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Building  Repair,  Equip.,  Furn.

and  Maint..  
Equipment  Maintenance  /   Binding  
So1ware  Licenses   Books   Contracted  Services  

Supplies  &  PrinCng  Costs  

Library  Pie   OperaCons  

SUNYConnect  Core  Services  

ScienceDirect  (fixed)  

Electronic  Resources  
(Not  SUNY  or  SciDir)  

SubscripCons  and  PublicaCons  
(paper  journals)  

Case   Time   . Art   Eng   clientele and service needs We support very multiple modes of research. multiple preferred formats Virtual   Library   & multiple preferred discovery and Library   as  Place   access mechanisms Solutions may be found by Re-Balancing User Needs & User Expectations Just  in   Just  in   and by leveraging Resource Sharing opportunities. Dual Challenges We support very different disciplines with very different resource costs.