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Pusat Pengajian Diploma No.

M/Surat 1/5
Jabatan Kejuruteraan Awam Edisi
No. Semakan
Tarikh Efektif Jun 12
Ukur Tekimetri
Tarikh Pindaan

Diploma of Civil Engineering/Diploma of Civil Engineering

COURSE Geomatic Engineering/Geomatic Engineering Technology

Tacheometry Survey
Field Work 9 hours DAC20503 1/3

TITLE: Applying knowledge to actual situations of producing detail and topography plan.


i. Student able to perform tacheometry survey using the appropriate
equipments with standard method and procedure.
ii. Student able to identify the relations of theoretical knowledge and practical
application in detailing and contour plan to construction works.


Topography plan is important in proposing the design of an infrastructure site, for
instance, building, bridge, road etc. Contour line which is produced by tacheometry
survey could help the designer to locate exactly and calculate the volume of cut and fill


No. Items Quantity
1 Total Station 1
2 Mini prism 2
3 Tape 1
4 Pole 2
5 Tripod 1


edge of building.e. All the permanent and hand made detail had to observed. Booking i. Point Setup / being confirmed with previous traversing and leveling Datum surveys. Etc. ii. for instance: a. v. Lamp post f. 4. Horizontal angle (HR) Procedure b. Data Processing and topography plan as well as contour generating. Use mini prism as a target.e. Fence Gathering d. Set the bearing and refer to survey points. Observe the distance and record it into the form. Drain e. Use software to run data processing. Set up the total station at. establishment i. Information c. i. viii. Perform the standard instrument setup and record instrument height (HI). stn1 or stn3. These points are 3. Horizontal distance (HD) c. i. Observe and collect all the detail until it finished before moved to another survey point i. Follows and refer to the instructions sheet to produce detail 6. Plot the plan using appropriate medium (AutoCad) with 2 . iv. Building b.y . i. Roads 2. iii.PROCEDURE DETAILS WORK Tacheometry survey is continuing survey process after traversing and leveling. Target Height (TH) vii.e stn2 and prism at stn1 or stn3. Record the reading of these items : Data Acquisition a. Tree g. Select survey point to start observation. i.z values). ii. Extra survey points/marks had to establish if observations to detail points are retarded or survey points is missing. Move to next points (detail points. Each survey points is determined by 1. i. Different height (VD) d. Please refer to booking regulations. stn2. Please ensure the bubble in the middle of pole is correctly applied. Observation / vi. 5. Data compilation coordinates/bearing & distance and heights data (x. iii.

it provides the major data that makes the 7. and Glenn Bird S. Report selection of the most feasible construction design plan. This task is to produce and prepare plot files using specific field codes or data collector graphics manipulation that reflects the connecting or stringing characteristics of topographic features.Surveying. 5. Ht) .J. 2000 2. Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall. Addison Wesley.. Barry F. B.) + IH (Inst. Kavanagh. 2001 3. Surveying. Addison Wesley. 2003 3 . Francis H. Paul R. REFERENCES 1. CONCLUSION / REMARKS Mapping and drafting are terms that cover a broad spectrum of scale graphics and related computation. H. 2002. Ghilani. Bossler. Surveying: Principles & Applications. . Moffit and John D. Kavanagh. A3/A2 paper size and plotter.Elementary Surveying-An Introduction to Geomatics. 6th Edition. 10th Edition. 2001 4.F. Results and Calculations : Calculated the reduced level (RL) for every feature using the formula given. Moffit and John D. USA. 5th Edition. Surveying : principles and applications. Bossler. Prentice Hall. RL = RL (Inst.HT (Pole Ht) ± HD (Ht Diff) The report you turn in for the tacheometry field must be as complete as possible. Wolf and Charles D.Francis 10th Edition. 10th Edition.