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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for BBA (General) Programme
of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Submitted by:
Narender Singh Bhandari
BBA Semester-VI
Enrollment No.: 000000000

Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management & Sciences
Mandi Road, Mandi



I hereby state that I am NARENDER SINGH BHANDARI, student of BBA 6 th
Semester, have prepared this project entitled “STUDY OF CUSTOMER
SATISFACTION TOWARDS AIRTEL” to fulfill the partial requirement for the
completion of the course of BBA (GEN.).

I also further state that the project has been prepared by my own with the primary,
which was essential for the completion of the project. The report presented to College
& University is purely genuine and it has not been presented earlier.

Place: New Delhi Student’s Signature



An independent project is a contradiction in terms. Every project involves
contribution of many people. This project also bears the imprints of many people
and it is a pleasure for me to acknowledge and thank all of them.

I am deeply indebted to MRS. xxxxx who acted as a mentor and guide, providing
knowledge and giving me her valuable time out of her busy schedule, at every step
throughout the project. It is only because of his/her this project came into being. I
also take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to each and every person,
who directly or indirectly helped me throughout the project and without anyone of
them this project would not have been possible.

The immense learning from this project would be indelible forever.



(MRS. XXXXX) Enroll. No. : 00000000000


Airtel comes to you from Bharti Cellular Limited - a part of the biggest private
integrated telecom conglomerate, Bharti Enterprises. Bharti provides a range of
telecom services, which include Cellular, Basic, Internet and recently introduced
National Long Distance. Bharti also manufactures and exports telephone terminals
and cordless phones. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone
instruments in India, it is also the first company to export its products to the USA.
Bharti is the leading cellular service provider, with a footprint in 15states covering
all four metros and more than 7 million satisfied customers.
Bharti Tele-Ventures believes that the demand for mobile services in India will
continue to grow rapidly as a result of the following factors:
· Lower tariffs and handset prices over time;

· Growth in pre-paid customer category;

· Greater economic growth and continued development of India’s economy;

· Higher quality mobile networks and services; and • Greater variety and usage
of value added services



India's growth tempo 6 . India has a fast-growing mobile services market with excellent potential for the future. digital television and IPTV Revenue: 966 billion (US$14 billion) Total assets: 2248 billion (US$33 billion) Total equity: 708 billion (US$11 billion) Number of 24. Nelson Mandela Road. With almost 5 million subscribers amassed in less than two years of 1. Bangladesh. the mobile telephony market is expected to race ahead. Headquarter: Bharti Crescent. broadband and fixed-line internet services. New Delhi.1 ABOUT THE INDUSTRY Indian mobile telephony market is increasing day by day and there is more to happen with technological up gradations occurring nearly every day and the ever-increasing demand for easier and faster connectivity. Sri Lanka. India Area Served: India. Africa and the Channel Islands Products: Fixed line and mobile telephony.868 employees: Profit: 54 billion (US$800 million) Website: airtel.

such as China and Thailand. The mobile telephony services providers Airtel. Subscribers in certain regions can acquire the handset at almost no cost. The Indian consumer can buy a handset for $150 or less. thanks to the mass-market stage these technologies have reached internationally. this tussle has only become more tough. According to recent strategic research by Frost & Sullivan. Idea Cellular the others have been finding it difficult to compete in the market.has far exceeded that of numerous other markets. according to Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). The number of mobile phone subscribers in the country would exceed 50 million by 2005 and cross 300 million by 2010. such growth rates can be greatly attributed to the drastically falling price of mobile handsets. In cellular service there are two main competing network technologies: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Vodafone. This should lead to increased subscribership. have been competing aggressively for their market share with MTNL. Vodafone. Tata Indicom etc who are providing either of the two network technologies such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Reliance and Idea Cellular entering into the foray. Indian Cellular Services Market. Idea. The Company’s wireless network runs on a GSM technology. With major market share in the hands of the likes of Reliance. Tata Indicom. which have taken more than five years to reach the figures India currently holds. With the presence of a number of mobile telephony services providers including market leaders like Airtel. This market is growing at an extremely fast pace and so is the competition between the mobile service providers. Vodafone. Airtel. The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) has been playing an important role in keeping a watch on these existing players and bringing new environment as well as policies and reforms for these Mobile Telephony Service Providers and permitting them to provide mobile telephony services including permission to carry its own long distance traffic within their service 7 . Reliance. with price playing a fundamental role in Indian subscriber requirements.

