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1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Data Science Personal  Public

1. Intro to Programming

Coursera: Learn to Program: The


Coursera: Learn to Program: Crafting

Quality Code

An Introduction to Interactive
Programming in Python (Part 1) by
Rice University via Coursera

An Introduction to Interactive
Programming in Python (Part 2) by
Rice University via Coursera

R Programming Track by DataCamp

2. Statistics & Probability

edX: UT.7.01x: Foundations of Data

Analysis The University of Texas at
Austin with Michael J. Mahometa

edX: Foundations of Data Analysis -

Part 2: Inferential Statistics The
University of Texas at Austin with
Michael J. Mahometa

Statistics with R Specialization by

Duke University via Coursera

Introduction to Probability — The
Science of Uncertainty by the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT) via edX

3. Intro to Data Science

Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data

Science Exercises Included by Kirill
Eremenko and the SuperDataScience
Team via Udemy

Intro to Data Analysis by Udacity 1/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Data Science Fundamentals by Big

Data University

4. Data Visualization

Data Visualization with Tableau

Specialization by the University of
California, Davis via Coursera

Data Visualization with ggplot2 Series

by DataCamp

Tableau 10 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau

Training For Data Science!

Tableau 10 Advanced Training:

Master Tableau in Data Science

5. Machine Learning

Machine Learning by Stanford

University via Coursera

Machine Learning by Columbia

University via edX

Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On

Python & R In Data Science by Kirill
Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves
via Udemy

Deep Learning

Creative Applications of Deep

Learning with TensorFlow by Kadenze

Neural Networks for Machine

Learning by the University of Toronto
via Coursera

Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On

Artificial Neural Networks by Kirill
Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves
via Udemy

supplementary subjects 2/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Python Programming Track by

DataCamp, plus their individual
pandas courses

pandas Foundations

Manipulating DataFrames with


Merging DataFrames with pandas

R Programming Track by DataCamp

 0/2

Data Manipulation in R with dplyr

Joining Data in R with dplyr

Data Analysis in R, the data.table


Introduction to Databases by Stanford

University via Stanford OpenEdx
(note: reviews from the deprecated
version on Coursera)

Importing & Cleaning Data with

Python Track by DataCamp

Importing & Cleaning Data with R

Track by DataCamp

Data Analysis with R by Udacity and


The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop — 

Tame your Big Data! by Frank Kane
via Udemy

Taming Big Data with Apache Spark

and Python — Hands On! via Udemy

Taming Big Data with MapReduce

and Hadoop — Hands On! via Udemy

Apache Spark 2.0 with Scala — Hands

On with Big Data! via Udemy 3/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Taming Big Data with Spark

Streaming and Scala — Hands On! via

Software Testing by Udacity

Software Debugging by Udacity

Version Control with Git and GitHub &

Collaboration by Udacity

Building a Data Science Team by

Johns Hopkins University via

Learning How to Learn: Powerful

mental tools to help you master tough
subjects by Dr. Barbara Oakley and
the University of California, San Diego
via Coursera


From Email: (DataCamp) Data Types

for Data Science

"Predictive Modeling" ", "

"Regression" ", " "decision tree" ", "
"random forest" ", " "cart" ", "
"descriptive analysis" " 4/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Applicants should have a strong

