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A. Background

In this sophisticated era, vocational and technology of education spesicfically in
Indonesia will be facing a big callange and complicated problem. As a educational
country, Indonesia is charged to compete with another countries. Not only on serving but
also to provide human resource and all of them in working world. Nevertheless in the
journey vocational school absolutely faced some challenges, comprised : change the
system of employement is extremely expeditious., the negative reflection about
vocational school which is clinging in order that hold up the developed of vocational
school it self. The availability of infrastructures, and many another questions that claimed
for getting over in this modern era.

Vocational of vocational has a prominent thing to develop a quality of country in
this golalization era, which is the vocational school must calibrate with the increased of
this era. Modern era is a legal action in community which is worldwide and unrecognized
a border of circumscription. In this zone every countries are going to convenient to come
in Indonesia and investment in this country in order that Indonesia coveyed a big
influence for the quantity of employment in which available. The globalization era,
specifically in Indonesia is a big defiance for educational world in Indonesia, specially
vocational school for whipping the competent up graduate who is having a
competitiveness in every aspects of ability. To face the callanged of this era, Indonesia
was charged to improve the subtlelies stalemate of education, not only on academic
aspect but also on non-academic aspect and corrected the management of education
with an eye to the vocational school be more productive, efecient and give an expansive
acsess to community for getting a good education.

In Modern era indonesia had made an agreement with another countries in the
world specially in ASEAN region. one of them is ASEAN economic community (AEC). It
has been integrating form economic ASEAN by shaping free trade system between
ASEAN members. All ASEAN members agreed an agreement ASEAN Economic
Community as it. As for the form of agreement were to combine all industries that attend
in all regions to get presented their area source and improved the electronic transaction
by e-ASEAN

So beside a Competitive qualification, vocational school must recogzined all
aspecs in which relationed between abilities and capacity for competing with another
countries in ASEAN in order that the vocational school could be received industrial

What is the meaning of vocational education ? 2. What are the functions and purposes of vocational education ? 3. How to implement the technology and vocational Education in SMK Negeri 2 Makassar ? 4. Formulation of the problems. What are the troubles and how to overcome? .B. 1.

vocational of education is the section of education system in which set up the students to be able to work on occupation team or one occupation place on another part. Accroding jalius jama : 2010 philosophy have 5 parts : a) The effort of speculative to provide the sistematic outlook including the reality. industrial. Vocational of education and technology is a part of education to obtain the individuals in order that the students get work on specific place. Intrinsic of education and the Habbits in which direct to world working which is regarded as skill exersices. in order to all the graduates have a certain ability. 1959). UNDERSTANDING OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNOLOGY OF EDUCATION. ( evans. agriculture. 1990 concerning on senior school education “ vocational education is the education on level of education in which the improve of ability students as priority for implementing a kind of education. Phyloshopys vocational and technology of education. domesticity. . telecommunication. Phylosophy and base of juridical vocational and technology of education. 1978) Vocational of education and technology is one of program in which attended beneath the high education organization in which organized for preparing all the students to get into working world (Good. consist of : bussines. B. Vocational education is the education in which directed for learning a specific section. electrical. According djoyonegoro (1998 ). Previous that. b) The effort to describe the deep essensial by the actually reality. (2001 : 24 ) on same interprentation said : vocational education is one of cultivation ability of design. While according the constitutions no 20. BAB II Discussion A. Hamalik. and the others (snedden. The meaning of education had translated more specifically by the regulation no 29. 2003 cocerning system of education national “ vocational education is the education in which to prepare the students for working in specific part”. c) The effort to determine the boundaries and scope of knowledge. 1917.8). 1. Based on this research conducted by all the writers. we allow the describe that the vocational of education and technology is the education which is established for all the students who is planning and developing their carrier on spesifically expertise secsion by working on productivity and professional to continue in the high level education.

