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3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers

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Hotel Concierge

On the Origin of Posers

this town ain’t big enough for the two of us

(cw: discussion of racism, sexism, hipsters, nerds, punks, posers. Don’t read unless you’re willing
to be offended.)

(numbers surrounded by [ ] are footnotes, scroll to the bottom.)


Here are some buzzwords courtesy of The Unbearable Whiteness of Indie, written by Sarah Sahim,
guest writer for Pitchfork, a subsidiary of Condé Nast: 1/23

3/26/2018In Hotelrock
indie rock, white is the norm. While indie Concierge
and — OnDIY
the the Origin of Posers
underground, historically, have
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been proud to disassociate themselves from popular culture, there is no divorcing a

predominantly white scene from systemic ideals ingrained in white Western culture. That status
quo creates a barrier in terms of both the sanctioned participation of artists of color and the
amount of respect afforded them, all of which sets people of color up to forever be seen as
interlopers and outsiders.

Sahim, who is Indian-American, complains that she can “count on one hand the prominent
performers in the independent scene that look like me”, which isn’t that surprising, given that only
1% of the U.S. population has her ethnicity [1]. She criticizes the “blinding whiteness” of Belle and
Sebastian’s indie film, God Help The Girl, a film that is set in Scotland, which is 96% white. She
also blames the white mainstream for labeling Das Racist as “joke rap.” She has a point: how could
anyone hear “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” as anything but an urgent political statement?

But these poorly-chosen examples don’t disprove her thesis: that indie music culture, intentionally
or otherwise, excludes people of color. In which case, we (“Pitchfork readers”) should fight this
tendency and encourage minority indie rock artists. I think that everyone should have the right to
rip-off Built To Spill, but let’s be clear: Sahim is arguing in favor of cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is when somebody adopts aspects of a culture that’s not their own.

The pioneers of indie rock (The Smiths, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, etc.) were almost exclusively
pale, skinny dudes who liked a good cry now and then; indie rock is whiter than eating sushi after
yoga and complaining about white people. You can redefine the dictionary to get around this:

A deeper understanding of cultural appropriation also refers to a particular power dynamic in
which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been
systematically oppressed by that dominant group. 2/23

Follow and c) I contend that. Black booty dancers are not black culture. it’s just racism. Justin Timberlake for “ripping the style of R&B”. https://hotelconcierge. the problem is that she isn’t. seems kind of racist. have Indian and Italian/Afro-Cuban heritage respectively. and I don’t condone wearing an Indian headdress while getting wine drunk with Tri-Delta on Halloween. And lest I come down too hard on social justice. the social justice movement is vehemently against cultural appropriation when other people do it. and unnamed “post-Disney stars” for “copping the language of hip hop. Minstrelsy isn’t offensive because it steals culture.tumblr. The only way they aren’t appropriating is if you consider all minorities to be the same. But the problem isn’t that The Artist Formerly Known As Hannah is appropriating culture. sometimes the targets of FIGHT––>CULTURAL APPROPRIATION totally deserve the hate. It has. groups are pretty much the same. which. ruining nearly every potentially-good action flick with a forced female character or an unnecessary romance sub-plot to eek out that extra 3 million in female attendees. and desert raiders into seeing what is guaranteed to be nothing more than feminist propaganda. for example. fire tornadoes. it’s offensive because it’s a mockery of culture: it’s not appropriation. which criticizes Katy Perry for being “trap- influenced”. At the same time. systemic. Miley’s twerking black back-up dancers are offensive. the Origin of Posers and prone to political subjective  Search hotelconcierge       warping. let us note that the “other side”—say. they are a white stereotype of black culture. um. Compare: no cares about white people playing jazz. So.D. regardless of the underlying power dynamic.) Don’t get me wrong. all instances of “cultural appropriation” occur for similar reasons and have similar effects. It’s whether men in America and around the world are going to be duped by explosions.” (It is perhaps noteworthy that these are all mainstream pop artists that Pitchfork’s hipster audience wouldn’t like anyway. b) the idea of a single “dominant group” is laughable. while at the same time being insulted AND tricked into viewing a piece of American culture ruined and rewritten right in front of their very eyes. Sahim is far from the only liberal to be pro-appropriation. On are etc. Do you remember all the articles about how programming culture discourages women? Aghast at the lack of female TV writers? What about the outrage at insular video gamers? “We need to get women into this culture of straight men!” How about this article criticizing Her for giving minorities only 40 seconds of dialogue? (Note: Her is a movie about a mustachioed hipster falling in love with an Apple product. #Thesis Statement = individuals vary.3/26/2018 the definitions of dominant. the two rappers in Das 3/23 . Hotel but a) Concierge — oppressed. From a review of Mad Max: Fury Road: The real issue is not whether feminism has infiltrated and co-opted Hollywood. congress can’t pass a goddamn bill. Men’s Rights Activists—has the same hypocrisy and 1000 times the insanity. See. this article.) Heems and Kool A.

