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Introducing yourself to others
Can I introduce myself? My name’s Sarah.
May I introduce myself? My name’s Simon.
Let me introduce myself. My name’s Paul
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m David
I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jason

Introducing someone else
May I introduce myself?
I introduce a good friend of mine?
This is Simon. Have you met Simon?
Can I introduce myself? I introduce a good friend of mine?
This is Rod. Have you met Rod?
I’d like you to meet John.
I want you to meet Ronaldo.
Making contact
Making contact with someone you don't know
Excuse me, are you Mrs Smith? (how to answer) Yes, that’s right.
Hello, you must be Mrs Jones.
You are Mr Bean, aren’t you?
Have we met before?
How do you do?
Nice to meet you.
Please, call me ... .
How do you do?
Nice to meet you, too.
Then you must call me ...

WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO I like reading books. I live in Chicago. I come from New York. Place I am from Michigan. I work in Intecon Ads. I like reading books and love to swim. Hi! They call me Richard. I am a good cook. I am 26. I am good at playing chess. I hail from Massachusetts. GIVING MORE INFORMATION Age I am 26 years old. I like to shop when I’m free. Hello. my name is Richard Hey! I am Richard. Example : . My name is Richard Walker. I work as an architect.INTRODUCING YOURSELF Hi Hello Hey Hello. I work in an ad agency. Work I am a copywriter.

” Elly :”Ow. number 27A. Iam study in University Negri Yogyakarta. and my sister. When you visit someone’s house for the first time . I live in Yogyakarta.. May I know your name please?” Elly :”Sure. And you?” Elly :”Iam study in University Gajah Mada. On general occasion . Iam from Yogyakarta. Nice to meet you. Good afternoon ! Thank you for you time this afternoon My name is Laily Barokah. Laily :”Hello. Compliment useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance. Sleman. mother. Now. When to express compliment : . and fried rice.” Laily :”Yes. I will go to toilet. 04 May 1999 Iam the first child from two cousins. Depok. Iam Elly.” Elly :”Thank you. Condongcatur. 2. satey.. If you notice something neew about someone’s appearance .” Laily :”That’s great. Widorobaru RT 07 RW 25. I wiil presentation is introducing my self Iam was born in Sleman. Iam Laily. Iam 15 years old I graduated from Senior High School 1 Depok My favorite foods are fried chicken. and I take department medical. What about you?” Laily :”Iam from Klaten. I live with my father. nice to meet you too.1. When someone has done his / her best . what department you take?” Laily :”Iam take department psychologists . at street Wahidhasyim street .” COMPLIMENT Compliment is an expression to appreciate or praise other people.

you look beautiful today. You must be very upset you are truly good friends Oh. have trouble. FUNCTION : for giving attention to a people. thanks. It is also aimed to let people know that we care for them. but thanks you. I like it. we want to show our concern or care for other people’s condition. By expressing sympathy. DILAN : You are wearing a good shirt. so I am like usual. and you? DILAN :I am fine too. I am sorry to hear that It’s very kind of you . Iam extremely sorry to hear that thanks you for your sympathy Please accept my condolences thank you so much. and you? you look beautiful today I don't think. The purpose of expressing sympathy is to comfort people who have trouble or are in bad conditions. Thank you for your appreciation You are an inspiration to … thank you for your appreciation SHOWING CARE Sympathy expression is a expression or feeling of pity and sorrow when we know and see people are unlucky. wher did you buy ? SUFRIATIN : I bought in distro. We can express sympathy directly to him/her orally by saying something supportive. or are in bad condition. SUFRIATIN : I don't think. thanks for your attention to me. thanks.Example : What a wonderful performance! thank you What a nice dress ! thank you very much You look gorgeous! It’s very kind of you to say that I must express my admiration to you ! thanks a lot for your appreciation Great job Iam glad you like it We are proud to have you on the team. Example : How are you today? I am very well. EXAMPLE DIALOG SHOWIMG CARE DILAN :how are today ? SUFRIATIN : I am very well.

isn’t it? I take my sympathy to you Thanks for your sympathy I sympathize with your condition Thanks for your support It would be OK soon. I would be OK.That’s too bad I hope so What a pity of you ! That’s a pity. thank you very much for your support .