knowledge in the following areas and
tools and can show how these tools
can be combined to deliver DevOps
tool chains - Continuous Integration,
Continuous Deployment, Code
management, Continuous Automated
Testing, Agile Planning and Bug
tracking , Continuous monitoring and
Log aggregation tools. • Strong
knowledge of cloud enablement
services. • Strong scripting skills
(Python, Ruby, Perl,Shell). •
Experience with automated
deployment, continuous integration,
and release engineering tools
(Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, New Relic,
Graphite); • Strong knowledge of
infrastructure automation tools
(Puppet, Chef, Ansible); • Prior
consulting, advisory, or professional
services experience is preferred; •
Strong knowledge and expertise in
DevOps solution delivery and
strategy; • Solid knowledge of
design patterns and refactoring
concepts; • Practical expertise in
performance tuning and optimization,
bottleneck problems analysis; •
Experience with software
development frameworks, DevOps
tools and configuration management
tools, such as: Java, .NET, Node.js,
Github, Jenkins, Concourse, Kafka,
Atlassian, Puppet, Chef, Ansible •
Experience with Micro services and
containers • Knowledge of
virtualization technologies, such as
VMware vSphere and Microsoft
Hyper-V, as well as knowledge of SQL
and NoSQL DB products such as
Mongolab, Hadoop, Redis Cloud,
Clear DB, MySQL, MSSql, MongoDB,
PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra,
Elasticsearch The candidate should
also have working knowledge and
experience in development languages
and frameworks with Windows and
Linux flavors 3+ years’
experience designing and leading
architectural efforts for infrastructure,
development and test environments
Seasoned leadership experience: •
Applying the nuances of influencing 5/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

based on the situation, knowing when

to push and when to ease, driving
through designs, ideas, and
roadmaps. • Excellent
communication skills: Demonstrated
ability to present to all levels of
leadership, including executives •
Expert in the architecture process •
Expertise with Agile Development •
Familiarity with integrated build
systems and testing frameworks •
Have a good knowledge of software
open sources used by automation
development. • Thorough and
detail-oriented. • Excellent coding
and project management skills. •
Knowledge and experience in
software performance and scalability
test automation. • Experience with
distributed systems and database
structures. Tools - good to have:
Cloud (Technologies) IaaS: IBM
SoftLayer, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft
Windows Azure and Azure Stack
(Hybrid Cloud Platform), OpenStack,
Google Cloud, and RackSpace Cloud
PaaS:Pivotal‘s Cloud Foundry,
Redhat’sOpenShift, IBM Bluemix,
Google App Engine, SFDC’
Heroku, CloudBees Jenkins and
AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk Cloud
Integration (iPaaS): IBM Cast Iron,
Dell BoomiAtomSphere, Oracle ICS,
SAP HCI, Microsoft BizTalk and
MuleSoft Cloud SaaS Integration:
Salesforce’s UI, Business logic
and Data integration. Salesforce-SAP
Integration & Salesforce-iPaaS
Container/Orchestration: Docker,
Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry’s
Diego, Apache’s Mesos Google
Kubernetes, Amazon ECS and Azure
ACS Collaboration Tool:
Salesforce’s Chatter,
Microsoft’s Yammer, Jive, Lync
(Microsoft) Cloud DevOps Tools: SCM
- Git, GitHub, GitLab, CI- Jenkins (aka
Hudson), Bamboo and CM -Puppet,
Chef, UrbanCode Build and Ansible
Log aggregation tools Splunk, ELK
etc 6/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Job Description  Understanding the

flow of data and metadata
management throughout the
organisation.  Responsible for
client interactions and understanding
business requirements and translating
statistical/mathematical results into
business recommendations. 
Machine Learning: Classification,
Regression, Clustering, Feature
Engineering (OR) Big Data initiate
and participate in projects in the area
of prediction, optimization, and
processes using advanced statistical /
mathematical approaches, in the
enterprise environment. Design best
architecture and select the most
appropriate modeling techniques and
data visualization for big data analysis
 Programming: Python, R. 
Analytical Skills: Data analysts work
with large amounts of data: facts,
figures, and number crunching. You
will need to see through the data and
analyze it to find conclusions. 
Interpreting data, analyzing results
using statistical techniques 
Developing and implementing data
analyses, data collection systems and
other strategies that optimize
statistical efficiency and quality 
Acquiring data from primary or
secondary data sources and
maintaining databases  Interpret
data, analyze results using statistical
techniques and provide ongoing
reports  Develop and implement
databases, data collection systems,
data analytics and other strategies
that optimize statistical efficiency and
quality  Acquire data from primary
or secondary data sources and
maintain databases/data systems 
Identify, analyze, and interpret trends
or patterns in complex data sets 
Filter and “clean†data by
reviewing computer reports, printouts,
and performance indicators to locate
and correct code problems  Work
with management to prioritize
business and information needs 
Locate and define new process
improvement opportunities 7/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Amazing analytics skills, including