d) The investigation of critical way about hypothesis. the phylosophy of education surveys as the side of which have to responsibilities to prepare the people for working and independently. 1982 ). god-rearness and good attitudes in order to educate life of the nation regulated by the constitutions b) The constitution of nationality educational system No. and for that thing the great it is the vocational of education itself. 22 and No 23 concerning graduation standards. d) PP No. ? ( cahoun and finch. 2. 2003 subsection 15. it said by itself. how to teach it. The base juridical of vocational and technology of education The base juridical of vocational and technology of education in Indonesia is a conceptual of constitutions which became point of departure Indonesia educational system . must be answred two questions : firstly. 3) said that : phylosophys defined as conceptual frame work for synthesis and evaluation that represents a system of values to serve as a basis for making decisions that project vocation’s future. explained that vocational of education is middle education which was preparing the students specially in specific workplace “ and subsection 15 expressed that the based of forming and the structure of curriculum elementary education and middle education assigned by the government on BSNP c) The Ministry of education and culture N0. 19. . f) The role of national education No 24. 2005 about the standard of national education. what is the subject that we have to be taught ? and secondly. In order that the kind of educations which allows some alternaives as choosen. e) The role of national education no 22. 20 . 2006 concerning the guidance of implementation the role of national education No. said the phylosophi is learning all principles based on action and attitude of human. a) The constitusions 1945 instructed to the government by enforcement of the nationality educational system to improve the faithness . e) The knowledge to help the people for understanding ( purposeful meaning ) what the people see. Generally. Miller said (1986. they claimed the source of fundamental princles vocational of education is the individual and the role in the democratic people and the role of education in social standart transmission. This hornby’s statement which is taken Soeharto (1988). 2006 about the graduation standards. The based of phylosophy which underline the vocational of educational and technologghy . 323/U/1997 about the enforcement of dual system education on vocational of education. g) The other of provisions collerated by the management of education and training on vocationa of education. according the constitutions 1945.

The purposes allowe translated by dikmenjur ( 2003 ) consist of two parts. d) To produce the best graduations and stronger mentality to get improving continually. The purposes of vocational and technology of education. The functions of vocational and technology of education The functions of Vocational of education is working the students up become a real Indonesian who is able to icrease their quality of live.2003 subtection 15. a) To produce the best graduations who is having a skill and authorization the Technology and science knowledge with a part level of skills which appropriate of development. c) To fulfill the requirement of workers .C. vocational of education is projected to prepare the learners to get into working world. solidarity. the transmission of asseses which is applied by the standart as value of that it. business world. The government had made another relulations about the purpose of vocational of education by departement of education and culture (2001).. Based on UUPSN No. 1. art. The functions of vocational and technology of education comprised : a) Sosialisation. generally and specially purpose. It’s means are economic theory. by the way of productive workers who is able to create distinguished product which allow contend in global market and profesional who have a moral quality on their capacities. b) To produce a best graduations who is having a productivity skills. and industry secion. and change the load status to be the best asset. to be able to improve their skills. the control of attitude in order to suitable with sociality including the standart. and courage to expose an oppurtunitty to increase theit income. asserted the education to provide the learners especially to work on specific section. . 20 . own income. lifeskills. b) Social control. c) To produce the activator of development who competitive to face global market. d) To create the employement for theirself and to other people. religion. having income. As a exclusive of education . 2. and ect. The functions and purposes of vocational and technology of education.

faithness. f) The class of competency be organizing elements . effective. d) Giving the time to improve many attitudes. and juridical which function as the role of improved curriculum structure on level national and the increase local content on degree area and the guidance of improving curriculum. e) The competency was avowed on competency form which is specified continually in basic competency of subjects. creativity. 70. b) School as section of community which is the experience of learning where the learners implemented what were they learned to the people and utilized the community as source of learning. 2) The curriculum structure vocational of eduction is the organized of main competition. where all this and learning prosess developed to achive the competention on the main competention. have a state. The implementation vocational and technology of education based on the constitutions system in SMK negeri 2 makassar. The purpose of curriculum 2013 : The aim of curriculum 2013 for preparing the Indonesian in order to have life skills as private and become a good citizen. social. and to be able to contribute for social life. subjects. knowledge. and skills. innovative. have a nation. c) Improved the attitude. and world civilization. represented : 1) The based structure vocational of education was base of phylosopys. and psikopedagosist. Based on the constitution of ministry of education dan culture No.D. 2013. cooperation with intellectual abilty and psikomotoric. g) Basic of competency developed based on accumulativel principle. knowledge. reinforced. and basic competition to vocational of education. sosiologyst. subcestion 1. productive. a. The characteristics of curriculum 2013 : Curriculum 2013 designed by the characteristic as follows : a) Improved the balancing between improving attitude. and implemented it in every situation in school and community. spiritual. and skill. 3) The based and the curriculum structure such as referred to on subsection 1 and 2 listed on the attachments which is part of in this minister regulations. sense of recognizing. enriched. . between subjects and level of education (horizontal and vertical organizing).to vocational of education. students load.

