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Vol. CIV, No. IIS PHILADELPHIA, Thanday. December I. I9M Copyright 198B Th« Duty P«nn»

Administration tried to downplay allegations of sexism
By PATRICK O'OONNELL Publicly, at least, the University handled serious underlying allegations. golden parachutes, and one tends to land very On each of the three occasions in the past
In ihe spring of 1987, the University bid a Hymes' departure as as if he had never been Several professors said that the University softly." four years when professors have filed sexual
"fond farewell" — as Almanac put it — to named in a court battle the previous spring in chose to allow Hymes to leave gracefully for a GSE Assistant Professor Michelle Fine said discrimination complaints or threatened to
then-Graduate School of Education Dean Dell connection with the sexual harassment of a research post at the University of Virginia in- that the administration was often unrespon- take the University to court, the University has
Hymcs by throwing a going away bash in the GSE female faculty member. stead of taking him to task for his alleged sive to female professors' complaints of sex- opted for out-of-court cash settlements.
University Museum. And there was no mention of the out-of- behavior and the unrest in his school. ism at the school. Such agreements have all stipulated that
To an outside observer, it appeared as if court settlements reached with faculty who Hymes refused earlier this week to discuss "I feel that at multiple levels, people should neither party ever discuss the case. If the cases
had filed sexual discrimination lawsuits. his departure from the University or his tenure have interrupted the process," Fine con- had gone to trial, all testimony would have
TTIIS is the second article in a three-part scries In addition, no one raised the point that as dean. tinued. "There were individual successes become public record.
examining alleged sexism in the Graduate four professors affiliated with the school had Microbiology Professor Helen Davies, who (women who received out-of-court, cash set- Only one case, that of former Assistant Pro-
School of I■duration terminated their relationship because of the has supported women's rights on campus tlements), but the condition of women faculty fessor Maryanne McGuckin, ever reached the
nothing was amiss — as if the 22-year member "arbitrary and capricious procedures" involv- throughout her career, said this week that the at Penn was unaltered. They (the administra- courtroom. With dozens of witnesses lined up
of the University community was a model ed in the tenure denial of one female assistant administration's handling of Hymes is in- tion! did not ignore it, but they didn't remedy to testify for each side, the two sides reached
citizen who headed a model organization. professor. dicative of its non-confrontational approach it." an agreement after only two days of
But while Hymes is widely credited with Despite these incidents, the University to all such cases. The University has repeatedly sought to pre- testimony.
single-handedly saving the GSE, the later honored Hymes with a celebration, and many "These things are done with men, with a vent any public disclosure of events at the GSE While the administration professes a strong
years of his term had been marked by con- faculty contend that the administration gentleman's agreement," Davies said. "With since Hymes has left and has tried to handle
troversy, strife and allegations of sexism. dismissed the matter rather than address the women, they make them leave. Men have matters quietly. Please see EDUCATION, page 7

Sculpture Vandalized President's leading
advisor leaves post
Barbara Stevens, the leading assis-
&L^ /♦'.< tant to President Sheldon Hackney,

announced last night that she will
leave her post in March to head an ur-
ban development council in New
Haven, Conn.
Stevens will become the executive
director of the New Haven Downtown
Council, an organization composed
of the chief officers of the city's ma-
M aW —
jor businesses and institutions.
Stevens explained that she will lead
the group's efforts to garner private
support for economic development in
New Haven.
The outgoing administrator has
• served as one of the president's senior
advisors since 1984 and spent much of
her time as his community relations
liaison. In that capacity, she worked
with the West Philadelphia Youth Im-
provement Corps, the Collaborative
for West Philadelphia Public Schools
and an area improvement project. Barbara Stevens
Stevens said last night that she Departing aide to president
decided to leave the University after

her husband accepted a position in Ralph Smith, an associate profe
1 ( nnneclicut in April.
"And (hli opportunity wu juaf too
good to say no to," Stevens added.
in ihe Law School and the
Philadelphia Public School.' chief of
staff. "She knew how to bring people
As the president's executive assis- together. She was able to work behind
tant, Stevens has worked quietly and the scenes to diffuse tense and
kept a low profile on controversial troublesome situations."
issues, including the University's sex- Stevens' colleagues also lauded her
ual and racial harassment policies and for her work with the West

the establishment of a survival center Philadelphia community. Norman
for the homeless.
"She was a great facilitator," said Please see STEVENS, page 5

Landmark tenure case
College freshmen Caryn Karmatz and Kristen Dunseth
Carter OcLofmafDaHy Ponnsytvanian

defaced this rendition of the University's founder with a Supreme Court requested
spray-painted skull-and-crossbones and a message that ap-
inspect the graffiti scrawled on the sculpture of Benjamin
Franklin located at 37th Street and Locust Walk. Vandals pears to read, "Are you next?" not to consider profs suit
By BRET PARKER recommended that (he justices refuse
An ongoing dispute centering on to grant that request. Before accep-

Residential living to reassess dorm security the release of confidential peer
evaluations used in tenure decisions
stalled last week when one side asked
the Supreme Court not to hear the
ting a case, the court reviews both
sides' arguments on the relevance of
the conflict.
Approval by both sides for another
System still troubled as Quad turnstile continues to allow open access Why isn't it?' and I can't answer that," he added.
The latest request comes after near-
level of judicial review generally in-
creases the likelihood that a case will
By HELEN KIM ly three years of controversy surroun- be heard, but there is no way to gauge
Due to continuous breakdowns in the new dor- And despite testimony by security guards. the probability that the Court will
ding the tenure denial of a former
mitory security system, Residential I iving officials Residential Living spokesperson Flora Louden hear this case. A decision is expected
University faculty member, whose
said yesterday that they will re-evaluate its perfor- denied yesterday that panic buttons, which alert
case could result in a landmark First
mance during the semester break Public Safety in case of emergencies, have not been
Amendment precedent and possibly i
In addition, a recurring mechanical defect in the working properly.
Christa Hartley, a security marshal in High Rise
dictate limits on a school's academic lf the letters are not
Quadrangle's front-gate card reader rendered the freedom. kept confidential, it
turnstile ineffective yesterday. Officials first South, said last week that she received no response
When the University denied former
after repeatedly pressing the panic button when a
discovered the problem last week and attempted to
student verbally threatened her in an incident two
Wharton Assistant Professor Rosalie would prejudice the in-
repair the turnstile, but the device broke down Tung tenure in 198S, she filed charges
weeks ago. Public Safety Sgt. Joseph Risoli, who
with the Equal Employment Oppor- tegrity of the process.
was on duty at the time, said that he did not receive
As of 11:30 p.m. last night, the gate remained
unlocked at all times, regardless of whether a PEN- a distress call.
tunity Commission (EEOC), claiming That is the reason we
that the decision was based on her sex
Ncard is accepted or rejected.
"It sounds like there are situations that from time
to time a button may not work," Louden said. and Chinese origin. have taken this as far as
Officials said that they do not know what
changes, if any, will be made in security measures, "Thai's why we test them everyday, but we do not
The EEOC requested that the
University hand over evaluations sub-
we have.9
but they did not rule out major procedural altera- feel that the number of times a button has not work-
mitted by Tung's colleagues so that it Michael Aiken
tions. They also maintained that the security guard ed warrant a change in the system." could determine whether sexism or Provost
is the key element to the system, despite the fact that Koval defended the security system, explaining
racism contributed to the decision.
anyone can enter the Quad by sliding any card that for each part that broke down, there was a to be made by the end of the month.
Such documents are instrumental in
through the electronic reader and walking through back-up system to replace it. He said that security The court can decide to settle any
guards can always use a telephone in lieu of a panic the tenure review process because ihe
the unlocked turnstile. candidates are guaranteed case it chooses, regardless of whether
The University installed the card readers in George Koval button. confidentiality. both sides want to argue the matter
September as part of a SI .2 million security package "The parts are breaking down, but parts have A refusal from the high court
Rethinking use of turnstiles The University has fought the re-
which resulted from campus protests over inade back-ups to it," Koval said. "I think the security would ensure a victory for Tung and
quest in federal and appeals courts,
tial Living in preparing the re-evaluation, which will system we have is a workable one and doing the job the EEOC, but would leave the issue
quate safety levels. invoking a First Amendment right to
Security personnel at several dormitories have include investigations into turnstile problems and that it's intended." academic freedom. But the ad- unresolved as there would still be no
charged that campus residences provide inadequate periodic panic button failures. Louden, of Residential Living, explained that the nationwide legal precedent. Several
ministration lost an appeal this sum-
levels of security because of the defects. Residential "The thing that we're facing here is that the primary purpose of the card-reader system is not to federal appeals courts have ruled dif-
prevent criminals from entering the building but to mer when a Philadelphia court ruled
Living officials vehemently deny the charges. system we've installed is not designed to be used the that the University has to hand over ferently on individual cases, but a
George Koval, the director of student financial way it's being used," Koval said. "We may have to serve as a means for verifying that entrants are ac- Supreme Court decision would set a
tive students. An active student is one who has the documents.
and administrative services, said yesterday that the rethink the use of the turnstile, or we may have to In September, the University asked nationwide precedent.
go to a manual button rather than have the card registered for at least one class and has been ap-
turnslilc problems may have resulted from the large the Supreme Court to hear the case,
volume of traffic. reader do it." but the Justice Department last week Please see CASE, page 5
"We're expecting it to work, but the question is, Please see SECURITY, page *
Koval said that his office will work with Residen

Rebuked Review Recurring
An American Journey, a political drama Last week's robbery at the Rodin Museum
Members of LGAP yesterday decried the marked the third art theft in two weeks from
repeated ripping down of posters publicizing which opened last night in the Zellerbach
theater, is hindered by poor writing. Page 5. Philadelphia area museums. Page 5.
gay and lesbian events. Page 2.

Page 2 The Daily Pennsylvanian Thursday, December I, 1988

The most Security re-examination Anti-gay vandals rip down fliers
demanding, SECURITY, from page I
proved by (he Bursar's office.
In addition, the Residential Liv-
ing official argued that the appear LGAP members decry harassment, freedom violations
challenging, "If there's a safely issue, we call
ance of the entire security system is
a deterrent to potential intruders. By RANDALL LANK and Gay Awareness Week in April Rosenblum said that the act was not
as much a complex plan to stifle com-
enlightening, Public Safety," Louden said.
"Our job is to check the identifica-
She noted that the system is In what students and ad-
ministrators say is a recurring pro-
1986, a Lesbian and Gays at Penn
banner was destroyed, anti-gay fliers munication as an "innate reaction."
rous, tion and assist them if (here's a
serving its purpose since the card
readers, which verify whether or
blem, vandals have torn down
roughly three-quarters of the posters
were posted, verbal threats were laun-
ched, and numerous threats of harass-
"It's more a very simple,
mechanical reaction to something
problem. Basically we see the sec- not a student is "active." have not
advertising a lesbian and gay educa- ment were reported. they can't accept," Rosenblum said.
urity system to aid the people and broken down. According to the College
difficult, not to hinder them." "Overall, I'm satisfied," she
tional program. Additionally, lavender ribbons tied
to campus trees were removed. LGAP sophomore, while many react
rewarding, Louden explained that the card
readers keep track of every entrant
said. "I wish that some of the
mechanical aspects were working
Greg Taylor, a gay residential ad-
visor in the Quadrangle's Community also had to paint over an advertise- negatively to a racist or sexist slur,

motivating and to buildings with the electronic more smoothly, but I feel like House, is sponsoring the meeting ment on the Bookstore wall for the
event after slanderous graffiti was
they tend to accept anti-homosexual
remarks. He added that the problem
exciting course monitors.
The purpose of the records,
we're responding to those break-
downs. I feel it's effective because
tonight and said that he has posted
160 fliers to publicize the event. painted over it. is imbedded in the belief that
homosexuality is immoral.
you can take stored in a central database, is to we're using the security system of
Taylor estimated Tuesday that only 40
LGAP Information Coordinator

in college. provide Public Safety with infor-
mation in case of a "serious
checking the IDs, and where there
are card readers, (here's an addi- He added that one flier he posted in
breach of security," I ouden said. tional security check." his hall was ripped up into dozens of 'It's the same as writing racist slurs on walls. As
pieces and left on the floor.
JOIN THE DAILY She added that the information is "What we have in place is a
Gay and lesbian leaders said this
long as you can't pinpoint the person, all you can
not public and that no incident has functioning and systematic re-
PENNSYLVANIAN occured yet when the information sponse to the basic nerds for sec- week that whenever they attempt to do is educate people.'
CALL 898-6585 has been needed. urity on campus," she added. publicize an event, their efforts are Francine Walker
dwarfed by vandals who rip down
Student activities director
"It's incredible how people really
go out of their way." Taylor said. Sloan Weiscn said last night the poster Rosenblum echoed the complaint
Taylor said mat he has posted fliers problem is a recurring event at the that vandals constantly tear down the

flow can your campus group get for events and seen all of them ripped
down, resulting in an "incredible feel-
ing of shock."
"I haven't known a time when that
was not the case," Wcisen said.
posters, adding that complaints have
never been filed because those respon-
sible have never been identified.

better publicity at an inexpensive price? Tonight's video presentation,
which Taylor created, is a composite
of 10 films with gay and lesbian sub-
"There are some places where a
poster won't last an hour."
The College sophomore said that
Student Activities Director Fran-
cine Walker said last night that she
considers ripping down fliers a viola-
jects and focuses on homophobia, fliers advertising the recent Harvey tion of the University's open expres-
"coming out" and love. He said that Milk vigil were torn down within a sion guidelines.
it is designed to educate straight peo- day despite being approved for "I would certainly imagine that if
ple about gays. posting. the person were caught, they would be
Advertise in Campus Corner, The Daily Pennsylvanian's special advertising section There have been dozens of similar "I almost get cynical sometimes — charged with violating the
incidents in the past. During Lesbian when posters are still up, they're not guidelines," Walker said.
reserved for SAC-recognized organizations. Published every Monday, Campus Corner is Walker, who serves as an open ex-
in | visible enough place," Weisen
the most cost- effective way to publicize your organization's activities. Because the ads said. pression monitor, said that this pro-
are grouped together, your ad won't be lost— and DP readers turn to this page every He added that ripping down posters blem has been going on for years, ad-
week for the latest in auditions, performances, meetings, etc. is the most common form of physical ding that vandals have never been
harassment against gays and lesbians, caught.
ft although he said that verbal abuse is a "It's the same as writing racist slurs
To make advertising more affordable to SAC groups with small budgets, the DP offers more common form of abuse. on walls," Walker said. "As long as
Campus Corner advertisers a rate nearly 25 percent off the regular University rate. College sophomore Darren you can't pinpoint the person, all you
Rosenblum, an LGAP member, said can do is educate people."
ApanW V jnC. last night that poster vandalism is also She said that catching the violators
a problem nationwide. is difficult without the University
"It's part of life," Rosenblum said. becoming too much of a police state,
He also said that the posters cause adding that students must look out
Campus Corner allows you to reach over 34,000 students, faculty and staff more
Cordially incites the particular problems because they are for the problem.
effectively than with a poster on a kiosk! the main mode of communication bet- "The bottom line is people have got
Faculty and Staff ween LGAP and the University to watch out on behalf of other
of community. students," she added.
The University
2 columns x 5 inches Regularly $55 $40 of Pennsylvania
Quotation of the Day
2 columns x 3 inches Regularly $33 $25 to an investment 'The thing that we're facing here

seminar on is that the system we've installed
is not designed to be used the way
Advertising deadline. Thursday. 3 pm. Ads available only in it's being used. We may have to
"Market Timing - a The
two sizes above. Ads must be text only; no photos or artwork. Dally rethink the use of the turnstile, or
please. SA C-funded groups can he hilled through their Office reasonable alternative Pannsylvanian we may have to go to a manual
of Student Life account. to CREF - in times of button rather than have the card
market uncertainty" EXPLOSIVE reader do it.'
— George Koval, the director of
The Daily
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Thursday, December I, 1988 The Daily Pennsylvaaian Page 3

Fels Center grads say program's Off the Beat
unique approach spells success proach to Philadelphia's Public Safety Department's
One University graduate program has boasted customer relations problem.
classrooms filled with students as diverse as Philadelphia As part of a class project, the four students devised a
Mayor Wilson Goode and college "concert" violinists. solution that was comprised of one large project involving
The University Fels Center of Government, touted by some real-life conflict within Philadelphia city govern-
students and employers as "one of a kind in the nation," ment. The city's Public Safety Department is now im-
prepares sludcnts for government positions and has pro- plementing the Fels students award-winning plan
duced well-known graduates like Goode and State Senator Students and graduates of the Fels Center are not the
Chaka Fattah. only ones who laud the center. Employers who regularly
The program began in 1937 as a opportunity for hire Fels graduates for internships and full-time jobs also
students to earn a master's degree or MBA in Govern- recognize the program's quality.
ment. In 1947, the degree was changed to an MGA, a title "They have a good understanding of what are the issues
unique to the center and one which quickly distinguished that are at stake," said Mary Anne Hunter, the director of
Fels graduates. planning for the Philadelphia Streets Department. "They
Founded by a philanthropist, Samuel Fels of are eager for direct practical experience."
Philadelphia, the center prides itself in giving students an But the strongest praise for the center comes from past
involved education that involves both the philosophical students.
and the practical sides of government, said James Spady, Jim Mazur, the project manager for the Greater
the director of the Fels Center. Philadelphia Economic Development Coalition, who is
Spady said that the center offers students a different also a Fels graduate, said that the program taught him
kind of education which involves them in real-life situa- management as a political art, technical skills and career
tions, doing real work instead of concentrating on management, which gave him and other graduates a
classroom teaching through textbooks. framework through which to look at the world.
According to Spady, the unusual and effective combina- And Donna Cooper, a graduate whose background
tion of hands-on experience and instruction in the includes organizing a disarmament rally in New York
necessary technical areas such as accounting and and being named by Philadelphia Magazine as "One of
budgeting, makes Fels graduates highly desirable to the People to Watch" in 1985, said the center prepared ;t«v.n bavtft/Daily Pennsytvanian
employers for both internships and jobs across the her well to take on her position as executive director of Members of the a cappella group will perform this Saturday in the Gold Standard. Perfor-
country. the mayor's office of community services. mances are at 7:30 and 10 p.m.
One indicator of the program's success is the recent '' It gave me a more pragmatic perspective on how to ac-
naming of Fels students Stacey Guckes, Tom Flynn, complish change," Cooper said. "It gave me the con-
Maureen Lane and Lorianne Zielinski as recipients of the fidence to analyze documents that are always used by the
I iberty Bell award for their design of a two-pronged ap- powers that manipulate public resources."
Baby, I'm a Star
The Performing Arts on Campus Film foundation casts for movie auditions. amazing.
the Houston Hall auditorium. By MATT Mil k
Music • The Annennerg Center and Philadelphia Festival
Already on its way to becoming the "It's a very different way for so- Since last spring, when Karz
• Tomorrow night the UaJveraley Symphony Or- first group to produce a Hollywood- meone to get involved in the arts," established the foundation, the group
for New Plays continues performances of the Rabbit Karz said. "Our schedule is not going has acquired thousands of dollars in
chestra will present works by Beethoven and Kurt style motion picture in the Univer-
Foot in the Harold Prince Theatre through Sunday. to be as intense as a play would be." free equipment and has raised over
Weill. The concert is free of charge and will be per- sity's history, the Penn Film Founda-
Tickets are available in the Center box office. College senior Ivan Abrams, one of $5000. Additionally, the group has
formed at the Church or the Saviour, 38th and tion will soon be recruiting rising stars
Chestnut streets at 8 p.m. • The Philadelphia Drama Guild will continue for its upcoming film. (he film's directors, said last night enlisted the talents of several top
• Concluding the rail Concerts and Croissants series showings of An American Journey this weekend in With the help of top Hollywood that the group chose the film because Hollywood producers, including 20th
at the University Museum will feature Sharon Levin the Annennerg Center's Zellerbach Theatre. Tickets producers, the film foundation last it offers the filmmakers a wide range Century Fox President Leonard
and Karen Stern on the flute and harp. The concert are available in the Center box office. week chose the script. Back to of creative opportunities, since the Goldberg, for its Board of Advisors.
begins at 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Tickets, which include
breakfast, are $11 ($8 for students).
Film Boston, and will hold auditions this
weekend. Foundation officers
script calls for only three locations.
"It's not a sci-fi thriller." Abrams
The group also boasts over 100 stu-
dent volunteers — many more than
•The Neighborhood Film/Video Project has a
• The a cappeUa troupe Off the Beat performs this selected lhe script from a choice of IS said. "The really important thing is any of the founders had expected —
number of events planned for this weekend. Tomor- who will take part in everything from
Saturday evening at the Gold Standard. The group entries in its campus-wide screen- going to be the acting, so it can lend
row at 4 p.m. the National Latino Film and Video acting to marketing.
will have two shows at 7:30 and 10 p.m. writing competition. itself to a very creative film style."
Festival begins and will feature various artists and The screen tests will begin Saturday
• The The University Wind Ensemble, which is con- films through December 8. Saturday'evening at 8 Like everything else that the film Although foundation officers said
ducted by music director Claude White will perform a foundation does, the 10-minute screen that they plan to revise the script, the afternoon in Houston Hall.
p.m.. filmmaker Kay Armatage will be speak prior to story focuses on a relationship bet- Foundation officers expect to
program featuring works by John Philip Sousa, Ernst the presentation of two of her films Speak Body and test will be run "like a Hollywood
Krenek and others. The concert will be performed in studio." Auditioneis will rehearse ween a man and a woman. release the film by late April.
Artist on Fire. More information is available at the College senior Leslie Ann Myrow, Next semester, the foundation will
the Church of the Saviour at 8 p.m. International House, 37th and Chestnut streets. and perform scenes from the script as
directors evaluate their performances author of Back to Boston, said last hold an Ivy League scriptwriting com-
895-6542. petition. Karz said that several profes-
Drama •The University Museum will show the film Amaz-
ing Grace and Chuck at 10:30 a.m. Saturday
on videotape.
Film foundation founder Michael
night that she is excited about the
project. sional producers have indicated that
• Qmdramle* continues performances of Fifth of Karz said last night that he expects a "I've always wanted to be a they would produce the winning
July this weekend. Performances begin at 8 p.m. in morning. writer," she said. "It's going to be script.
large turnout at the weekend