tumblr. I saw a photo of graffiti that said “RICH KIDS KIDNAPPED STREET CULTURE. It is as impossible to steal culture as it is to steal the number 6 or the concept of schadenfreude. In Sahim’s Pitchfork essay. And so for the next chunk of this essay I want to work on finding a general rule: do cultural immigrants actually harm the culture they’re joining? Can we stop cultural immigration? Should we stop cultural immigration? Why the fuck does anyone care about posers? II. who is going to have a strokeHotel if heConcierge doesn’t—get On the hisOrigin blood of Posers pressure under control. she digresses from her pro-appropriation argument to say: White art additionally dilutes and flattens aspects of other cultures’ music that it adopts in the process of making them more “accessible” for those whose curiosity does not extend beyond the parameters of Europe and North America. that most casuals are recent.” and that anger at casuals/noobs/posers/cultural immigrants is common if not universal. Blame the math. white people are so basic. because you still have it. right? Politics is weird. Which. attack it. has  Search hotelconcierge       written a fiery polemic against cultural appropriation. https://hotelconcierge. the casuals will always win. but they can’t steal it.3/26/2018 This meninist. if I’m reading correctly. Follow Recently. “cultural immigrants. say. Culture is an idea—the set of symbols and values shared by a group.” It seems to me that “appropriation” is more-or-less synonymous with “being a casual”. I know. Someone can copy your culture.” Here’s the thing: it is impossible to kidnap culture. means: “ughhhh. mock 4/23 . Left unchecked.

Being a minority sucks because being different—and being constantly reminded that you are different—is alienating. Society is a collection of cultures forming. they are the fringe of the culture = most isolated = most desperate for similar minds. but you are now the soundtrack to junior high prom. growing. III. budding off.5 billion.” People of “interest  Search hotelconcierge       around zero have average interest. Being a minority sucks. “people who once pinned an anarchy symbol to an army surplus jacket. until New Culture is entirely swallowed by 5/23 . If the culture is defined as “people who believe in the DIY aesthetic.1%. but it sucked before those things existed and it will continue to suck after they are gone. agar. but you can’t blame whomever wrote it. Sarah Sahim complains that white artists “dilute and flatten” authentic brown art as they make it accessible for the mainstream.3/26/2018 Let’s Hotel Concierge pretend the above plot describes the population — On the Origin distribution of Posers in punk rock. but most of the people here listen to Green Day.” then most newcomers will be. Who is going to join this new culture? The most casual people that the culture’s definition allows. but they are necessarily different. so whatever. the further to the right you are.” Why? Because there are more of them. The Doors. Nerds used to look like this. As the posers arrive and become a majority. yes. Why? Because there are more of them. “I’m not that hardcore. and hip-hop. A culture is thus founded by a small group of individuals with high levels of interest relative to the general population. the lumberjack aesthetic has spread like mono. when you’re alone. High school is a stable Nash equilibrium for human civilization. It sucks because of the thousand virulent strains of racism and sexism and discrimination. fringe [2].tumblr. and they are aware of this. These conflicts are everywhere. And if the culture is defined as “people who are straight edge anti-capitalist vegans”. the culture’s definition will change. If the culture is defined as “people who go to punk rock shows”. budding off. It’s understandable. https://hotelconcierge. then most newcomers will be teenagers who have worn those labels for all of six months. now nerds look like The Avengers grossing $1. sorry if you don’t like The Breakfast Club.” And so the next wave will be even more poser-ish. swallowing. who is most likely to found a new culture? The 0. that cultural veterans try to fight immigration. swallowing. swap a few adjectives and the people behind Gamergate are saying the same thing. it will return to a normal distribution of mainstream vs. by way of Das Racist: People are strange. there will still be graffiti: “DIGITAL BRAINS KIDNAPPED CYBORG CULTURE. the hardcore kids—they spend the most time looking for forever. when you’re a stranger / faces look ugly. they don’t have to be low-status. the more spikes per cm^2 of Follow clothing. “people who went to Warped Tour once and moshed to Asking Alexandria. One hundred years from now. bad news. growing. The fringe kids don’t have to be disliked. No matter how you define your culture of equals. then.” Why? Because there are more of them. then most newcomers will be.” It’s wrong. From this group.

