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Name: _____________ Date: __/ ___/___

Teacher: Ricardo David – 06 grade

READING COMPREHENSION 1) Who is a construction worker? 5) Who uses a pencil?

A. my father I. my brother
B. my daughter II. my daughter
C. my son III. my father
My father
is a construction 2) What does my brother do? A. I only
worker. He builds B. I and II only
A. He is a construction worker. C. I, II, and III
houses. He builds B. He is an engineer.
schools. He builds houses and schools. He uses C. He is an artist. 6) Who probably uses an eraser?

a hammer and a saw. 3) Who uses a saw? A. my daughter

My brother is an engineer. He designs B. my brother
A. my father C. my son
buildings. He designs bridges. He designs B. my brother
buildings and bridges. He uses a pencil and a C. my son
My son is an athlete. He plays soccer. 4) Who uses a racket?
He plays tennis. He plays soccer and tennis. He
A. my daughter
uses a racket and a ball. B. my brother
My daughter is an artist. She draws C. my son

pictures of animals. She draws pictures of

people. She draws pictures of animals and
people. She uses a pencil and a piece of paper.