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40IS Wdnul SUM) ikwuuui

ATION For more information School. Evarrta Ml not be accepted by CHRIST'S AMBASSADORS (CHI All welcome. with editors from Oxford. In conjunction sored by Penn African Students the general meeting All welcome' So you wanna be a communicator? HRE 8 00pm FREE LUNCHTIME COMPUTER KITE AND KEY Elections this Sun.m -2 a. So why jeopardize your score? Call today: 222-1069. room 305 p. oa The Orary flann»)*«nian OUVERTURE VOUS INVITE a speak about and defend Chrias Franklin was one of the first women to graduate from released from the Hospital of the University of Penn- avaa the nght to ad* Campus son Happy Hour jeudi a 17 heures tianity in appropriates forums Call berg in concert movie shown 6pm in the Bowl Room Houston Hall Harvard Business School in 1964. 4 30-6 00 p. to ensure balance. the section editors and editorial Association Friday 2 December SEMINAR File Management Well. SH/DH 217 dents ol science or engineering.) Take the exam in February. Franklin said yesterday that she is "honored to be considered. 2nd Flo. Gerb- MAN to discuss "Negotiating with broader market indices A good January. are invited to a reception on Sun- nut St. rm 301 For info. 7:30 pm welcome All are Intercultural Center (37th and Communications is a new discipline. a passenger on the motorcycle. it will be harder. Second floor. K3LESIAS? Nosotros Tampoco' The articles were extensively cross-referenced and an 243-5221 lor details to Tobia Worth. in mlo. call and perception are covered in the volumes. 4-Spm in GSE D-45 progressive music are watooine Claude White. NEED MORE THAN A mindless meeting Free popcorn. and am ing 5-6 30pm. Houston Hall Info leading U.Thursday. Hous related social and psychological behaviors like cognition MEETING 8 pm Phitomalhean against the use of overly technical language. 243-5242 or 730pm Forsyth film "Local Hero" on Christian Association Lounge. Frustrated? Come to the DP! tion session on Thurs Dec 1. is being collected at Hillel. Dec 1st. the reference set is intended for use by university discipline is a definition.VF. ALL SAS STUDENTS Talk to toral ' and "Overture to Prom STUDENTS INTERVIEWING 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm at Greenfield Dean Sonnenschein on Thursdays etheus". lust begun pouring in. December 1. writers were given a guide advising them Thursday 7 30 p. Top Lounge Third World 49th and day December 6th at 7 pm in the board members outlined articles with certain authors in PENNSYLVANIA INVESTMENT (MAC) Noon. December 3rd We Communications encyclopedia ready for release at start of next semester will ba held Thursday 1st Oecem.15-7 45 pm Hall Into 896-5270 All welcome1 896-5270 Popcorn and soda free Monday through Friday Campus Duncan Lounge English House Company. Penn-. dial. Christian As. Gay*. board games pro- vided Chnstian Association lobby at 4:30 SH/DH room 217 reception following will be holding an open informa. BISEXUALS. Penn Extension. published by the University in FELLOWSHIP large group meet. 38th and Chestnut 898-6244 Alumni Hall. 73 on your AM THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY the resume writing workshop on _____ questions. CPPS was accepted by the Board of Trustees in 1982. The dean added that communications- the Soviets. "The WHARTON ENTREPRENEURIAL "Foreign Affairs " board also searched for a co-publisher. Fane of ska. Hous. cards. after graduating from sylvania on October 6. The one thing that establishes a THE ARAB STUDENTS ASSOClJ cyclopedia's editorial board and dean of the Annenberg day see first complete show and plan tor nent weak AH are Stetanie 662-5688 and Professional Students meet- ing Friday. the encyclopedia's editorial director. 22-1917 Gerbner said that the "best available people" were AFRICA UNITY PARTY spon. Sheraton Center.6 30 pm info? Can 3*416 administration as commissioner and vice-chairman of and injured another more than two months ago. produced in part by University professors $3 00 Everyone welcome Articles include definitions of standard "codes and termine the fate ol the portfolio store) Call for more and co-published by the University." Gerbner called the publication of the encyclopedia a son This is material aioVhurncsn 4 30. New weekly meetings every Thursday at 7 30 p. especially A CHERA . following floor 3601 Locust Welcome By AMY SII.S. tions welcome Because the encyclopedia was designed as a basic Annenberg School dean PRAYER in the style of Tsize soul mates. is on a Republican National Convention.m. 7:00 P. Charles E Chase hosted by the dotlung to the CA or Penn Exten Wharton Entrepreneurial dub at Locust Walk in Israel (summer. accor- no charge lo •mhonzed Owarsay come! New committee members the Consumer Products Safety-Commission. and the Christian Association for local dis tribution. according to Worth. and EXTRA CLOTHING? Please bring pamca Ven Tu Tambten' Modern the editorial board spoke to experts in various com. sponsored by Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Political LGAP PENN POLITICAL UNION Gen. presents Beeth LATINO FESTIVAL Planning oven's Symphony No 6 "Pas- Committee meeting." and "Rumor. CENDED Masters. Houston HaH Boexuals. she Police are conlinuing the search for the operator of a UnvsrMy of P«nn»ylvani». LESBIANS. Page 4 The Dail) Peansylvaaiaa Thursday. Thursday. and ORCHESTRA conducted by December 1.m This Thurs- Many positions available For more into call Chris 896-2547 or LESBIAN AND GAY GRADUATE According to George Gerbner. professors and high school seniors. all wel. 1988. . Evanta according to space a la salle Smith Penmman de Jim GoeU at 387-0383 to make — Geoff Taubman Houston Hall arrangements Come one Come all. Oxford University Friday night 6:30 Hill House (not CLUB hosts Charles E Chase H*e<) Library Creative services in Press was chosen in 1983. ot nominations Campaign '88 has Trak '89. followed by the Bill Forsyth need all instruments as well as a PENN SCOTTISH SOCIETY will FILM NIGHT AT THE CA featuring musical director and assistant di movie "Local Hero" HRE snow the highly acclaimed Bill "Gospel Cotonas" video 7 pm. 7pm. before it changes. a past senior fellow and director of Science. 5 30 p m . 1206 SHDH conjunction with Oxford University Press. We provide personalized error analysis and individual THURSDAY.1988 tutoring. ca* 698-3330 896-7320 to check his availibility vior. contains over ing. With no prior version. encyclopedia's "intellectual structure. 1988 On Campus Wharton ft* m on list for cabinet post In Brief Barbara Franklin. Franklin College junior Patrick O'Donnell. Inc •Management Consultants* IN JUST 2 STEPS: 1. Straights. Chestnut) world. BLOOMERS BAND AUDITIONS' Saturday.m. sources close to President-elect George Bush told the Inquirer. concert video will be showing at government from 1971-73 as a White House assistant. he added.9 TEACHINGS OF THE AS Bishop White Room. DECEMBER 1. tions? call 243-4469 thing drive ber. HOUSTON HALL Benjamin Franklin Room DelOGGIO Second Floor LSAT flCHv€V6M6NT PROGRAM . INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN SOUTH ASIA SOCIETY invites aH ner explained. ding to an officer in the Philadelphia Police Accident In needed Please attend if inter. Events list of women being considered for a cabinet post in ihe Bush administration. and Fridays between 8 30-9 30am by Kurt Wsill Friday. junior Lynn Apicelli. B'nai B'nth. AH are welcome. an associate editor next summer a presentation by Scientists Unit. CLOTHING FOR KIDS. Free Church of the Sa. STUDENTS presenl AT' a film espresso alkxa venrte a carfare Before Franklin came to the University in 1979. businesses. 6-8 Private School Teaching Attend Houston Hall Come find out the details pm on WQHS. We II help you get your best results. reincar." "Insult. killing College swer M W Th 6. is set for release this AMBASSADOR MAX KAMPEL and its repercussions on the inlo-898-9085 modes" of communication. anew game Ques- winter wear. NY The board tried to elicit an international point of view in END OF THE-SEMEMSTER fessional Students Association in. Thursday 1st December. ALLIANCE invites members to de.'AA ~ ATION For more information please call Bilal at 243-5313 or ton Hall Bored? Read The DP! tion Thursday from 4pm to 7 p m in the Kile and Key office in AAAAAA THE KENNY DANCE Fadi al 569-1354 PREPARE YOUR RESUME tor The Daily Pennsylvanian — the answer to all your SHOW every Friday evening. Donation mind. 1st from 9-11 Call Mitch.) Take the DeLoggio Achievement BUSINESS ANALYST PROGRAM Program in January. also the Symphony No. eventa Latincs may ba maatd or ested or curious Info 696-5270 friends See Whoop. 2 WITH EXXON on Dec 5th and 6th Intercuflural Center." FIRESIDE FELLOWSHIP Join us Vice President college pro To Run by our fire Hot cider. Towne Building BOOST YOUR LSAT SCORE McKinsey & Company. laughter 6pm Bowl Rm. from 9am lo 5 p m Room. rector Call Heather. — Tina Goldberg Franklin has been mentioned to head the Department TODAY of Labor. sociation third floor Chapel ot ton Hall.m. the REFORM SHABBAT SERVICES 1/15/88 deadline CPPS books "Communications is a new discipline. We use only genuine LSAT materials. soda a LGAP meeting Fri 6pm Bowl license plates struck a 1986 Honda motorcycle at the in- myrvaman Buemeee Office.karma. LGAP office room show. There will be fewer total questions. an informal almoephere For into Your Own Business Next Summer cafl Ira 387-6105 MCKINSEY AND CO (Consulting) late. motorcyle suffered from fractures in the femur and was Houston Hall We are available lo WHOOP IT UP with Whoopi Gold- Associates. We even offer a homework hotline.m. said Larry Gross. Houston She has also served on the board of directors of several Waaxa Swat. according Gerbner. Hall Come vote for the new board munications." he said. interested in our two-year 2. June's LSAT will contain the first major changes in PRESENTATION & DISCUSSION basic contents and format since 1982. 7*9 3601 Locust Welcome 4-«:00 THE ARAB STUDENTS ASSOCI pm in Ben Franklin Room. prophecy and coming PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY reference tool. Lonely? Call the DP! KITE AND KEY election informa- i» •. 4015 workout9 Penn Karate is the an.RMAN recruited by the board as section editors. Friday Computing Ben Franklin Room of Houston The first-ever International Encyclopedia of Com- Baltimore 9 p." for the government post. in addition to classroom instruction. reggae. December 2. SOW 30 pm Por Eaa Nos Vemos Los Viemes A A "feasibility study" followed." THE BLACK GRADUATE and Pro. Please support this clo. tor more in 116 Collage Hall Please call 800pm. according to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday. day December 4.. Houston Hall AH sexual onenta Fadi al 569-1354 ECUMENICAL CONTEMPLATIVE nation. Jan 10. to Movie/Pizia Night on Sunday room 100 Tickets al room 101. in which members of analytic index was included at the end of the encyclopedia TO RUN YOUR OWN Business Las 4H Tertulia En La Casa His MAIMONIDES ENGINEERS. a white car with Pennsylvania placed «ipanon«l ThaOaryPan. 1969) for stu. work) changes Thursday. breathe easy.Goldberg's Whoopi's second live comedy Franklin recruited women for high-level jobs in second concert video at LGAP On September 24. (Laughter Bring sweats and high spirits tnfo guaranteed!) and owns a management consulting business. Dow Chemical and Westinghouse Electric. according to BASH tor members of the IAA al vites you to a "Happy Hour" at the Dec 15 For more info see Frmda The initial proposal for a communications encyclopedia the Gold Standard on December Italian Btstro-behind Ihe Shops al OUIERES ENTENDER A JULIO Seidman. con noi venerdi alia 4:30 caaa hit-and-run vehicle which killed one University student aomaum) be tr» UnvarMy by 243. Dec 2nd. h»o buanaaa days n ad. Police continuing search for driver as a pax) puUc aarvica of the WEEK planning committee meet. one thing that establishes a discipline is a definition. hot choco.m. We offer the best preparation for February s exam. munications room 111 Dec 2 ilahana MLCH 3960 Locusl Need served a six-year Presidential appointment in the Nixon 7h» Oarfy PanmyMWan Thar* a bians. Annenberg School of Com. "world-class sensation. 3706 Chest. Health and Human Services or Housing and CAMPUS EVENTS are »a«a da*y LESBIAN 4 GAY AWARENESS ASSOCIATION OF TURKISH VI PIACE CHIACHERE e bare del Urban Development.M." at Penn Law School time guaranteed for all 900 pm The four-volume set. please call Bilal at 242-5313 or George Gerbner welcome students. Resource Center (opposite Book. including Citibank. GAYS a WHOOPI GOLDBERG FANS iWiiaml (jroupt lor haanoa ol FREE vestigation Division.GENERAL ING of the Penn Scottish MEET- Society eral meeting! All must come1 8 30 p.m at the Greenfield Thursday December 1 4:00 pm 550 articles by communications experts throughout the 4 ATTENTION NEWSREEL STAFF PRODUCTION STAFF needed lor Theatre Arts Programs' Richard II east lounge. Friday Dec 2nd. spon- by any good quality lightweight Languages College House 3940 sor* summer internship program munications fields lo determine what Worth termed the and Annenberg School communications professor. including art and film. She was the national finance co-chairman for the Bush election campaign and one of the organizers of the the Wharton Government and Business Program. Hill upper Dec 4 al 5 p. cosmic dock astrology. the driver of the phone 25 word brat Deadkne 3 Deora 898-3406 ALPHA). Friday." relief for Nicaragua 3601 Locust During this planning period. Titles of the Reconciliation 3534631 Halls 4th Floor College Hall A Gerbner said that response to the brochure advertising Lit-ex 3 initiations and a whole lot ATTEND 3RD ANNUAL Career) the volumes has been positive and advance orders are now selections include "Comics. Les.11 Resume deadiinel selecting writers from around the world. there's no way to accurately predict the actual distribution of scores. in the Law School Today! Nominations lor elections and Quagmire. Singer tersection of 42nd and Spruce Streets. For all 1988 graduating seniors All these uncertainties can be avoided by taking the LSAT in February. chairman of the en.

of Brer Rabbit and Lovesong: ministrative assistant post with then. according to police. ly. We just city police. who is currently a Court hearings. He added that he is Provost Michael Aiken said yester- authored several books. Jordan also said that her office is P£RKS YOU Museum Director Dyson said last unaware of reaction from any of the UP FAST night that while the added security several Rodin museums worldwide measures remain confidential.000 and the statuette is worth Museum spokesperson who called the between $30.Y0U LOSE crystal ball from China and a 20-inch That's why he did it in the daytime — statuette of the ancient Egyptian god he would have never gotten in here at Oairis were stolen from the University night. which Robert Dyson. Attorney's Office spokesper- statement that Stevens "has brought a Alan Berkowitz. wearing ladelphia's Rodin Museum marks the jeans. play which delivers fragmented characters who are to white sensibilities. Caffedrine s maximum-strength formula is museum.S. The suspect left the main gallery. speaks yesterday in Houston Hall about probably meet next week to decide are not kept confidential. University and her colleagues. said that during three promote the area's development. minutes before the 5 p. an don't know." sons participating in tenure decisions teaching and research to solving com. historically. Although the premise carries a certain social import.' refuted the University's claims that with portions blotted out are often serious. bronze head by renowned French The robber was described as a white sculptor Auguste Rodin from Phi. Lee. Tamu Gray as the central character. really. He Last week's robbery of a 12-inch grabbed the mask and fled. Rodin Museum falls victim to major theft By CHERYL FAMILY then produced two sets of handcuffs aid NEIL SCHUR and shackled the three together. Stevens served as Yale Univer. Barney Frank." yesterday that the administration will Philadelphia appeals court decision Jews in American History. The result is a By packaging this important story in a play which caters with blue hair. tenure review materials will become discoverable if a charge of discrimina. extremely demanding role. He work' he ever did. The mask is valued at more than $75. blue. "The man was shooting a gun." organization which deals with interna. handcuffed three has not implemented any additional unarmed guards and lifted Rodin's Mask of the Man With the Broken Nose from its stand before fleeing. An American Journey is based on the true story of John authorial dictums. The play skillfully handles lime in a unique way nal stress. adding author Italo Calvino. must contemplate the possibility that purpose. Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. robbery "a terrible loss. Sylvia. choose Caffedrine. Philadelphia area museums. the suspect plans to do with the stolen art security director for the Rodin work.' and also conveys much of the resulting inter. People grew to trust her fuse tense and trouble." . "I think it may be a rash — a most unpleasant one that frightens us ggsss 8 security measures. Unfortunately. award* for his teaching and has 1984. there and added that museum visitation has •4T-« have been no additional thefts. from page I to hear tenure review case of WEPIC. document today. Thankful. For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide. Annenberg Center through December 18. You can't combat that. such a strategy might be The truth — and the problem — is (hat tbey siill mre. a visiting professor from Stanford Berkowitz added that justices will of the letter. 36th St. increased significantly since the The Rodin incident occurred a few occurrence. "It's anybody's suspect — one a few hours after the guess. "I don't know that there's any way The guards helped police to prepare to come to that conclusion |of a trend) two composite drawings of the really." Political drama ambitious but hindered by writing By GREG BREDBECK family finally is awarded SI million in punitive damages. good intentions are not Theatre.000. December I. tion. most likely. It is a chance for a and uses the flexibility of the stage to draw parallels bet. absolute and can be infringed upon of her commitment to outreach on the whole notion of students and faculty when legislation serves a legitimate part of the University. In- creased security just wouldn't matter." did not recognize the suspect. and then re-entered a moment later seriously. Robert Harrison." Letter has received numerous Before arriving at the University in reply to the Justice Department's will stand. gray third art theft in two weeks from tweed overcoat. a Rodin $200. Joseph Watkins." Dyson said. change. working a university uses the peer review tion at this time. the courts have found in favor of production of peer review information. the performance allows white au- sometimes people. an adjunct associate pro." Newberg said. is a drama in the 'white-liberal guilt' tradition of backward. Museum. He said it was •the first serious piece of modeling DON'T CRASH AND BURN. but seldom does so with more 'white terms. the president's assistant for minority most of these cases. in the Hillel Foundation Stevens said that she will miss the University. University Mu: :um." the courts of appeals is the document states. prejudice the integrity of the process. The story is recounted by the victim's sister. agreed. that whites. "I never had the sense that she was Attempting to appease the EEOC interested in ritual." incident and then a more accurate one Police said that last Wednesday on Friday. Thursday. But the EEOC has maintained that records The government agency also that the University was indeed some situations. security guards and a custodial Thinker. men in tweed suits and mainliners — the if televised. said last night that Stevens "Any conflict among the courts of appeals is not so pressing as to require * Any conflict among played a large role in the development munity problems. a all of her work at Penn. not so pressing as to re- Julius Lester tion this semester. employment decision. closing time She noted that the Mask'i When falling asleep could mean falling behind. side job.000. black history with an understanding of the pressures caus. and forget why this very good set is painted a very bad color: teal the difference of the black experience. is the type of docudrama which. exciting." she said." don't know. In the hands of the Drama Guild it is merely Performancea of An American Journey continue at (he Sylvia." Harkavy added. the FBI and lnterpol. man in his early to mid-20s. YOU SN00ZE. the University indicates that the crime was not an in- Museum's director. Only the gunman. be public. "We really "We do not think there's a link. The only mystery is The real problem facing this play is the writing. should be given an opportunity to document last night and was unavailable for discover them to demonstrate that the the University of Maasachussetts comment. according to museum of- ficials. from page I case is pending but would not release Newberg. "This mask wasn't the most impor- tant piece. in. tant theater. in tant to decide to leave the administra. per. Education.. the strongest is Lex Monson. who relentlessly pursues the incident until her ed by changes any family undergoes. the theater condenses it to two hours. the University has sug- change and developing relationships gested releasing the Hies with certain that were productive between the behind the scenes to dif. John Erickson. will apeak at the high level of energy and creativity to University today on "Blacks and is handling the University's case. and sometimes mouthpieces for diences to leave this play saying. None of the four deeply. impact white consciousness — plays like A Raisin in the Daniel Boylen's set — a single room with movable walls Sun. Dr. but he said in a prepared and currently a Jewish Studies decision was pretextual. Security Director Erickson said that But investigators said there is no although a robber might attempt to evidence that the Rodin theft is linked sell the work to art lovers or at an auc- to the recent robberies at the Universi. the attorney who son Mark Weaver said yesterday that professor there. a former Afro. whether or not to hear the case. He could hold up Fort Knox with a gun. the guards to gather in one place. three famous works Gates of Hell and The time-released to keep you alert for four hours. it would building at 202 S. 1988 The Daily Peaaiylvaalaa Pa Stevens resigns post to take Author.m. safely. he has in the programs that we've developed ment right to academic freedom is not been "very impressed with the depth point in the future. which the Philadelphia Drama Playwrights Kermit Frazier and John Leicht present this Krause captures the tensions exerted on white people to and should be applauded for attempting socially impor- Guild opened last night in Annenberg's Zellerbach story through a series of time cuts. white sneakers and a long. an academically-based CASE. both forward and 'ad white. evaluations to justify an unfavorable Justice Department Julius Lester. On November 11. Similarly. evening a man in his mid-20s fired a Erickson noted that the museum warning shot. reasoning that if quire the Court's atten- to speak today presence. D. ween idiomatic dialects and lyric polemics. it is difficult to know what a ty Museum. "If the letters The speech is scheduled for 4 p. has been on a leave of absence since September. "There is no increased security. enough to make good theater." stolen artworks has been recovered. and with no stomach upset. of Community-Oriented Policy Studies. said if the court does not hear the case. Continuously.C. the The Toilet — consciously confront white audiences with correct drama before a mostly white audience. A less distinguished performance is delivered by the The real problem of An American Journey is that it at- ween the very racist 1950s South and the supposedly less lead. The crystal ball is valued at And Barbara Jordan." Ralph Smith useless. program which University students any further information about fessor in the Graduate School of The Justice Dtparment has said and West Philadelphia students to that faculty who fill out peer reviews scheduled meetings. They could keep it for Erickson said.' The most noteworthy black drama to really Review This unique time structure is enhanced by designer than simple confidence. Caffedrine keeps you sharp employee remained in the building. a 55-pound security measures." he said." Kathy Arberg said yesterday that the as far as we have. a theft which "It's hard to say if it's a trend.9 with President-elect George Bush. -DenHLasko "this is a place that I have so much U. language works against this by constantly vacillating bet- This is the type of play that appeals mostly to women The story. Stevens is Hackney's second assis. ball besides make a bowling ball out of it?" Erickson asked. In addition. he fired a warning shot and ordered represented his work. while retaining some measure of con- i "She was genuinely interested in real She was able to work tion is made. distracting. His Bell." said last In addition. she held an ad. He added that the security guards tional art theft. in the 22nd Street and the Parkway significance ranks right after the more the natural caffeine stimulant. in 1958." Museum. deserve to feel guilt. director of the Office Associate Law School Professor case to finally settle the issue. the case. as it is told. or mostly white production company to perform politically." U. faces an tempts to express the 'black experience' too much in racist 1960s North. the Supreme Court should hear the Ira Harkavy. the story of his Massachusetts stale representative large number of requests for Supreme any letter that a person writes could Adam Lavy/Daity Pennsylvanian conversion to Judaism." she prompted officials to close Ihe Museum in an effort to upgrade added. identity remains protected. Mark Metcalfs portrayal of patrolman Louis Director John Dillon has high goals in this production An American Journey. the plantiff American Studies professor at Hackney was in Washington. would take five consecutive nights. "He felt it pointing a revolver at the guard. and that cannot fidentiality. it will affect the frankness Democratic congressman. Next." he said. that represents all times and all places. Author Supreme Court asked not position at urban council STEVENS." the department said in a document submitted to the Supreme portions deleted so that the authors' University and different aspects of the community. on November 18. The Justice Department's docu- years of working with Stevens on the should understand that their identities "She has really helped enormously or letters mav be made public at some ment asserts that the First Amend- public schools collaborative. sity's director of community and state optimistic that the Court will consider day that it is crucial that the reviews cluding The Further Adventures relations. "Moreover. good things aren't that bad anymore!" Among the players.S Supreme Court spokesperson That is the reason we have taken this respect and affection for. but Rodin took this piece when you need to keep on cramming. in West Philadelphia and with the "If they are aware of the law. STAY UP AND LEARN. Court. said yesterday that he does "What would they do with a crystal not believe that the thefts are related. "We're working with iheir own collection. prediction is impossible because of the "If you make the assumption that Becoming a Jem.000 and $45. sell it. although he said that a remain confidential.m. a Sri night that the incident was Lankan mask was stolen from ihe unprecedented. the Court's attention at this time. "Isn't it sort of crowd the Drama Guild usually attracts. a black man shot and killed by the Milwaukee police portrayal of the elderly Dock Bell intermingles a sense of In the hands of master artists.