this is simplified model. horny. and she wants to find people like her. Is he one of the cool kids? No way. that’s why she has all those kawaii verbal tics and sends text messages with :P’s. cosplay isn’t and never will be cool (= pretending to be someone else = not “authentic”). The pattern holds true. and Concierge should— On the Origin stop them. that she believes in something better. Is she one of the cool girls? Hell no. frustrated for reasons that he can’t describe. something fantastical. who listens to Immortal Technique and rejects the “superficiality of the mainstream” and carves letters in the bathroom stall with a ninja star. that’s why she’s doing it. Yes. they will be every bit as genuine in their desire to find like minds and be understood. Yes. if we think VERY CHARITABLY about Sarah Sahim: https://hotelconcierge. of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow Except—who are these fiends who dare immigrate to a new culture? When the fringe kids leave. Or. this is a kid who feels lonely.5 SD above the mean become the new 6/23 . because she wants to signal that she doesn’t fit in. The people who were once 2.tumblr.3/26/2018 Let’s Hotel we switch sides: maybe casuals are bad. in the real world not everyone >3 SD vanishes at once. and when they emigrate. the label just moves down the population. Think about one of the much-maligned “gamer girls” who gets into cosplay. Imagine a suburban white kid who gets invested in hip hop culture. in fact.

And. is to have borders just strong enough to keep immigration from going neoplastic. then group size will remain small. I’m all for it. So what’s the solution? Poserification has been exacerbated by the internet age. Similarly. to learn the jargon.tumblr.) Communities of musicians hold up better than communities of music fans: pentatonic scales are objective. to grow into the culture rather than pulling it down. because a) not that many people will have heard of it. rather than shared action. uh. skill-based video game communities tend to be quite welcoming: you can’t casual-ify the inputs for Shoryuken. There will still be a normal distribution (see footnote 2). anecdotally. you can’t join” is hurtful and unjust [3]. new members have time to assimilate. “sorry. the best Radiohead album is a matter of some debate (among people who don’t know that it’s OK Computer). but. the internet facilitates grouping based on shared beliefs. remember to like and subscribe. There is safety in obscurity. But just as importantly. The best solution. When immigration is slow. I think. but if immigration = emigration. b) it requires physical effort to join. but the act of telling any one 7/23 . the culture collapses. (Totally unrelated. the internet devours obscurity.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow It’s an ethical tragedy of the commons: if immigration is unrestricted. A local punk scene/videogame club won’t have a mass influx of immigrants. https://hotelconcierge. communities who act politically—right or left—have far less infighting than those that work through reblogs and labels. I don’t see an easy solution. but if someone wants to play with the details and figure out a niche differentiation model. and members will have fairly similar levels of interest.