The Operators would be required to pay a one-time entry fee. which were targeted only at the premium segment). The basis for determining the entry fee and the basis for selection of additional operators would be recommended by the TRAI. 1. data services and PCO’s.area without seeking an additional license. TRAI’s mission is to create and nurture conditions for the growth of telecommunications including broadcasting and cable services in the country in a manner and at a pace which will enable India to play a leading role in the emerging global information society. which were still perceived to be very costly as compared to landline communications. The service providers are free to provide. they must understand what factors influence buyers’ behavior and how they make purchase decision to satisfy their needs and wants. This was because the cellular service providers offered only post-paid cellular services. the major cellular service providers in India. · This study aims towards collecting information about consumers Psychology towards Airtel and thus helping Airtel in understanding customer’s nature and help in developing strategies which will thus help them in increasing their business. all types of mobile services including voice and non-voice messages. The main purpose of these services was to target customers from all sections of society (unlike post-paid services. Although the cellular services market in India grew during the late 1990s (as the number of players increased and tariffs and handset prices came down significantly) the growth was rather marginal. launched pre-paid cellular services in the late 1990s. in its service area of operation. 8 . Following this realization.2 SCOPE OF STUDY: · Before business can develop marketing strategies.

· The main purpose of this project is to study consumers buying behavior and develop strategies which help Airtel in increasing their market share. psychological and personal. · It is done to understand what consumers consider while going for purchasing Airtel Products. · This study helps to understand the satisfactory level of consumers towards the brand. And also understanding the consumer attitudes and their buying motives by means of company brand image. 1. · This study is mainly focused on various factors that affect consumers buying decision.3 COMPANY PROFILE 9 . · By this study we came to know how the organization retaining and sustaining its customer. Such as social.

Bharti Enterprises. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand Airtel comes to you from Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited . with a presence in 20 countries across the world its the 4th largest telecom company in the world in terms of subscribers base which was over 275 million as on July 2013. The Enterprise Services group has two sub-units – carriers (long distance services) and services top corporates. It has over 25 million satisfied customers. In its six years of pursuit of greater customer satisfaction. continuous technological up gradation of the network. Mobile services 2. 10 . Bharti Airtel limited is a telecom MNC headquartered in New Delhi India. Sunil Bharti Mittal is the head of Airtel. Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second in terms of fixed telephony and also provides broadband and DTH services. Airtel became the first Indian company to get gold certification by CISCO. Airtel is also the largest telecom company in India and the second largest in country mobile operator by subscriber base after china mobile. Enterprise services The Mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles. Airtel has redefined the business through marketing innovations. introduction of new generation value added services and the highest standard of customer care.a part of the biggest private integrated telecom conglomerate. Bharti is the leading cellular service provider. Broadband and telephone services (B&T) 3. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) 1. while B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities.Telecom company Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. with an all India footprint covering all 23 telecom circles of the country.

Moreover. low standard of living.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers and how we want them to feel. At that time. these services were mostly restricted to the metros. Bharti (Airtel) and Essar (Essar) and both these companies offered only post-paid services.Cellular telephony was introduced in India during the early 1990s. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bit more INCLUDEPICTURE "http://bhartiairtel. and government regulations were also responsible for the slow growth of cellular phone. 11 . the cellular services market registered limited growth. lack of infrastructural facilities. there were only two major private players.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET Bharti’s Mission To be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers. ryt. Other factors such as lack of awareness among people. Bharti’s Vision By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India: · Loved by more customers · Targeted by top talent · Benchmarked by more businesses INCLUDEPICTURE " left.