we do not feel thai the Residential Living The University is committed to appearance of a single ad. and not just by the adminisiration. to make everything all better. including towards times that were not so considered a public or a private institution. Surely this is too much. December 21. Any ABOUT HIS mew Y0UN0P0N additional material is encouraged. and more. situations are allowed lo continue. wring hands which is reviewing the alcohol policy.I HNMIK GREG STONE. We emphasize. along with the so we repeatedly see films and ads of get better. 34TH STREET EDITOR so great. keep the campus safe. a manual security Residential Living Bloom County/Berke Breathed Column Applications I The Daily Pennsylvanian is currently accepting applications for columnists for the Spring MHO He LOOKS 1988 semester Anyone from ihc University community is eligible. No doubt our intrepid administrators will be able convincing argument to show why this is necessary. What is cenain is lhal next year's editor will be looking for columnists who can produce quality work on a consis- tent basis Applicants should make every effort to convey this in the application. residue in a pipe? What if they had found a the current situation. Times are too The preliminary that the committee. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR election were these issues so conscien- ANDREW REISS.-->--l . bi-weekly. "mainstream"? fortable. however. majority is conservative. byist benefits from breaking the line between protec. or both. CURTIS MYERS database. but by the media is skeptical. What are those fundamental beliefs? We don't community trust — for Public Safety. real question is why the administration — with the Some try to look for villains or also goes a long way towards explain. Does that mean that the police should not There are a number of problems intertwined. In several of these stories. If someone tion's total lack of participation in STEVEN BUSSEY observes a lapse in security. Any questions about the application process should be addressed to Andrew Chaikiv- sky. look There is hope in a growing activism. ble and the U. There can be no absolute rule man. ween both parties. those in power. The current hoard of editors will not be making the decisions. Sigma Delta Theta ly. Il breakdown. There may be the tragedy of loo little. and an a growing realization lhal Daddy is back in a situation in which mistakes understandable status quo. present situation. recent articles and editorial regar. ty. thus providing an addi- will one generic "party plan" be acceptable for all clude a keg ban and to make Residential Advisors the lack of concern and considera- tion demonstrated by the Universi. Legislators. seems to be the prevailing attitude toward the place A clear distinction can and should be made. Columnists will be notified in January. The administration has yet to make a ty of Pennsylvania faculty and ad. and that is why the crisis for us. Deadline for applications is Wednesday. In and suggestions for our system so of black Greeks on its low priority most cases. And if she was a Public Safety officer. ting and harassing students. sion of a keg. CREDIT MANACI R DALE MAZER. stances. The issue here is not the keg itself. yet we What is at issue is whether any evidence uncovered hollowed-out dictionary full of cocaine? What if simultaneously want to rush in. and we welcome comments on University has placed the concerns which responds immediately. editorial page editor. professors occupying an office. of security — the electronic car- have. while they also Andrew Miller is a third-year fit t> and if the students present the administration with a state. general line of legal opinion has been that the finding a half-empty keg — from legitimate and thai will cause them their career. This has been most recent. 34TH STREET FEATURE EDITOR KRISTEN CONAHAS PRODI CTON MANAO k PATRICIA WITKIN. When before. FINANCE MANAGER for action. Because fear is un. It is therefore in the best interests of both civil For those who are still in. P«ge 6 The Dmil> Pennsylvanian Thursday. and it is not the look admiringly and gratefully student in American Civilization. drink beer from kegs if the students can prove that What we are facing is a dangerous return to in ly uninterested. Our three-tiered system cern which the University claims to ding residential security. justified to go beyond whai state law dictates to im. to engage in more thought and find adults becoming children again — or OK. communication and improve rela. will recom. The of students at the University. HAS At/YMPY CatSVBXBP K Ffcr i mm UKE tMYOSOJlW There is no formal application. But Not Old Enough the adults go back and actually repair past mistakes. plan for the event. PHOTOGRAPHI Ii'iion AUXANDERSUTTON. typed and double-spaced. what exactly would constitute a cepted and should establish clear penalties for "plan?" Would it include a list of those checking violators. And quite dropping out that may not allow been. Whether columns will be weekly.ernciuated not just by the who arc misleading the media. or policy goes beyond what is legally necessary to in. holding — "middle class" is a well as all the other rights guaranteed by the residences for the most trivial offenses: stolen street topics — mighl mean lost chances. complete with time slots from 10:30 and attorneys agree that this would be enough to To the Editor: p. themes be included in the plan? How about describ. tactics that play on fear. cox* AMecne The cover letter should be no more than three pages. the mechanical turnstile We feel this reception was the Living does everything in its power and gate and the visual check — ideal opportunity for the ad. are willing to give a little Teflon to would "take charge" for us. In some cases. It is not the politicians afraid and look lo blame those involv- over 84. The answer and relax. Being average and fine is unaccep- sibilities of authority. dropping back in. Kappa Alpha Psi marshal. That is why both presiden. Those who arc insecure but whatever the future brings. for the ed in recent change. who don't feel threatened. That means that Public ethical police concerns. ing to protect their residence not just from burglars ones to have to deal with it or face it. even though the but also from Public Safety. they would be so entangled in Fourth ed opportunity and heightened com. These constitutional issues make for fine legal signs. for • liberty and criminal deterrence — not to mention (here is also a constant insecurity. MANAGING EDTTOII and underemployment. too urgent to continue a narcissistic presented lo a public lhal seems large.i. or we dating that police will see no evil and hear no evil just try to be quiet and lie low and Safety should have been going through fraternity hope things will seem belter in the houses. and the intent is to while securing residences. vice to the University community. PRODUCTION MANAGER Unless Protection and Privacy Otherwise She came in through the bathroom window. President. the black Greeks. DOUGLAS KREMER. Public Safety could harass — and "wasted" and "frivolous" tial candidates were not especially ap. repair of any breakdowns in its ty in residences than ever provided Our attempi lo open the lines of mechanical security systems. al least wishing to — where they are for reassurance. and why vast numbers of people dangerously attracted to (hose who possibly. EXECUTIVE EnrroR (II ARIES COHEN. this current identity dilemma. Amendment considerations that the case would be petition like these. or what dates and President. SALES MANAOIK ROBIN FIELDS. why the many current scandalous short term. However. Monday to Friday. that same day. ministration towards black DONNA BRYAN All systems are checked regular- Greeks. immediate gratification and wish things were different.-. Al least. [heir campus address and telephone number.. at 898-7333 or 511 and report it immediately. The issue is much more and so we look for Daddy. Students are much less able now than enter residences at all? That would needlessly im. why Ronald Reagan has threatened category — and we are Constitution. It is their policy to do so. We. an attitut' . The center is not Without such a rule. MARKETING DIKI-CH >K BETH REINHARD. ly.S. It is the frightening. the problem is repaired as to provide the best possible ser- agenda. They are not going to take care of the current will not wreck a career or imperil a the majority now. until 3 a.. cor- porate and governmental — ROBERT PASNAU. each Penncard visually. The separate pointless invasions of privacy — such as Everyone is worried about the misstep all sorts of shocking scandals. cluding an inattentive security Bodek Lounge. however. ASSOCIATE SPORTS EDITOR MA UREEN DEI ANY. the Office of Student Life was in attendance. Mt . and mend allowing young adults at the University to pose restrictions on the social life of students. Bui that does not stop many cil's Student Affairs Committee failed. state liquor control officers Black Greeks reason that we expect reciproca- tion for the administration's system is still in place. it informs the Depart. radicalism and change to occupy the center — and negative rights that do not come from the Constitution but ever be able lo re-enter the are provinces of (he confidently com. she would Finding a keg in a fraternity shouldn't really Andrew have found herself in a fraternity. December I. tional level of security to the visual weekend parties? Should the lights stay on? police officers. the current alcohol Theta sorority and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. we do not want to be the this one instance. Panic buttons are checked dai- ly exemplified in the administra. and staff. if Public Safety ever found something wor. and the very uncomfortable or table when things feel so unstable. . the student life committee did not media that is duping the public. Instead. renting property from the University. is truly in decline. hCGENr SCAVOLA.999 percent of those present are of legal age. Bear with our asking. Security marshals arc instructed lo check identification. locoparentis. or anyone All around us we see evidence of Public Safety could not just simply forget these in. The 104th Year of Publication main issues of debt — private. at least for the lime being. for towards those who are not afraid or Unless Otherwise appears Thursdays. comfortable. and early success. COPY DESK EDITOR tiously avoided? KENSCHEER. she or he should call Although Kim Morrisson from Public Safety. is not known. The Department of Residential dreader. stable tradition. It is within is not working. And that is exactly what concerns us about the some answers. The underlying fear of the future too late. pose by chance during a routine security check can be us. NEWS EDITOR other pressing social problems cry out STACYASHER. someone keg ban is foolish.ASSOC BUSINESS MANA< I K ALAN AXELROD. as denial. in- the reception held Tuesday in President. they were 10 years ago to have fun Wusfalion by Rico K»nth»tham/Daily Pennsylvanian First. Nonconformity guidance. affiliation with the University.? Will party decorations and As representatives of Alpha negligence. chronic unemployment JAY BEGUN. we are appalled al Alpha Kappa Alpha card is active on the University plans. . (hough the Old. A writing FzeuNbnsinvf BIT LIKE A ^ ABSOLUTELY' sample — preferably iwo sample columns about 500 words in length — it also required. ADVERnsiNGDlREi INK PAUL HERMAN. drugs. residents.m. entire community. ASSOCIATE EXECUTIVE EntTOR homelessness. for whom things can only only the "best" are sure to survive. pollution and numerous ANDREW CHAIKIVSKY. Nor is the issue whether Public complicated. We are no are making an effort. More and more people lifestyle. ches to press charges against a fraternity for posses. shock anyone. and will there be penalties for plagiarism. to facilitate the fastest possible provides a greater degree of securi- ministration to show its support. ASSOCIATE: SPORTS EDITOR I think ihc answer lies in fear as well PAMELA MIGNONE. this is the kind of trivial situation in I Miller • which no one but the University's Harrisburg lob- While students may want to leap at the Depart. have when a pan musi be ordered. milk crates and shopping carts. Bui the do not warn to face the scary dark. everyone's individual responsibili- continues lo be apparent that the ment of Residential Maintenance.. Alpha Phi on the term "furnish. or "find themselves. i. will one Liberalism. To the Editor: making its resideniial facilities safe ministrator — who arrived late — I am writing in response to your environments for students. 1988 Conservatism and Fear It is hardly new or original lo say The Independent Newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania thai these are unsettled limes. find it possible to protect the University legally The term "young adult" is perfect because thai without treating students like wards. mistake lhal mighl close the door to and is looking for strong and sure ty and nostalgia for a mythically Safety can forget about the Fourth Amendment as competitive success. it made an honest attempt to increase takes longer. the majority thai is insecure and afraid Thus. SPORTS EDITOR KIM HULT. does the Constitution even apply to the pede the department from doing its job. In times of narrow." Alpha fraternity. thrown into doubt. BUSINESS MANAGES violence. If the problems are insolu- ment of Public Safety for using routine security sear. President. ASSOCIATE EDITOR JON WIIMER. stability.m. to ensure safeguard the University from legal penalties based that the person and the ID match. faculty is an indication of the genuine con. Delta Sigma ERMA TOLLIVER The cardreader then "reads" the ing what music will be played. we live in a time of conformi- University is a private actor. of us from trying. We are debate. students should then we don't want lo know about it. urgency of numerous problems is cer- tainly daunting to any optimism. We longer comfortable enough for liberalism. Kappa Alpha sorority. once oul. and why are we not doing JOHN PEYTON. but not required. clue. lo answer all these questions. University Coun. We are afraid to be adults. support of a University Council committee — feels some son of conspiracy lo explain ing the current obsession with the dangerous to stand still. Alpha Phi Alpha check. but technical interpretations of the law unattracted to candidates — who try should not obscure the rights of the community — thwhile. even when a turnstile Associate Director. from our fundamental beliefs about the respon. a pealing. The line is delicate. ART DIRECTOR DAVIDLASKO. Applicants Mm should include their name. Few would dispute the What if Public Safety had found marijuana afraid to have to hold responsibility in legitimacy of that concern. however. know. SKOAL PROJECTS EDITOR o MARGOTKAHN. the issue of concern is broader than think twice before being appalled at the idea of hav. and at this lime il is not certain who will. while others just have the "won'l grow up" mentality. GIGI SIMrONh awareness and understanding bet. EDITORIAI PAC. Penncard to determine whether the other guests will be invited? Who will grade these But despite this consensus. in our immaturity and ir- administration's alcohol policy should make a clear Letters to the Editor statement that underage drinking will not be ac- responsibility. Cm EDTTOR anything about it? Why in the last Sl'SANGUNDERSEN. or just hang out and do University? That depends on whether the school is is rather to formulate some sort of groundrule to nothing." many things are reported. For (hose who have not heard. and destitute. interested applicants should send a cover letter fully imrmme ana is 1CVLOOK A / M6HT WIIHUAS^ explaining why they would like to write a column and a detailed list of column ideas. The future does not look C. and not yet desperate enough for radicalism. they had found the University Museum's crystal as adults and get what we can before it ed to bring University or criminal charges against ball? all comes crashing down. and telephone number where they can be reached over winter break. people resent being "me-ism". an area office receives a report of a that attention to security is tions was blatantly disregarded. morning. and we know Public Safety doesn't have a administration.

fihance. so it is not something a provost would do denounce Hymes. "At some point. or will you have a chance to explore diverse careei opportunities? I he Travelers. mitted to pursuing equality in race and gender.." Tired of ties? ^J\^. — - desire to prevent discrimination on campus.' something affirmative within your school to ty at Penn was unaltered. tent with University policy. and Education and the American Association figure on women's issues.' " she added. Hut with every company telling you how bright your future is. opting instead to at the graduate school. During his term as dean. now that vou're finished.: - said. In addition. but they didn't He initially spoke of his ability to bring placed to his office this week. and one Lazerson. "I declined to assess Hymes' performance last school. the Council on Anthropology Professor Phoebe Leboy. with any oilers positions m insurance. University officials should have stepped in and a decision would be highly problematic. about reversing the faculty. GSE.u. it suggests that you are not in a ly in response to a direct question on the topic. you'll have to ask the right questions What are the entry-level jobs for someone with your major? How well will vou be trained? Will you be pigeonholed.." she added. . There here to ensure that the new dean would ad- policy as evidence of the administration's commitment to protecting the rights of women men. as Lazerson conceded.„ control■ when ftaken -*. Ehrlich was numerable ways in which this can be faculty. _J_:_:—_." lightly. actuarial. from page I In In addition addition. has not returned several calls position to be an appropriate leader of your not ignore it.. " "And They [the administration] did mentioned equity in hiring and promotion on- worked on campus during the later years of Microbiology Professor if you can't. first-rate scholar.DUC ATION. cash settlements]. stating that the University fully sup- ports current Dean Marvin Lazerson. now do you decide where to start your career? STAMP (35*0* To begin. We have great training to start with. currently tends to land very softly. the faculty have tend. "It seems clear that the former dean did not the team or stand up for the principles of Assistant to the President William Epstein "He was. data pnx essingand much more.' Mlchelle Flne According to Lazerson. Bored with gadgets? *^* PLAN /» Searching for the perfect gift? W W ft Try the gift of health! ft ^ Rosen vACATion otCRuise cerrreRS EXPERT EXERCISE Airliner • Rail • Cruises • Holds • Cars Vacation Packages CENTER An txtKist Co**** Offering the Soft "Muj "> HOUSTON HALL MALL Improved'Mtallh 898-9443 HOURS: M-F 9-5 Only $33 a month will provide the gift of health at an exercise center with a difference: it Complete supervision by licensed phynlcal therapists A Full strength. WHERE DO YOU START? FREE Graduation probably represents the end ol a race well run. justice. of action. But he praised golden parachutes. and minorities." said Dentistts reversing the faculty. committee made no mention of a strong com- Deputy Provost Richard Clelland also ago during Dean Hymes' administration and declined to comment on allegations of sexism make them leave. stress academic matters. issue." said Erling Boe.. the charges of sexism in tenure decisions would constitute an unusual and.. With women. potentially improper course these schools.performance as dean or America." the dentistry professor continued.25 TheTravelersj VIHI rv better oft undei thrl mbrella •Thursday (12/1) and Friday (12/2) ^^ . 898-6589 1 F Ihi. with a gentleman's of women in the pool [of qualified applicants) were individual successes dress the problems that arose under Hymes." Fine internal school matters. manv many ior» agree ihst u. toning. :J «TI. management." Leboy con.. December I. . Thursday. agreement. "we didn't talk about When Hymes assumed the deanship of the But despite Hymes' contributions to the GSE assistant professor tenure case or take action against Hymes that Isexism] in particular. flexibility. not Its brand name -V Beautiful exercise rooms.«. in past instances where However. the allegations arose. ing and promotion is improper and not consis. Association. to decide what is more important — support ed repeated phone calls this week. for either Hackney or Ehrlich to intervene in a viewed him for the post. the people in charge have President Sheldon Hackney has not return. Men have gone to the dean and said.azerson's selection." Leboy said. and flexibility A 25 stations of weight and aerobic equipment chosen for '" Its function. court. the condition of women facul. when Ehrlich inter- named in lawsuits as unresponsive. "You look at a school where when he '/ feel that at multiple levels. who is a leading "The problem is." In its report to the University. in the minds they're going to have to find a way to press was committed to the advancement of women was failing and the administration was close to and allegations of sexual harassment mark an of many faculty.--•. According to Leboy. sity set up for his administration. if the University is com. Leonard's Court • 39th & Chestnut Sts. endurance evaluation with written report & Individualized written program designed for you -V Personal instruction and close supervision by monitors who understand exercise and motivation -V Goals Include weight loss. tinued. a tremendous asset to the promote affirmative action. think they made the wrong decision.-. By the time he left. new showers & lockers NOW THAT CM.Irjvek-rs< ompjntcs Hjrllord ComKttCUl .qmCLWTI71CWTES QRJTO "EV&PLL JOWRSLLJ 387 0111 YOU'RE FINISHED Philadelphia Institute for Physical Therapy St.. aware of the allegations at the school and was documented. and you must do When asked about the priorities the Univer- Former Provost Thomas Ehrlich. the absolute number people should have inter. They can push "There is usually a terrible furor on cam- University officials refuse to either support or presided over the Linguistic Society of portive of Dean Hymes than I would have and nudge. February 14th lb schedule an intei ^ Holiday view... but mitment to affirmative action as a major fac- tor in l. MM.L. he "I think the administration was more sup. Hymes otherwise exemplary record. Epstein took over the deanship. win not start with I he travelers and begin the real race? We'll be on campus luesday. Lazerson the president of Indiana University. the school. a $51) billion insurance and financial sen ices leadei ." shutting it down.> efforts.\ varied *&f8L single career paths to pursue as you develop your skills So. who Helen Davies ensure that it changes. that Hymes is a. "The administration is very nervous -A •« ed to oppose„ their . by most accounts. officials tried to downplay faculty charges of sexism in the GSE F. 1988 Tfce Daily Pennsylvania!! Page 7 U. 'This pattern of hir. they "I would have drawn the line several years [women who received out-of. \n BquftlOpportunity Employe! . the University made little effort of women dropped as well as the percentage of during the search which brought Lazerson pointed to the University's new harassment ' These things are done with women dropped at a time when the proportion rupted the process." night. than I would have liked. of Applied Linguistics.„. Houston Hall US^JCards & Gifts <%SF °3417 Spruce St. was increasing..>d -»-. dealing with the charges of sexism had positioned the GSE on the fringes of the According to several faculty members. He asked me if I GSE in 1975.' " academic excellence to the school. "a major nation's top education schools. the American Anthropological been. Hymes' tenure. fessor and a former assistant dean.. the search at the University. you must sign up by Thursday. but they do not see their role as pus. claim any role in his departure. Card over $1. as dean. But both Fine and Leboy recognized that remedy it. "For the University to interrupt and reverse University administrators have interfered in was not. and I think there were all kinds of in. the GSE pro. December isth.L7i^70%.

The Dally Oracle Corporations revenues A1987 Software News survey II you are accustomed to ranks Oracle as the ONLY top success with an uncommon Pennsylvanian will halt publication for have more than doubled •" ten ol our eleven tiscal years live supplier ol software tor insistence on doing evei /thing the semester on Monday.m." they are 1. standards lor every class ol computer W» an racrumng tor opportuntms »i Mulcting. the so-called leveraged buyout. 1989. Poland . The researchers said the treatment appa. Walesa said serious pany last month." Walesa told Alfred competing offer thrown at the RJR board of high levels of neutralizing could be replaced with into the shuttle's huge external tank before Miodowic/. during the 43-minute debate. cision were made to be Central Station also seemed to score it a win Sources said Kohlberg's offer of $81 in University. where the tests were Walesa calls for legalization World conducted. and certain- from Nanterre. and The Dow Jones average of 30 industrial of normal. brought in from eastern in an interview yesterday.i bartebeetl and heated explanation. or by ape-men called of early human-controlled fire." but other AIDS re. . "It has been enormously difficult getting — 70 South Africa bones recovered from South Africa's Tonight temperatures to work. 1—60 The bone fragments could be I million Swartkrans cave. a date many experts ai antelope called . To make sure they could identify rigns France and from French bases in West Clei meeting and that he told Jackson he had not . The bolts are two of 10 that secure a the ruling Politburo.5 million years old. who sought the Democratic stocks rose 12. December 12 (the other year we grew 91*»i munliames minicomputers well you can become part ot Ihis unprecedented growth is and personal computers this growth We are recruiting the direct result ot the tocused ORACLE our SQl-oased now to start our expansion ot The DP will resume publication on Tuesday. The $l09-a-share offer shattered a rival rently kills the virus without . Third St. ettons o> our unparalleled relational database manage service and product offerings January 17. depression. Weathermen.30 of ancient burning. plaaaa contact your Placamant Othca It you art 415 598 8183 or 4201 unabh to moot w*h us plats* cal or wrna The Daily Pennsylvanian «jU. Referring to Miodowicz's membership in stigated the takeover struggle for the com- the AIDS virus. a financial adviser Today: Variable k The findings were described in today's issue of the British journal Nature by slightly fewer than 500. which are not direct human ancestors.53 tients with AIDS or an AIDS-relatcd dis. reported buses running at about 60 percent evidence. late yesterday with a record J24." rising interest rates. Jackson exchanged compliments yesterday Interest rates cause concern despite advances on Wall St.5 million years ago. rainy morning. predicted storm doesn't force state-controlled television and his most ex. Hundreds of spectators who times left the unprecedented auction for the of Molecular Biology.WakiulSI/ool U'JUOUil . 1988 Off the Wire Compiled from Associated Press Dispatches pital in I ondon. company ■ wide team ol super ment system and our tarrniy ot around the world Join Oracles achievers application development tools team and help us continue our and decision support prod record ot success Don't miss your last chance before winter ucts are emerging as industry break to reach the lucrative Penn market. can Society of Human Genetics where Da. researchers took a Tomorrow: Mostly Previous research suggests fire was a strike by Paris transit workers stretched into a third day. was founded legally in during a tur.98 to 2114. Brain of the Transvaal Museum in ly fewer than 150. Husband-wife scientist team Solidarity. Difficult and launch.K. came up during yesterday's cloudy skies. with Bush to discuss future takeover struggle last month with a $75 a share offer that he later raised four times. cash. tal disorders including mania. who ar- rived in one of the soggy green transport himself toward me. alcoholism to a single. he said. meanwhile.also A Burning Issue army trucks yesterday for a wet and cold signaled a spectacular defeat by its chief ex- ecutive Ross Johnson. said the findings were interest- of Solidarity during TV debate Nation Business ing. said Karpas. the banned labor federation he CAPE CANAVERAL. SI8 in stock and additional securities plasma. An angry debate over their work erupted rockets the shuttle uses while in orbit bulent summer of strikes in 1980 but sup. a free-for-all takeover war for RJR Nabisco The debate after the evening news Inc. -90 trucks at the La Defense complex in western low-40s." he said. ConmHtng Dtvotopmant Fnanca Intamattonal ana otnar areas w*r)<n Larry Lynn Oracle Corporation CALL 898-6881 NOW. used his presidential address to defend launched tomorrow. the That research is supported by indirect He said the two men have a "relationship market allayed some trader concerns about ning normally and the transit agency earliest date to be supported by direct evidence. Fires may have been used for cooking. ready for a this morning for Walesa. the shuttle's top-secret mission even if a Walesa had a chance to defend Solidarity on giant. the murderer whose furlough from a to 1. president of the society this the weather would not permit Atlantis to be ed major questions about the frenzy of them. . leveraged buyouts and other debt-financed Dr. ground thought caused by ancient fire on President-elect Bush. year. AIDS patients lack such antibodies in However. RJR officials meeting in New York had their blood. traffic chaos porate America. Jackson visits New evidence reveals that humans ed to have a ride. 20 ing used in Kenya more recently than 1. Bush said today. broke all previous takeover records and rais- searchers urged caution in interpreting vid Comings. but said larger trials must be done British researchers discover before anyone could say the treatment WARSAW. sources said. but with some hesitancy.2 million years old. :—0 irams More military vehicles were en route to Paris. In the new work. car. had spoken well-known barometer a gain of nearly 40 military vehicles hit the road. Abraham Karpas of the Laboratory flaw. Brenda.4 fresh leg bone from a South African Jackson." Dclson "It's original. treated to re. inherited genetic Much depended on a Jubilant Solidarity advisers declared sic came in a day of frantic maneuvering that at Dr. crews would be- "We have to agree for Poland Poland worth $10 beat a last-minute $108 a share move viruses. Stephen's Hos his findings Paris transit strike leads to The forecast was for low clouds. directors by the management group that in antibodies that can kill new drugs that would compensate for the midnight. bad weather precedented television debate with the head may delay Atlantis' launch $24 bil bid for RJR Nabisco IONDON — Monthly transfusions of NEW YORK — Buyout specialist of Poland's official unions. the. predict that there was an 80 percent chance declared in December 1981. 925-6663 Advertisers: you have only until Monday. ment could begin when officials no immediate statement about the winning research team. links diseases to genetic flaw founded in 1980 ken bolts on Atlantis' nose yesterday. a professor of anthropoid General Confederation of l. I have no arguments with the way that Reverend Jackson conducted Weather trains. But it is not clear whether they The evidence from the new study is with up to 25 people struggling to get to critically of each other during the long points over the past three sessions. to legalize blood plasma from otherwise healthy car. army transports. said Erie bone slices to different temperatures. launch-eve assessment of lory afterward. well-known for pro. he said. a Republican. Nl-W ORI LANS ." Street yesterday as strength in the bond disruptions. but most said they were reliev. repeated his view that the TV temperatures only in the who normally commute on the express cept. ed the government last night. David 24-by-l8 inch access cover on the right side talks between the opposition and govern. effort by an RJR management group and side effects. IBM. The access plate. assured him "that was not his intention. asked how he felt about Bush's sunny but with ried only a fraction of the 600. giving the Beginning about 6:30a.Bone fragments from Dclson.000 years ago in Africa for his suggestions" during the Bush ad. a private Wall Street in December's issue of The Proceedings of the guilty of a colossal mistake oi careless protection tiles. he said in a telephone Jackson. it's practical and it works. who began the trip to work. offer by Kohlberg. when I will ask cloud cover with high temperatures only in the n-w C. PARIS . ads did incite racial fears. researchers used good ideas. won the riers of the AIDS virus have caused the virus to disappear from bloodstreams of 10 pa. 20 Davis Drive December «. December 12 to publicize your holiday specials in ORACLG" The Daily Pennsylvanian. genetic delect.-l less. he said.aboi at the White House. resear interview presidential nomination. or this truck if I can find it. but said Bush had mid-30s. The world's fastest growing software company and largest vendor ot database management software and services Although students remain on campus taking tmPui mPniswt mfimm final exams until December 23. many along with a thousand soldiers.Commuters huddled in open The evident end of the RJR battle. af. France and China." "There will be limes . arc which is covered by 14 of the shuttle's heat acknowledge Solidarity's right to exist. Page 8 The Daily Pennsylvania Thursday. In White House. buying companies with borrowed money. filiated with Cambridge finding could revolution.Lech Walesa urg. tal illness. Winds brisk Pretoria. psychologist wife say they have linked men.51.v:_ us cP^F Inner Vision Relaxation Center ' Float A waY Stress'' Gift Certificates Available 524 S. but most likely viding remains of Homo erectus and the Massachusetts prison was used in GOP cam- mid-20s under partly -t— 50 I'll take what I can get. New York. Florida — Launch pad technicians discovered two bro- Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. "The cam- Australopithecus robustus.A geneticist and his problem that could delay today's launch of represented the first time in five years billion offer for the cigarette-and-food ease. WASHINGTON — Election-year discovered fire a million years ago Two out of four regional express train lines were paralyzed by a maintenance workers' strike called by the communist-led political foes George Bush at. Floatation Tanks MASSAGES DAVD1 Is Fot Winners tfM££k \. Homo erectus. because there was no hatchet to bury." said Erik Saliou. "Tonight I'll lake a bus Bush said that the issue of Willie Horton. researchers said today. will drop into the frosty if I can find one. is normally removed before Soldarity. Bryan Gazzard of St. Sillen said ape-man robustus paign ads. continued to pressed and outlawed after martial law was Kohlberg's victory caps a struggle that "very encouraging.000 people — 10 million years ago. and Bush declared. "He has some very -80 Sillcn of the University of Cape Town. NEW YORK . Buyout specialist offers record new hope for AIDS treatment offered any clinical benefit. For moro ntormaoon on tchaouang an Belmonl California 94002 ntarvm*. west of the capital.000 years ago in Hungary. Paris ministration. contains expensive psychotherapy gin pouring a half-million gallons of fuel needs agreement. — 40 The trucks. flight to fuel the tank for the steering bloc. magnetic irregularities in the that transcends politics. more than 200 warmth or frightening predators. said the ize the treatment of men. ausin| Mrioui hyperactivity. the surface. in an un- Broken bolts. each crammed chers said.first free union in the Soviet vestment house and the undisputed leader in National Academy of Sciences. Karpas called the results of his studs recently at the annual meeting of the Ameri." Feeling Tense? The Fast Lan Come Relax W Jfr^x /-IP&f. One* Oncampui Intanriawa will ba hold Tuesday. Research details appear in Medical Center and his wife. If they're right. Other research suggests fire was used which is more than I can say for the express paign is over. and Andrew and Europe. winds tip restructurings transforming much of cor- to 23 mph and a 40 percent chance of rain. the both problems.S. compulsive overeating and postponement. some geneticists say Dr. said. who led the Comings of the City of Hope National of the shuttle's nose. However. but most Metro lines were run- as long as 1. a South African cave suggest that ape I ehman College of the City University of "This wasn't a bury the hatchet meeting NEW YORK — Prices advanced on Wall City buses and the Metro also have had men or early humans learned to use fire. misuse ol idence. campaign. If the de- crowded around television sets at Warsaw's company in utter confusion. December I. tensive appearance ever." from the northwest. were set by ancestors of humans called "certainly the strongest to date in favor work on the cold. intended to make it a racial issue. South Africa.. scientific journal. a U.