to which the counterargument is. “The world sucks. until all parties reach an understanding that different people place different values on Autonomy and Beneficence and everyone goes home to read John Stuart Mill. bait was taken.” I know. I’d be very skeptical of anyHotel clubConcierge that will— have On the Origin you as of Posers a member. which claimed to present “safe spaces where students of European descent (and allies) are free to celebrate and talk about their European heritage. you have to be polite. and many of them shortly were. “The concept of ‘free speech’ has value outside of the legal framework. “We can’t even have a Facebook page? The liberals really do run the media. The pro-WSU argument is. Having an official presence gives the WSU an obligation to be reasonable—if you want to sit at the grown- ups table. The WSU admins claim that they feel “marginalized on 8/23 .  Search hotelconcierge       Follow IV. and as groups they are harmless. to which the countercountercounterargument is.” Sure. https://hotelconcierge.” you say.3/26/2018 In the meantime. Just kidding! They fire off a few buzzwords and go back to their regularly scheduled feelings of self-righteous impotence. he has good reason to believe that the WSU people are exactly right. old argument. All we want is to be able to do the same. right? Here’s a more interesting argument: given that White Student Unions attract racist people.” “It’s worth it. to which the countercounterargument is. why shouldn’t white people?”.” to which the countercountercountercounterargument is. they have a 1st Amendment right to assemble”. except that won’t happen. “If other cultures have student unions and ‘safe spaces’. “Even if these groups are racist.” etc. “if it gets rid of a racism on campus.” then say: We stand for the right of our black brothers and sisters to create a safe space at UCSB to celebrate and promote African cultures. “The 1st Amendment protects your speech from government censorship. will banning them make people less racist? I doubt it. Recently. you are going against regression to the mean: you are turning a boring student union into a bunch of isolated. unpredictable radicals. Who is scarier: the Republican party. a private university has no obligation to aid and abet racism. etc. but what can you do? Some people just won’t listen. any group that defines itself by whiteness is going to attract racist people”.” These pages may have originated as hoaxes by 4chan white supremacists. doesn’t matter.tumblr. a few dozen White Student Union pages sprung up on Facebook. Is this too much to ask? If a swing voter sees this post and then sees the page get promptly shut down. This is an old. When you split these groups up. Think about the model. but they are amateurs. “Most student groups are already white. or the individual voters? The White Student Unions may be racist and reprehensible. it was demanded that someone these groups down. and infringements against it for the ‘public good’ should be rare and carefully considered.

there will be more intragroup variation than intergroup variation. yes. loyal. race. and finds that every single culture in the world is equally loyal. and eventually Old Culture and New Culture will have the same level of niceness.  Search hotelconcierge       Follow V. equally 9/23 . https://hotelconcierge. equally courteous… And so on. For example. some slightly-less nice people will follow them. because these traits will have a normal distribution in each group. someone would have already moved to take advantage. Do not assume that all members of your tribe are pure. Next. she looks at each one’s average trustworthiness. The best you can do is select for details. but—it is nearly impossible to select for the broad positive traits that everyone likes.1% of nice people split off to form a utopia. musical taste. Because you cannot select for these big positive traits. people have more than one community to choose from. helpful. courteous… So when Sarah Sahim tries to join a culture. differences: politics. (Why wouldn’t you want to be around people who will listen to your problems?) So if the top 0. etc. You are more than your identity. Let’s make one last change to our model. Equally friendly.tumblr. friendly. In the real world. and some even-less nice people will follow them. What about the fundamentals? What if a culture selects for “niceness”? Nice people prefer to be around other nice people. This is a simplified model.3/26/2018 I’m not Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers convinced that this makes anyone safer. and finds that every single culture in the world has the exact same trustworthiness. assholes also prefer to be around nice people. but note that the assholes don’t even have to fake niceness—all they have to do is wait until they’re about as nice as everyone else. preference for one type of indie rock over another. Sarah looks at loyalty. So far. Thing is. Faking is easy. we’ve defined cultures based on political ideology. nearly everyone would prefer that other people follow the Scout’s Law: trustworthy. Pause before writing off all members of a group as villainous. at which point immigration will stop. If they didn’t. and they evaluate each community with regard to multiple different traits.