The formulations the main of competency using notations as follows : 1. 4. and ability of them. 3. The main of competency This competency was designed by improving the age of student on certain classes by this competency. Curriculum structure a. The constitutions no 17 . Theoretical basis. c. and education assessment standard. 20. step in. beside that all the results of the learner be curriculum result. Juridical basis The juridical basis curriculum of 2013 comprised : 1. The curriculum of 2013 embrace : 1) thought curriculum in process developing comprised learning activities on the school. The education based on standard established national standard as minimum quality of citizen which is consist of : process standard. 2005 concerning national long-term development with all the regulations which implemented on national middle-term development. The subjects Curriculum structrure . 2005 about education national standard such as modified with government regulations n0 32. Curriculum based on competency designed to give the experience of learning for the student to develop the ability. 2. facilities and infrastructure standard. The curriculum of 2013 improved based on (standard-based education ) and competency-based curriculum. and citizen. 2. 2003 about national education system. management standard. and (2) the experience of learning by the student ( learned-curriculum ) in accordance with the background. The main of competency ( Kl-1 ) for spiritual aspect. finance standard. The constitutions no. be a value of learning. vertical integrared in some basic competency in the different classes could be guarded. The main of competency (Kl-3 ) for knowledge 4. educator standard. characteristic. The constitutions of republic of Indonesia 1945.b. d. 2013 concerning the amandement of government regulations no 19. skilled. class. behave. 2005 about education national standard. 3. It was collerated by individual them. The main of competency (Kl-4 ) for skills. competency of graduation standard. Government regulations no 19. b. The main of competency (Kl-2 ) for social aspect.

This statetment is evidenced by observation which did on SMK negeri 2 makassar specially in electrical department. 44 hours per week. this system improved curriculum structure of middle education. As the conceptual place between general school and vocatiobal school. Mandotary subjects has 9 subjects with load of learning 24 hours / week. XII all of them have 42. There is colleration with the constitutions from the ministry of . The picture illustrates the subjects of required have big proportion than the selected subjects. This structure implement the principle of student is subject on learning process which have right to choose which subjects will be choosing as their interest. Based on regulations and constitutions condected by the government specially the ministry of education and culture in SMK negeri 2 makassar had implemented curriculum of 2013 as curriculum of learning. 44. One of lear ning was 45 minutes on the other hand the load of learning for vocational school was 48 hours in a week. As for the evidences : The figure decribes the implementation curriculum of 2013 as basic of learing which is the schedule has shows the capcity between mandotary subjects and selected subjects. Load of learning on general and vocational school for class X. The elective subjects comprised academic selection for general school and vocational school. XI. This selected subjects give a pattern to one of educational system where in this system has selected interest by the learners. consist of mandotary subjects and elective subjects.

One of lear ning was 45 minutes on the other hand the load of learning for vocational school was 48 hours in a week” in order that SMK negeri had used curriculum of 2013 as benchmark to recognize the improve of their student. XI. and culture which express “The elective subjects comprised academic selection for general school and vocational school. . XII all of them have 42. 44 hours per week. This selected subjects give a pattern to one of educational system where in this system has selected interest by the learners. Load of learning on general and vocational school for class X.

Vocational and technology of education as one of education national system is expected to provide dan develop human resources which has productive capcity. Bab III Closing Conclusion. Beside that they are charged to provide and produce the workplace. By the exsperince of vocational and technology of education have many challenges on the future in order that after finishing from vocational and technology of education always increase their capability. good skill. and the government must be always amandement the regulatioan as well as possible and such as demands of the times because the pattern and the requirement of industries unpredictable. and morality in order to the graduation of vocational and technology of education allow compete in this globalization era. good attitude. .