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NO : 10


Soon after he left college, Dave found one of his
uncles who was very rich and had no children of his
own died and left him a lot of money, so he decided to
set up his own real estate agency.

Dave found a nice office. He bought some new
furniture and moved in. he had only been there for e few
hours when he heard someone coming toward the door
of his office.
“It must be my first customer,” Dave thought. He quickly
picked up the telephone and pretended to be very busy
answering an important call from someone in New York who wanted to buy a big and
expensive house in the country.

The man knocked at the door while this was going on. He came in and waited
politely for Dave to finish his conversation on the phone. Then the man said to Dave; “I
am from the telephone company and I was sent here to connect your telephone.”

“God. “We don’t have enough space in our yard for my donkey and a new cow. I don’t mean to offend you or anything.NAMA : AMI FEBRIYANTI KELAS : XI IPA 4 NO : 03 JEFRY GETS A COW One day. To end this problem. please kill the cow. Jefry’s wife told him. So he bought the cow—and just he predicted. and so my donkey can live in peace.” The next day. but let me ask you this—after all these years. “Let’s buy a cow so that we can have milk every day. “Dear God. saying. do you mean to tell me that you still can’t tell the difference between a cow and a donkey?” . it crowded his beloved donkey in the barn. Jefry started to pray one night. Jefry went into the barn and was dismayed to discover that his donkey was dead! He looked up and said. so my wife can’t bother me about it anymore. Jefry replied. his wife persisted until he finally gave in.” But despite Jefry’s objection.

Why are you only playing one of them?” “Well. I do. I am a masterful guitar player—in fact. Nasrudin didn’t know how.NAMA : ANDI PRASETYO KELAS : XI IPA 4 NO :04 PLAYS GUITAR Nasrudin was at the town square one day. Nasrudin took the guitar and started playing only one string. After a minute of this. but he replied. someone finally interrupted him and asked. and continued to play only on that one string. “those players keep on changing strings because they are searching for a specific one.” Nasrudin replied. immediately gave him a guitar and asked him to play it. I am one of the best in the world!“ The people. and a group of people asked him if he knew how to play the guitar. not expecting him to make such a boast. “Yes. “Mulla! Guitar players move their fingers and play a variety of strings. I found it on my first try—so why should I switch to another one?” .