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Specific problems

1. Pharmacies are not available 24/7

2. Inconvenient long queue

3. Some people don’t have knowledge on what medicine they should buy

Statement of Objectives

This machine aims to provide medicine to users in a very convenient and easier process.

Specific Objectives

1. The users will be able to purchase medicines in inconvenient hours.

2. The users will be able to purchase medicines in a faster transaction process.

3. The users will be able to search for medicine that they specifically need for their
illness. (Headaches, body pain, stomachache, etc.)

They also tried to use the common vending machines in order to know how it works. The proposed vending machine would be operated via touchscreen.Methodology Fig. The machine would require a card from the user for transaction.In this phase. the proponents identified the potential risks that they will be encountering throughout the construction of the project and also they started gathering requirements for the construction of the proposed vending machine. After that. The proponents will also conduct an interview with a doctor to have more knowledge on what medicine should they put in the proposed vending machine.  Quick Design – In this phase. This card would be given to the user after they register at the pharmacy . And these data will be the foundation of the proponents on constructing the proposed vending machine. After the interview and the survey. 10 Prototype Model  Data Gathering . the proponents will analyze all the gathered data. the proponents conducted a brainstorming session in order to exchange ideas on what will be the features and design of the application. The proponents will also conduct a survey to civilians to get their thoughts on having a pharmaceutical vending machine and will ask the civilians questions that are related to the proposed vending machine. the proponents started to list down the features of the proposed vending machine based on the gathered data.

and entity relationship diagram in order to understand well the flow of the application. Paracetamol (Fever and headache) Mefenamic acid (pain reliever).In this phase. the proponents will start creating the official application based on the prototype. Motorized smartcard reader. After analyzing.  Refining prototype . The vending machine will contain five medicines. the proponents will conduct white box testing for the people who are involve to the project and black box testing to the end-users in order to gather information and feedbacks about the prototype. Carbocisteine (mild cough). the proponents will analyze all the gathered data from the user evaluation to know what parts of the prototype that needs improvements. the machine will also require at least 2 gigabyte (GB) random-access memory (RAM) and will have a storage of 64 gigabyte(GB). it will be distributed to the user. Ibuprofen (pain reliever. They also started to create the temporary design of the layout of the prototype application. and Kremil-S (stomachache)The proponents also started to create diagrams like dataflow. The proponents will keep repeating the user evaluation and refining prototype phase until all the faults are fixed and until the users will be satisfied to all the features of the prototype. the proponents will use 17” TFT LCD Touchscreen (1280 x 1024). flowchart.On the last phase. And if the construction of the official application is done. The proposed vending machine will use windows10 64-bit. The application will be the improved version of the prototype that has been tested by the user. where the vending machine is located. The proposed vending machine will use C or COBOL language for creating the system.  Engineer Product . This will help the proponents identify the possible errors of the prototype and also to help them on enhancing the features of the prototype that need improvements.  User evaluation – In this phase. . the proponents will enhance the said prototype and will conduct another user evaluation to know if there are still parts of the prototype that needs to be improved.  Building prototype – For the construction of the application. EMV L1.