this happens to walled-off communities as well. they almost exclusively go to those 10/23 .2% were from “other” racial and/or ethnic groupings. Your surveys tell you that moviegoers strongly prefer films in which they have the same race as the main character—in fact. (Some) conservatives argue that. Over the course of a year. 2015 MORE YOU MIGHT LIKE THE FALSE NEGATIVES https://hotelconcierge.” There is a NRA Conservative culture. but this incorrectly presumes there is a single “American culture.S. But immigration hastens this process + places the founder population on the far right of the curve. [3]. and most will be in between — > normal distribution. If they aren’t going to participate in any of these. This is an essay about cultural immigration. 73. a Techie Objectivist Libertarian culture. Now. 2. how could they dilute them? A more realistic concern is that Mexican immigrants will complicate Mexican-American identity. there are other considerations (market saturation. etc).5% were Black. and 1. there would still be a significant white majority. 5. 12. and this makes immigration especially unpopular. <1% were American Indian/Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. say. trying to decide how to cast Avatar: The Last Airbender. but the principle stands: capitalism leads to racist outcomes with or without racist beliefs. a College-Age Social Justice culture—and none of these will involve impoverished Mexican immigrants. some people will get only positives. is Caucasian. imagine that you’re a Paramount exec.9% were Middle Eastern. poor Mexican immigrants will “dilute American culture”. but you have to consider the baseline prevalence: 63. Accusations Hoteloften of “industry X is whitewashed” Concierge make— On the Origin this of Posers mistake. some will get only negatives.3/26/2018 [1]. however. If actors/actresses were picked from the phone book. Are they analogous? Not really. (Source) I am pro-diversity.7% of the U.tumblr. Suppose that the members of a group randomly get between -10 and 10 Interest Points each month.3% were Asian.  Search hotelconcierge       Follow Of those characters coded for race/ethnicity across 100 top films of 2014. 4. [2]. What percentage of your movies should have white leads? Answer: 100%. I don’t think this is a problem best solved by walls and/or guns. 105 notes Dec 1st.9% were Hispanic/Latino.1% were White. you should always pander to the majority. a Middle-Aged NPR Liberal culture. Of course. If you want to target the largest audience. not crossing-the-border immigration. In the real world.

He doesn’t even seem to recognize it as a joke. And therein lies the problem.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow In The Company Of Men (1997) opens in an airport where two middle management guys have just arrived: a bespectacled seborrheic named Howard. “Wait. Like. and an ex-jock good ol’ boy named…Chad. He’s been hit. “Did she give you the time at least?” Howard doesn’t laugh. Howard walks out of the 11/23 . just for asking her the time. wait. Keep reading 37 notes THE FALSE NEGATIVES: INTRO https://hotelconcierge. You’re telling me about some sort of unprovoked assault here?” Chad says. by a woman. for him and everyone else.tumblr. Mountain or Central.

BUT YOU’RE WORSE https://hotelconcierge. forever radiant with their own fascination. One can live with the idea of distorted truth. Thus this death of the divine referential must be exorcised at all costs. there would have been no reason to destroy 12/23 . But their metaphysical despair came from the POSTS idea that the image didn’t conceal anything ARCHIVE at all.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow If they could have believed that these images only obfuscated or masked the Platonic Idea of God. but perfect simulacra. and that these images were in essence not images. such as an original model would have made them.tumblr. (Simulacra and Simulation) Keep reading 10 notes HYPOCRISY IS BAD.

“Well! They were both very unpleasant characters—” (Through the Looking-Glass) Keep reading 26 notes THE GENDER NULLARY https://hotelconcierge. After a pause. “You see he held his handkerchief in front.” said Tweedledum. so that the Carpenter couldn’t count how many he took: contrariwise. Alice began.” “But he ate as many as he could get.tumblr.” “That was mean!” Alice said indignantly. “Then I like the Carpenter best—if he didn’t eat so many as the Walrus.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow “I like the Walrus best. "because you see he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.“ said Alice.” said Tweedledee.” “He ate more than the 13/23 . This was a puzzler. though.

