Find peace in solitude. Find Peace in the void.

In silence there s a place to rest In constant desire, ones mind constantly withers to a point of suffocation, with limited desires, one s mind is open and content. The greater the weight and the more complex the thoughts, the more one mind gets straight jacketed. This over taxation can lead to stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. The key is to free the mind of the superfluous; aka excessive idealism, unrealistic expectations, and fanciful desires. One knows they are healed by the quality of the silence. When one is in a silent room, one knows the condition of their mental health by the voices in the mind. The more intense the screams, the greater the suffering. This often comes by thinking too much of the self. In order to find peace of mind with others, one must eliminate judgments. Avoid judging yourself or others entirely. When one thing becomes good, another automatically becomes bad. When you enjoy one activity over another, the other automatically becomes worse. By thinking someone else is better than you, you automatically put yourself in a worse predicament and allow jealousy, self-hatred, and abuse takes hold. By thinking you re better than someone, you automatically put them in a worse position, and arrogance, pride, and scorn take hold. Therefore we strive to be on equal terms with all, and we regard ourselves an equal to the world. Those who strive toward success shouldn t gloat about it. They should do the task and continue on. By lingering on a project, one loses respect and credibility. There is something astonishing about a person who does something and asks for nothing in return. That person will eventually, and paradoxically, get everything they strive for. If you love someone, love them without any projected returns, not because you want something. This selfless attitude is how one goes far in life. While others may be better in some things than you, this is no need to be jealous or hateful. Befriend these people and learn their skills. If you re on their good side, they d be more than happy to share that information with you. If you re on their bad side, not only do you make an enemy, but you waste those resources that you would have better spent learning the thing you were jealous about. If you befriend all people, they will share the world with you. By being selfish, you isolate yourself and cause yourself to decay. This is the first step of depression. It is essential in this life to take care of the body and mind. Without these two components, one cannot walk the path of excellence. First, the body must be well taken care of. Many behavioral and emotional issues come from a lack of vitality, rest, and nutrition. It is essential that the body is eating natural foods, that one is getting the proper amount of sleep, and that one is on a regular exercise routine. Also, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Water deprivation can lead to a wide variety of imbalances in the body, so one should take this with caution. Once the body is taken care of, it is now possible to move to the mind. The more complex the thoughts, the more dysfunctional the mind. In order to heal the mind, one must do some necessary rewiring. One must learn firstly about the path of virtue. In order to silence disorder with others, one must strive to be on good terms with all. This doesn t mean you have to be their best friend, this just means that one should not have any ill will or poor judgment of anyone of any kind. What you might find horrible someone else might find perfectly acceptable, so keep

One must first accept that life isn t always fair. Just continue to treat them with kindness. such as their health. those who can are rewarded with abundance. If one does not maintain and take care of issues in their early stage. If one feels continually feels shorthanded in a certain light. one must be patient and maintain their balance. greed. Once on has eliminated the need to judge others and themselves. It is essential to make sure that one is maintaining the standards of excellence. one must also realize that there are people out there that have it far worse. psychological well being. they will suffer enormous loss. since this only makes the situation worse. or trick others to get your way. One must first balance their mindsets. Very few people can attain the genuine state for long. one will find their way out of dysfunction. but discipline that is well worth it. one will see its benefits. Don t put others down to make yourself feel superior. etc. think positively. Therefore. force. arrogance. or their relationships. One should eliminate the excess from the necessary. and that is something to be respected. it is essential to keep all things healthy and properly maintained. If one continues to fight and doesn t give up on the light. and calculate their resources. such as love. However. Your success in life depends highly on how you treat and relate to others far more than any other factor. one should never neglect their basic needs. Another thing that will help heal the mind is to seek to understand others. one can begin to walk the path of excellence. one can then strive to simplify their life. If done in a genuine manner. . It is a very tough road to walk unless one has done the proper training. Generally. Don t try to be cool or put yourself on display. but once one has ventured on the path. through adversity comes strength. Remember. affiliation. Don t manipulate. When interacting with others. some people just have it better than others in the start. but don t give them any credence. material things do not bring happiness. If one gets too distracted by lower level functions of the sense such as lust. On this high road. this is how they keep their positioning. respect. People tend to think that more things will make them happier. they must not use their mental resources toward negativity. It is the immaterial things. they will lose their way off the path. those who are successful don t brag and don t feel they re better than anyone else. people will see you for who you really are. Don t rub it in peoples faces that you walk the high road. be genuine. One may be shocked to find out that people don t differ as much as they think. Don t try to be someone you re not. Therefore. When walking the path of life. The thing to take out of it is this. this cannot be further from the truth. If one doesn t feel strong enough. one falls. They will escape the brutal pains of the physical and mental planes by walking the high road. which in turn yields success. it s all just a matter of perception. they should do some research or ask others for help. achievement.that in mind. and security that lead to happiness. Other may judge you and try to rip you down. it requires a great deal of mental discipline. This is far more important than most people think. Once the mind is silenced to a degree. The moment one gets arrogant. one should seek to be genuinely curious as to why peoples opinions differ. Grab problems when they re small before they become a big deal. and through strength comes character building. most people would be more than happy to offer you assistance. By not doing these things. Therefore.