· Home Phones – Fixed Line .Fixed Wireless Phones · Broadband & Internet 12 .4G).Prepaid – Postpaid (2G.We will meet global standards for telecom services that delight customers through: · Customer Service Focus · Empowered Employees · Cost Efficiency · Unified Messaging Solutions Board of Directors Name Designation Sunil Bharti Mittal Chairman Chua Sock Koong Director Manish Kejriwal Director Sheikh Faisal Thani Al-Thani Director V K Viswanathan Director Shishir Priyadarshi Director Gopal Vittal Managing Director & CEO Craig Ehrlich Director Tan Yong Choo Director Ben Verwaayen Director D K Mittal Director Rakesh Bharti Mittal Non-Executive Director Services · Mobile.3G.

USB Modem · Airtel Digital Tv (DTH). SWOT analysis for Airtel in India: STRENGTHS · Cost advantage · Current leaders in quality service · Largest distribution network · Ability to constantly innovate · Highly skilled workforce · Entrepreneurial zeal · Airtel’s increased equity and market cap. WEAKNESSES · To prove credibility · Price pressures · Need for Government support · Awareness · Sales and Marketing OPPORTUNITIES · To sustain passion and commitment · Airtel’s market share increasing at other service provider expense. SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate strength weaknesses. 13 . opportunity and threats involved in a project or in Business. · Calling Cards · Wireless Internet – Data Card . SWOT analysis will give us a quick review of an organization current status.

INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE Our Internet backbone involves state of the art high-end routers and switches as may deployed on the best networks across the world to offer you reliable service of unmatched quality.000 crores. Three years back we had established satellite based gateway for internet access. This was the first gateway by a private operator. · Attain higher value services · Collaborative business needs to be explored · Vertical repeatable solutions.000 base stations with cumulative investments of more than Rs.4 NETWORK OF AIRTEL CELLULAR SERVICE Airtel Completes Its 23 Circle All India Footprint Airtel now connects India from the Indus to the Indian Ocean and from Sabarmati to the Brahmaputra on a network of more than 10. · Lack of global parity in telecom tariff · Other competition 1. first private submarine cable owned by us and SingTel. FIXED LINE INFRASTRUCTURE 14 . THREATS · Foreign investment · Global trends moving from GPS to WLL. 16. · Low penetration level in rural markets. Now we have established our fibre gateway on Network i2i.

Madhya Pradesh and Chahattisgarh. Tamil Nadu. fixed line and internet through Our Long Distance Services. WIRELESS INTERNET It Includes : 1. Karnataka. In areas where EDGE services are not available. Data is the next driver for growth.000 km advanced fibre-optic cable long distance network covers India's top 200cities. Airtel Data Card enables connection to the Internet using EGPRS. 15 . intensively covers the most prominent commercial and business districts in the country. On an EDGE network.Our high quality fibre-based. the Airtel Data Card still enables reliable and secure data connections over GPRS. This is clear to the operators who have belatedly realized the implications for having a pie in all the segments of telecommunications. enabling Internet. Hence Bharti ventured in the broadband market. Email. fixed line networks in Delhi. USB Modem Data Card Airtel Data Card is the superior PC Data Card solution which delivers wireless internet capabilities to laptops and notebooks. Data Card 2. LONG DISTANCE INFRASTRUCTURE Our 25. Airtel Data Card opens up the true world of wireless internet and is an ideal companion for a mobile professional. by providing EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PC Card package. In the recent branding exercise. Haryana. all the services have been offered under the Airtel brand. We provide the power of last mile fixed line network to bring end-to-end voice and data solutions. And it powers the services of India's leading private telecom service providers -cellular. AIRTEL BROADBAND Bharti Televentures is the fixed line operator business of Airtel.

Anytime.Anywhere Connectivity! 16 . the Airtel USB Modem enables reliable secure data connections over GPRS. On an EDGE network Airtel USB Modem enables connection to the Internet using EGPRS. Anytime. Anywhere Connectivity! USB Modem Airtel USB Modem is the superior PC solution delivering wireless internet capability to laptops and notebooks by providing EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PC Card Package. enabling Internet and Email whilst on the move. Airtel USB Modem opens up the true world of mobile wireless internet and is the ideal companion for the mobile professional.and Office applications with real-time secure VPN access to corporate applications whilst on the move. In areas where EDGE services are not available.