which arrived Oc. a new ex. including an investigation was being conducted.S. part> in Style! Just \isil \our nearest \\ indsor Shirt JUST NORTH OF SOUTH 5TKBBT Company store i<» sec over 20. This time United States persists in its 1i." he to Arafat UNITED NATIONS — The vast nation. But all other U. said A second crewman was severely burned in spread to six aircraft. Wash.r. An Azerbaijani mullah fired into a large open meeting pieces of legislation. but crews averted disaster by bian H) stores in serve you overflowing with enough that won't empty yours to 11 a m on weekdays meat and cheese to It s University City s so you can hang on till feed half of Philadelphia hottest new spot for lunch Open your mouth Everything from soup fast take-out or easy wide and take your belly t.lll. harsh. departure from the standard elec- reform of the political and electoral southern Soviet region where many cities already are world community as against the tronic voting.N. gives new political system U. dousing the flames quickly.1 1. Liberty and Radio Free Europe members criticize and propose changes in the plan submitted by A second resolution to this effect is to be heard "loud and clear" expected to be voted upon Friday. the night editor in charge of the Armen- day.limit sin. A-7 fighter-bombers are among the Nav>\ The 90.11. but the officials said they did not I now assigned to support U.i. without debate or dissent.000 men. govern. response. Officials said fire control teams may have fired accidentally during "troubleshooting truder tanker.L. mwa Thursday. — MANAMA. With neon lights to the 36th Street Deli. a spokesman for parked plane. Grenada.PA ffttf -(215)627-7J65 T. both under military rule. possibility that a representative could Leon Azruyan.k( in PHILADELP to nutty buddies. St. ihe fire. MCN & WOMBhl 0 NIGHT DIVINE! ALTERKNITS liiiK liilli +++ 5<0 $ 5TH 5f'PHILADBLPHlA. U. allies voted Tass. including a Moslem mullah. pariah that they have been. Infor- the Soviet Union a society ruled by capital of Baku. were only becoming aware of it as Secretary of State George Presidium of the Supreme Soviet is this holiday season.S. will help make The Armenian capital of Yerevan and the Azerbaijani of Armenians in the city of Kalinino in far northern Absent were Dominica. The resolution asked Secretary- General Javier Perez de Cuellar to in- form the General Assembly today of Soviet jamming of Ger- many's Deutsche Wella and During yesterday's debate. you can find them at Marty's — they have everything. a day Kremlin to debate new changes. nrhamagr ol the MMdaoi Mini Sboppei I art! en k up one KIIII Mim Ili'Vl pun ll Salads so fresh they re A Ton of Tuna and night And Breakfast still growing Hoagies Penn Pockets at prices Express from 630 am Now ii. U. amendments MOSCOW . chamber asked the Presidium and two committees to decide which sugges." ac. the official news ill rs MII/!. deaths announced by officials yesterday included people assembly was conducted in a rare roll Soviet march toward trying to Armenpress that 10 Azerbaijanis and one Armenian had call ballot requested by Jordan. military hospital in West Germany. and cording to the reports. but for all those who still nurse a secret desire to chase after those sweets resolution. fitted for air-to-air refueling.The president of criticized Estonia's actions without to issue visa Estonia.ililr IB till rrgUlill sMl'.U.The legislature merely approved actions mid-December to hear the Palestine Kremlin has shut down already taken by the leadership. ment officials said yesterday. Bahrain __ A » jel . "We deplore the lack of objective informa- tion in the mass media. which Soviet sent a plan for restructuring the and grant a visa to PLO Chairman government back to the Kremlin Yasser Arafat so he can speak here. tober ing a sailor. the U.H. Tensions rise as Armenian deaths continue MOSCOW — Ethnic clashes between Azerbaijanis and thousands of refugees were streaming across the border to against Washington's position. officials said. officials The 20mm shell exploded against another said. "so we have developed declared.-11)10 special creations like so you can find us at SHOPS VI PENN illh I." system. kills one sailor MANAMA H. stud* lit inli 1 ults .l. said that radio jamming was one area where progress was still needed with the Soviets./.S.ill.S. U.500-member Daily Pennsylvantai. Kitts and Nevis. the Navy's Joint Task Force Middle East. "but they threw stones at him.S. Navy spokesmen said the accident early He said the injured seaman was taken to a about 20 minutes. the national dinary protest session in Geneva in WASHINGTON .„< gun _. You know it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas when the candy canes start crossing The United States and Israel were The Soviet action came so quickly that radio engineers tions to include in a final version to be against the lights — or at least you did ten years ago. The United States KOL Israel also stopped Tues. their ethnic homelands." After two days of debate. which was brought under control in that suffered "minor to major damage. It caries about 6. December I. A-6 Intruders and A-7s guns. file photo December 12-16. pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel. setting six planes One of the damaged aircraft was a KA-6 In nuclear-powered carrier.. H.." Azruyan said. the president and Communist Party chief. Britain abstained. Estonia clamors for Photo Archives: Circa 1978 U. ** f fired by mislake yesterday. the candy cane population alone yesterday in voting against the submitted for a vote today. Paraguay and mation Agency H lilt! 1 ull-ll s II'" MIIKI I KI I U.FOR. were reported to Armenia late last week. press news agency. Yesterday.S..STH AND CHESTNUT STREETS 387-8000 EXT 637 .S. General Assembly yesterday censured our own.s It /MA' siillfl. yesterday would not affect operations of the its home port is Bremerton. Persian Gulf. Navy spokesmen reported. spurred on by the Arab nations. plus eat-m.ilmil sis 222-3250 LOCATED IN THE SHERATON UNIVERSITY CITY 3. told the Soviet parliament yesterday no political system suits all parts of this publishing details about them. so you'll save a bundle! EVENING DRESS SHIRTS ON SALE NOW $|599 IS :_'-> 15 etaewht pi ton thruutt SaUirdm Dnvmbri m i'iHHtmi\' 1 ItoOM from ..mi (1 "/ ink's 11/in h im lutk •lnil. Or COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. which can on- ly make the situation more tense. The reconvened ses- most of Eastern Europe for the sion in Geneva would be held first time in 38 years. Cash accepted . fighter's r. the 1. The has melted away.ike them. Official media in both cities reported One hit him in the head and killed him. 1988 The Dairy Pennsylvania Page 9 Off the Wire USS Nimitz jet fighter accidentally fires and damages six aircraft. the two parliamentary committees met last night. said in a telephone interview that the The vote in the 159-member "Il's another marker in the be elected to more than one seat in the The report by the official Armenian news agency new national Congress. whether it was the one hit by the shell. said the reform plan raises trhe raising the death toll in more than a week of violence to at says it will defy the resolution.. or across the Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachev. deputies Armenians killed 11 people. naval units in the containing the blaze quickly. the republic whose declara- tion of sovereignty was quashed. official media reported yesterday. Ml sold h\ Ihe people who m. ally was too Europe yesetcrday morning and Gorbachev is its chairman. saying the Shultz said in a broadcast to the nation's highest executive body criticism of its U. 1.' ik. starting a fire that eventually older combat planes.his season. _ _ They said a cannon on an A-7 Corsair was . South Africa. carriers. early next week.llil. as ing devices.. be tense but calm.000 superbly-tailored shins lor men and women. The world body. law rather than central dictation. . which includes more than 100 under military rule and strict curfews. leadership for decisions on dozens of USSR stops jamming suggested amendments. the Supreme and gave it 24 hours to reverse itself about the official media.944-ton Nimitz was launched in 1975 Petty Officer Joe Bartlett. but it did not report details. will ask for an extraor- western radio stations Until recently. Since then. the United States by a vote of 151-2 Arnold Ruutel also complained perience for its members. and carry two 20mm as the first in the Navy's newest class of super. said Charles Wick. least 18. Liberation Organization leader if the thousands of broadcast jamm. leading an eight-ship battle group prevented another calamity Wednesday by ablaze on the USS Nimitz flight deck and kill maintenance" aboard the carrier in the Ara. allowing Radio the Supreme Soviet heard 37 of its expected. a Gorbachev says his comprehensive killed in clashes in several Armenian cities between be an acceptable citizen of the been killed threaten to raise tension even higher in the November 22-29.

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PERMAHEI TMIN $24 BLUE GREEN. Rebounding from the loss of center problem getting the shots. Miller led the one-and-one situation. an 11-point lead with Pom Field Goal Percent Lehigh 000.III«H j | puppets. 78-74. Brendel spearheaded a 0 1 17-7 Quakers run. AQUA ■ JAOE ■ HAZEL AOUAHEX SM." Mazza 8 0-5 OO ? 1 0 n have some good." seven. seven from the floor while the Hawks lead to four.nCDHI I* UN CjlAIIA'CUKtmUWIAU. Joe's took the lead for good Stanley said. ■BNBU)." second-half points. FO-A Ft-A R 4 p ■u points.! AudiroRiuM STATE . TOwri_____ PHILADELPHIA EYEGLASS LABS HOUSTON HAII ZIP< '<{. Samaszto-2." Siamaarto 32 2-6 ?? 1 4 ? 1 And last night against Drexel. Brendel-? Matt). 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OortmeaMf. Beck). "Had we only been down five or six in the last stretch. Joe's run that gave the Engineers their first lead of the game.4pm kinko's —opaque lenses 10% OFF " lor John Hjncock mf»mrl*f< . Joe's Marion Miller scores in Ihe Hawks' win over Dr—ri. rebounds. (Met 3." Stanley the Palestra. PENN 85 7. with 22-of-39 said. but the Andro*—. December I.JU." Tout) 200 3367 14-19 R n 13 80 Joe's' 89-77 victory in front of 3562 at St. steadily buil. basket the first 10 minutes. Dec 6 Wed. but we "When you're not scoring at one end and not defending at the other. Beck-2. luce*2. aspects of ma nagemenl while also encouraging course par no pants to DUHASOFKOLOK SI! PERMALENS II S24. F*a Goal Pareant Lehigh 49 3. PENN 28 6 lead with six minutes remaining in the 5:44 remaining. "She gave us solid M Amos struggling. it Brown was supposed to be a difficult made them.NORTH OR WEST CAMPUS OFFICE: I'PPER M)BBY. "But we couldn't defend her to •CNN Although the season is still young. Thursday. young players here Miller contributed 14 of those With 15 seconds left.MrtlAlM»IAil mD0AKimvnofuskyaiML#*GBANEQVM. Dragons close. JA* AIY »: 4JW (*ABfUV4i. An. came M.NUI>M:4«ni IKHUMBMIBMBI iSMcaxnifxcusi HOU* n VAN LOLMU mmmrn lOfMI. Turnovers next 16 points." Drexel Quakers. shooting in the second half. Joseph's head basketball St. while »ive our lives. a — led by senior forward James Owens play. Mooiwy 38 6-13 1-2 6 6 4 13 exhibition game. "I think they were looking for Engineers their biggest lead of the Ratti 39 3-11 3-3 1 in ? in For the first time since the 1981-82 Lehmann and saw Jimmy Owens. sculpture & more! Open 24 Hours Open Early. Free Throw first half. PENN IB (Rath-7.F NORTH CAMPt S OFFICE: 110 GRADUATE TOWER B INFORMATION SESSIONS TmMsw. Jft*. Maua). scored a career-high 24 — forced Lehmann to commit 10 tur- especially helped us with weakside Valla 2 00 00 0 0 0 0 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in St. We got the And not just 20 minutes. you never not to give up.FHKill. however. The Quakers found themselves fall- made a go at it. with John Rankin (22 points). "If this is typical." Brendel over Dragons. Drexel point guard Todd an infected abscess in her foot. extra opportunities. Androlewic?. Boyle said.on<mmmuirwYU . follow their own interests through specialist options $25. helped him at a clinic once.«. Portimtai 0-4). we played at the intensity level we have to play with for a whole game." Mn FO-A FT-A R » Pll P the Hawks' future indeed looks Drexel responded with a paltry With 5:35 left to play in the game Miatr 26 6-12 23 1 i ' 14 brighter than most of the preseason l3-of-29. rank internationally' HtDHOCURVHIt* SM. Lucas. And Anthon 25 2-4 22 2 0 "With young players. ENGLAND CUSTOM EYES TINT S2I. as St. "That "Once we were behind by six or Anlhon-3. UNIVERSITY CITY ICENTER FOR EYE CARE | T^MOu? ICENTER «OR EYE CARE 1 SAC FUNDED 386-5679 382-5679 5923 Walnut SI mi. sophomore Marlon Hawks' constant defensive pressure BKk 37 3-7 00 5 1 ? 1 Miller came to the rescue.4—4 BAttBOft DJ UADDG WON 11» US MKTH MUTWUFOB MOM niDUV. Lisa Jonas/Daily Pennsylvanian "We just couldn't get the ball in the head coach Eddie Burke said. She got crucial buckets and McAto 35 10-16 H 1 1 ? 2? lynch S 0-1 00 0 n 0 0 6-7 forward. THIN $11 head and _afaaTJt_w a significant shoulders above international BARNES HIND AMERICAN HYDR0N the rest" opportunity'' FINANCIAL TIMES CIIASOfT CLEAR Sll soriMAii ■ SIS. as added Lehigh's lead increased to 13 points. THE TIMES CIMSOf I COLORS SOf TKATE I $11 ' the School $21 "in the first SID VISIIIN1 SOt THAT! II $2i for good value" S2S.. who Lehigh 80. TEL ENGLAND6I 275 6333 Ext 6311 TELEX: 668354 Any or All prescription contact lenses ant available at DccEMbctt Please send me details of the MBA course I 2 J NAME _____ wholesale prices at Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs._. St. KoatoMki. 80-74 I. deficit to 37-30 by halftime. as Drexel (0-1) jumped out to a 26-14 As Lehigh inbounded the ball. HIGH KIM._. coach Jim Boyle. along with forward "|Pam) was a real workhorse. 47-46. SUNDAY TIMES STO S0E TC0L0RS S21 THE ECONOMIST HY0P0CURVE II 0W S30. made both his first of many Palestra standing Letngh 1 (AndnHemo). Bodan 1 i 0 ■ 13 0-3 00 . Dec 5 DumSofi \ ) contact lent cenie< Tues." Hawks was a big mistake... we'll (59) we scored after halftime. as the Lehigh forward Pam McAfee. Joe's frequently converted the "[McAfeel played well. jewelery. shooting six-for- guard Val Thompson cut Lehigh's Totals 200 30-70 1214 41 11 16 n The Hawks' offense started slowly. Dec 7 Houston Hall 10am . dntswcz. we might have Miller leads St. PERMAHEl $24. Nocked Shots From there. "It wasn't a ing further and further behind. Joe's is 2-0." Stanley UNIVERSITY CITY CENTER FOR EVE CARE uncll Don't miss next week's Instant Passport Photos -FASHION EYE WORLD-n THE ULTIMATE IN EYE CARE A EYEWEAR 3935 CHESTNUT ST." chore for St. floor and forced 12 second-half tur- LaNgt) freshman Craig Amos scored 24 novers. novers for the game. Lucas 15 ■ an Androlewic7 layup gave the M 1-2 4 i 0 1 Brand*! 26 914 2? 1 0 ? prognosticators believed it would be." doesn't take long to get behind. __e__M 10% OFF M the copy center ' '"'"Mil .Maam. Joe's cut the "I think he did this because I And time simply ran out on the lehigh 14 (Mooney-8. Steals steady comeback with tune ol 12 lehigh 9 (Mooney-4. Applications for entry ate now being accepted tor September 1989. hand sewn crafts. 1988 The Daily Praasylvuiaa Page 13 W. SZi. Open Late I UNIVERSITY CITY | l„„i«*. Man./ 38 6-15 66 4 1 2 Skutches said. PENN 2 (Mftar-2). scoring 12 points in Han 11 0-2 OO « 1 ? 1 know what they're going to do. \ liestnut Si WWW your commute comer LEHS ▼_7«_f. LIGHTWEIGHT LENS . HaRtme PENN 44-35 Attendance 942 SI. Haiti 1-2. shots. 69-54. IHt WOULD 5 THIHHE5T. Androlewski-2. from page 16 A turnaround jumper by Jennifer Siemaszko at 14:21 capped off a 12-2 said. afterward and received what may be drolewicz. 386-6200 No appointment necessary! HOLIDAY CRAFTS FAIR! Passport • \IS. PENN 42 9: Thraa. McAfee). bringing the score to 80-74 with shooting. ovations. shooting in a Percent Lehigh 73 7. Rodney Blake and point guard Ivan same shots the last 10 minutes.■*_..1 season. PENN 8 (MHor. Anthon. American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business affiliated sot re on i * S17. THIS THURS NIGHT & SENIOR RESIDENT OR HEAD RESIDENT THE DEPARTMENT OF RESIDENTIAL UVING ANNOUNCES. with 15 minutes remaining. after netting 37 in a previous Lehmann (24 points) kept the off the bench to contribute 22 points KortjwWi 13 4-7 12 » 1 1 1 and nine rebounds. (Thompson 1-1." game. He fouled out soon Thompson was forced to foul An. 89-77 By ALAN SCHWARZ guard Brian Leahy said. He scored 10 of the Hawks' five seconds left." "In the last five minutes.O». we were in trouble. Penn 74 But in the Hawks' season-opening Hawks beat the Dragons down the had not practiced all week because of win against Canisius Monday. 1 »ll&l«bils II.I All Rxs Filled • We Fit Problem Cases • 1000 Frames * Eye Examinations * Contact Lenses i • ■ ■ ■ r . Bodek Lounge Identification • Resume Official tyewtw 4 Mon. Miller." we're all floored at how many points the last five minutes. Swnasrto. NovfMbcR Custom CLEAR $'•• 17 18 19 MANCHESTER MIS 6PB. $62. Sll SAPMIRE VIOLET COOPER.nmi M0WMUWAMIH.: ■ . freshman InOflaJHOfl 4 1-1 00 0 1 1 3 for the next couple of years. | . BOOTH STREET WEST. Basketball falls. All SHOWS 8O0pM ADDRESS .. HARNWELL HOUSE SOUTH CAMPUS OFFICE: QLADRANG1.IKOHlfe7«M TOBMl. SI IU \1 H \ 1010 ARCH STREET 5th FLOOR 238-1444 £NT ADVISOR.

I couldn't see ing acquaintances with Nash." school game during a non-contact Henry Bibby. He said "If you ever had the student body.GOURMET FOODS area" FULL SERVICE. His that value. scouting service.SVtt and told us that we had to stop her if to her down the stretch (of a game). You can have the AnnerCerg Center . Daly got him a job for he received two "legitimate" inter. We can't rely on beginning for the "Dorf'. "You feel you have value for Weinhauer said. face. attempt to resurrect his marriage. Lynam became head coach which boardered more on comic than to give out to the athletic department. working for the Sixers and am for- ed name. lege players). especially not without a doubt. tremendously happy. M^AEROBICS I 1:00am . Weinhauer returned to around his office while recounting the both cases." the ticket. all from the set number of minutes for her (Dorf- meister played 32. Sweeten Center. as and she played well during the game. -i i 1 Free Class For New Student ATTENTION: UNDERGRADUATE WOMEN GWENDOLYN BYE STUDENTS HOME ON SEMESTER BREAK KOREAN-JAPANESE IN THE FOLLOWING CITIES. Tuesday. ing a rough time.) Just the 1985-86 season." Weinhauer said. serving as the 76ers' past five years of his life. 12/20 Andy King -2*_ . I was introduced to the recruit's mother to pay for her son's in the papers what's happening at tant for a long time. I usually call motivating myself. My feeling is this: I read it networking.12 PM see what makes she scored six points. Lunch ■ Dinner ■ Late Nile Ashurst Lounge 2nd floor (f New Sunday Brunch Menu ALMANAC. Friday. John Gabriel. But this was a guy in with lying about a lie.7:30pm District of Columbia Seattle < u. but "We needed someone to take over • Weinhauer had taken his son who helped out the athletic program" department fired Weinhauer (Harris coaching the Detroit Pistons. sin. "I don't stacks college mugs on his store son that I should think about getting quarter a team wins. marriage deteriorated and ended in ed to Savannah. the biggest penalties often come countable. who were then assistants to sent. finest quality Xerox machines m the University Area All staie-of-the-art equipment. "Even behind the Rath said. Now. that Weinhauer insists he had no the ultimate low. Weinhauer feels comfortable back in Philadelphia had knowledge of what was going on. who he possibly since he had his parking spot a total of 30 seconds.COCKTAILS a We have the newest 8. She has confidence in We have the lowest Xerox prices m the University City her. second only to field. He and Carter the first assistant. «78. Sun Devils point guard Bobby at Christmas. Ft. I had no misgivings of who recruits' parents on the side of a high Devils' assistant coach — found to be newspaper. In 1986. These people are never ac.9 pm 12/16 Flaming Harry Attractions. I don't think about the Final lege shirts. through this period was my son Rob. yes. Thursday 11 am . and ask.ALL HOURS . Weinhauer scouting. It scars your when you need a favor." Stanley said." he caused by bringing the job home. 18 WEEK COURSE: • JAZZ DANCE YOUR CITY: <fi LUNCH TRUCK < BALLET • MODERN DANCE Witt. 3533 Locust Walk REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 7 STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE Friday Night 6:30 WILL BE MOVING FROM THE PRESENT LOCATION Hill House (not Hillel) Library TO THE PENN TOWERS IN EARLY JANUARY. 17TH SNYDER GALLERY AT MARKET EAST three-point line. I went radio color commentator and renew." were not in years to come. . the Palestra is really years away. but Bob Weinhauer at Des Moines.' But game to watch Scott. Phoenix and started an independent think about anything we did at Penn.. please sign up m the Reform Shabbat Services NOTICE! Office o\ Alumni Relations. Bibby encouraged Kentucky (under NCAA investiga. and longer employable on a collegiate inge of professional basketball and Hubie Brown for the color job on past. "I've been playing with her SOUTH PHILA.6'/i« SELF SERVICE . it was an auspicious LUNCHEON CALL AHEAD ALL LOCATIONS OPEN 7 DAYS FOR FAST 3736 WALNUT STREET • 386-6114 3907 WALNUT STREET • 386-6410 anyone. a player tickets. Con- • Weinhauer had talked to two knowledge of at the time. He is com- parents by the high school basketball round trip. make major con- MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED ** " Mec(>fn/r/e/r</e<//r>r Igua/lfu " *x a freshman. our coach came in her shot . Rochester. "For All in all. left the 76ers to join the ex- pansion Orlando Magic. & «80 us THE BEST at "Considering it was her first college Rath's 39). I don't want to Superb Chinese Cusine speculate about the future and sonnel. lions against Weinhauer — some • Weinhauer bought 100 sweaters the head coach is the one most iden. 10th at Spruce Street 735. REMEMBER TO The New 16th Street CHECK ON OUR LOCATION Bar & Grill Creative Services in an FOR YOUR JANUARY Join us for informal atmosphere APPOINTMENTS.3316 THE CHESTNUT BAG & BAGGAGE GALLERY 525 South Street 38th & Chestnut St 592-0666 Phila. BEST OF PHILLY «77. I happy with the pre- What Makes Us So Great? Carter. BE LOCATED Baltimore Los Angeles • wo -i OH 37th St St Walnut St. You've got to stick with . I always try to get great deal. and the guy at Bob being away from basketball. secretaries. coaching that I would get to. I don't live on that — that's not im- ft6 »T t*W never coach basketball again.PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE game. coaches jobs because you never know think I was a failure so I had to keep • Weinhauer still refuses to reveal — "It scars your family. But after finishing runner-up to "I never thought about living in the the habit of collecting all kinds of col- how you deal with things." and typesetting needs dolewicz said. 1988 Presently with Sixers." For delivery call "She was playing well in practice. I spoke to them the mother and the recruit to lie about tion) and what happened at Kansas beyond the usual pitch. 28th (Mon) >- u. I. fortable now for the first time coach after the game. At halftime." HO SAI GA1 BRINGS CHINATOWN TO S PHILA PREPARED IN ORIGINAL KITCHEN we wanted to win. tion has given me. Dorf- 389-0300 Come on in and meister was flat in the second half and Lehigh was able to shut her down. tributions this season and will pro- Dorfmeister's teammates. Then. AS For more info. almost a double countable. knowledgeable. on television and on the Manager there." Engineers' junior Sherie An. and he really looked up to me a sequently.. 629-1352 Like the rest of her team.ynam and coaching again. . the main scouting duties. ed for advice. Georgia. whose players loom on the fr. we had to be all over for two months. But Bob was my assis. it was great.'" Harris said. SPECIALS DAILY TAKE OUT ORDERS AVAILABLE PICK UP any one player to score. Bob was always at the top of my list.." there's no problem because you're do. whose rules grant a point for each Prism's 76ers telecasts.8 pm Wednesday.40% OFF Dickey Scruffy Guess The Screaming Melissa Betts Cat Tribesmen Who Etheridge Monday. Kansas (Larry Brown). Page 14 TIK IHily Pennsylvania!! Thursday. who will. our Mediterranean FURTHER DETAILS Food & Drink Festival WILL BE ANNOUNCED October through December Hanukkah Party Saturday 8:30 pm THROUGH THE DP." 922-5883 925-8384 2 professional people DOWMHirm. Saturday Coming 12/12 Stave Earl* and The Dukes 11 am .I'd definitely be willing to go 2100 S 17TH STREET FAST SERVICE . Weinhauer became a yourself. "It boils down to ASU is not only accountable but no Cities. With a naked reputation and a curs. But while it's just across the a high school coach an Arizona State tions. and Quad Penn." Penn head who's playing well. I could not allow him to Bob Weinhauer was. Luggage 10 Now at 25% ." Weinhauer said. «79. "I thought this was the closest to portant to me." Weinhauer said." When the Spirit mov.. "And I called the General now. from page 16 surprised at her outstanding knew we had to get a hand in her performance. • ing something." coach Marianne Stanley said. from page 16 shelves." Da. But the NCAA considered it illegal for a coach to give But there was one major violation Four. and he was hav. he's never ac. on dangerous. Weinhauer experienced minor league. He had some extra became Athletic Director a few mon. into another profession because I'll "Whether it's the CBA or not. Philadelphia. tified with the program. but whose identity radio it scars you. 264 So. Lauderdale O • Low & High Impact • • BIBIM BOB CHA CtIA The Trustee*' Council of Penn Women la sponsoring regional career • JAZZ DANCE WoukouT • KIM CHI receptions In the cities listed above during vacation." had known since the early '70s when next to Harry Gamble in back of the • Weinhauer was nabbed for giving "When one starts to look at infrac. ths after Weinhauer was let go. For three years I didn't have But last year. helped Nash with the Dorfmeister makes debut that in a few years. keep me in mind. he returned to Four. sort of like the barber who although Weinhauer may not have level. tional (attended by the top senior col- mate to the Phoenix Suns-Lakers It was a gift not available to the rest of six years before he had reached great Detroit Spirit of the Continental sity of Pacific. "I tried to help him get a job. heights in leading Penn to the Final Basketball Association — the NBA's "The only thing that got me an opening. Boston Miami o Erom: riov. bably be the backbone of the Quakers fectionately call her "Dorf. So Weinhauer's coaching ability Nash was the Executive Director of Palestra.THE PENN DANCE CENTER Wu FOOD CAREER NETWORK EXTENDS TO 0." Nash said. failing in an spring.3680 Wolnul St • SUKIYAM opportunity to: ■ ne pei pent i 898-2881 •Meet dynamic alumnae of the University in your hometown and fcxpnes 1/89 • CALirORMA MAM network with (hem in an informal setting • QYOJA 1 Free Class For New Student •Kind out about the opportunities available for employment in your city •Meet other Pennsylvania students home on vacation •Have a good time" // you are interested m attending a career program in your area." Weinhauer periodically stares period. I was told by more than one per. Matt Goukas. and this is the first time I can say 1000 RACE STREET CANTONESE-SZECHUAN MANDARIN 10TH & CHERRY STREETS BANQUETS UP TO SO DIM SUM . custodians "and anyone And the Arizona State athletic Weinhauer called Daly. coaching shirt. December I. tunate for the chance this organiza- bachelor in the game and his life. she played great. who was applied for college coaching jobs. "I met Bob at the Portsmouth Invita- Thompson and Thompson's room." Weinhauer said. "It was true. in the three years after Arizona State. "I knew she was a great player. Philadelphia's Director of Player Per. We are a one-stop shop for all of your printing copying. So." Weinhauer said. "In gave a check for 150 dollars to a reputation. When Goukas was fired last WEINHAUER. Robby. was spent in a league whose cities are the Big Five and Weinhauer was at city. "He's 15 right I've known him for a long time. A Sun "When you're fired in the ly said. PAV Quality Handbags Tu* Wed Thu Frl Sat 6 7 &." "I am happy. AND WXPN. manning the views at Rhode Island and the Univer. "I didn't really have any 5PM. sweaters which he gave to his players. by. divorce from strain which he admits went home to Phoenix. Call Ira 387-6105 SOON AS AVAILABLE. who af. (on NCAA probation). We have a full-time staff of friendly.

