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Jennifer BORDE

Joint PhD programmes
& Mobility

mobility. agreements. INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Academic members + Non-academic members EDUCATION & TRAINING RESEARCH Master Scientific joint Doctorat projects H EMMC EMJD Scientific events 2 Er+ Master MC ITN 0 Summer schools Database/Platform Er+ Mob 2 Transfert Mobility* Internships 0 MC RISE Intellectual Intensive Programmes property International modules Post-Doctorat Publications Er+ Strategic P MC IF Reducing administrative burden: recruitment. assessment. quality *Mobility: PhD students / post-doc / researchers / technicians / administrative . ECTS. awarding degree. supervision.

From EMJD to ITN … ERASMUS MUNDUS HORIZON 2020 / MARIE CURIE Career EMJD ITN Through the award of mutually recognised double or multiple doctorate .EJD (European Joint Doctorate) governance models Joint . EMJD has contributed to the development of doctoral studies and training and led to joint .EID (European Industrial Doctorate) degree Networking activities / Research activities / Conferences/ Workshops/Seminars/Training activities PhD students gif-maniac PhD students International mobility Trans-sectoral mobility Non-academic partners Several cohorts Only 1 cohort .ETN (European Training Network) degrees.

ITN : Innovative Training Networks Support for doctoral research training through 3 implementation modes : ETN EID EJD European European European Training Industrial Joint Networks Doctorates Doctorates Participants implement Doctoral programme with Doctoral programme to a joint research programme the non-academic sector deliver joint degrees 50% Min 3 EU partners Min 2 EU partners: Min 3 EU partners 1 academic 1 non-academic .

Administrative staff > Since 2014/H2020: strong link with labor market 6 .Socio-professional actors .Companies .Doctoral schools .Researchers .Universities .Research centers . The new actors .Socio-economic & political actors .Laboratories .Students .

2). Thus. one ends .ETN ALPINIST in Pulmonary (score: 91).Ex: Marie Curie ITN programmes at Bordeaux RESULTATS UBx 2014/2015 : 2014 Number of applications: 23 . the more one . C up succeeding. P fails. C "When one tries continuously.8) 3 ITN with a very good score: .4 ITN P: 1 ETN Oenology (score: 94.1 EJD C: Materials (score: 84.6) + 1 ETN nanotechnologies (score: 93.“ .ETN SYNAPTODIS in Neurosciences (score 92.2 ITN P: 1 ETN Alzheimer (score: 95.4/100) + 1 EJD Polymerisation (score: 85.6) 2015 Number of applications: 22 .ETN MUSICC in Bio-imagery (score 94. the greater the chance that it will work.2) + 1 ETN Colloids (score:96) + 1 ETN Nanotechnologies (score: 93) .6).

Innovative Training Networks (ITN) SUCCESS RATES 2014 2015 ETN 9% 6.6% EJD 15% 9.2% Excellence 100% Researcher unit cost Institutional unit cost Marie [person/month] [person/month] Skłodowska Curie Management Living Mobility Family Research.3% EID 17.8% 9. training and Actions and indirect allowance allowance Allowance networking costs costs Innovative Training 3 110 600 500 1 800 1 200 Networks x number of PhD fellows >> x 15 PhD x 36 months = 3 893 400 € (Max) .


Is the project in line with the objectives of ITN? . What funding scheme is best suited to the project? (ETN. Are partners willing to work on the project? . PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS . What partners are involved in the project? . How much time do we have before the deadline? . What are the eligibility rules of the call? . EJD) . EID. Do the coordinator will have time to devote to the project? .

Scientific projects and mobility schemes are being proposed within the consortium .Videoconferences & meetings are planned .The good financing scheme is identified .The consortium is finalized .The partners are competent and complementary .THE BASES OF THE PROJECT ARE LAID DOWN .The doctoral programme is under construction .


It is not enough… Network Distribution PhD organization students & budget Network Identification of activities WP leaders Transversal PhD students skills recrutement Work plan Contribution of non-academic PhD degree partners "Why do it the easy way when you can do it the hard way?“ 30 pages Fill in the eform to write ! .

The good balance for the good team work .


H E 2 R 0 A 2 S 0 M U M S A R M I U E N D C U U S R I E 16 .

