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Subject: Why We Support George

To: _________
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 16:07:13 -0400

Dear _______,

We support George Smitherman for mayor and we’d like to tell you why.

We’re conservatives. He’s a Liberal. Thankfully in municipal politics, party lines

don’t get in the way of supporting the best candidate for the job. And we believe,
hands down, that George Smitherman is the only one who can finally fix City Hall
and get it focused on serving us as taxpayers.

Why George?

George Smitherman has proven he has what it takes to make the tough
decisions and effect real change. While in government, George won over his
harshest critics by showing he could get results – he reduced wait times to the
lowest in Canada, he forced hospital budgets under control when everyone said
it couldn’t be done, and he saved almost $600M every year from Ontario’s drug
budget. Those are real, tangible results that deserve credit.

Was his record perfect? Of course not. When it comes to eHealth, George was
responsible for almost 5 of the 10 years the program has existed and has taken
responsibility for not making enough progress fast enough. But delivering
electronic health records isn’t easy. Premier Harris started the project in 1999
and it remains an ambitious plan to save lives.

Why now?

Since January, George Smitherman has travelled to every corner of our city. He
has heard from literally thousands of people and their message is simple: We’re
tired of being nickeled and dimed – get the spending and waste under control
and make City Hall work for us again.

That is exactly why George is running for Mayor.

He’s tough. But he’s fair.

He’s determined. But he’s thoughtful.

And he’s right on the issues that matter to conservatives the most.

Last week, George announced his “Back to Basics” fiscal plan for City Hall. In
2011, George will Freeze Taxes and Hiring. He will Freeze Spending while he
leads City Council on a 100-day, line-by-line review of the City’s capital and
operating budgets to focus spending on priority services. As he said:
“I will launch a war on waste and non-essential spending. That’s the only
way City Hall can do what it must – provide high quality services people
depend on. A City Hall under my leadership will put the customer first.”

George Smitherman has also announced plans to get Toronto moving again – by
cutting the Vehicle Registration Tax, ending the endless ‘Days of Disruption’ on
our roads, separating bikes from traffic and using sensible, proven Public Private
Partnerships (P3’s) to deliver new subways and new light rail on budget and on
time. And George has promised that seniors will ride the TTC for free, weekdays
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. – a time when there’s extra capacity on the system.

George is the only candidate who has said it’s the mayor’s job to create the
climate where businesses will thrive and jobs will be created right here –
including plans to aggressively attract green jobs and provide new opportunities
for Toronto’s youth.

And George led the charge against the TTC’s ridiculous idea to build a gleaming
new headquarters and transit museum. We already have a transit museum – it’s
called the TTC. George has said it’s time to for the TTC to focus 100% on getting
the basics right – clean, safe trains and buses that run on time.
At Queen’s Park, the NDP called him “Furious George.” But that’s exactly what
City Hall needs – someone furiously determined to finally clean up City Hall and
get Toronto working again. We believe he is the only one who can deliver the
change Toronto needs.

Will we agree with him on every single decision? Of course not. But George
Smitherman has the experience and the drive to fix City Hall and make us proud
to be from Toronto again.

If you agree, please forward this e-mail to a friend, colleague or family member.
Also, please consider:
1. Adding Your Name In Support
2. Ordering a Lawn Sign
3. Donating
4. Volunteering

On October 25th, vote George Smitherman for mayor. For experienced,

determined change.


Isabel Bassett
Former Minister of Citizenship, Culture & Recreation

Stefan Baranski

Aubrey Browne

Libby Burnham, C.M.

Lanny Cardow

Agnes DiLeonardi

Julie DiLorenzo

Simon Dwyer

Paul Felstein

Tom Fiore

Sabrina Fiorellino
Elena Floros

Robert Foster

Matthew Gibson

Sandy Gibson

Robert Graham

Gary Grant

Eric Granz

Charlie Harnick
Former Attorney General

Brendan Howe

Pat Howe

Angela Jonsson

Senator Vim Kochhar

Joseph Lavoie

Ralph Lean

Theo Margaritis

Judy Mintz

Sarah Mintz

Marilyn Mirabelli

Kevin Moore

Dan Newman
Former Minister of the Environment
Thomas O'Shaughnessy

Senator Nancy Ruth

John Sedgwick

Justin VanDette
Regional Vice President (Toronto)
Ontario PC Party

Jaime Watt

Tanny Wells

Vivien White

P.S. George Smitherman served as an MPP at Queen’s Park for 10 years

where he earned the reputation as a fighter for what he believes in, and in so
doing, the respect of MPPs from all parties. This is a man who clearly loves
Toronto and wants to make it work again. To learn more about George and his
ideas to fix Toronto, please visit

P.P.S. Much has been made of George’s record with eHealth. Get the full story

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