During the financial year 2003-04. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Bharti Airtel Limited firmly believes in the principles of Corporate Governance and is committed to conduct its business in a manner.5 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE PARTNERS The company has a strategic alliance with SingTel.2006 PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY After the liberalization of the Indian Telecom Sector in 1994. ‘Level 1’ rating by CRISIL. All the players except RIM offered services based on the Global System for 17 .1. Hinduja TMT. The call center operations for the mobile services have been outsourced to IBM Daksh. capital-efficient and long-term growth thereby maximising value for its shareholders. which indicates that the company’s capability with respect to creating wealth for all its stakeholders is the highest. equipment suppliers include Siemens. In the case of the broadband and telephone services and enterprise services (carriers). Nortel. Company’s policies are in line with Corporate Governance guidelines prescribed under Listing Agreement/s with Stock Exchanges and the Company ensures that various disclosures requirements are complied in ‘letter and spirit’ for effective Corporate Governance. The Company also has an information technology alliance with IBM for its group-wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call center technology requirements. your Company was assigned highest Governance and Value Creation (GVC) rating viz. Hutchinson-Essar limited (Hutch). Idea Cellular limited (Idea) and Reliance India Mobile (RIM). employees and society at large. in the company. By 2005. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). which will ensure sustainable.This rating was re-affirmed by CRISIL on April 20. Teletech & Mphasis. among others. The investment made by SingTel is one of the largest investments made in the world outside Singapore. The company’s mobile network equipment partners include Ericsson and Nokia. there were a total of 12 players in the market with the five major players being Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (Bharti). Corning. while adopting sound Corporate Governance practices. customers. the Indian cellular market witnessed a surge in cellular services.

Mobile (GSM) technology. The youth segment was the largest and fastest growing segment and was therefore targeted most heavily by cellular service providers. The most important consumer segments in the cellular industry were the youth segment and the business class segment. loyalty rewards. Prominent among these were . business solutions and talk time schemes. 18 .celebrity endorsements. . RIM provided services based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology as well as GSM. As competition in the telecom arena intensified. discount coupons. service providers took new initiatives to woo customers.


Bharti Airtel plans to make considerable investments in Network expansion to establish presence in all census towns and over 500. It is also strengthening the corporate business towards becoming a preferred managed services partner for the top 2000 corporations.” said Bharti Airtel president and CEO. · In the Enterprise business. according to company executives. Manoj Kohli. and hopes to reach 100 million subscribers by 2010. at a news conference this week. became the first Indian telecom company to serve 50 million customers last month. Bharti Airtel will invest substantially in the long distance business to achieve the scale of a global carrier within next 2-3 years. Bharti Airtel has achieved the distinction of becoming the fastest private telecom company in world to achieve this landmark in a single country . Bharti Airtel. · In Broadband & Telephone SBU. with a sharp focus on the home and SME 20 . India’s leading telecommunication services provider. covering 96 per cent of the Indian population. · In the mobile business. thereby covering 95% of the country’s total population.1. The company’s strategic focus will be on further strengthening the Airtel brand through best-in-class customer service. which is backed by wide national distribution. Bharti Airtel will initiate large-scale deployments of broadband network infrastructure in 94 towns.000 villages across India by 2010. The 50 million customer base covers mobile as well as broadband & telephone customers.6 MILESTONE OF COMPANY · Mobile phone operator. today announced that it had crossed the 50 million customer mark.200 census towns and over five lakh villages. and is now the world’s tenth largest wireless carrier.within 143 months of start of operations. · “Our next 50 million will largely come from rural India as our plan is to reach 5. With this. · Bharti Airtel. · Bharti has doubled its user base in the past 14 months alone.

