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March 23, 2018

Principal I
Haliland Elementary School
Halilan, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato


This has reference to your request for review of the pertinent documents of
the conversion of Haliland Elementary School to Haliland Integrated School. In
support of your request for conversion of your school into an integrated school, you
attached the following documents:

1. Request letter for the conversion of school addressed to the SDS;
2. Excerpt from the Minutes of Joint Parents Teachers Association (PTA),
School Governing Council and Barangay Council held at Haliland, Lake
Sebu, South Cotabato;
3. Project Proposal/Feasibility study on the proposed expansion of the
4. Memorandum of Agreement between Barangay Council of Halilan, Lake
Sebu South Cotabato, Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Lake
Sebu, Soth Cotabato and Department of Education duly represented by
the Schools Division Superintendent of South Cotabato;
5. Early Registration Form;
6. Current and Projected Enrolment;
7. Photocopy of Deed of Donation entered between Mario Ana, Padalat Dala
and Bureau of Public Schools dated June 15, 1968; and
8. Real Property Tax Declaration.

However, please be advised that you need to prepare the following additional
documents as required under DepEd Order No. 40, s. 2014 in order to grant your
request for the conversion of your school into an integrated school:

1. DepEd School ID(s);

2. IS Implementation Plan Covering five (5) years to include among others,
the following:

a. Current and projected enrolment for five (5) school years by GRADE
b. Proposed budgetary requirements for its PS, MOOE, and CO;
c. Operational Plan regarding curriculum and instructional supervision of
the proposed IS, and
d. School Site Development Plan to include proposed school buildings, as

Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal 9506 228-3801/3742 083-228-3801

a certification signed by the School Head duly attested by the SDS on the excess classrooms.depedsouthcotabato. Updated Status Report with regard to the school’s existing crucial resources. 3. 4. Inventory of learning resources prepared by School’s Property Custodian. DELA CRUZ. If the school has excess classrooms of at least four (4) and seven (7) to accommodate high school/elementary enrollees. CESO V Schools Division Superintendent Alunan Avenue. IRELAN B. DITCHON Attorney III Noted: ISAGANI S. City of Koronadal 9506 228-3801/3742 083-228-3801 www. Very truly yours. Updated PSIPOP of the concerned . Thank you. ATTY. and 6. 5. as validated by SDO. tables chairs and other resources to be used for the expansion of elementary school or secondary school. respectively.