And when the excluded protest against political correctness—that human resources plot to merge all safe spaces under one state capitalist thumb —they ditch culture war bushido and strike at whomever can be hurt the most. Hold your applause—the COSTMC is an oxymoron because coddling does not sensitize. even the phoniest opportunist has a few real triggers—the type that precludes rage because you’re numb in the fetal position. Of course. The performative offense of this group results from high emotional tolerance.tumblr. many instances of genuine cruelty and callousness.g. not low. sad-rage is heroin to everything else’s Motrin. and who is enforcing the rules. where will they go. there are many uncoddled e. traumatized people who are genuinely vulnerable to the many. because it depends: who is being included. some kids are gonna hang at the outskirts hoping to score. Keep reading 45 notes https://hotelconcierge. it 14/23 .3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow Trigger warning for everything that follows: the coddled. who is being excluded. “triggered” millennial crybaby does not exist. My lawyer advises no comment on whether safe spaces are good or bad in principle. Every community with a code of conduct is a safe space to some extent. and no matter how vast the safe space. My concern is the way these debates are settled. over-sensitive. And of course. Have you met these people? They can’t feel an emotion without an audience and a week to rehearse.

how many people know who Achitophel is these days? Even Achilles is kind of pushing it. Well. where they would talk about the Knights of the Round Table slaying dragons as they searched for the Holy Grail. fantasy is what the masses actually like. Abraham Lincoln to Moses. And so we get Harry Potter. They liked it in Classical Greece. where they had stories like Bellerophon riding a flying horse and fighting the Chimera. et cetera.” defending Harry Potter political analogies: Comparing politics to your favorite legends is as old as politics and legends. all anybody could talk about was how it reminded them of King Arthur. The cultural norm where only kids are allowed to read fantasy guilt-free and everybody else has to read James Joyce is a weird blip in the literary record which is already being corrected. James Joyce makes for a much less interesting source of political metaphors (“The 2016 election was a lot like Finnegan’s Wake: I have no idea what just happened”) Hoo boy did he walk into that one. So we stick to what we know – and more important. They liked it in medieval 15/23 49 notes . Herodotus used an extended metaphor between the Persian invasions of his own time and the Trojan War. guys. “But a children’s book?” Look. Benedict Arnold to Judas. what we expect everyone else will know too. John Dryden’s famous poem Absalom and Achitophel is a bizarrely complicated analogy of 17th-century English politics to an obscure Biblical story. Besides.tumblr. When King Edward IV took the English throne in 1461. “Some groups of people who may not 100% deserve our eternal scorn. Keep reading https://hotelconcierge.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers YOUNG ADULT FICTIONS  Search hotelconcierge       Follow Slate Star Codex. Throughout American history people have compared King George to Pharaoh.

ALT-RIGHT LEADER https://hotelconcierge. Maybe anti-PC isn’t the most important issue to any one alt- righter.tumblr. Why? Keep reading 27 notes HILLARY CLINTON. Okay. but it’s the stance that is most widespread among them. 49 notes 3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow THE SOUND OF MANY ONE HANDS CLAPPING All of the blind men trying to describe the alt-right elephant seem to agree that anti-political- correctness is part of the picture. sensitive but not 16/23 .

com/post/134371738229/on-the-origin-of-posers 17/23 .3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow Who do you think is running Congress? Farmers? Engineers? Teachers? Businessmen? No. getting mad retweets and faves for their Holocaust jokes—well. lots of people became Nazis because…that’s they were supposed to do. And no one wants to feel left out. When your boss is bumping the new Wagner album and all cool kids are talking eugenics. (Nashville) The motives of race-nationalism are different today than in 1939 Germany. sharing Aryan memes. per the Nuremberg Trials. He does whichever is to his client’s advantage. And to confuse – that’s the other. To clarify – that’s one. Congress is run by lawyers. you can convince yourself of just about anything. A lawyer is trained for two things and two things only.tumblr. my friends. Keep reading 20 notes THE HYPERREAL GRAMMARIAN CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE https://hotelconcierge. In that time and place.

a question only where an answer exists. but obviously 18/23 . (Tractatus Logicus- Philosophicus) We thus derive the first law of comedy. it’s sabotage Wittgenstein: A proposition may well be an incomplete picture of a certain situation.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow i’m trying to tell you now. Scepticism is not irrefutable. when it tries to raise doubts where no questions can be asked. and an answer only where something can be said. that which allows it to travel faster than light. then so must the punchline.tumblr. https://hotelconcierge. By the logic of a closed system: if the set-up exists. but it is always a complete picture of something. For doubt can exist only where a question exists.

