its exceptional international footprint allows it to work
closely with its customers all over the world.

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