analysis and implementation
Qualifications in computer science,
statistics, mathematics or related
discipline Energetic expert with a
craving for continual learning Keen
interest in online advertising and
measurement Knowledge of Google
Tag Manager (or 3rd party tag
management) Excellent
communication and presentation skills
Experience with JavaScript
(mandatory) and Google’s APIs would
all be bonuses

Strong background working on large

scale Data Warehousing and Data
processing solutions. Strong Python
and Spark programming experience.
Strong experience in building big data
pipelines. Very strong SQL skills are
an absolute must. Good knowledge of
OO, functional and procedural
programming paradigms. Strong
understanding of various design
patterns. Strong understanding of
data structures and algorithms. Strong
experience with Linux operating
systems. At least 2+ years of
experience working as a software
developer or a data-driven
environment. Experience working in
an agile environment. Lots of passion,
motivation and drive to succeed!
Highly Desirable Understanding of
agile principles specifically scrum.
Exposure to Google cloud platform
services such as BigQuery, compute
engine etc. Docker, Puppet, Ansible,
etc.. Understanding of digital
marketing and digital advertising
space would be advantageous. 8/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Working knowledge of standard

clickstream analysis tools: Google
Analytics, Adobe Analytics or internal
Telco BI. Practical experience with
Data Warehouses and understanding
of database concepts Hands on
experience with Tag Manager,
Webmaster Tools, AdWords etc Data
imagination - you can devise different
ways to evaluate the analytics and
present your findings Current or
recent Telco industry experience
Decent communication skills -
particularly to client teams eager to
learn from you JavaScript experience
- tagging (nice to have)

A degree in Computer Science or

equivalent. Extensive experience in
AWS, certification will be a bonus. You
have in-depth knowledge of data
architecture data modelling and
database design best practice. In
depth knowledge of both OLAP and
OLTP systems. Hands on experience
in big data migrations and data
warehousing. Knowledge of data
governance and data quality
strategies. Understanding of a range
of database technologies, including
relational and NoSQL Ability to write
code in python. 9/10
1/26/2018 Data Science | Trello

Also, with a confidence interval of

90%, if you can ‘strictly’ prove your
skills in at least 3 of the 5 - sing out!
Language - Knowledge of at least 1
statistical programming language - R,
Python or Scala Data - Understanding
of web data and exposure to web
activity datasets Tool - Experience
with at least 1 Web Analytics ‘tool’ -
Google Analytics or Adobe
Sitecatalyst Presentation - Ability to
produce client-ready output -
Powerpoint slides or R Shiny
dashboards Maths - Working
knowledge of statistics with
experience in Market Mix and Linear
models Extra points for the following
great-to-haves: Google Analytics
Certified or Adobe Analytics certified
person Working knowledge of
Machine Learning techniques
Experience with new-age
visualisations like D3JS, NVD3
Please respond back with two things -
Simple yes/no for the 5 fundamental
asks AND your updated resume that
reflects these asks. Remember you
just need to satisfy 3 of the 5 asks.
There is also a statistical solecism in
the description above, can you find it

Amazing analytics skills, including

analysis and implementation
Qualifications in computer science,
statistics, mathematics or related
discipline Energetic expert with a
craving for continual learning Keen
interest in online advertising and
measurement Knowledge of Google
Tag Manager (or 3rd party tag
management) Excellent
communication and presentation skills
Experience with JavaScript
(mandatory) and Google’s APIs would
all be bonuses 10/10