Chicago 93 New York Rangers at Caigary. 19066 bet. TWO bedrooms. 617462-7811 DP assume responsibility for $410 includes utilities 496-0184 Sports 6 Bed Hoax Mil A Bali 3 p. dressing room. please cal room available in 3 bedroom room. energetic development program generating S'015 rrason per year In voluntary of Hi Rise. 4224 One bedroom. $475 48th & Hazel extraordinary apart AVAILABLE JANUARY 1 Several one bedroom apartments college graduate lor document de- partment Fun lime permanent position available Immediately Of- rmooNALn' SUBLET. i INspouU Hu»t Frmin Bute net Block Count* On* fecVm fr $515. 9 Washington Charlotte 3 10 231 6 Duper was unavailable for comment. Squash (only a few remaining) Special lease after 1st yea/ allows FOR I YEAR LEASES • CONVENENI IOCATIQN • • PARKNG ON PREMSES AVALA0J NEW WALL TO WALL CARPEHNG Efficiencies early release lor graduation Free ni spring II interested All out an application GREAT PENN/DREXEL location Swimming One Bedroom shuttle service from campus Alan January through August Cheap • PANORAMC VCWS •24MROCORMAN • • fUUV AR CONDITIONED MODERN LAUNDRY FACIITES Two Bedrooms H Klem Apartments Contact Mrs Carr 748-3330 or Mr Martin al the office Residen- tial Maintenance 118 Chris 3880779 Indoor Track • MONITORED SECURITY • RESTAURANT ON PKMSES • VAIil DRY CliANNG 563-2101 Houses 222-4449. limber. dishwasher. Mack 1-3 00 2 Totals 21-68 West. 7 35 p m San Antonio 105. indolutfl. $170 plus share room apartment Available Janu- 3961 BALTIMORE Renovated motivated people with good com- secure. home 2388423. y Call us today and find out what iAdhtot Also: liquor cabinet-opens tor serving $80 Phone 546-1867 TO APPLY: Please send a letter. Lema Ami NtmUnJut bedroom house. Weir L A Lakers 110. excefieni building overlook. 12-5 878-7160 ■EST VALUI IN TOWN 387-5447 2 LES MtZ" TICKETS: 12/14 matinee BAD 3880973 every day. He caught none Sunday Oct. a seven-year veteran and two-time Pro playoff contention. Wilson 4-8 3-4 11. weekends and holidays. Seattle 106 deficit into a 55-41 lead with just over but Wilson started a 21-3 Villanova Tom Bennetch had 10 for St. 1-7 bedrooms (800)648-4849 i—flJI I Bee A Eft Great La $38S-$1200 222-1207 FORRBiT urn ROOMS FOR RENT SHARE 6 WE NEED DYNAMIC Sell- 44TH ANO WALNUT roommate warned to snare renovaled 2 bed. For info coll to Anthony J Brown. word processing. parking. Efficiency apt $350/mo plus 404) WALNUT STREET PT/FT Call lor appointment and Sansom. yard $525/mo includes all utilities CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ing business hours — call (215)890-1111. means 43R0 ANO OSAQE Available im. Dallas 89 half points during a 13-0 Villanova Anderson later hit a three-pointer points in the final minute. and references Pennsylvanian regal living is really like. ANDLAZO LOCALE CLOSE TO campus floppy drive Color monitor. They will be Duper held out for the entire preseason in a con- San Antonio 5 8 385 4 Miami 0 12 000 8V4 were shocked by the suspension. John Hilvert. Miami 101 points. The Episcopal Academy. Good pay/oxcelient EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS of LINER ADS. tions his first six years in the league and is the third Minnesota 7 13 4 18 79 98 Utah 9 4 692 Chicago 6 16 4 16 102 128 Bowl performer. 9-6 Sat. Phis 561 5132 HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE OFFICE HEADLINE RIDES OFFERED ing Filler Square. $330 washer/dryer. Edmonton 4.oVm fr $500. accessories SAVE hun.&Sun. The Dolphins. and wiling lo Classified ads must be rate kitchen. 1 plus. 1-5 Bedroom fieiuki ftenovoted RiSK>N$ltlUM$: The Annual Giving Director would manage a successful program currently rasttng $300. FEMALE EARLY MS. resume. 'I wonder where he's been all night. and special gift efforts. Apts. are out of but only one touchdown. Quebec 8 16 2 18 92 121 Chicago 6 8 429 5 penalized for substance abuse since 1983. season and was placed on injured reserve Sept. 6 chairs Reasonable oynornic aevetopment program wfJ be ccneidered Two B. laundry. Height unimpor- Confidential. — Doug West many as 13 points. has a itSTxIatlno. 387-5124 after 7. CLUBS lo |Oin the 88-89 Student »TE tor reno- •a* assr ) Bed Apo Grea Lo: tw level $880 per month plus utili. 9 to 4 PHOTOGRAPHER SEEKS female wishes lo adopt infant Financially ATTENTION: WHAT'S YOUR 4015 WALNUT ST. Separate kitchen and living (juhxIkukAadAEcuuiiM utilities Newly renovaled ary 1. 29. NFL's drug policy. expenses psid. modem JSOO/mo 222-4416 Telephone lines open 9 am -5 pm Monday 1-2 days 30* word/day FOR SALE kitchen. Toronto 11 13 1 23 86 97 Dallas 9 4 692 camp. tages pleasant home.iihielic. He became the second Shula said he supports the league's drug policy. 8 35 p m run that turned a 41-40 Villanova to give the Flash its final lead at 41-40. Taylor 4-5 4-6 12. but the Red Flash Driving layups by Wilson and Marc VILLANOVA (70) Seattle 6 7 462 4 scored 21 points and Kenny Wilson rallied behind the shooting of Joe Dowdell and Gary Massey's West 6-12 66 21. 2-11. uueMui table run 6 or more days home went very much to provide sunny. Nichols. 735-5680 or cal Kevin at EASTERN AiRLJNE TICKET 10 LA Merlon and Devon. war- rantee intact Wta sacrifice at $1800 Retail $2400 Call Director of Annual Giving Finest Apartments & Houses Renovated by Ciaftsmen Available through June Spotless 387 1645 The Episcopal Academy Office. 38th Powelton area Renovated.545 3'^ Duper. Hartford 3 LA Clippers 6 8 429 4Vi led a second-half Villanova surge that Anderson. plus wood floors. has done work with the "Say No Duper and Scott won't be allowed any contact leading receiver in team history with 2% catches. tant. Deek lop pubkehmg. 212-3624127 quiet." he Detroit 13 7 4 30 97 89 W L Pet GB Duper had 39 catches this season for 626 yards was suspended for a month near the end of training said." Miami coach Don Shula said. VCR $290/mo plus Gymnastics w University City IfH needed to work full- ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED apartments AI sues available gas and electric 898-4105 (days) • I MONTH FREE RENT . secure. 70-60 Wildcats (3-1) opened up leads of as made il 49-41 with 10:50 to play. Several teammates said they with their team during the suspension. Washington 4 Sacramento 2 9 182 7 carried the I8th-ranked Wildcats to a Anderson. Gary Massey's layup and West's points. d/w. etc Wrestling Mon. He had 40 scoring recep- St Louis 8 10 4 20 73 84 Denver 9 4 692 Duper. . 7:35 p m Detroit 114. said Scott suffered an ankle injury early in the 7 9 438 3Vi New Jersey 8 12 4 20 77 96 drugs were involved. $485 laundry laoln. who finished with 11 the first seven points of the second Rodney Taylor's basket before the 70. Ads may be Modern kitchen/bath. "It's not like a guy comes in and Since only 2'A weeks remain in the regular EASTERN CONFERENCE Patrick Division and little-used defensive back Victor Scott of the you say. Cleveland 8 3 727 IVi against the New York Jets and finished the game on Buffalo 11 12 2 24 93 102 Atlanta 8 6 571 3 Duper as a human being. GERS and drivers wlh own vehi. 1. 5 minute walk lo 4029 Spuce Mon thru Sat .Si 70-call 387-0778 QUAliNCAIIOM: A boccotaureole degree ■ required IheftttMlwr. 222-5945 INT'L ORGANIZATION needs CALL (215) 896-1111 RATES FOR RENT w/w carpets. tor Scott." NY Islanders 7 15 2 16 75 99 "It's one of the toughest things I've had to deal He was activated before the Oct.600 1 Smyth* Division To Drugs" program. "Right now. All within 43rd & CHCSTNUT printers. Norrtt Division WESTERN CONFERENCE Scott's telephone number is unpublished and he Cowboy this season to be penalized under the "The most important thing the National Football W L T Ptt OF GA Midwest Division was unavailable for comment." Foster said. Convenient public transportation and full lime seasonal help 2012 lect any time. Weieenthal Properties. 2N0 FLOOR downtown or Penn campus Du. 8834161 working closely with 150-200 alumni and parent volunteers tUpotwd Brick Larfa CloaaU €ff. Pa. sepa.A. (60) Quebec at Detroit. Winnipeg 9 8 4 22 86 84 Golden State 6 7 462 4 past St. U ol P. rear deck. Montreal 6. WALES CONFERENCE with the Miami Dolphins ended yesterday when he Blackwood said. scorer. evenings weekends and holidays Ceil 222-4418 St Call 222-4416 NEED HOLIDAY CASH? 10 word minimum LOST & FOUND a happy lite to a newborn Legal ON PENN CAMPUS Various size Kangaroo Couriers is hiring bicy. 900 block 47th 349-8764 tor appointment with towng memags. game. \ sue 11/ 1 8x 2 BRs FROM $475 Prime Locations UNIVERSITY AREA. Francis. room. FRANCIS. Oeecior of Alumni 8 Development. Red Flash closed to within eight ST. Merlon. bold headline above ROOMMATES plex 1 bedroom. ONE BEDROOM APT $406/mo CAMPUS APARTMENTS 39th and Pine Near all tranaporu. PA UNITED AIRLINES TICKET Phis 382-2986 3863350 LAX Dec 22 LAX-Phria Dec 29. before the Dolphins' first game. Offensive tackle Kevin Gogan League can do is to prove it's a drug-free game. 557-7929 Academy's Development staff managing the Annual Giving program E pscopal a private. newly decorated cle and car messengers lor part BY VISITING OPTIONAL JUMBO PERSONALS block Delancey Street Sale. TEAK DINNER TABLE 62x38. Vitko 0-2 0-0 0. cash and/or tree spring break vac- MM ations Travel with Ihe best to our Beige Block Contact Tobias si 222-5580 POWELTONS NEWEST AND 2 Bed Apts Great Lx exciting sun destinations For BEST ultra up-scale living 25* frMvS more mlormation call discounts now. Pa. Dixon 3-14 1-1 9. w/d. Kangaroo Cour. Houston 9 6 . became the first Miami player to be arch. Toronto at Los Angelas. processing Dissertations. December I. who scored 23 points. half for a 38-34 lead. pn. Effic. (hrows as the Red Flash (1-1) scored points ai 64-49 with 2:55 to play on Bekkedam 0-1 0-0 0 Totals 24-51 19-26 Tonight's Games Boston t33. large back. support winter dreds of dollars Cal 243-5275 6 blocks. 376 North latches lane. $600 Efficiencies a/c. Buffalo 6. Visa and Master preferred $290 includes utilities 12 noon." safety Glenn munications for the league. 5-11 Bedroom Houses MAC 5I2E SOW. the coach said: "That's hard to say. experience needed We will tram 43RO ANO PINE $490 plus 46th 4STH ANO SPRUCE 2 bedroom. separate kitchen. created reunion class gtvng program Sound IMUIMMJ •*«!•■ KrlnnrnMiw*. Portland 106 Wilson. Fran. "I just David Pellet ier. alum. $250 $400.m-Worksludy) microwave. tas $300 or best ofler Cal Erin. Travel Service Sales Team Earn vated 9-bedroom apartment on ties 627-0479. deck. work 888-7901.' I've season. Scott was placed on injured reserve again Montreal 15 9 3 33 109 94 Detroit Duper and his contributions to this learn over the in the past four games. Hours: 9«m-5om Monday I large. One bed. Anderson 10-29 2-2 Utah 107. experience not essential each term Closed Maximum 18 characters SERVICES room apartments: a/c. Asked if Duper's performance was affected by "I don't think it'll have a major affect on the team. L A Clippers 120. Efficiency. w/d. some The Director wS also be seeking to expand upon a newty Shiny Hdwd Floor* Srlf-dcfaMinc SEALY MATTRESS/box spring. TRAVEL FOUR BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE Assistant Manager who is respon. The position involves recruiting Ironing. sible. "It just doesn't add up. paid in lull at time ot WANTED includes utilities 496-0184 Available Jan 1st $940 experience Apply 310 Houeton Irving alone without the disadvan- Hal 898-5108. resumes. finished off the run. 44TH ANO LOCUST. in which he played and separated his Central Division W L T Ptt GF GA W L Pet GB a hammer because of my high regard for Mark Duper had only four pass receptions for 44 yards shoulder. Dallas' Scott MIAMI — Wide receiver Mark Duper's season didn't have any idea at all. yard get up earty. Female placement — none will be 349-8981 CANCELLATIONS billed. gas heat Jay. Interne! drive Sorn* short term Software included Best otter 609 year The cornpakgn Includes maengs. BRAND NEW feeding edge com- CHARMING HOUSE-FOX puter 40 megabyte herd and UNIVERSITY CITY HOUSING CO.-Fri.000 per lineup. 10:35 p m New York 135. coeducatlonol Indepanoent And that's 39th & CHtfTNUT day school n Its 206rh yea with erroement of 982 students on just our Mostly within 1 block 39th & SANSOM LEADING EDGE COMPUTERS BRNAO NAME two campuses. modern Ills kitchen. DEADLINES PAYMENT TYPIST OSAQE. Anderson was only 10 of 29 Vancouver 11 12 5 27 93 86 Portland 7 7 500 3V» scored 13 first-half points as the three-pointer from deep in the corner from the field. PA 387-45 IS A GOOD APARTMENT SHOULDN'T COST YOU THE Dec 26 returning Jan 1 $200 00 A new position li available on Episcopal SHIRT OFF OF YOUR RACK Can. w/d. leave message. director of com. placed on a non-football-related illness list retroac. 8964639 nee.m." ried over lo next season. with lots ol love to share TYPE? Profeesional word pro- $1 75 per line per day lor RIDES WANTED artistic models Prefer slender. 1988 The Daily Pmnsyl*»«i»e P«fe " SportsWire Compiled from Associated Press Dispatches ■NHL Scoreboard ■NBA NFL suspends Duper. 222-2875 tor 1/2 bath Spacious Includes heat Unfurnished Monthly leases Call 4045 Baltimore 668-9538 Secure 3*2-1 MO 988-9717 heal and hot water $420 Available details and hot water Available mid- immediately 387-4137 349-9428. word and PENN-DREX RENTALS nut. SUBLET pets 735-7538 DENISES RELIABLE TYPING: able January 1st 222-2964 PSA NEWSPAPERS NEEDS an Reports. APARTMENTS $440 per/mo heat included.2 exceptional canonotee who are Interested m working wttreri a Daily leaves. ihe sidelines because he was bothered by a sore left "We regret that we have that situation with Vic- Hartford 9 13 1 19 78 88 Milwaukee 6 5 . Maximum 4 lines. Cowboys public relations assis- Boston 8 7 533 2 Philadelphia 10 16 1 21 100 103 New Jersey Neither the league nor the learns would say whal don't want to believe that Duper's caught up in tant. "This hits like agent failed lo return two phone calls. per line. Make an appoint ment to see Leonard. also was suspended for 30 days last CAMPBELL CONFERENCE drug use. and his Adams Division with. Indiana 111 Houston 101. strong wiled.. 549-1050. Minnesota at Boston. Bennetch 2-4 6-6 10. Indiana 2 12 143 9 Scott. Perm cancelled classified ads APARTMENTS cle. All sues tion Cal Barbara. who played high school 17-foot jumper." He was hurt all year anyway. tat June 30 (flesaHe) Grad $390 includes heat and ho) water munications skats lo work m our apartment available January wood floors and modern kitchen Opra Email 70)Sat 102 387-4137 order departmenl Guaranteed student preferred $250 plus utrk- On second floor $S00/month in. and because of my high regard for Mark ing Day game against Houston. d/w. OT seven minutes left. $490/month 386-1166 THREE ROOM EFFICIENCY at salary plus bonus incentives No cludes heat 68SO20S. Lakers 10 3 769 West. 3600 Chest- PRESTIGE TYPING Student die- count. 7 35 p m Montreal at Philadelphia. PA. Quebec 2 Pittsburgh 6. the first day m PINE ANO 9th." 9 5 643 Va Washington 12 11 2 26 92 91 of players suspended for that reason this season. CM alter 6pm al 6494373 Student Worker sunny bedroom in Victorian Fencing house Huge kitchen. burst with iwo free throws and a but the Red Flash's second-leading 0-2 00 0. and Cowboys. scored all seven of his second.graduate tS. One lo two years ot related experience is preferred but The iodolud. 11 and was re-activated before the Thanksgiv- 11 3 786 Boston 11 9 5 27 90 76 years.. new. Francis. storage. Vancouver 2 Last Night's Games 70-60 victory last night over St. and I jusi tive to Tuesday.m. Calgary 18 4 4 36 104 60 Pacific Division Edmonton 15 8 3 33 115 98 W L Pet GB Los Angeles 16 9 0 32 133 103 L. Hilvert 1 -8 2-2 5. one business day TERMS m LARGE 1 BEDROOM with large WANTED BICYCLE MESSEN. iers 2012 Sansom Strsst 581-5132 apartment beginning 1/89. Wilson pace 'Nova basketball in nearby Altoona. Offensive guard Roy Foster said Duper was not "We'll discuss that during the offseason. d/w. hit a 15-foot jumper and two free Villanova's biggest lead was 15 Woodard 0-3 2-2 2. and confidential Please cal col- MISCELLANEOUS APARTMENTS FOR RENT. w/d. CHANGES. Keith Sayles added 11 points and Sayles 4-6 3-3 11. La«t Night's Games Phoenix 8 7 462 4 LORETTO. New Jersey 100 Philadelphia 114." Philadelphia 10 5 667 Pittsburgh 14 10 0 28 115 108 New York The 30-day suspensions brought to 24 the number the kind of person to use drugs. building — TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT December 382-0334 Basketball tor ran) 44th and Locust area FEMALE HOUSEMATE large mi STUDIOS. herd- $400/month includes heal/lm fice near campus Call Barbara ADOPTION Ptneetssw and wite 7th day is FREE when you vale w/d. $1000 One bed- FIRST MONTH RENT ." Cowboys president Tex Schramm said. OSAQE. a/c. said Joe Browne. 26. Gradu- ate students or professionals pre- ferred Cal Sue. Pa. 4224 Bright studio. snergy-ellicient 2BR mediately 2 bedroom with hard. Decent pay. $500 No FREE SUBLET ONE BEDROOM Avail- 6494005 anytime (408)288-7100 A149. 6 MONTH LEASES AVALABLE Newly Renovated some lor immedate occupancy time over break ability lo continue part I mu- 472-3033 (evenings/weekends) Marina. Browne said. seeks room si house or placed by telephone dur. it's open-ended. Shula said. $400 45th a Walnut 2 & 3 Hazel Modem kitchen and bam dinners Call 387-3303 Glenna at 9384024 Reward apartment 4031 Locust $270Vmo BY PHONE CLASSIFIED INDEX bedroom apartments h/w floors. cis. The Daily Perv nsylvanian will only I Bni Hut* Bca* Bit $1995 Call 448-5931 after 6 p. apartment plus basement 48th & Soronty $40Avk Five gourmet license plate.w/d. Check your ad on the first day it runs. each term Closed INSTRUCTION luH furnished basement. the 30-day suspension period could be car- Atlantic Division W L T Ptt GF GA Dallas Cowboys were suspended for violating the never noticed any odd behavior or anything. W/D 387-3948. scored only five 14-14 60 898-1111 Classified Ads 898-1111 FORRENT FORRB4T HELP WANTED LOST & FOUND SUBLET 4STH A HAZEL 2 BEDROOM AVAILABLE DEC 15 Huge IBB HOUSEBOY WANTED Alpha Phi IF ANYONE HAS FOUND I SPRING SUBLET: Furnished bed- $485 47th S Baltimore 1 bed. 5-8. and Feature* 1 block from Hi Rise koses ovoil. g/d. New York Islanders at St Louis. Walker 0-3 2-2 2. tract dispute and signed a multi-year agreement just W L T Ptt GF GA "Dupe's locker is right next to mine. 472-7185 Card are accepted lor There are no refunds lor OWNHOUSES i study 47XX Springfield Avenue preceding publication payment. 935 p m 23. W L Pet GB NY Rangers 14 8 3 31 104 88 NFL's substance abuse policy. 545-0725 through Friday during regular classified ad. 2300 apartments. 2 bedrooms include OREXEL/PENN . phonathons. 47 AND BALTIMORE through Friday during 3 or more 25c word/day HELP WANTED ment with I 1/2 baths. mmmm mm Thursday. Dowdell 3-4 0-2 6. Massey 5-10 0-0 10. garden. large windows.APT8. 386-2360 Sansom Street. Please cal our attorney collect cessing Free pick up and deliv- ery Bob. two business days WANTEDIII STUDENTS ANO preceding publication. Washington 4 7 364 4 anything like that. lull tile bath. breakaway dunk on West's feed Grata 2-5 2-2 6." year for substance abuse.

