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Medical Assistant (Diploma) 

The objective of the Medical Assistant diploma program is to provide students with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits to pursue an
entry-level position in the medical assistant field or in a related area. The program concentrates on helping students acquire knowledge and develop
skills in performing routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep healthcare delivery settings running efficiently and smoothly. Duties for graduates of
this program may include answering telephones, greeting patients, calling in prescriptions to a pharmacy, scheduling appointments, taking medical
histories, recording vital signs, preparing patients, assisting the physician during examinations, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens,
performing basic laboratory tests, sterilizing medical instruments, instructing patients about medications and special diets, preparing and administering
medications as directed by a physician, authorizing drug refills as directed, drawing blood, preparing patients for x-rays, taking electrocardiograms,
removing sutures, and changing dressings. Instruction occurs in some combination of classroom, laboratory, digital, externship, or clinical settings.
Out-of-class work is required in this program.

During the introductory modules to the program, students receive training in handling medical emergencies and are certified in CPR through the
American Heart Association's CPR course ( Students must earn CPR certification to pass the introductory module.
Students enroll in this program to seek post-graduation employment in positions typically including medical assistant, patient care assistant, and medical
office receptionist.
The Medical Assistant program is 760 contact hours over a period of 36 weeks. The program will include 550 hours of on- ground instruction and 210
hours of digital instruction. For more information regarding digital instruction, please refer to the Summary of Delivery System. All students must
complete the program with a minimum of 51 quarter credit hours. Prior to graduation, students are required to complete two practica for a total of 200
contact hours. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Medical Assistant Diploma.