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Thesis 2

Topic: A Quantitative Study on Students academic stress with reference to

teachers attitude at college level in Wah Cantt, Pakistan.

The objectives of the study will be to:
1. Diagnose the impact of teachers attitude on students academic performance.
2. Identify relationship between students academic stress and teachers attitude
3. Draw suggestion to reduce stress regarding teachers attitude.

Ho : The attitude of teachers affect the academic achievement of students.
H1 : The attitude of teachers cannot affect the academic achievement of students.

Significance of the study:

Academic stress is one of the most important factors which effect students learning
process in educational institution. This study will be helpful for teachers, Parents and
policy makers in terms of establishing/ creating stress free to promote excellence in
students academics.

Statement of the problem:

The study will explore the students academic stress with reference to teachers attitude
at college level. Academic Stress caused by many factors for examples psychological
problems, emotional problems, sociological problems etc.Teachers attitude toward
students is one of these factors ,which effects the students performance in academic
process. Therefore it is worth while to conduct research on this topic to promote
Quality education in terms of students success rate.

1. Nature of study:
In this study the Quantitative research will be used. It includes experimental research
and Non experimental researches. In non experimental research the survey and
descriptive methods will be used.
2. Population:
Mashal college and Fg college will be population.

3. Sample :
30 teachers and 200 students .

4. Developmental of Research instrument:

The questionnaire will be develop through literature review and empirical approach.

5. Validity of the instrument:

The questionnaire will be validated withe help of focus group (expect) in the relevant

6. Pilot study:
After the validity of questionnaire pilot study will be conducted exercising standard

7. Reliability of the study:

After pilot study the reliability of the questionnaire will be checked through
appropriate statistical procedure.

8. Data collection:
A total research design approach will be adopt to collect data from the respondents.

9. Data Analysis:
After the data collection it will be arranged, organized, tabulated and will be
interpreted through appropriate statistical tests.