· Bharti Airtel during Mumbai Floods: Bharti Airtel employees climbed up the towers to restore the networks so that our customers could conveniently reach its employees. 21 . 1 Crore to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. 1. Donated Rs. a separate vehicle established in 2000 to lead the CSR agenda of Bharti Group of Companies. It is readying to offer triple play to its customers with the launch of its IPTV service. · Bharti Airtel’s response to Tsunami Disaster. · First to introduce push button phone in India. · First operator to revolutionaries the concept of retailing with the inauguration of AirTel Connect (exclusive showrooms) in 1995.7 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BHARTI AIRTEL · Bharti Foundation. · Bharti Airtel’s response to Kashmir earthquake: Bharti Airtel’s ‘Rapid Response Team’ responded to the Kashmir earthquake by bringing more than 2000 food packets and water bottles to the affected area.8 Achievements · First to launch Cellular service on November 1995. segments. · It is also the first company to export its products to the USA. 1.

and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses. maintenance services. Its basic characteristics are inherent to the generic version of the product and are defined as the fundamental advantages it can offer to a customer. The final level of consumer perception involves augmented properties. Perception can be defined as the active process of selecting. The process is passive in the sense that we do not have to be consciously engaging in a "sensing" process. Chapter 2: Literature Review 2. such as quality or performance enhancements. organizing. or appealing payment options. consumers greatly value these added benefits when making a purchasing decision. such as customer assistance. making it important for manufacturers to understand the notion of a “total package” when marketing to their customers. 22 . Generic products can be made distinct by adding value through extra features. Sensations can be defined as the passive process of bringing information from the outside world into the body and to the brain. training. which offer less tangible benefits. In terms of competition with other products and companies.1 Customer Satisfaction Consumers can evaluate a product along several levels.

For example. · To find out the satisfaction level of customers towards Airtel. This can increase the goodwill of the company and its overall performance. or Life time card) · To find out the communication channels most used by the consumers to know about Airtel. perception is concerned with understanding how the consumer views a product or service. when manufacturing automotive parts. Today. · To analyze the Reason and Purpose behind using Airtel. Customer Satisfaction helps every organization to keep the existing customer and to build new customer. and skill training will offer enhanced properties to create a total package with increased appeal to consumers. Prepaid. In marketing. while adding spare parts. for any organization or firm to survive in this competitive world depends on its ability to be dynamic and be different from the competition to be unique in the industry. · To analyze consumer perception and expectation towards Airtel. 23 . · To identify the type of connection plan. a high-performing product will provide the customer base with basic benefits. (Postpaid. This research is aimed at profiling the standard customer with an aim to increase the network and improve company-customer relations. Perception is the process through which a person forms an opinion about the various stimuli he receives from his sensory organs. technical assistance. that the consumers currently have. The five senses of a person help him in this process · To identify which cellular service they are using presently and try to convert them. The information gathered through this research can be used by the company to improve its services and became more customers friendly.

2. · Time duration in conducting the research is very low. · Since the researcher selected 50 sample size it is not sufficient to cover opinion of entire population.2 Objectives The main purpose and objective for this study is · To know whether the signal is good in their area · To find out if they are satisfied and aware of the services and offers provided · To recommend measures for improving the product 2. · Respondents concentrated where the customers of AIRTEL only. Delhi respondents. · Few respondents answer was collected. The view of their other areas is not taken.3 Limitations · The study is restricted only to AIRTEL. 24 .

3.1 Research Design 25 . In this research questionnaire is framed in such a way management wants to know how the customers are taking things that they had done to them and to find out the expectation of the customers thus it will impact in policy making of the firm in the current fiscal year. The methodology followed for conducting the study includes the specification of research design. data collection and statistical tools used for analyzing the collected data. Physical activities involved in the study are: · Developing the questionnaire regarding the customer satisfaction of the product · Optimum respondents as a sample size are chosen for the activity to resemble the entire population. · Analysis of data on computer with special market research statistical package called SPSS. Research Methodology is a step by step study of a problem. Chapter 3: Research Methodology Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understand as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. · Get the questionnaire filled by the customers in the place through interview or personal interaction. questionnaire design. The questionnaire designed had closed question to find the respondents actual feeling as well as their opinion rating about the satisfaction regarding the product. sample design.

