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218 - Gandalf, the catalogue of misbehaviour

219 - The Bidding of the War-Shaft, J.R.R. Tolkien’s LotR and L.N. Tolstoy’s War and Peace

220 - Tolkien-Inspired Quilt

221 - Destiny & Dreams, J.S. Ryan’s Tolkien’s View: Windows into his World

222 - Alex Lewis & Elizabeth Currie’s The Epic Realm of Tolkien Part One – Beren and Lúthien

223 - An Annual Scholarly Review Vol. VI

225 - Halbarad Dúnadan: an unsung hero

226 - Regarding the nature of Tolkien’s character Gandalf

228 - Plight of the Dwarves

229 - about Dimitra Fimi

233 - A Wizard for All Seasons, Tolkien Studies and Online Learning: a personal journey, TOLKIEN and
the Study of His Sources CRITICAL ESSAYS Edited by JASON FISHER - review

235 - review: TOLKIEN and the Study of His Sources by JASON FISHER -, As If: Modern Enchantment
and the Literary Prehistory of Virtual Reality by Michael T. Saler

236 - The Sacrifice of Frodo

238 - My Brother’s Keeper: The Spiritual Kinship of Frodo and Sméagol (Gozzolo)

239 - Elizabeth M. Stephen Hobbit to Hero The Making of Tolkien’s King - review,

241 - Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in The Lord of the Rings - Anne Marie Gazzolo - review

242 - Angela P. Nicholas A J. R. R. Tolkien’s Undervalued Hero ARAGORN - review, Sub-creating
Middle-earth Constructions of Authorship and the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien edited by Judith Klinger -

244 - The Enigmatic Presence of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry

245 - Is Varda the Wisdom of Eru?, “There she blows!” Moby-Dick in Middle-earth?

246 - There Is Always Hope: Lessons from Middle-earth, Tolkien, Fantasy, and Ecology: Prolegomena

249 - The Quest for Erebor, The Bees’ Wolf of The Hobbit

250 - Re-readings and Re-interpretations 1: The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, Gandalf and the Merlin
of Arthurian Chronicles, Michael Muhling The Real ME, Discovering the Origin of LotR - review

251 - Frodo, Sam, and the Valar; Gandalf and the Merlin of Arthurian Romances

252 - Female Descent in M-e Mythology, The wonderful things of Tutankhamen, Thorin II and Bard


258 - The Effect of War on Tolkien’s Mythology


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