The Palestra clock in minutes — it all depends on how you Jeanne Mooney cut the Penn lead to (Heated 12:01 remained in the first look at it." offensively. Pa. NBA. the only visible signs Nash said. and that's what we did." Penn head coach Marianne I'm disappointed. Penn head coach Ed Zubrow was unavailable But for Johnson. Weinhauer has Harter. is not a full game. Sports Pag* 16 The DaKy Pennsyrvanlan Thursday." Stanley said. A jump shot by junior the foul line. transferring to Penn by friends of his famils Greg Abbruzzese big plans. The score read: Penn 12. T7ie Columbia "only stay in the Ivy League. and he graduated from next offer that came along and leave But Pac-10 and NCAA investiga- He would have been an all-time Yale in four years. It was only a litile thing. Dorfmeister calmly bounced the basketball team led I. "We had a lot of trouble defending in dominated — hitting jump shots right When the second half began. Quakers found themselves on the Amcrican honors playing high school short end of the 80-74 score in their Lehigh's first 10 points in the second basketball in Altoona. it's close to my home [in Swampscolt." "Once we made up the nine-point meister said. NCAA rules liked Philadelphia and have some friends Johnson. but did not rule out the possibility new coach. years damaged Weinhaucr's ego.5). Anne Skutchcs said. they were the Lehigh and made double the amount drolewicz said. half. Weinhauer will always be known but we had a special parking spot who were fighting tooth and nail for "The thing I hate the most is idle as the coach who guided the (hat Harry Gamble had as a football the job. leading the Quakers to a nine-point done in the first half. Lehigh had discussed prepared for this. We wouldn't decided that he would look into the Stale job. In one three-minute span. Weinhauer turned 99-45 record and won three Ivy titles followed." said Abbruzzese." Weinhauer institution." dropped one full-time assistant Phoenix. and we just kept go. scoring six of outplayed its opponent. While at Penn. Last week. it became a different game. Yet • "It doesn't seem like anything. not be eligible to play until 1990. for comment. Abbruz/ese said he supported McElreavy in Harvard. and I didn't want to park took the job. The second foul shot fell nine-point lead with them into the around in the second half. the Quakers' play greatly shooting six-of-nine from the field. not stand playing football for McElreavy. Weinhauer returns to Philadelphia By HOWARD 7. Because of the liom I I Kurt Nimphius to come here. Jim Lynam and assistant Fred at all. Dorf." senior Cheryl Rath added. •| vna'l really nervous. Basketball stands out for Quakers falls to Lehigh. scoring 14 points. five step in and be a scoring threat. so the opportunity to play would be September).ehigh turned the entire game Marianne Stanley the Quakers with 20 points around in 20 minutes. 80-74. was highly season-opener. proving through just as easily. Dorfmeister was meant nothing for Penn in the second players weren't ready. I'll stay here. what he has to say. and we knew that she was a and freshman guard Jennifer Dorf. him on the waiting list." senior point guard Cheryl When the Engineers pulled to the necessity to stop her. Carter DeLofme/Daily Pennsytvaman In short. followed by junior forward "We. mandate that he sit out one year. the Engineers turned their game throw." mg Harvard." Dorf. my last two years there I felt a contract was terminated following and helping out 76ers head coach lack of appreciation by the athletic the 1981 season. season-opening lotl And early statistical advantages for Penn last night. I can't sell out the new guy Princeton's up in the air — I'm not sure they'll Abbruzzese said he has been contacted about "I could handle how he treats his players if he yet. it to coach under a very tough was given back after some heated environment. And I'm interested in Harvard because yet. some pointing. The tailback added that his final decision (125 yards on 18 carries). It turned out to be his circles under his eyes and a few less (five as an assistant coach under personal hell. "I mean if Jimmy or [General ment Final lour. as the Engineers cut the recruited by Penn and was expected to "I'm disappointed." change in Ivy philosophy towards ideal. While Penn played a strong first ball three times and sunk the first free Not only did the Quakers take a half. was considering transferring. where he had accumulated a tions and subsequent violations great Ivy basketball player at Penn. reputation. the edge of a chair in his Veterans so hungry and so anxious to work. Mass. career for the Quakers' top recruit But Stanley also knows 20 minutes thought we were ready to In what ended up being a disap. the Ivy League went in to find out why and they guard) Byron Scott. 26-25. I enjoyed it been constantly working — scouting Wemhauer art. "We were each. (Jim Newman and Paul Howard) Weinhauer doesn't even sound tired. They were her first two points of vantage (51. two consecutive losing the time.KOWI1/ work two hours more. and the Sun Devils plum- "And there WH this kid.. in which Michigan coach. [Penn head coach) Ed Zubrow about anything Abbruzzese said he is also seriously consider would be made only after he meets the I ions terested. page 14 Lions' Abbruzzese considers transferring to Penn B) BARRt 111 KKIIW and keeping my options open. "Then we just began chipping here. He inquired about the vacant Arizona Early in the 1980 season. "I'm applying to Penn and Harvard. confidence and intensity. stipulating that he will toi Al Paul is conducting a search for "I loved [Franklin Field). another school. there. and lot of guts. Weinhauer thought he was 1979 Final Four are a few more Weinhauer is jusi glad to be working "I had been at Penn for nine years in paradise.). Engineers' 38. but I team and in the 1970s got [Seattle was paying for that parking spot out Supersonics center) Alton Lister and of my salary.EHIGH. "I thought we were ready to play. 111-67. "Bob's a perfectionist. I don't like the location. Johnson. He might look at me on film and have some want me after we beat them. "I loved Penn. rest. "Someone approached my parents while my Please sec ABBRUZZESE." Year. I. "but voice his discontent. the Penn women's end the half. [At Penn. He had never been to Please see WEINHAUER. but when ne arrived there. including a victory over Weinhauer found himself recruiting UCLA on the road. some players weren't ready. page 14 seven minutes left. prompting his exodus to Pacific-10 Conference. destroying Weinhaucr's and he wanted to go here." moments Weinhauer led an Arizona State At the same time.)." Stanley said. not Ivy coached the Penn Quakers to the basketball world scorned him." SKI Ireavj s successor. running off six Please see I. His father down job offers from Georgia Tech in his four years (1978-1981)." Penn." think this game showed people have away at Penn. no cut contraM After the 1981 season. who held the same position at Penn Manager | John [Nash] would ask State and Magic Johnson clobbered and they had changed the lock on from 1978-1985. who carried 133 times for If worse comes to worse. League. so I was not a Ned Wulk was an Arizona State Philadelphia 76ers' Director of 1970a when the Quakers were a jump-around guy. Lehigh head coach Anne Skutchcs high school and that's what it is "[Lehigh) was a beatable team. so they might be in. but his years. hairs on his head. the circumstances were very "It's not an atmosphere I'll feel comfortable in.." Weinhauer said two weeks Quakers to the 1979 NCAA Tourna. That was my role in game. leading half. Plus. Arizona State two years later. On the Sidelines "We played a very good 20 6 minutes.ehigh After 20 minutes of play last night Then Penn went on an 18-10 run to 9. page II Columbia sophomore tailback . Obviously. I said.5 percent to the "We knew the game was on the the game. and the Penn women's basketball coach Dorfmeister. put in. Quakers' lead to one. I really Spectator reported that running back Solomon "I don't think I'll want to stay around here If Abbruzzese does transfer. but an NCAA rule prohibits him different. department." Leslie Miller (14 pts. Columbia athletic direc. did not play scoring eight of 10 Penn points. "I Weinhauer and Princeton coach Pete Carril (left) study (he court. Bob Weinhauer instructs the Quakers." first two points of what promises to of free throws. Androlewic/ (24 points) took con- For 20 minutes. As the Sun Devils' perennial naaonal poner Now Da* basketball coach for 25 years." Weinhauer said. imvwig <i »» NBA tremendously. it was Bulcluc OravH admit him. I be a long and successful collegiate Stanley remarked. who received All. "Thai's how I started transferring to Penn in the wake of Lions' head voted in favor of McElrcavy's resignation. I was in my office until nine Bob came in from the outside and at night. I won't go to Cor. 46-45." said Arizona State time. the Ivy League's Sophomore of the for a new coaching staff." Abbruzzese is not the first Columbia player to of other Ivy schools.AI. Dorfmeister was to play a lot harder — and play with a While Lehigh was moving the ball electrifying." junior guard Sherie An- More importantly. After five straight winning Daily Pennsytvaman file photos tial black men in the United Stales at seasons. "We did not play well defensively Penn guard Cheryl Rath (right) drives past I thigh's Jeanne Mooney last night in the Quakers' 80-74 loss." he said. But to be honest with had won over 400 games. [Denver Nug- said coaches can't park there any gets guard) Lafayette Lever for that more. and I meted to 25-31 over the next two can't remember his name. freshman status than her need for At halftime. I. tailback Bryan) Keys would [recovering from a massive coronaiv in late ?*• bruzzese said yesterday that he is considering Moaday'l piajm only meeting. As Bob Weinhauer sits on the "I have never seen someone who's coach from each team Weinhauer the temperature was 80 degrees." "Playing-wise. "I knew that I was ex. as a team. "We didn't play with grit the whole deficit. viously. when the Lions be gone. one. halftime lead." In the first half. lockerroom. And the basketball was that a decade has passed since he After four years in which the athletics. half. "And we wanted it. minutes into the second half. Then. ago. "He had two long-time assistants Carter during practice. and we Lehigh (1-2) made its only serious order to win." sensed it was the beginning of a campus beautiful. said he could "I'll have to meet the new coach and hear also apply to Brown and Dartmouth. so he would there. out-rebounded line. do all the things Penn had helped the Engineers' cause. tie school for 11 years. But his college players and NBA opponents Iha a tie an) ot dree parts you. "I will only stay in the Ivy League. Maybe I'll from "tampering" with players enrolled in 707 yards and five touchdowns." he added. I came into work one day. I recruited [Los Angeles Lakers work the 18 hours and then ask to the Tournament. remember. page 13 After ASU disaster. run of the first half with less than Rath said "You've got to go to your within 46-45 with 15:22 remaining in "We had seen her play in high Please see DORFMEISTER. they had the grit and the intensity. Currently. he had my car at the back of the Palestra. Chuck Daly and Bob said. they held a shooting ad. she hot hand. I had a good game against Penn thinking about Penn. But Scott against not only other schools but declared himself hardship for the also Penn's admissions office. Needless to say. Quakers head coach school. 1988 Dorfmeister W. Ob. But immediately after the chain without ever telling me." the second half. called me up on the phone asking — a seven-year. eight rbs." pected to score. 44-35.ehigh. Marianne Stanley called a time out pail shooter. despite loss By HANK STEINBERG Quakers freshman basketball pro- 80-74. December 1. lather was one of the most influen. Penn had trol of the game." I. who gained 723 yards on 137 carries this year. and left and driving to the basket — meister. at the Palestra. 1 have not spoken to coach Larry McElrcavy's resignation Tuesday. I'm leaning towards Penn oi father was in Massachusetts General Hospital Columbia sophomore tailback Greg Ab. coach and I had as a basketball Athletic Director Charles Harris. in debut By TIFFANY SPARKS unanswered points in under two digy Jennifer Dorfmeister stepped to A lot or a little can happen in 20 minutes. defense like we can and have to in "She was hot." he said. the Ivy League team that finished eighth in the had increased tuition costs while Pac-10 the year before to a 19-14 toughening its academic standards record.ehigh head coach meister led the Quakers with 20 points the post. play. that's not the reason I'd choose Penn. I'm just looking around right now nell. more likely because of her and reinserted Dorfmeister.' one of the few bright spots. Wulk Player Personnel. Weinhauer The NCAA cited specific accusa- 'Will he get in?' and we kept putting and the University of Pittsburgh. "They had me to work 18 hours I would gladls Penn. was on the bench her shooting ability and had discussed "She is a great shooter. Sophomore center Kirstcn Brcndel in the second half. and the situation Stadium office. They tokwed eaoh other as Pern Chuck Daly) and been at one high e In his first five months as the head beaketDaa coaches dump." ing to her.

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ftfcctuwl UPuma. Marion Roaanbaum. tonsilitis. Mario Thomas offers up a sequel to the 70s children's classic Free to be You and Me. Jan Morgan.A Family 71 Jet* 10 Desert pUni and Belgium 51 53 Toss out Neither ins 64 IK half With a little help from Iriends like Robin Williams and the Fat Boys.1 Make beloved 24 Valley FEATURE 26 The Red parted 28 Night flasher 7/ Farm Fresh • 1 Have word* )7 Length of tin. Michata Raynor Larry SmaH 34lh Swaat Tha "Vary Pamaytraman. By Kristin Beeman 69 Garden needs 7 Shared out 30 lay hand. t( 8/ The One-Stop Shop 19 Like a judge 20 1853 work by 40A Shopping at Carrefour gives new meaning to the term "hy. and a M Icndency lot of community spirit to boot By Vicki Boinick 40 I nglish author (1816 l 4) Coastal fliei DEPARTMENTS 44 Photos 45 Word before 3/ Word On The Street: Going Home low or ttud> A Thanksgiving return to the high school hangout resurrects 46 Leu polite 48 Holster sue old insecurities. 64 Arties 2 Worm enerm 2! Mudio need 35 Slender livh father clock 65 Bellicose ideal I Rrilith toil 22 Lianas do 3b Ceavctery sigh is 56 Rotodes sues 6/ BOOKS: Poetic License 66 Announcer 67 Rabbit's tail 4 5 Viewpoint Jean-Paul 25 Again 27 Outfit 38 Common abbr 57 lamb sources 41 Met eveni 58 Window filigree When poetry books miss the mark. 22 (ream or collage permarket " By Jim Colucci Photographs by Con Fey 2. West Philadelphia now has its own farmer's market. . 24 of Ihe Aeneid 19 S kind of wreak? CONTENTS •> Rani's husband 14 Hn man 19 AMI" 16 f-xplanation 17 What's MIU^ ON THE COVER in a rug 18 Christening. 1988 . Pimala Mafcne Jim McCarthy Cur M Mawbouma. Gagne 1u 11 15 13 Across 16 I first word VOLUME 20. By Charles Cohen 50 Corner outdoor* 52 hell together 4/ FILM: Scrooged 57 Beethoven work Down 11 Agree 33 Treads the boards nor stands 61 1847 work by 40A 12 Fives 34 Three toed 54 Harp kin Bill Murray is a yuppie humbug in this Christmas Carol By M I'ulky use 1 Desert pUnl 13 Take on large bird 55 I ike a grand Jim McCarthy. Inc No part may 0» raproducad M wtvla ot m pan mtttoul ma axp—at conaant ot Ha acUors Al rigntt raaarvvd 34th Straat is putaanad by Tha Oaty Pannayhmnan Inc 40IS Walnut St fWm<ial^. M*a Johrvaon Stall Wruars Vioki Botrack. NO. th 34 Street MAGAZINE CrOSSWOrd PUZZle Richard H. . Philadelphia's best — 68 Bottle leatuie 6 Army group 29 Inky black 42 ( gleam cash 59 In the past and worst — read out loud instead.m-Clsa* Dal* Mazer Nancy Cohan Faatuta Editor An Or actor Susannah Cassedy David Arnold FanvThaatar Editor Muaac Edrtc I lane Barman Sarah Dunn Book* Editor Corlnootmrj Editor TamacKlausner Jim Gladstone —At— Con«iu«ing Editor Photography Stall Joanna Run. appendicitis all the germs in the world attack our hapless columnist over break By Sarah Dunn 15/ VIDEO: Buried Treasures Center city's video stores hold a host ot classics to ward off the Saturday night blahs By Allison Dew and Marion Rosen baum Cover photograph by Mike Johnson Cover design by Nancy Cohen Robin Fields *$■* Editor .on 47 Yens 60 Frosted 70 Suffix for 8 Have an obligation II Receni 49 Use a fuse 62 In (bored) 0 pal or $M/ Breakfast trip 32 Feature of Fiance 10/ MUSIC: Free To Be. Saan Portar.ayaryThun&younrythata»an<lspt*a»amaatais a* capt during examination and vacatnn panoda Ona laaua is pubkshad ounng tha lummar EtMonH (Hi) 890-6585 Ouainam (215) 8S*45b1 2 / 34th Street December 1.PA<9104. By Susannah Cassedy LIFE IN/ 12/ THEATER: Hair Temple's theater troupe gives a spirited rendition of the late- HELL (»>*•* WIN (> '60s anti-war musical By Allison Dew 13/ TALK: Thanksgiving From Hell Bronchitis.

I was an outie. 2011 Walnut St. No one had said a few cold ones. I'm socially well. dining He couldn't get through Cornell times. the kid who worked hard onset of Christmas-cartoon. embarassing commercial gone wild. I've been to slowed down and my lungs Editor of The Daily began to perspire. Had dates. Like bellybuttons. I found myself stam.h h0"s. ready to graduate in May rected an ancient. OVER Ho Gl0 " »»' '<> mok* h0* snin* Wl1h t>"1" IT Konl rwghlighls . I began to hyperventi- emerged from The Saloon. . sat Doug. Wondering what he's going The most frightening thing getting together with high to do with the rest of his life. I journeyed home for the short Thanksgiving holi- sonable." loon was full of innies. I the last four years. My inner anxieties Yech. with a degree in English. I was best college newspapers in the Saloon was 23 minutes too long seized by feelings of insecurity nation. should have little trouble find. but it sure tire. five years after To the people sitting around too lazy to cook for themselves graduating high school. Profusely. for me. Wilkes-Barre.Spray one* ovat KgWIy Then Newly Legal dance club ' ' sae how mony times you get the onos-ovar. Design Maven. with dozens of hungry relatives and is still. . per- But none of that mattered at The Saloon. The Sa- in years. at least the small tables — and to me — Adventure Game Headquarters (but more than willing to critic. middle class children of subur. Pa. high school was more love was meant for beauty like an Ed-McMahon-You-May- queens. a late. But for me. The little man in my head Illustration by Tamar Klau«ner/34th Straw drinking establishment (read: ran to the back of my brain. He I was. Ten years school. my heart nior. rich. great skier. like large red REVIVAL $1. For I'm a top editor at one of the Twenty-five minutes at The will be soon enough. reminisce ab. fabulous prizes." and plugged it in. high school king of By most accounts. I was afraid I adjusted. PA 19106 ri 7 4 8 2 5 TELEPHONE 215 625-8616 MWT HAVI ICT 34th Street December 1. Pennsylvanian. No out old times and revisit dor. a College se- and anxiety. Hanging out. I get good grades. I am a dive) in my hometown of the innies. Blond hair. that For me. wasn't me. 563-2960 special because it's a time for up. 1988 / 3 . Thanksgiving break is he'll get back to Ithaca to finish but wasn't invited to parties. cause it's in. five-year reunion. one had laughed at me or resur- mant feelings. a semester shy of his degree. drinking Rolling Rock be- simply consuming as much kind to Doug since high school. smart. Open Monday Salurday 10 30-5 30 York City apartment. Like thousands of other col- eyes. TRATEGIST But times haven't been so bia. Fitting in. As 1 stepped out into the Charles Cohen. Made numerous began to breathe easy again. Chuckie Co. I am a senior at a anything to trigger them. dug ing a challenging and reward. OPSESBC s 114 SOUTH 7th STREET Iwrnlv Iwni s I lii id si rift Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA. blue college success. is Associate Executive would say the wrong thing. A yuppie beer tion. "I haven't sweated that much On Saturday night. Fantasy and Wargame Headquarters ize your family's meal) and the lives in his parents' posh New hen. pimples in the center of my I think I'd better skip my out the tape labeled "high ing job. Thanksgiving means more than shoulder. In cold November air. about the whole scene was that school friends. college parties. working at student government and was Enira Hours Sundays Nov 29-Oec 27 12 00 5 00 special season. On the other side of the room new friends. Have-Already -Won-Ten-Mill- and high school girls with ion-Dollars commercial — clear-skinned smiles someone out there won those who many young and then re. The whole bar re- THE lege students. just appeared. forehead. — Iiiius Ian there are two types of high school students: innies and mil ies. wondering when elected senior class president. No.h* oLUOO ultlmote poash tot o Wsling imprassioa Use Birthday to Our RHV1VA. Thus spoketh my friend Neil As soon as I walked through last Saturday night as he and 1 the door.00 DRINKS THURSDAY NIGHTS A Hearty Get Well Soon to Our Stricken Talkster and a Happy PI OCQ Thei * ***''■ smoo. sweat glands.»'«* I*43 . sembled a scene out of Less OMPLEAT mering as I tapped him on the Than Zero: a bunch of upper day last week. A time for My brain tried unsuccessfully all of these feelings came from gathering in the local pub to lift to talk sense to my overworked inside me. . 1 nickname. for his father. once again. WORD ON THEEEmi Going home Thanksgiving break brings back unhappy high school memories I learned the truth at 17. the first time in five years. talking about old food as Willard Scott. socially prestigious family. prestigious Ivy League institu.

Confronted once elderly couples must contend ing convincing and poignant decade of the sequel lowed the story of six nursing again with the spectre of mor. president of a iloquy harps ad nauseum on every i In M television network. special effects as the trio of supernatural spectre of Cross' former boss. -•rtUrfiby grandma figure Bess McCar- Cocoon: The Keturn is no members are homeward ence into crying rather than rYoducad by thy. Scroogetl becomes brighter at this sincerity by Karen Allen. engaging in a turn is certainly not a winner the concept of youth trapped maintain some of their super. And about aging and earthly family ties becomes trite The old people may have only four days to spend on to add insult to injury. personalities that the film can't help but Carol has been a holiday tradition lighten up As a belligerent Tinker Bell. Cross fires actors right and family cohesion. his metamorphosis surfaces sud- denly and nnc onvinr. around after the ghosts retreat. there's been a Richard Oonim and Aft Unwi Starring Future: the viewer fears each will be MHarray. ■" 4 / 34th Street December 1. quips about an old woman's symbols. Daniel swamped by poor direction pleasant reflection on old age Basil hiding place on tin film's impact. The ghouls are dressed in such demise simply aren't funny. off more fancy footwork than the Harlem Globetrotters. And Cross' lavish gear and have such outlandish Charles Dickens' A Christmas slime of a power-hungry businessman attempts to scare audiences with a hor.i young larly. sappiness With no evidence of build- Scrooged struggles ineffectively to rise up. keeping the film from going prime tune show. Surprisingly. director Richard Don. 1968 . the couples (Maureen Stapleton) struggles 20 year olds. each is faced with a panying fear of imminent Practically every moue that makes it big seems to several cocoons containing dilemma. game. Tiny Tim is her mute son hilarious twists on the Dickens Making a cameo appearance as the Modem day Scrooge Murray casts an evil eye at his employees classic. Grace charming as more traditional cinematic Coliey |Alfre Woodard) is a modern-day interpretations. the ment The basis of the plot — Cocoon. take on a group of teenagers in board with the histrionics a game of basketball. Despite the and eternity becomes a ger ocean floor by an earthquake. in an old body turns into an natural powers. its credit a few funny one- tender portrait of the elderly by their alien friends. Cocoon: The Re- tatric extravaganza in which Back on earth. than usual. Gwen Ver- immortality On the Cempue about thi' original. attention-grabbing commercial of for generations While many a Kane makes the highlight film by hitting death and destruction descend into bad family has read fhe classic aloud on Cross in the face with a toaster Christmas Eve. process. fires of past love. Murray's concluding sol- Bbenem Scrooge. be skeptical of this irreverent adaptation ters in the traditional story As ■ DM k. But while Scrooged may not be as overworked. portraits of age and its accom- home residents who dltUNSJ tality. Unlike other Scrooge more bleak with the appearance of the Christmas Caml with Alistair Siiniiis UXJ films. Don Ame- the senior citizens succeed in lurrtTed time on Earth with a Directed by Daniel Petrte che is especially sincere. a winged Carol that Ebenezer could get back together Dickens' classic onto the pile with half of the film Murray's Scrooge isn't Kane and an overdone amalgamation of with his old flame. worse than the last. but are no The cast is unquestionalih By Michele Rayrtor absurdity longer exempt from the aging son's screenplay still manages the film's saving grace. The elderly Mary Luckett around like a bunch of lusty winning cast. tably emotional in its univer. but Stephen McPher. Screenwriters Clazer and O'Donoghue Diehard A Christmas Carol fans may have ingeniously updated other charac. but these are corny emotion. Is it better to live death Recreating his Oscar- inspire producers to try again aliens Following the spai e forever in the company of your winning performance as the people back to their plan COCOOHi TW WslTUUM But in spite of all these efforts beloved spouse. the advent of cinema taste and fall flat Directed by Richard Donne* The average Scrooge film becomes A romantic subplot also proves a suc- meant film versions like the 1951 A At the Eric 3 On the Cempue cessful addition. Scwogml. the audience is usually left At the EricS disappointed and reminiscing the age-old quest for greater circle of loved ones? Among the ladies. Played with utmost whole slew of TV incarnations of ques- ever. happy ending for all those who wished ner has dumped another version of the wacky array of holiday horrors mi hiding Hangman's humor dominates the first a midget tab driver. on a mission to save sal appeal But Petne tries too with a pregnancy. the main character's youth in by MHeti Otmzm »ro*ie»d by Ghosts of Christmas Past. While it does provide refresh But when Cross decides to turn his life ing contemporary twists on the classic. it still provides some Bob I Iratchett. showing Without Ron Howard behind the camera. paramour blends in well with the rest of Just in time for Christmas (or is that point in the story. leaving her grandson: |oe Fin. STREETCHJ Bah humbug! Scrooge enters the modem age just grouchy. don shines as the ultimate This time the original cast cally tries to pummel the audi. Singin' the sequel blues tears when she contemplates . Hill Murray is ruth less yuppie Prmk Cross. left in his attempt to produce a tasteless Murray skillfully blends comic: flair version of the Dickens story starring with a more subdued. rific. they come from behind to win the earth. how. And of course. cancer and special effects. the film the latest Scrooge flick is uneven. Bobcat Goldthwait [Police ster and thus tries to distract viewers Academy) tones down his notorious from family-oriented festivities with his nasal groan. Obsessed with inak in the book about the importance of ing money. Lew Hay- By Jim McCarthy ward (|ohn Forsythe) is the stereotypical nately. creat to pack in the melodrama: the The 1980s have been the The original Cocoon fol. and thus lessens the a hit-and-run accident. bound to visit family and persuading viewers with the overacting it's the original director. who are. Ron friends on Earth Returning on presentation of sincere senti- Howard. As a modern-day reincarnation of is visited by the third and most threaten ing appurition. who's sorely missed. Present and the 1970 musical Scnoge with Albert Scrooged enables him to rekindle the Finny. Petrie has his cast running and mushiness. and is the least guilty of exception This time around. underpaid secretary. adapting well to many of tin The moolah-hungry exec never exper film's more dramatic moments Sinn ienced the |oys of (Ihnstmas . mature approach Buddy Hacked and Mary Lou Retton. or spend a lively Art Selwyn. Cross' long lost tionable appeal. liners and some eye-catching with overdone gimmicks and in turn. The Return basi. the Antarean spaceship. too obviously to conjure up stream of ridiculous in its own right. Shift sinks too quickly into overly serious ing gracelessly from black humor to traditionally trite Christmas cheer. the old men ley (Hume Cronyn) goes over.The Return has to Daniel I'etrie has replaced a old people are accompanied life and death is indispu. Cocoon. overboard. he's demented Unfortu. What was a four cocoons dislodged from hard. saga when his wife lies in a hospi- tal bed. I dinner provides an inspired and the story and provides an additional Thanksgiving).ingly right after he above its predecessors. In one scene.

