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Art Teaching Philosophy

During my teaching experience I have gained knowledge from my directing

teacher, content coach and mentor teachers that I have worked with through the
years. This has augmented my 4 years experience teaching art at a private school
and this school years of interim art teaching at a private elementary school in SF and
teaching at Albany High. Acquisition of my credential from Dominican University has
helped me expand my curriculum into further unique and engaging lessons. My
curriculum focuses on relevance to student's lives, which helps them better express
ideas and formulate perceptions about the world around them. I firmly believe that
this correlation is critical because it asserts their own voice within their work as
students and citizens in their community.

Also important to my teaching philosophy is use of all of our senses so we can

truly experience the creative process to the fullest. In teaching art I hope that each
student will not only learn how to use tools to help them create but also find
meaningful expansion in ways of thinking and perceiving through this exposure. The
eyes of an artist can take the representation of new experience and transform it for
another even without the direct experience.

Art holds a lot of importance especially in the cultivation of a young mind,

heart and spirit. Within projects art makes room for inquisitive and innovative
thinking so the student can direct their attention inward to what is believed or felt.
This process is not merely intellectual; it is also emotional. Some ideas are best
presented in a visual form. This is why art is so important and can be transferred to
other contexts of learning.

As a teacher I hope to emphasize exploration and experimentation; taking

aesthetic risks where surprise and new knowledge can be found and ultimately a
space where it’s possible for them to be able to feel or experience something,
envision it, and then make it happen. If they are free to really express themselves
without holding back and encouragement from the teacher this will challenge them
to expand beyond preconceptions of what they are capable of creating as artists and
further, as members of the community. More of who I am as a teacher, the mural
project and what I am doing in the classroom can be seen