organizational records and data collected through qualitative methodologies or qualitative research.2 Data Collection Method There are two types of data collection methods used: 1. he can only report what has happened or what is happening. In social science and business research we quite often use the term expost factor research for descriptive research studies. Secondary data collection Primary data collection method: Primary data is the data in which the researcher collects data through various methods like interviews. projects and research papers of different scholars both national and international. The major purpose of description of the state of affairs it exists at present. Primary data collected in this project is using the interview and questionnaire. A Main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables. to support the secondary data.. Common sources of secondary data for surveys. various HR Journals. Secondary data used in this project is records of Human Resource Department for the service file of the separating staffs. 3.3 Sampling Design/Techniques: 26 . Primary data collection 2. Secondary data collection method: Secondary data is data collected by someone other than the user.The project is more of a qualitative than quantitative study. Explorative Research: Explorative Research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. 3. surveys. The project aims at the perception of consumers regarding the consumers. questionnaires etc.

The target population is limited to the central Delhi. 3. which are as follows: · This Project report is based on the secondary sources for data collection and no Primary data has been used. · Lack of customer’s cooperation was a major constraint. which included. · Majority of the customer were too aggressive in nature. canopies. · Limited information & Respondent’s unavailability.4 Statistical Tools Used The main statistical tools used for the collection and analyses of data in this project are: · Questionnaire · Bar Diagrams 3.TARGET POPULATION: .5 Limitations The project has been successfully completed with certain inherent limitations. etc.The Target population under this survey are the consumers of mobile network providers. cold calling.The sample size included 100 related people in various different location. · Courtesy bias& the behavior of the customer while approaching them to fill the questionnaire was unpredictable. · Time and work constraints were also there. due to which there is lack of practical knowledge. Search process was done by interacting with number of customers during the activities performed. Sample design consist of CONVIENCE SAMPLING. markets. 27 . SAMPLE SIZE: . · Time pressure and fatigue on the part of respondents and interviewer.

The percentage analysis gives the percentage of the respondent’s satisfaction with regards to the various components which drives them to buy the product. Chapter 4: Analysis & Interpretation Analysis & Interpretation: The responses of the customers are valued in this analysis to find the satisfaction of the product. 1. Table showing the opinion on signaling at their area Frequency Percentage (%) Good signal 41 84 Bad signal 9 16 Total 50 100 Table 4.1 Chart showing the opinion on signal at their area 28 .

1 Interpretation: The table shows that 84% consumers feel that signal of AIRTEL at their area is good. remaining 16% of them feel that signal is not good. Chart 4. Table showing the opinion on customer care services Frequency Percentage (%) Satisfied 34 68 Not satisfied 10 20 Never used 6 12 Total 50 100 Table 4.2 Chart showing the opinion on customer care services 29 . 2.

Household 3. Table showing occupation of different users 1. Student 2. Executive 4.2 Interpretation: The table shows that 68% of the customers are satisfied with the customer care services. Chart 4. 3. where as 20% are not satisfied and the remaining 12% doesn’t use customer care services .Other Occupation Users Student 15 Executive 55 Household 20 Other 10 30 .

small units which operate from their homes etc.3 Chart 4. They are 15%of the whole. who require mobile for their official purposes.4 Chart showing whether they are using INTERNET services 31 . The next segment is the students. Table showing whether customers use INTERNET services Frequency Percentage (%) Using 26 65 Not using 14 35 Total 50 100 Table 4.3 60 50 40 Others Households 30 55 Executives 20 Student 10 20 15 10 0 Interpretation: Above graph shows that 55% of the total people interviewed are working. 4. managers etc. who are either housewife. They are the young executives. these people are the ones who are the maximum users of mobile phones. So. And 10% of the whole is categories who are the professionals. Table 4. The next category is the households 20 %.

Chart 4. Goodwill Convincing Factor Users Advertisement 23 Scheme 8 Connectivity 58 Goodwill 19 Table 4. Advertisements 2.4 Interpretation: The table shows that 65% of the customers use internet remaining 35% don’t use internet services 5. Table showing which feature of AIRTEL convinced you to use Airtel 1. Schemes 4. Connectivity 3.5 32 .

