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15 Asia TEFL
International Conference

''ELT in Asia in t h e D i g i t a l Era:

Global Citizenship and I d e n t i t y "

The Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel &

Eastparc Hotel
13-15 July 2017 Co-hosted by:

212 I P a g e

Abstract No; The E F L Teacher's Beliefs and Practice of Writing Teaching: A

1/266 Sociocultnral Perspective

lis Suiarwati . Academic writing is one of the most critical skills for Indonesian
Semarang State imiversity students as, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners. Since.
University most of universities in Indonesia obligate their students to write a thesis as one
i.sujarwati@yahoo. of the requirements in finishing their study. How well students write is
com determined by how they are taught to write by the teachers. The way teachers
teach is greatly influenced by their beliefs and prior experience. This arti:
provides an overview of a comprehensive ethnographic study forming pan
a doctoral project in an English Education study program at State Univers
of Semarang. Focusing on the experiences of four teachers who are teachi:
writing in a state Islamic University of Lampung, Indonesia, 1 examine th:
beliefs about teaching and learning writing, their educational and professior
experience, and the contextual factors which may influence their instruction.
decision in teaching writing. A socio-cultural activity theory is utilized as
framework for analysis. A multiple case study in naturalistic research desi .
is applied, and constructivist grounded theory informs data analysis. Data v
be collected across a 16-week semester through semi-structured interview r
classroom observations, stimulated-recall interviews, reflective journal, a-
review of site documents. The study is on-going.

Abstract No: Teaching Grammar in Context: My Self Experiences

1/267 Since implementing the communicative approach in teaching Engl;;
as a foreign language (TEFL) in Indonesia, now teaching English as
SUKARNO international language (TELL), a number of English teachers in Indone-
English Education think that grammar is not important anymore. According to them, it
Study Program essential that the students be able to speak in the target language even thou;-
Faculty of they make grammatical mistakes. Therefore, they lack grammatu
Languages and competence -accuracy. As a result, they are not aware of grammati.
Arts mistakes when they speak or write down paragraphs. The English teach;
Yogyakarta State think that teaching grammar is very conventional and it is not important. 1:
University my opinion, however, grammar is important in all macro languge sk;
sukarnouny@gmail inasmuch as without grammar competence one cannot express his/her ideas
.com good English. Based on the fact, 1 propose teaching grammar in contexts
such a way that the students leam grammar meaningfully. The steps are
presenting input texts, 2) analyzing language elements in the texts -focus;:.
on grammar, 3) discussing the use and the pattems of grammar in the texts, -
producing new texts employing the learned grammar, 5) conducting p;
correction focusing upon grammar, and 6) discussing students' texts focus,
on grammar. These steps are done in both spoken cycles and written cycles
teching grammar in contexts, however, the English teachers need more tir
in explaining the materials and the students need more practices.

Abstract No: . Project-Based Learning Reinforcement:

1/268 Re-Designing Discourse Completion Test to Assist Students in
Constructing Essay Outlines
Gusti Nyoman Ayu
Sukerti This research was aimed to analyze the use of discourse completioa
State Polytechnic of test (DCT) in order to help students in constructing ideas particularly in the
Bali stage of writing essay outlines. Discourse completion test is widely used •
nyoman. ayusukert speech acts studies to elicit respondents' reponses based on a given situation
i(a) This study focused on the use of DCT in the context of teaching English for
vocational students with a framework of project-based learning as a basic
213 I P a g e

model. Project-based teaming is an innovative teaming model which

emphasizes contextual teaming through complex activities. Project-based
teaming focused on learning the core concepts, involving leamers in problem-
solving investigations and other meaningful tasks, giving students the
opportunity to work autonomously constmct their own knowledge and
ultimately produces a real product. Project-based teaming can be used to
achieve a certain competency through a project within a spesified period
through the steps of planning, execution, reporting, communicating the results
and evaluation activites. The goal of this method was to arouse students'
interests in writing and ease the obstacles faced when developing ideas.
Partisipants were 25 third semester students enrolled in a three-year
undergraduate program in Informatic Management. The outlines produced by
students were evaluated and discussed in peer review until the drafts were
final. The study revealed that students were able to constmct a coherent and
cohesive essay. Further steps need to be done in oder to develop DCT
materials while taking into account the intralanguage aspects.

Abstract No; Developing Students' Participation

1/269 In a Mixed-Levels Reading Class Via Cooperative Integrated Reading
and Composition (CIRC)
Sulistianinssih English continues to spread, not only as a global language but also as
Universitas the language of science, technology and advanced research. Thus student,
Pancasakti legal, especially at higher level need efficient reading skills to comprehend a mass
Indonesia of reading materials fi-om various sources related to their studies. Teaching
endang.sulistia(a),s reading becomes not easy since teacher have to face the problems on how to teach reading in a mixed-levels reading class? How can all students become
motivated more active in reading class? How to promote cooperation among
students with divergent competency and motivation? To address such
questions, this paper demonstrates how reading skill, participation and
cooperation can be developed trough CIRC. The participants of this research
were students of communication studies at social and political science faculty
of Pancasakti University Tegal. Trough this method, learning reading can
increase positive interdependence, individual and group accountability, face-
to-face promotive interaction, interpersonal and small group skills, and group
processing. Therefore, a presence of cooperation is established, reading and
writing can be developed integrated, and passive students become active while
active students become more active. This paper recommends that a replication
of the study can be concluded with other groups at the different levels or grade
in other skills such as writing, speaking, or listening. It will be worthwhile to
investigate how effective is CIRC on other skills so that the teacher can use
the findings to improve and develop their teaching and learning process.

Abstract No; The Profile of the English Major Students' English as Measured by a
1/270 Proficiency Test

Gunadi H. Sulistvo This study aims at profiling English proficiency of the students in
and Suharyadi Department of English, Universitas Negeri Malang (UM). A number of 277
Department of students across admission classes: 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 were involved
English, Faculty of in the study. Their proficiency was measured using a paper-and-pencil
Letters, Universitas TOEFL-like test. The subtests reliability was asured. The data was analyzed
Negeri Malang using descriptive and inferential statistical analyses.
gunadi. hs(a).gmail. c The results show no respondent reached the advanced level; the
om; majority was in the low intermediate level. The respondents' score was not