Joint supervision is recommended .Career plan .Communication/Dissemination . Help from International office: WHY? Rules difficult to follow by all partners: .Results/Impact .Risks linked to the project .The secondment period does not exceed 30% .Intellectual property + A consortium to animate! + Information/documents/signatures to obtain in time! .Outreach activities .The involvement of non-academic sector is essential .Management and Evaluation of the project .The total budget per country does not exceed 40% of the total budget .Transversal skills/Training .Each beneficiary must recruit at least 1 PhD student .Doctoral students recruited must not have resided or worked in the country of the host institution more than 12 months during the last 3 years Some parts of the project are difficult for researchers: .

Scientific posters . Discovery of MOOC . Organize a scientific event . Scientific communication . Post-doc abroad . Conflict management . Skills assessment . Job interview . Employment contract and . TRANSVERSAL SKILLS . Develop a network . Disseminate its research . Entrepreneurship . Copyright . CV . Academic career . Innovation teaching . International career . Funding of the research project . Library references . Etc… > Future PhD Career Center at UBx . Motivation letter . Become a researcher/professor . Public talk negociation . Patent . Stress prevention .UNIVERSITY OF BORDEAUX .

podcasts.OUTREACH ACTIVITIES Marie Curie Ambassadors : visit schools. articles in Newspapers EC Events Marie Curie Alumni Assocation . universities… to promote your research field to students and public audiences Workshop Day : in areas to the raising of scientific awareness Summer-school week University or lab open day Public talks : interviews.

Vidéos (Youtube. a national initiative that every autumn hosts more than 1 million of people in many French laboratories. in particular for the European researchers’ night. > GOOD PRACTICES BORDEAUX Cap Sciences: the team has interacted with the Cap Science museum in Bordeaux. Fêtes de la Science: the applicant is willing to take part to the organization of ‘La fête de la science’. Press releases will be generated when research results are of interest to a general audience and distributed by local offices Workshops with plenary talks will be open to the public and students (high school and undergraduate) will be invited to a session where the ESRs discuss their research and careers in an informal setting . in which the supervisors are regularly involved. Schools: The experienced researcher will occasionally visit schools and community organisations to promote her research results. which is dedicated to communicate science to a large audience. Such videoclips will be posted on the website of the project as well as on international networks allowing to reach a very large audience by the use of new media and very pedagogical support. sites internet des partenaires. and assist teachers in preparing and delivering teaching materials. Facebook): Pedagogical video- clips illustrating the main results will be made. Twitter. The researcher will take part in future interactions. Radio: The post-doctoral fellow will also be invited to discuss in public talk on “radio info sciences” a campus FM radio.

FAIL First Attempt In Learning 21 .

FunMat: International Doctoral school in Functional Materials 46 PhD 40 PhD LABEL LABEL LF EM 2010/2014 2010/2014 FunMat International Doctoral 15 PhD School 101 PhD Training LABEL School MC 2015 FGU 2015 .

In all PhD projects an industrial partner is involved.Germany Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology .Luxembourg + 21 associated partners (companies: BASF. Solvay SA…) Our Doctoral School organizes PhD projects with international co-supervision.Belgium Université Catholique de Louvain .Germany University of Aveiro .Belgium Université du Luxembourg .Portugal Université de Liège .EMJD / EJD FunMat Université de Bordeaux – France (coordinating institution) Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble – France Technische Universität Darmstadt . .Luxembourg Karlsruhe Institute of Technology .

Geometry and Number Theory ALGANT ALGANT ALGANT EMJD EJD EMMC 2010 2014 2004 .EMMC / EMJD ALGANT: ALGANT: ALgebra.

Germany Universiteit Leiden -The Netherlands Università degli Studi di Milano .Italy + 4 associated partners: Università degli Studi di Padova .Germany Concordia University .Italy Université Paris Sud .France Universitaet Regensburg .France (coordinating institution) Universitaet Duisburg Essen .Canada NO non-academic partners .EJD ALGANT: ALGANT DOC: ALgebra. Geometry and Number Theory Université de Bordeaux .


"City of Art and History”. a mild oceanic climate and rich natural surroundings.000 wine-producing châteaux. "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble”.The region of Aquitaine: Rich cultural & natural heritage… › Culture: Bordeaux. › Wine: the wine capital of the world with around 10. part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. . › Environment: located just one hour from the Atlantic Ocean.