5 Interpretation: The above data shows that the connectivity of the Airtel is its backbone and it is the main reason that the consumers are using it and the network is still is in usage and goodwill of the company is at risk and falling at a huge rate. Table showing which service do you use of Airtel · Mobile service · Internet · DTH · Other Usage Users DTH 10 Internet 25 Mobile Service 64 Others 8 Table 4.6 33 . 6. Satisfaction 70 60 60 50 40 30 20 20 10 10 10 0 Satisfied Fully satisfoed Dissatified Partially Chart 4.

6 Interpretation: It can be seen from the data represented above that most the customers use Airtel because of its Mobile service’s rather than any other requirement as it provides them the best service in Airtel in the service Department. Sales 70 60 50 40 30 64 20 25 10 10 8 0 Mobile service Internet DTH Others Mobile service Internet DTH Others Chart 4. Table showing rating for internet speed Frequency Percentage (%) 5 12 13 32 9 23 3 8 10 25 Total Table 4.7 Chart showing rating for internet speed 34 . 7.

8% using 2-star and the remaining 25%rated 1-star 8.7 Interpretation: The table shows that 12% rated 5-star. 32% rated 4-star.8 35 . Chart 4. Table showing what type of Airtel service you use? · Postpaid · Prepaid Card Users Prepaid 46 Postpaid 54 Table 4. 23%rated 3-star.

Chart 4.8 Interpretation: The above data shows that earlier prepaid was the favorite of consumers but with the flow of time the time this preference has shifted towards the postpaid side and now they are in demand as earlier only network was used for call’s only and now it provides number of facilities like internet etc. 9. Table showing number of times customers log into internet Per day Frequency Percentage (%) Once 5 12 Twice 7 18 More 14 35 Not even once 14 35 Total 50 100 36 .

Table 4. 12% once per day and the remaining 35% do not use internet services.1 FINDINGS This chapter deals with the major findings of the study which are as follow 37 . 18% twice per day.9 Interpretation: The table shows that 35% of the customers are log into internet more than once per day. Chapter 5: Findings & Suggestions 5.9 Chart showing number of times customers log into internet per day Chart 4.

· The company is focusing more on the Youth & the untapped areas of the country like rural areas to hold a strong position in the country and prosper further. · Company has shifted to its concern to one of the most influential target market i.e. contests and coupons must be given to retailers as well as customers and prospects. · Airtel provides value added packs for its heavy users as to retain them as postpaid connections are on the rise as compared to prepaid. Free samples should be distributed among the prospects like free recharge or sims & sales promotion tools like gifts. · Business houses are the major users of Airtel as it is better than all other network’s in broadband coverage and plans are better than any. · Company is undertaking extensive promotional activities like advertisements released in different Medias to create brand awareness in target pulling areas like campuses etc. · There is still scope of improvement as some of the rural and remote areas are not till covered by any service provider and the company is shifting its focus towards them as well to reach a wide area and generate loyal customers. 5. YOUTH as population concern more on the youth as they consist majority of the population in the country and are most spenders in today’s age. Catalogues should be distributed among customers. · Airtel focuses on its customer’s satisfaction but it can provide some more relaxation to its users and provide some more incentives for its dealers so that they can be more loyal towards the company and market it better.2 SUGGESTIONS 38 . · Airtel is a very successful brand in India as it covers a wide network and is still one of the best still in network coverage and stands one of the best network in the world and has covers major of the population coverage.

Chapter 6: Conclusion 39 . · Modification must be brought about in AIRTEL. Its demand should be increased and provides its consumer with value added services as to retain them. · Many of the respondents are not satisfied with the features provided to prepaid users as compared to Landline users. · Most of the respondents are satisfies with the services provided by Airtel to mobile user steps to be taken to make customers more satisfied but many are still not aware of phone plus facility and steps are to be taken to popularize it.· Following are the few suggestions to AIRTEL for improving the market share and image of the products concerned. · In today’s age the brand must focus on other areas to market it like Malls. in terms of quality. theatre and crowed area to get attention and market it and gather audience interest.