7 30. 5 45 8 IS Enc RmannouM 1907 Watch that baby fry Or not Walnut SI. lAMC Otde Cay. 5 30 7 45. 4 46. 5 IS. * IS. 5 30. 5 / IS. 540 8 1030 Thurs 1. — a take-off on cops-and-robber satire.1 46. The Naked Gun takes a more comical. 7 46. 16*1 «-d Market Sal 5*4*222 The perfect deadpan funnyman. Tuaa . 9. 5S7O804 have turned out a bevy of films Meryl Street" and Sam Meet portray Show amee Daay . Leslie Nielsen is the cute Fkngwakt fa* for each other this time 6. 8 20) Leslie Nielsen's cheek-pinching is probably somewhat less than fatherly MacLame was a Rueauan piano teacher BUSTER (PaUV 214 Walnut SI. 3 30. But the story's lane Spencer. 1519 Chestnut St. Ye*. 3 10. 10 I THE NAKED GUN CHILD'S PLAV that is all that offensive. 3925 Walnut SI. 7 46. 1*2* Chestnut Si. 2nd and Sanaom SIS. THEY LIVE Platoon laughing hysterically.6 10. here's a little conclude a hair-raising car the "ZAZ" team has certainly lAMC Motown.7 X. Sun . 5 30. 5 30. Thura 7 15. cameos. 7 50. 597OS04 Oaay 12 30. 214 warm si.1250 2 35. it's a whose slew of animated prehistoric discovery MMaatl (RajV 2!4WalnulSI 925 7900 Show tunea (Enc 3 On the Campua 40m and Walnut Set. 1 X. With STREET ty\GISM shot at everyone: the good guys. Sun 146. 10-16) 1215. tasteless — she is completely. Get it? (Enc Mark 1. Sal -.250. 5 30. Clmt Eastwood snoots pictures instead Mon Thurs I. 10 Theater 2 Th* Last Temptation of and make a movie from the and klutzy 1. Mon Thura IRON EAGLE II 1 IS.5 15. |AMC Walnut Ma*. 19*0 CraMnM SI. 1990 of people this lime when he (Meets that Chestnut St . 5S7OS04 Show tanee Daay 2 50.I 3 15. 7 15. 4. 5 30. 9 30.8. they fresh perspective on well-worn The late |ohn Houseman. Men .5 30. 2 30. 5670320 Nothing's sacred in this one from the 'Airplane* team Show tanas Daily 9/56) 1 30. 5. 4. 7 46. Williams. Abrahams. 9 50 I Sel. 8 05. 5 15. 4 40.12.1 46. 1982 television series "Police the non-stop gag-bag. to be bad because this is a satire. 40eh and Walnut SIS . 3 30. (PJUV.7 IS. 7 45. cupboard with bit parts by well- EVERYSOOY S ALL AMERICAN A corntanation of fact and fiction pro- team tried to make a movie Pater Pan live* again.1.I. 5 30.4. 9 15. of it. another man's attempt to thwart just produced the mini sunns 930 Sam's Place. 925-7900 Show kmea Firing away Brown shoes? Maybe Ptm Collins will sport a pair in this true story about a convict lAMC Palace 181? Chaatnm SI. of Fletch. lAMC CUde Cay. what would we do without And They ion won't da*. boys! The senior citizens and the pod people 4 30 6 30. Sun . the ing the actor's own stereotype 627 seas Show nmea Fn Sat i 46.8. 9 40) 3*24)296 Showlimea Fn l IS 6 15. . Sun 4 X. 7 45 Show tanaa Daay I 3 15. 3925 Walnut St. 9 36 Sam's Place. provides the bare bones of her motion picture debut as (Enc 3 On the Campus. 4 15. talize on the idea of stereotyp. /. 2. this film is the big screen ver. 92S-7SO0 Shoe lanes team of Zucker. 9 So out of this mess of flops Nielsen may not have the cool lot of popcorn and a lot of 101 (2021 SsnsomSI 561-0114) comes a film that should flop of Sam Spade. 3. 222 2344 creators of Aaptane. dog Dudrjsae Mel Qibaon and Kurt Ftuetee and raunchy humor. 10.I IS. 12. this is not another Airp. Toonal lane! sequel. 6. 9 56. TEQUILA SUNRISE tropical fish and a distaste for tisli hounded by press and public after an exclamation point at the end the Queen of England. 12 15. 7 46. Sun .in ki-r Inn David and ferry Ail 3 15. you're a cop. It's how makes his nutty antit. 10 I villain with a taste for rare that have in common not only raaMne Australian Seventh Day /Oren. 915.l 3 15." As the title suggests. 5*6. 1910 Cnaemm St. or when two policemen finally cameos these days.2 30. welcome and timely spoof of a seemingly dying genre. fine. 9 30. 7 9) background. 246. 9X| made a television series based subjects like the AIDS hysteria. chase at Dunkin' Donuts. 5 15. Clearance — Clarence 956. Daay. 7. — 1246. 2 15. lane! version of "Hill Street It's funny. 7 46. right to remain silent — which there still isn't much in there or be the object of desire for the really isn't very hard. by horny J**HC9 Lang* Oaay — I 306.000 for (Enc Funannouae. or the charisma laughs. lAMC Meaoarn. 222-23*4 around one man's plot to kill Priscilla. Mon Thurs. 3 30. COCOON: THE RETURN get off that plane. 1412 Chestnut 91. 12 15. But then she's supposed CROSSING DELANCEY Dickens' A Chnmmma Ctrol gets re- spoof. 8 Sarnanc 4. can ya? And Emear? (Enc s Place. Mon Thura 1 30. When a couple walks out of Cameos. Ready for takeoff Hey. ■ I 45.»« Walnut SI ?22 2344 Shear ranee Deft/. 8. 5. but at prefer red 3S2029B Showaraoa Fn . 9 10. 3 25. 10 15.12 45. 10 10 ) Show lanes Daay I 3. it s another brat pack eitrava- Theater i * Winter Tm Show times came to the illogical conclusion bling cop from the defunct TV irrelevant appearances. The middle-aged Nielsen.Thura . garua Andrew McCarthy and MoHy Fn -Sun . 3 30. and — 1. 5 36. - that they could salvage the idea series. This no-holds-barred poke at around. ggie "I got paid $50. MB Sun I 30 3 30 5 30 7 30. 1966 / 5 .46. failed TV show. 7 20. sion of the television series. for the sake of deadly satire. 10 15. 3 30. 10 IS) SOTOOGED awful. you would want to save the day. 7 30. but raw energy a love) triangle with ok) ragh school "ZAZ" team continues to capi. Show nmea Fn Sal I 30. baa hero Danra* Quoad struggle* lo vide* iriaaghl iMo the investigation of a called "Police Squad" which spoofs that offer a comically come to term* wKti maturity. 1907 Walnol Si 5*70320 Shoe lanes Oaay 12 SO. 4 30. 3 X. the "ZAZ" Airplane-esque humor soars. 7 30 9 30) Bird' Parker (RiUV 214 Walnol SI 925-7900 Show Mnea MADAME SOUZATSKA Fri Sun .1 46. dumb and lovely Priscilla The lataet slapstick mam* from the The playroom is possessed By Larry Smith of course. 7 45.956) MYSTIC PIZZA Teen love with extra cheese (Enc Fhnenhnuea. other than the "ZAZ" comedy Directed by her is never quite clear. sweet sweet Sun . the "ZAZ" between. 9 36. 6 X. From the files of Police Squad! not the story in this slapstick Drebin's eye.6. and Devid Zucker least the casting is appropriate. But Naked Gun: The Naked Gun. 9 30. cameos. 5 30. 3 36. 10 IS) 9 56. 5 30. 7 30. 567O604 Show amss Fn Mon tribute lo the late jau great. 9 25 Sarnanc 4. 5. Mon Thura . 7. 9» lane* Daay 1 4 40 8 301 ANOTHER WOMAN A LAND BEFORE TIME Woody Allen's 17th trim chronicles a Better than Dino from the Fhnlslones. 8. 9 46. 8. 7 46 Mon Thurs . 214 Walnut St. Sal . kadafy. 3. 1828 Chestnut Mon Thurs 12 30. ROXV SCREENMG ROOM ably. flicks — follows the same tradi. 9 46.2. 8 30 1030) romance thrown in for the hell the former Dallas dame makes are back SEE REVIEW PAGE 4 0UVEH ANO COMPANY No. just can't make a spoof without Goaf). the apple of U. 10 30. 320. 6. STREET CHI Guide linings are effective Friday HIGH SPIPITS Daryi Hannah sheds the mermaid THf ACCUSED scale* and hooks up with Sieve Gutien- Kelly MCGIHIS often legal and emotional berg in this supernatural comedy support 10 rape victim Jodie Foster (Sarnanc 4. Mon Thurs . S 25. 7 16. 3*2-029* Shoo nmea Fn . 972-0538 Snow tanaa Daay . 2 20. Unless. with a random touch of Elvis and Me based on her book. and Charlotte "I'm the film. made one* again.12 15. 7 30. Kind of like the Airp- But it doean't.I 10. «. 7 10. robber* Mms SEE REVIEW PAGE 5 . drugs and Vanessa three days of filming" Jackson 10 20) Since the TV show failed miser. S IS. Mon Wed . Presley. 8 05. 5 30. 7 50. 4 46. whether the audi. Wad Thurs I 30. 5*74)320 Show lima* Fri Wad (Erica Piece. 9 56) Squad. Vector — Victor 5 50. Chrajf Show brnee: Fn -Sun — 2. 5. 2nd and Sanaom Sis. heaped out Deltas pokceman'a murder m tg78 (Fan v. Re.1. 1519 Chestnut SI 5*3-30*8 I. *. 1015. 7. |«MC Waanm MM.' spoofs cop* and Show amss Fn Sal . Instead. totally 2 46. 5 10. 40*1 and Walnut Sat . maybe Sfxrtey Mon Thura 1 15. Priscilla.7900 snow mee never came to be. 5. 925. Mon Thura Show amee Fn Sun . him. 5 30 7 46 9 55 ) Shim lanee HI Sal I It. 7 30.8 10 IS. the Queen of England and to make it in pictures? Having S8'O804 Snow lanes Daay i IS. E>-coaaga loot Equally successful are shorl known people. oger — Roger A ridiculous plot centering Ah. What's important. cops and robbers screams for a Shew aaaae Deft/ I IS.1 Frank Drebin. 9 56. Charlie 1 30. REVIEW NEXT WEEK In addition to Airplane!. 4 25.12 15. 1907 Walnut SI .I IS. REPERTORY on this movie that never was. thai tan* with Eua Would someone please hold Amy Irv- And why shouldn't it? Naked Murray a* a modern-clay Scrooge SEE i >t course." The Naked Gun is a fresh. these wild and crazy guys makers' mom" Zucker all have FRESH HORSE* Recreating his role as a bum. With Ricardo Montalban as a A CRY IN THE DARK 9 46 Samenc 4. the Mrcheete Pterlter find* herself caught m thaw infant daughter • kitted by a wild of their titles. 5 30. 3 20. woman's journey towards sell. 6. ? 40. 7 X.146. In one ot her other livee. the done their best to stock this THE THM SLUG LINE Some years ago. 956. 9 30. 1412 Chealnul 51 5*70804 10 IS. 7 46. 1980 Chestnut St 587-0804 lAMC mtW Ma* . 972053* Show lanae Dewy 12 30.s Blues.5. 10 15. 5 IS. It's frenzied. Oaay 1 30. the bad guys and everyone in with his white hair and touch of their latest film. 5*3-30** Huh? OK.12.12 15 9 15) tion of irreverent. what works for the most part. what took you so long 146. 3 30.3201 ■ . is Presley does not disappoint St. trio created Top Secret! and the 627-S9M Show lanes Fn Set l IS. ■ 34th Street December 1. 5 X. Although it gets belly is about the last person guys ask you to waive your downright crude and dirty. Sun I 3b. but his poise some.I 15. Ya ERNEST SAVES OsRtSTMA. ing's hand so she rjoean't have to croas TMNMIDOUN the street by herself? Eligible bachelors REVIEW PAGE 4 Gun is the latest from none ence is laughing with her or at (Enc 3 On the Campus.

the poet places himself stant. All cultures are represented and the intimate bstration By Tina Oslo/Daily Pennsylvanian atmosphere of many of the read. beautiful poetics. to display their wares in Phi- city. ■ by the MOVE scandal. 1215 WALNUT STREET PMILA .D. and city papers. Many of will ring true for readers. But Vanity could be an unconventional A few of the local poetry Press. ?OOb SANSOM ST Great Locations: >6» r. PA 215 592 7b 50 Vantage Too frequently. Un. phia is an incredibly warped poets have trouble getting pub. The open readings that characteristically follow each scheduled reading provide a convenient vehicle Local poet for anyone with something to STRAND share.WE GO ^ desire in his heart. area bards display their • Invasion Night Discount unique poetic styles. many Philadelphia both aspiring and established. There are. one poet submitted. "When we iano Martin undeniably has 32 COUNTRIES! read the poetry of [Martin). the climate for local poets is remarkably hos- •!. references and frequently as- cious mind" that wrote the serts a sense of nostalgia for poem. President of Poeti and Prophets on Chestnut Street. source of culture in what some series have featured the works provides a temporary solution. Spain. and ings give poets and listeners Philadelphia's local poets Vanity Press might prove to be a alike ample opportunity for in. many he wavers between the poetic messages within the poems Now at Three Ml 9 PHIL* <?ni mom & phrase and the cliche. 1988 . we the potential to be considered are contemplating a sincere a great poet. These open readings are either highly structured or com Mediocre Martin thing: love is found. But theme of being a Spaniard the way this sincerity and de." All poets Legacy of a Poet deal with the the East Coast posses* these qualities. the city of but for Philadelphia poets as The primary impetus for brotherly love has the most ac. fortunately. The result Cover Charge • $10. *• area. response lished under this name. political or otherwise. love is found again. residents describe as a cultur- of artists inspired specifically Many local poets have pub ally deficient city.95 hardcover/51 pages risks sounding like a love- anyone at all and often lead into song lyricist rather than a true group discussion and creative poet." the readings are more successful than the journals. for example. Al. The open readings at Poets and Pro- EMIUAMO MARTIN The Legacy ol t Poet lost and. • Receive OP6N BAR from 10 to 2 On almost every day of the • Show College ID at the door tor your week. As movement in the country. Poetry readings to this thinking is through art. The Largest Collection and precious mind with a fiery The best selections In The of Foreign Videos On . however. happening and event oriented. is a melange of interesting new artistic ideas. believes that. Martin writes largely about The subjectivity of a poem love and despair. based in Philadelphia.STREETEEIE Now Open 7 Nites! Poetic license Philadelphia's poets prosper in a maturing environment wAWMii a a* • 9 *vii By Kristin Beeman Although poetry in Phi- ONLYXf ladelphia is relatively obscure. cer- Miguel Colon. "Philadel.l IIMANIOV. Bob Small. the poet phets. Martin oc- printed page is not always a casionally throws in political true reflection of the "pre. not novel often makes it so special that topics by any standard.00 with College I. much of the poetic movement is tive and accessible poetry The local poetry scene offers the local political climate. love is pletely free-form.' VIDEO Martin's poems say the same — Kristin Bewail 6/ 34th Street December 1. depending on a very special place tin' particulars of the series." and the only way to react lished outside of local journals ladelphia. outside of New York huge success. occasionally. teractive feedback.dble. and Emil- iano Martin. are open to M. not only for itself. well. There are numerous poetry and literary magazines published in the Philadelphia . but poetry in print takes a back seat to the well-organized and well-attended poetry read- ings around town. in his introduc- tion to The Legacy of a Poet. and San Francisco. because so manv of Philadelphia's poets are " '60s. isolated from his native cul- sire manifests itself on the ture and language. says. the ability to relate to a parti- though novelty is certainly not cular tum of phrase could the only measure for assessing hook a poetry fan in an in- poetry. a tainly some innovative and YOUR PASSPORT TO collection of works by Emil. Despite misgivings ab- in a dangerous position when out Martin's ability. sufficient opportunity for poets. boast that.

the Cedar Park breaks. "Cedar Park lies between two recreation center and youth or elderly police districts. part of the community spirit which in- the area sports on one side the People's fuses the firehouse project. but the main product at this stand remains poultry. but all plans failed due to from both sides." Officer McTamany beams. rivaling that of a ti-4 c i"ini box of Crayolas. as one customer declares. These busines- ses will break the tradition of keeping entrapreneun. to 7 p. New projects are sprouting up for the old firehouse. when we moved in enterprises on street level. Around the corner.000 pounds per week. The Flower Basket's display of flowers and plants beckons cus- gets a spaces and community service rooms. compliments of from the city for $1. Between Le Bus aren't even afraid to walk home. Deli "This is a very diverse neighborhood." A house cm ihe corner with a history of disturbing-the-peace Bus Pastries and Finnegan's F'ish. a haven for working ers greet him with a friendly "Hi. compliments the chicken specials. a little idealistically. walk past. Cedar Park. and is now occurred. yet most aromatic stand is the And with Officer McTamany standing on tin- F'irehouse Coffee Company. The market has also Street in Center City." The smallest.79 sirloin to boot compares two cucumbers. peaceful responsibility for their displays and pro- and diverse neighborhood duct lines. Cedar Park Neighbors awarded 75 percent of the construction of the farmer's market to Center Market. redevelopment. The 12th and 18th districts each This all changed when the Association pledged two officers to man the mini- heard of the Pennsylvania Department of station. veal. 34th Street December 1. has been quiet since the soon be installed so that passersby can breathe in scents of cinnamon rolls and French croissants as they Philadelphia mini-station came to town. Owner Leonard Brown's As customer Suzanne Williamson says as she butchers. Firehouse Produce rounds out the market with a variety of vegetables and fruits at.FARM FRESH Step off the trolley at 50th and Baltimore streets in West Phi- ladelphia and you see some- ' iliriii. now a farmer's market deserved respect for maintaining one of and one of the most important reasons for the lowest crime rates in this traditionally the upswing in this community's spirit. 10. with everyone's needs considered and Across a narrow lane stands Edwards-Freeman. students and faculty. aided in raising money. with glass windows revealing displays from Le West says. mothers in need of child care services." explains |ohn Kramer.000 grant competition the idea of the "foot patrol" with walking for local farmer's markets. floods the eyes. a Farmer's Market and Community Services testimony that no incidence of crime has Station premiered on Sept.m. Here barbeque sauce. Reading Terminal Market. 1988 / 7 . nd's owner says he goes through 5. Urban Partners the grateful neighbors. joy individual price control and have full virtually crime-free. Even custom- Baptist Church. we went and straightened them out right away. Vendors en- thing unexpected: a clean. piece of Cedar Park Neighbors' Firehouse And in the middle is the West Philadel. ner. an organization that "They're giving us a Thanksgiving din- helps coordinate just these types of com. the says he handpicked each ven- dor and shares a relationship of trust and respect with each employee. a central Neighbors Association banded together to figure in the project's planning and rep- retain the building as a landmark. who come from Kittenhouse Square. the an enticing aroma reminiscent of Baskin Robbin's (amoca Almond F'udge swirls around shoppers' nostrils. involved residents. Leonard's Steak Shop commands spirit each group consulted. These officers have brought back Agriculture's $150. which has its parent shop at 19th minority and local companies. too. an important union in the city. baked fresh daily. cur. for example.m. The result is a profitable business with which an entire community feels involved and satisfied. Staff reports lying on the desk confirm After four years of planning and 90 days of the station's accomplishments: large zeros construction. so we got a commitment services center. community says. the West Philly Firehouse mark the top of each sheet of paper. "Wherever we saw repeated complaints. The resentative from Urban Partner's Consult- group discussed various plans such as a ing Firm. CUStOBMtl ies of coffee arranged in burlap sacks. man is much more than a manager: he's Named. offer lamb. After passing Le Bus the next stop is the Penn Farmers Market The firehouse project has broken ground in other ways as well. Bill. Thursday through "We went through all the back records Saturday." by Vicki Botnick Vi'cAi Botnick is a College junior and a staff writer for Mill Street magazine. how're you doing today?" and on the other the West Philadelphia The firehouse is not just a budding Community Federal Credit Union. the market experience starts from the out- side. blue and white- collar workers. "the best goddamn prices around. complete with 18 variet." Kromer salads and chips line the display. tomers into the market with its brightness and perfume. "This is the best thing to happen to this place in a long time. When the city closed the 85-year-old "It was another one of our lucky firehouse down in 1984. Officers here get much- phia Firehouse." McTamany As manager and half owner William Coleman explains." a lack of government funding and no interested area volunteers. ■ and the Coffee Company. This project was done right. Their tiny City Councilperson Lucien Blackwell office allows jusl t-nuugh space for two helped the group purchase the firehouse desks and a new icebox. which and brought lb new jobs to the otherwise depressed community. troubled section of Philadelphia. goats and a $3. open 8 a. munity projects. the largest peanut producers in the Delaware Valley. include an entire barbequed cornish hen for $5." the back of the market. Consulting F'irm. greeting each pedestrian by name. "There are blacks and whites. The vendors agree that Cole- run by efficient. corner. It also houses a rently the largest community-run credit new police mini-station. Suddenly they beats which allow for extended personal decided on a use for their building contact with area citizens. Exhaust pipes will incidents. The upper floors will soon be converted into office Inside a spectrum of vivid colors.


coffee shop. is in reality much more tran- quil and dignified than the image Hi. I don't even wear my sweat- to a shopping cart sprint. hut on low everyday only recently expanded ." (and of Ihe employees on roller skatos who zoom Iwick A better description. "I come and buy ries. vendors selling customized union protesters out in front of the store would not T-shirts and key duplicates and.evittown to do both their grocery and Christmas The men's 1 lnthing section. travel agency. either a problem or an idea without . (breathe agree liecause she can gu right to her manager with deeply now) the almighty MAC machines. She says she 1 nines in 1 . the ihoppera' i redo "Shop til yon drop" will never mi MI ill. Hut while the store is huge shirt over my shirt because it makes me loo hot. Carol. "I love it because I lose weight. there were plenty "I m-» tires carrying a 14-pound turkey." she submits Besides. tli<- Philadalphla aloii la the 0119 ova In tha United Statai to date rim hyiierinitrkel is supi-r conve mr oriented. photo developer. somewhat imposing.ishiei 1 .11 return only 1 . shoe repair shop. UPS. modern store. it is actually very says. tin. roller-skating employee trunk not held a spare. Denise likes the fact that Kxpress. however. Carrefour is simply a large. and with a After only a few minutes at the register." street entourage proceeded lo load the groceries into This interview was ended ralher abruptly by a the car . With its •lisirs n|i(in .mil luilli among them) kinder to the pocketbook. contains not much more the 1 . sportswear tioutique. clean .1 u iiei BM "Your Kverything Store" prides itself not only on diary. I idle Hit of Kverything Store The hooks depart- Sure. customers encounter what appears to lie off starting gates. . effectively doubling Ihe number ol I Ins koul everything I need. /Vie Now York Times top-10 best sellers and a wall of That's why |udy and Kon drive a half-hour from paperbacks. Talk about says thai Ihe skating is strictly voluntary on her part. but ment. a restaur. The prices are often . no one really Kven the shopping carts are oversized. this "hypermarket oakai Ilia 11 al ■la Pathmaik marathon look Ilka ■ stroll in the park Carrefour i rented |hg hypermarket |a in I'rance.. An. shopiNT i an park Ins | ar one | ..(» . She lauds the largeness of tomer bagging keeps your prices lower.lisins oi everything bom antl- In-eze In bubble gumflavored MMI lad lU 91 i he* tout lanes. awfully big. "The prices are lower than at slaudard Mradlee's fare." she and. and Ihe freshness at the lei Line lias two belts. Ileyond the workout from tarrying everything tmni jewelers. No. loo. customers unanimously confirm that Carrefour is housewares and toys." Judy says. optician. however. dollar less than in the supermarket. Upon eniei has to skale thai much in one day they switch us ing the store. convenience Carrefour is even a great place to have "It makes it faster to get a price check the store is a flat tire.* '«♦ Carrufour <(♦ <:four . at first. can't even estimate the number of times she has just of fiberglass insulation. someone fall.111 ung up bakery and butchery departments. gift Carrefour hires non-union workers although tin- wrapping department. the perks of working in "Your Kverything the service of so many departments under one ! noticed an extremely flat lire Had the near-collision with a young. Denise. shoe store. The employee. there is an entire aisle 1 1 imposed store." logically organized groceries toward Ihe east end. who lives just around the 0OfMf from the On thai other hand. staggered as if they are the starting line "When I'm skating. l-'ednral eggs to fishing poles. "Cus- cooperative atmosphere. . rack of ugly men's sweaters. Unfortunately iriinu is in the mall. frenzied ichanta |>eddling wares and livestock.nul Al each cash register stands a sign reading.1 lanes.term hyper- market" may bring lo mind There are in. cleaners.Ulli coupon. adding that the checkout lines this year at Carrefour — Ihe area includes an satin move BON quickly than at other supermarkets." she loud 1. allied unique. II tlM niiirki-liiiK striilngints behind thn( arrefour Iton m Northi-ast Philadelphia have thatl way.0 figure! for the low prices and the friendly. I can save as much as $1. so do all hiii errands under one raof CailofuiU. nne 1 ustomer while another shopper bags his gnu ■ "I just love it. sandwiched between nun li as . of course. for example. occupying an entire aisle of Carrefour." Kach regis- Ihe produce department. clothing in the center and everything else goes west.ilim.50.same ihinK again. no carnival like atmosphere appealing to people's most primal bargain-shopping urges. when she tupped on a clear plastic hanger thrown on Within the north side of the building alone are the Ihe floor by a curious little hoy wanting to aaa electronics and video rental departments. appears lo be shopping at Carrefour. ant. and another containing shopped at Carrefour. She admits to only one skating accident to dale. sure Thriftway says it knows what we want. might lie "Your . ■ ■ lac* .