3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Neo-nazi Richard Search Spencer getting punched in the face hotelconcierge (Bruce Springsteen    .Born In… Follow Keep reading 19 notes The Tower 19/23 .

which they purpose to do. which the children of men builded. we are taught that God punished humanity for hubris. for daring to disobey Mesopotamian zoning laws. that they found a plain in the land of Shinar.tumblr.3/26/2018 hey Hotel Concierge man there’s a hole in my head where information — On the Origin of Posers goes  Search hotelconcierge       Follow I. lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. and this is what they begin to do. because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth. and they dwelt there. and now nothing will be withholden from them. and burn them thoroughly. let us make brick. and let us make us a name. as they journeyed east. and they left off to build the city. Keep reading 95 notes The Subprime Directive https://hotelconcierge. 4 And they said: 'Come. and there confound their language. that they may not understand one another’s speech. and slime had they for mortar. 7 Come. That’s not what it says here. 3 And they said one to another: ‘Come.’ And they had brick for stone.’ 5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower. and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.’ 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth. 2 And it came to 20/23 . and they have all one language.  1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. and a tower. (Genesis 11:1–9) In Sunday School or Illustrated Classics. 9 Therefore was the name of it called Babel. let us go down. they are one people. 6 And the LORD said: 'Behold. let us build us a city. with its top in heaven.

my advice is that you train yourself to zoom out. If you do want to stay “informed. very low. https://hotelconcierge. Nor will anyone worth rap battling commit a decisive factual error.) The cacophony of 40. Nothing horrifies a teenager like hypocrisy: the first thing we learn out of Eden is how to circle A —> B around into Z —> A. I love pattern matching as much as the next former toy-sorter. the other is a genre of music. your life is game over. once you find yourself forming political opinions about internet 21/23 .tumblr. kind of a silly comparison—one imbues the audience with depraved bloodlust for unspeakable atrocities.3/26/2018 Hotel Concierge — On the Origin of Posers  Search hotelconcierge       Follow no one likes us / i don’t know why I. A + B + Select + Start.000 anhedonics exhausting every topical combination of syllables would be enough to institutionalize the Dalai Lama.” instead of doing something worthwhile like working at a soup kitchen or practicing the yo-yo. but sometimes it’s okay to accept that a cigar is a cigar and a butterfly in New Mexico was having a bad day. ask any expert on Aether. I mean damn. (Admittedly. Trying to extract useful information from the 24-hour thinkpiece cycle is like trying to learn English by listening to low fidelity death metal: the signal to noise ratio is very. words are infectious. Logic is easy. No one post- puberty will make a significant error of deductive reasoning.

and why other people are so infuriating: the problem is not bias. We may be terrible at diagnosis. which requires perspective. This is why change is so difficult. it is my contention that three of the most prevalent post-election news trends are designed with a single goal in mind: to prevent you from looking too closely at this picture— —while humanity gets crunched into Google AdWords and fed to Cthulhu. The only way out is to spot what is not included. that tells you something very interesting indeed. the lie of omission. you are going to face an internally consistent worldview backed by genuine hurt and fitting examples. So when you roll up your sleeves to shadowbox with a Bad Argument. With this methodology in mind.3/26/2018 Our Hotel Concierge flat earth has enough case studies to support even the— Onmost the Origin of Posersideology. Further. Any given data point is both true and meaningless. but we are the GOAT at identifying 22/23 . Keep reading 64 notes https://hotelconcierge. The end of all things will be search engine optimized. but when everyone chooses the same type of nonsense. a straight line across points makes you Nostradamus. Most arguments are nonsense. at least we can take comfort in that.tumblr. ask any whacked  Search hotelconcierge       schizophrenic. we humans of latitude have practiced the art of the squeal since our first Follow lung expansion. it is incompleteness.

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