From the details it can be concluded that 70% of Airtel users preferred to remain with Airtel. Providing customer satisfaction is the most crucial step of the company as they are to be satisfied and provides Internet access on the move such as Wide network and good 3G services as they are important and technology advanced stuff required by almost everybody in today’s environment. these statistics imply a bright future for the company. Airtel is a home brand and a very successful brand in India and overseas and one of the most successful brands still to date. . Also the company is used mainly by executives who want wide coverage for their operations but the problem of customer satisfaction still persists with the company and cause of its lacking new customers. Hence. Provides Internet access on the move as people are more dependent on it in their daily lives like wide network and good 3G services.Airtel is a very successful brand in India & providing customer satisfaction is to be there main motive. Also good number of users who were willing to switch from their respective subscribers showed interest in Airtel. It possesses congestion free & wide network. Connectivity is the backbone of the company and it is still the reason why consumers use it and the most users of the company fall in the youth category and are now using postpaid services as they are aware of the services provided as the youth is the main target of major of companies as the country mainly comprises of them. unique value added & customer services to cover one of the widest areas.

Bibliography . · The sample size is too small as compared to large population.6. finding and conclusions are best suited for outlets in Delhi only.1 LIMITATIONS OF THE REPORT Many constraints were involved in doing this study. Some of them are as follows: · Customers generally do not show interest towards the survey. · Many times consumers hide the exact information and provide what the informer wants. · Due to shortage of time study was restricted. · Customer responses some time affected due to halo effect or pear influences. · The survey is done only in Delhi so the recommendation.

· Principles of Marketing –Philip Kotler & Kevin keller edition 12 · Market Research – D. Magazines/Journals and Web Sites have been · Books: · C.wikipedia. · Richard I.htm · · www.R Kothari (2004): Research Methodology Methods & Techniques‟.D. David S. New Delhi.html .Airtelworld. while finalizing and for analyzing quality problem in details the following New Age International Publishers.1000ventures. New · http://en. 2nd · · http://www.In this project · http://www. All the material detailed below provides effective help and a guiding layout while designing this text · Sharma Web sites: · www. Rubin (2004): „Statistics for Management‟. Prentice Hall of India Private Limited. Levin. 7th Edition.


42 .

Which was your first choice of cellular service when you want to use mobile phone? · AIRTEL · HUTCH · IDEA · RELIANCE · TATA INDICOM . Which service do you use of Airtel? · Mobile service · Internet · DTH · Other 3. ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE Name: _______________ Age:____________ Occupation:___________ Phone No. Do you think that Airtel tariff plans are better than others? · Yes · No 2.:______________ Address:_________________________ 1.

Which feature of AIRTEL convinced you to use AIRTEL? · Advertisements · Connectivity · Schemes · Goodwill 62 . How did you know about AIRTEL cellular service? · Friends · Advertisements · Relatives · Other Sources 5. · OTHERS 4.

Are you an Airtel customer? · Yes · No 63 .R. Which type of advertisement you most like in AIRTEL? · Audio Visual · Print · Audio 9.6. Which celebrity you like very much in AIRTEL? · Sachin Tendulkar · Shahrukh khan · Kareena kapoor · A. What is your age? · 15-21 years · 21-28 years · 28-35 years 8. What is your occupation? · Student · Household · Professional · Other 11. Which feature of AIRTEL is better than your previous cellular service? · Advertisements · Connectivity · Schemes 7. Rehman 10.

What makes Airtel different from others? · Connectivity · Tariff plans · New schemes · Other 15. How much is your monthly expenses? · 500 .1000 · 1000 – 2000 · 2000 & above . How did you come to know about Airtel? · Friend · Dealer · Advertisement · Other 14.12. What is your satisfaction level with Airtel? · Fully · Partially · Distassified · Fully distassisfied 16. What type of Airtel service you use? · Postpaid · Prepaid 13.

44 .