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Mr. DePalma

Was O.J Guilty?

Your task is to craft a two page paper answering deciding whether

O.J. Simpson was guilty or innocent.

In order to receive a high score you must include a brief

description of the charges being raised against O.J. and their
consequences as defined under criminal law and an analysis of his
defense. In order to successfully provide support for your decision, you
must analyze two aspects of the case and how they connect with your
Rubric for paper

Use the following rubric to help you construct your paper!

5 point 8 points 10 points

Student did not reach the Student created a two- Student created a two-
paper requirements page paper with many page paper with little or
errors. no grammatical errors

30 points 40 points 60 points

Student did not talk about Student supported their Student supported
the defenses and decision with 2 pieces of their decision with logical
prosecutions in the case evidence but failed to reasoning, drawing upon
throughout the paper make a clear connection to information presented
their argument from the case with rich

10 points 20 points 30 points

Student did not talk about Student attempted to Student

the defenses and describe the defenses and successfully analyzed the
prosecutions in the case prosecutions their defenses and prosecutions
throughout the paper analysis of the O.J. in the O.J. Simpson case
Simpson but failed to drawing upon aspects of
connect them to criminal criminal law.

Your Score__________________________/100