entirely diminished.i.t-~ droll »ith of cement nnv out to the I1. songs to find the eight vibrant.1101111.nn. like fellow country- the year Rumor has it that middle-of-the-road wouldn't be body understands me Baker and producer Michael I rouser who first gripped the men Midnight Oil. but A cheery Mario Thomas runa with a pack of '80a kids easy ■ quickly builds into a cusp Heavenly heights THI SAINTS Prodigal Son TVT rhythmic exercise. this venerable Several other tracks show that Side stepping bland "easy Australian band has returned Bailey's rebellious spirit hasn't listening" territory.11 lu. So don't "Good Love" is almost painful don't. she knows her limila "drain of Sand" starts with a up. catering to the modern there's . a /. 1 ni|n 111 lion with the Ms i<i. a mature sophisticated Ivy and make cinnamon toast for breakfast. e ol "The Day Dad Made Away In my life Even 111 high Khool.. And even though it's hard to say exactly what unspoken Hut this desire never beyond her extensive range "Grain of Sand" is about.iw 111 the basement and lugs hags This tune .K laad 10 hlfB lust to . that Bailey. to be. many days it goes lions and never attempts to go — Grace Sbippeos simple acoustic guitar part and — Stephen Severn 10 / 34th Street December I. shine me a light/I'm your prodi- Baker moans it And giving the jazz sensibilities To call this tract from the song's worth I album soul wouldn't be I WM Iniiii h ol 1. little bit lelt nl leniei but the fined pop-rock sound." it's likely to with Prodigal Son.1 do medley ol songs short skits . Although Baker's sound resists casual some lee In /*• You and Ma sandwiches while llad makes moolah was a happy-go-lucky medley that made nine to t1v. Mom calls in to hei office works the be . at seems to go away/It's gonu.iiini'il bo shatter sexual ami racial love they give Even religion KM kei feminist message to little girls This turn- ■tanotypai \111y Grant oilers a carefully not too Melody Makers' title track bat king up a around. And unlike many pop '90s Typnally the l.hided "But il . The angry young rabble. . Wind and Fire proves that Anita Baker has the be your cup of tea. Cot isn't just a claim.presented bluntly and honestly. Hoy s ( hoi k out 'Youraell Beloruji to You" and groove to the Obese Trio's rap about child messed < 11 > then families m. the gentle side of romance something that most of us special moments well into the quite a bit to offer.iinhil lubjectl must deal with I guess 1 had it pretty an.uul mono s. general.1111 t depressing is the need to confront the Still. that's a family loo1 Stap orrT I iauaa whan it hffw In you Unfortunately.M writer of the 19*6 smash "Rap everything like an expeiisiye Cot is a masterful album that for you. word-man Skip Scarborough The 01 lglli.ove " And Chris Bailey. But my. now flowing could-be hits that grace lowed considerably On Prodi nothing without the singer — at I'm home " gal Son. and what I've seen ain't best that she's got creates one of love you" said the second time changed since the early punk right.o. Still words and music are long'Always on my own.iki ol album and rcplai ■ it with The ." "Shipwreck" proves the most consistent albums of scriptive. earn Baker a Grammy or two.a Famtty rooul infused with just the right touch for Everyone Kermit the Frog and a AaM Bo it wasn't surprising Ili. ./. a fine suc.1 huh' bird joins an fails.1 heavy dose ol sugai to ({loss By Susannah Cassedy things ovei It's sad that loi many house it's the worst thing vet " kid's musical tastes seams to demand a Uiupiestion. kind of talent and lasting power for a pleasurable listening low Baker once again to explore analysis Slu simply knows that will soften many listeners' Luke or |ohn. sounds emphasis on women's issues lessened I -HI some reason. the scope has broadened and the religious hut still sort ol spiritual num kids i hums with a reggae Imat.i/ui/i however.. the album makes not exactly Matthew.1 relative it they're molested hut il that from underdeveloped countries in . "Gat ill hnmehov'Tell em Yo! elephant herd/1 ley. from the haven In the sickly sweet "Something hanging beat. while he hunts in vain for the loastei have produced a sequel called Carl) Siniiiii Thomas disturbing It follnws the trad il inn of confronts issues like child niolest. . Saints excel at post-punk pop On LP. lier called "Thank Someone like I'114(1 meets Sesame Street III it Nonetheless. how times have gal son. cessor to 1987s acclaimed All bitter line "Throw down a line. Bailey gurgles along in. like Sweet Love. step siblings and adopted babies Free to be. this song's got a driving head available surface in the house. You and Me sequel falters abuse Kids are .ihly Free (0 He tries to be little hard mil action.1 Faim/i liu/. STREET CDSa Believe it 01 not one ol the ten kids in' laaaturad that DO mattai how Things change exception! cornea Irom lha mouthi ol none olhei than the I . me leel good about myself as a kid / re< Helped out bj stars Ilka Mai Brook*. is curiously I il\ lomlin ..1 cheerfulness with the subtlety of .uh. Baker's deep.iy seem when Compared to the norm. Free to Be practically bends over heavy problems that modern i hildren backwards to be upbeat I'.F's best cut resist the temptation to pick this in its softness and sensuality artists.s. Free to He DM In. . it's a false victory: for all pntrod that the standard home is . yet to call it pop or sounds just as sweet "Some. With the Giving You the Best that I dies here artfully combine mod." it's all right There's room 111 today's family loi every one.ition children s us olds in its effort to enlon e adoption ami paat pnaatua through .1 the "liberation" of the mis working happy place where Mom hangs out III women just don't have it that great the kitchen .111. it's not the people or the place they Foundation for Women.i ei On makes Wondci Hio. screaming guitar riffs and ttshtauk to thr garage iliHir Froa to bo.niulv as safe however.loin Muppets team up with of laryngitis. CaauHe through hit "Sweet l. then Print igjl Son may perfume Aad like perfume." which ing 111. Bailey opts for a re. Sex Pistols are a bit too heavy Lyricists Gary Glenn. is still pretty fair Somebody gave his heart to Powell weeded through 200 world in 1976 with the power.l In the IIIMVII'I si nil I" hei effort 10 1 hallciigc end ol . ending haminei Hut what's really kajnaw Mary Popping it . Fools limy. a bit of brass and ture. Mark.iiu brought up on Rua to Mario to warble such prolunditios as 60. style guitars. CO. On LP. So if your musical tastes run a the album least in this case. pray " recalls Baker's 1986 break by singer songw liter pr.Sown/ ot imi' nl m\ earliest memories was nl llir MUSK For the noise-i razed vonngei sel honesty but clings tenaciously to what • Impeach Nixon" stickers on every left ol the . Cteatia stand up and take notice U-d head for a few days. . its impossihle to vardwork Still.i When the Saints come march- ANITA BARK* take much more than hope to least the chorus rings nuely The single "loving . you just might want to and will probably lodge in your Giving You the SMI Thtt I Got bring you close/1 think I'll has already hit all the charts. the original created bv actress Mario Thomas Fnv In live/It's more the kind of feeling and Free In He concentrated on delivering its /'. the melo. Soul Asylum's I was ■Political!) Comet child Mum liouhled kids listening to the album this hip to changing musical trends The "It's Not My Fault" may convini I otlni mill Dud marched on Washington HI message may ring hollow wise open-minded parents to trash the '63 with Martin I ullici KlB| Ud Thomas noes pretty l. these Saints have experience. years. CO. pissed about the world in me/1 stumbled my whole life ful "I'm Stranded" has mel.You ad Mi A hook and album "No. l-eaguo student and it's come IMI k to much to the delight of the children Hut haunt me Mario Thomas and Tuend. Toast" is one of the saddest pieces on mil drama club decided to regress a little the album and put on its own production Ami now Dad decides to "give Mom a break" here 1 am.1. oncent ol l. 0—1 I'rod in I'd in .1 I li. . Ah. Kohin Williams one man come the Kocord Thai Wouldn't Go perlorinau. ely in a voice that obscures many of the Anita Baker's vocals soar. nurse everyone ends up cheer traditional stereotypes ol the \merican ing lor Mom and pitching in for the tumilv In the IBBOS. Anita ern styles with old-fashioned But the similarities do not de." and Earth. ky. sultry vocals often rise above GtVUf You the Best That I Combining Mitch Easter KF. 1988 .u loi the s. Cassette song's lyrics. Meanwhile.

. with only one single the nineties/living in the similar sounds. cess and eventually establish The group formed in IMSi when old schoolmates Trevor . day says. and hope the British group the KM ape China Crisis. 3818 Locual Walk Una page tor detail* Friday 386-1840) (Iheeler ill living Ada. PHIlA • LO7-6S00 live band that gets out there and singles and possibly a top 10 The band has been playing 12/ji/se plays." Holliday says. 334 South SI. Holliday its first American tour of the at the time. (Tower Theater. 211 S Broad (Spectrum. U. as in "Wild. While 11ii Kscape Club may emerge as Music among their influences. another in a long line of great 567-6500 According to Holliday. 2032 Chestnut Street meaning of the tracks." if they placed a greater accent Reactions to their first album mi the brain and de-emphasized Dance to the boat/ that we the beat. Its driving beat and rap- have sold out each of their five WAXING! was born. Wild. They vica on drums. And de- phone interview. the band spite appearances. 334 South . the band also hopes to carry on its suc. Wild West" will the Escape Club quit the live spot. When Wild Wild West OHM "Everybody knows 'Wild.. to escape from typn. In a recent Isll says that the band has been east and west coasts. Ufcs vocals place it squarely in the dance-club style that the the same out east.S.i day explains. Wild at Philadelphia's Theater of Liv- Steel added friends Johnnie West" seems to misrepresent Christo on bass and Milan Zeka. sound and attitude that differed including the band itself." Holli- i lull recently hit Billboard ma. The group hopes ALL SERVICE from the overproduced remixes gined that its title cut would to overcome this problem with with this coupon that dominated the club scene reach such heights. White Fields were lukewarm at like the best/heading Aw But unlike other bands with best. beat rhvthnnt undertones. the Escape ( Huh achieving moderate success. But don't call here on campus Sunday am Kiel a dance bend See the story on (SI Mary • Church. the Escape (Hub is virtually unknown beyond its for then DSXl . ncit i hange their outlook.' but not many know the Escape Club. but feels that it corres- ponds to the band's musical in tin: lyifca. Holliday adds that the Escape Club is f/MAGE HA/0 SAION had hoped for a couple of top 20 "hard-hitting live.two sin. Escape Club guitarist Holliday says that the group was formed as "a real "absolutely flabbergasted" by its success." album. however. At most." quickly. Bflth and I udtow Sta . Thenkagivmg breaker a1 Sentimental Hygiene lor all those The Feakea ahow was postponed mi Hue Werewolves ol london Don't you Kiel Sunday Tickets lor Ihe rjngmaay ache- Guitarist Holllday Insists that the Escape Club Isn't |ust a one-hit wonder liale lhaee stupid puna? Saturday dined ahow wis be honored (Chestnut Cabaret. found a label Atlantic that would release itself as more than a one-hit wonder. Oebourne or the latter-day eound ol the Pier 3 on Delaware Ave . Wild West. that counterbalance their up.I'B LITTLE FEAT KEITH RtCHAROS OK. the "hard edge" is there "We're not another English. STREET C13H 11 l^M. If you listen closely. Rex and Roxy the music tends to obscure lbs n( accessibility and substance. 1988 /11 . that people like them. *» Sta . Wild West acts' styles of "accessible music image that they hope to project we-Ny. In January of '87. so ha can'l ting loo greet and he They're bach again I They're the reloc looks kke dung on Saturday Night I ive matton ol the attics'lave art-country Rut do** that mean that he'a not aim Mr rock band ol the '70a Saturday and Hoc* and Roll? Judga lor youraart on Sunday Ihuraday and Friday (Tower Theater." Thus. Hitsville. "Wild. 361-4181 newer Anthrax I nday Saturdays Apropos. the band stuck to live does not concentrate on putting If you're a fan of lop 40 radio. you've probably heard these and expanded its horizons by "You have to write the songs -\w\ HMJVKt lyrics "Wild. adding thai the sue |SBJM'| coveted number one cess of "Wild.tlhiiin. how scale tour at the beginning of WAXING! "the best of a bad bunch" of next year.l after overcoming manager- ial problems. eoth and I udtow Sta . which describe put-together band . ing Arts tomorrow night. smaller venues since the middle Holliday and lead vocalist of November and will perform Ironically. TAKE hit single. Like many top 40 bands. the their songs would better fit the British pop-rock groups. nobody.A. Broad and Pattiaon Sta . Wild West'' by Inuring with the Alarm and that you write. "We are a rock band." "It suited what we felt. was. 648-4424) 336-3000) THE FEELeSS WARREN ZEVON wrTHE WISHNIAKS Ihe datable Boy Haturna with aome Have no leer. really. im. 352-0313) 352-0313) CHRI8TIME LAV1N THE ESCAPE CLUB The inacghltiS. They fin- ished the project later that year. ever. topical In*-style singer It'a lima to In* in the WSd. By Jim Morgan with a hard Other songs on the album have similarly toriOUl Ik Wild West" and other Escape pop music. performances in Ixindon clubs together chart-topping pop hits. the group's intentions are good. don't dismiss The club has looked to Brit them as dance band fodder too lab rockers of the '70s for inspi. They wanted to make music with a it. All they needed was a California dates and hope to do name. ideas. counting names like Da- vid Bowie. wild wild west. Wild Waal performs an early ahow (7 p m ( right and Shaka lor the Shall. St. But often. day and Saturday enher lhe Gothic crunge ol aid timer (Fridays Windows on the Water. With the right mixture ration. ■ band has tried to build on those 34th Streel December 1. 20% OFF FOR STUDENTS the "wild" goings on la Ike gers and a producer. Club releases. the band WAXING! the group chose its present sjfl plans to embark on a larger- inker Holliday calls the name band apparently wants to sub- vert. 20% Steel and John Holliday got logether in a London club. scene to concentrate on writing however. which So when you hear "Wild. 3Mh and Chestnut (I healer ul Living Ada." 2032 CHESTNUT ST Ml I. 3821201) •22-1010) 7%*? Escape Club hits the top with "Wild.1 022-1010) BHNAS The Brazilian uuz group begins a OZZVOSBOUntaE aeries ol weekly PhNy shows which w/ANTHRAX wM las) throughout December IH H'a metal timel Choose your potaon." Holli- OFF out earlier this T. West. modern western world VMAGEi says. I In the other hand. and the band the group's self-described im- age. After some deliberation." Holliday •ntitude.

illnrin above tin. pressed in "Where l)o I Go (Theekn Cents. but soon turns sour DOORS OPEN « member of the audience I aiupanella more than makes as military images and battle scenes invade his fantasy. his love interest Sheila (Mi ('otter opts fur a small.ii'i.' casionally carry this zealous with musical ability The ater with an explosiun of dra uess loo far In their eagerness strength of Ins voice far exceeds main energy As the other to project.iii. The uplifting Imal scene. STREET THEATER VALUE UP TO $8. bathed in ics| scratchy voice tends to gel light on a pl.i pl.dunking .llllli'lisinn In III. 1920s can*** on tfie downlak ol an baaed on the novel by Victor Hugo.i. members of trie cast that ol the other male cast mem THE ULTIMATE LADIES NITE ini'inlxirs of the tribe dance I" i■■ Kpifanio in . nil ll I A comedy about the machine age ol Ihe Broadway's moel populai musical.ilr I'H Originally produced al Int height nl uii. cai pant* a kvery picture ol New York's bane ot Ihe sexes underworld area 1950 (Moore Coeege ol Art.II i'■ nil. Claude's innei I iii un|Mu . The first scenes of the second aGaesti ss on onto the stage.SIS ) tormances only) bers of the audience In |.'i wiiiimi . best ex- on .mi pin .il figures Happiness la hallucination for the flower children In Hair' Hair's first number bursts I lir Irilie.illi linli's Inwards drills and se\ Tin' imrsnu. H || Uilh . 9lh and Wamm 922 1036 Pay what you can Sun par with the cast beckoning mem- Sis . and belts out a powerful in Ibe dam ing counterbalances THE VOICE OF THE PRAMaE A traveling recto salesman hooks up the somber mood of the second Temple Urnverety revives tie 1960s ha wAh a termer wall a knack lor sloryieS act. 502-8333 Tickets SI3 50 717-1122 Tickets <i look at ii generation's Ir«-t.n ' ompelllna lldii Iii. relationships within tlm tribe. Phaedelphia 622 S 4th 1114 Walnul St .mil <i Iii lantad i aa) tilt raaoh Ii DO thins ''"■' "l. 025-2682 Tickets horn So 25 10 HW the iiieiiilmrs of the tribe es- $15) THE TAMMO OF THE SHREW pouse Claude's dilemma cen- The Pnaadelphia Aiea Repeiloiy ters not only on Vietnam but on auvsaootia Theatre's pioduckon ol Shakeepeaie i the identity the tribe has lent Frank Loeeeer's clsesic American must comedy Ists the ancient lale ol Ihe him. s i i .1. And one of the key scenes of the play •Namecri IS 00 spoken scene. 1988 . up Inr his lack ol at ting finesse thruugli tlie darkness nl the III. discounts lor students and se. I v . uses im tin' fliivvi'i .i Inr llin mid of Anii'i i i . 923-1515 Tickets Kb Hair challenges the values that Open W id thru Sun 9pm 3«im Si. Insl in ihe large scale musical . Cam • \. Kim (kimberlee ters.•!>>• Temple's "Hair" explodes with energetic spirit AT By Allison Dew Twentj yean iiii'i ii i n. this lancey St. ■ 12 / 34th Street December ananjetii IHMi.ilr ..1. One of the play's few serious IGUHII 17. innri i hele Aininnnl Impln—e |llm |n DANCEYOURASS-OEE-PARTY stage in three-quarters round lie more i ompassiiinale Hut thus using the proximity ol Ihe Ammou's (altering voice nevei • I verybody receives open bai Irom lOpm 2 SOam audience to the actors to create elicits any real eiiiolion.ii«. Inlil pal linn nl the I.11 Bmadwaj itaglna. S'4-3650 Tickets t<2 .puienaae HI anothet o4 equal 01 grcatei ^ .i. . Logan Squats. . he wears an . The Sunshine In.ii\ Muni Lunch/Dinnn with Hi. s «. bacoua populai once aa (215) 222-2245 i .1 . directly addres. 17 lor students S2t 50. Temple UnrversSy (Plays and Players Theafcn 1714 De- Main Campus. THE AOC4NQ MACMNE LE» HSU HA at it. (Walnul Slieel Theses. act depict Claude's acid trip ses the audience.00 \ mi and yout guest are i ordlalh im Ited 10 rnjo\ Psychedelic sensation one >'<>iii|>iiiin'iii. Sot in in.' ihOW'l grand Mali' Hi'si tiK'IUIS Hiim'i |Mi chael Kpifanio) and Claude (SoOtl Campanellaj baODBM I In- play s 11'iilr. Woof's (Stephen kovacs- • l.lot Private Parlies Mon Stun II'Jl'M panella convincingly conveys Claude's anguish in the face of his impending draft into the service. and offers his imviiig ethereal grin and his a hallucination that is initially discarded jeans to a female manner is stiff humorous. energetic jamboree does not and senior cauens) nkx cauens) nullify the message of tho MOST Bl 21 WITH PROPTR ID play.1 ills.Iirs n'lfu'i' npi'ii hai trom 1 ()|>in 2 JOani Ki'lilussl appears. a group "' hippii's who luing nut and pro irsi toajatbai In iiir streets ol New York .us the rendition strength of the solo and the anaraattc dancing below m nl Ihe potentially moving "Kasy To Be Hard " Shiinneil In Bat fmtnfdbtp ceed in establishing the upbeat mood that pervades the first ait MMM .ui.'iiipii' s Kei III i lottei i realm .ii lava Indian Restaurant rack musical oi Ibe '60a Ins 110 South 40th Street.." Still. . 13*1 and Nome Sis.u ni.i DON! accountant named Mi Zero makes *s Phaty debut (Foffest Thealis. <■ that rlemtr tHn| this rmifon i#ltn you oomblnai ■ powerful!) axpan niiisii.u IK fal- wildly below. . does oc. Through this enactment ot • I i .in. \ u'l ii Win. Memoes 18 00 stage. ii. Merger saunters when Claude speaks directly to falls short. the audience.00 ==^^=r=r rendition of "Aquarius I'he weaknesses iii..i. Cotter's production leave* nx* musical SEE REVIEW PAQE 12 ing to creels s isdn shoo the audience humming "Let (Tomkneon Theater. and a lively rapport In the tusl • 'Itin end up shouting.ui the iiili.

dot. pathologist. Town. You'll be almost MM SjMM.iss Mv was mi uliatiiiK a virus which to hit various buttons on tha lafa ■ Ilka tins thump thump Spanish grade is in worse shape masquerades . how would von two. yes. .it lli. take il to my Sp. so I was a bit excited a* they wheeled HM down the hall towards the OK (That's Opera! nig KIMIIII for you greenhorns. 13 OFF WITH THIS AD ble sleeping when frost forms sajaabasMs .ip| In.) My incitement abated.i bOttla so that I i niilil lieen llic i aiise ol my distress. around like .mil si arred loi life Areai lt» e->i !«•-**• Shop! where 'II pound Hindu ill (III tlonary I though! this was a rathei The piolilem. I started lo didn't •!if I'lii. well.(it eviintll. in Vohred III a devious ploy lo make me sign Ihe surgery con- SATURN sent form. mans .inisli | l.ii lly is thf ds in .inia in I Tinge M«mn.Miviiuod thai tlm nurses wen I IHKIIIK physicians in off tin. and she looked . wlii-ii.ipntc .KII ocept Iiu two who wen tadlaUt .tins I'xpla d that my ap Kilt wrenchiiiK pain. M I '■l»'ol '' wlnle Hying mil studying my Span pain? It I lot you mi tin. I now had ckxhmtj as well as jewelry . I would block.III SIHCI * i jil MW "i" asleep. however. Shu said il would be quite an CLUB adventure.lliii pain/" peudix had I date with the Ilelga the Nurse from Hull I'llis . Hint's | iful? KIKIII was IMIIIIK I hopped up Iiv M ol its slrali'Kli IIM ation oils place where nurses bid* than.l sill i-d mi' up like i gusting and infected.i Ix-.n bed mermaid |okii I "I it.iinniiil llkn this figured bunging m " "'"' nv" niiniiiil .ilc dl I to 1(1.ilile lo wall Ii . how- I'ver. just saw oil sonic f.nJj> I tiJJV I I •• MK H'dlllmislv li. •.ili.hit is. thump where iliios it hurt? If than mv abdomen WHS. to lie sliced ii|Hin Joseph's Coal Rev* is one ol u»- in vmir abdomen? if I drop thia would In. when Ihe anesthesiologist said thai general anesthetic • • would be too dangerous be- cause of my recent bout with Haircuts I'lmil . and I should make th osl ol it Shu iivim had me convinced for a while. help M o'clock in Ihe'i tli--. and besides.lie So.street or at least out of Skohuk's solely to make me cn THE****** My ruomnuite Susaune. prod around mv induced blur Ihe day . . and I luring innocent people with I twist your legs . major surgery.illei I lower righl quadrant" 'Hid arrived my i ellinate ilnnaleil i wall li inr wiiii I nitiBlmlion by twnar Klau6ii»(/:i4ih SIIMI kidney lo liei liinlliei -. IWK .JI mmcni "Awake. I button.o I wan I'nkii I'okii pokt-poka . ■■IIMHI woke ii|) every patnnl OH the II. lleloni mv operation I asked that I was infoi I tli. nr game for anyone with a though.i UUMCUOUl final request. good as I appendicitis.s7 does it still hurt IMidy part for show and tell ■ ■■■it■ ■ lK the lilies ol help inc. "You mean I'm going lo be SaMM institutions stand a little taller than the rest and all that jazz awake for this?" I asked M.( In! .hack.i-x.lll lll'W .il my Ilelga convenient lv fOVgOt" day.iti I bsfi Il wasn't IOIIK alter I awukn when yon need pain li ' I was dually spiling mi Satin pressing send ill iiu lies into I In.i into tl p $ Dress like a Million on someone else's Million $ ( It sounds I ise I i ollliln't ai In V Thanksgiving bml ally move any part of my body WHH like a colossal lielow mv navel Alter lulling gOOll 111'WS ll.bad news is that whimper I almost wished 1 (lid I wont under tint knifn Mini I moaned something along dl] Nnvemlier 11. 1988 /13 .IIHIIII an of voui abdomen' my SIIIKI'OIIS lo put my appen. JJJIII.(.1 ill n nil Hi. pist HI time 10 s|ieiid the iin. was yi«i l find many po|«ii« brands mi vour stoiiiiii li Ihuil on.11 »jlk III I pointed out that I have trou.ii III wan repeated.llsiippi'. it was the night warden in my cell Joseph's Coat Resale I'd sin to I lines lieloie liny would Ixi pretty (TOM tad dll II AM •> \0PM I in. while I work lor show-anil tell l» . mmbm ol Ihn modi I .«KI iraki. .good news IN lluil I loi . tlie I)>H tor replied. pointed oul what a I'lniiin this would make. bUl tl wouldn't really • luowiiiK m« into the IHHI she urn a COll ami a name IIIK and I HI .. But very M 111 * I drowsy. imp .Daai ■' tat on my window and I taint when 122* CfmUul Sir—I 75MJUMI I clip my toenails loo short There was no way that I could 34th Street December 1. This I'm dying " No I seemed lo ■ llei spiiniliiiK approxl. STREET EUIl The 'Street' loses an organ Thanksgiving from Hell walls niiniiiil inv IHHI lln By Sarah Dunn in tail lllorn . Kverv IB minutes unolliei Mv inemiiriiis ol Ihe msl ol \l II MKMlld enloi '"V ' iirtained the week are lost in Mil cublcla.MZb roaatad Thanksgiving fowl. where mv Index flngn la unemployed tnpp. erstwhile appendix IIIIII nut to |tva me Ihe hud held ■ all weekend admiring my dainty "Now.MI.o I Hied llllllllll '-till mainly MVIB boon In Student nothing Ilelga arrived wild the llimllh being poked in tlit) Kill morphine only allei my |f| iiv donna ol i urioua. After kimla Wl.i Bm '»«i '""'■ i. 11 plllleSSIOII i innalose.( en.inv.sMvn.ileil into tllill ins Heal I. lint the thai Mislead ol IIIIVIIIK only MM -.IIMIIII as 44^4 Locust * MM. I have an impressive scar.


Videos are crammed into you're drawn In Soviet movies.and even though come the quick way to turn a scopes of love and war of the Play It Again Video Students the most thorough collections current films and television of. pcistei tributes to the singularity of funny faced. Customers browse among with long golden braids. Beaux dole out $2. New Zealand. anil . Movies that raise the oter. Beaux Arts still manages to provide the classics seeker with a wide selection. Don't like the 1962 romantic escapade a few. perfect little lady The homey welcoming decor TI. a 1956 Unlike other video stores. located With Green Hair. PA 19107 The Church of the Saviour.A.A Video can bo a box of The Had Seed. If tin. That Touch of Mink. nal question of just how far a But you'll find more than girl should go to catch her man. the any video store can ever be. there's Greta Garbo's i an be a lot less painful than and Play It Again Video. 6. 1988 /15 .an classics just like it at your local tion. displayed in the foreign films and classics. and sappier. 38* 4 Chesnu • 898-6244 Sfuaoml b. 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India. to name Although the '80s have films. Their Camille. Israel and Scandinavia. or if filmed literary works. At a loss for somnthing l<> do every available inch of this TLA may be the MM place in on a Saturday night? Tired of small cozy shop. While lacking the physi- find it waiting to be snatched cal charm of Play It Again up at any one of the video stores specializing in old movies. there's plenty morn in in rests on its oldies collec. Phila. abound at in the audience TIA has one of nostalgia .eil llus limited range. As an fer a rarely interrupted stream Customers often come to and Kick in Casablanca. She's also an music of Play It Again Video cording to principal actor.Hud Seed ality. The Rlnxlii I'fitimark. Perusing TI.i ami I he I'lids background shelves of movies arranged ac- winning smile. Mr I »v*ruiy •* t*nm<l'»a Dip of Muu mi ** SAC Tel: 592 7226-7-8 34th Street December 1. tickles Play It Again's principal attrai son. MUSK Director 'Mature u ThcCiaamofPiomeolcia ml Symphony No A n F Major by Deeatcwea Symphony No -' by Kun Weill Friday December 2. South Africa. as quaint is lancholy tale of Peter. overshadow releases take a backseat. buck in the video business. such eclectic flicks as The Hoy Play It Again Video. In fact." Where once Six blocks east at 1000 you could only catch Invasion Spruce. not to mention nostalgic audience. Two added plus to the standard of dreck — the owners of both these stores in search of movies you like your love flicks a little hours of cinematic: Shakespeare classics offered by Beaux Arts Play It Again and Beaux Arts. if the description off the classics among his collection. is Beaux Arts a. Apparently..M. Classics line the shelves of Beaux Arts Video video stores. The store sports system. reliance on little no-neck monsters. 1988. 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