Clinging to memories. and ethical leaders. one can love an understand all things. the results of our actions follow us" ~Buddha~ Remaining detached. ask questions about their inquiries. wherever we remain. you can kindly disagree and either walk away or continue toward a mutual solution. Force only creates more force. If you don t. By loving and understanding the self. It is important to go into a conflict generously and with an open-mind. This may not always be an easy task as long as we continue to impose our self-righteous will on others. one must have a loving mindset. "Change your thoughts. strive to be the master. "There cannot be perception without comparison. If you seek something. Before venturing off into the vast world. first give it. Edwinn Facebook Quotes: "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything" ~Alexander Hamilton~ You become what you think about.One must continue to work toward forgiveness. you are right. one should know themselves thoroughly. "The key to the universe is love" ~Timo Tolkki~ "Wherever we go. and seek to find their perspective. Who s really right? Maybe both. practical teachers. Conflicts arise primarily out of a miscommunication. and you change your world" ~Normal Vincent Peale~ Don't aim to be the perpetual student. maybe no one? Does it matter? The first step to eliminating this symptom is to understand that we all think differently. that way they don't lose themselves in the tides of humanity. In order for a quarrel to be leveled. the most difficult of tasks. To them. Listen to their side entirely. Instead of holding onto what has passed one should direct their efforts towards creating a better present. what a saddening action. . To yourself. work toward resolution. they are right. There cannot be comparison without subjectivity" ~Deng Ming-Dao~ The world needs more healers. Do not seek to destroy your opponent. If you agree.

Fire can be channeled but it can't be tamed.nothing can be held onto forever.. the advancing path appears to feel like retreat. who are we to judge anything at all? Religion should not be used to anchor the soul. "The clear path appears unclear. it's easier to redirect it. Triumph is the word of the strong. "Benefit derives from what is there. the smooth path seems uneven. it should be used to put the soul into flight." One dies when they hold onto life too tight. When you're down. that's when it becomes the most wise. Simplicity is the key to contentment. everyone else is up. "He who knows how to live has no place for death to enter" ~Lao Tzu~ "Success is not a mountain to be climbed but a high plateau to be walked" ~Bill Fitzpatrick~ Instead of meeting force head-on. If you think you're up. Regret is the word of the coward.. great integrity . "He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. We cannot become who we need to be. by remaining who we are. "Sometimes the weak become the strong" ~Staind~ Time changes everything. from what is not there" ~Lao Tzu~ Failure is an opportunity. everyone else is down. True love never dies. what are we all in a hurry to do anyways? In every disturbance there's a lesson to be learned. Why not just refrain from judgment all together. Ultimately.Beware of those whose actions don't match their words.. Afterall. Stop judging yourself and all other judgments will end. high virtue appears like inadequate. Victory goes to the one who knows how to yield.. When the mind loses wisdom. actual usefulness.

one can see the world far more objectively. one must not judge or compete with others and must accept that everyone is different. if nurtured. encompassing virtue appears insufficient. no one is wrong. Thirdly. It's easy to win when you've got nothing to lose. there are many paths to the final destination. but they do not exist in nature. "It's not hard to fail. No one is right. stillness overcomes heat" Lao Tzu Good and evil. it's not easy to win" ~Cold~ Acceptance and Love are the gateways out of suffering. the good and the bad. Happiness comes from within. It waits faithfully and never faulters. Too much success is just as dangerous as too much failure. Secondly. one must first accept the life they've been given. It's always improving on the part of the other. building virtue appears inactive" ~Lao Tzu~ Invest in your life today for a better tomorrow. all adversity can one day be used as great tools. Expect the unexpected Movement overcomes cold.appears like disgrace. The only "right" way to live is to live according to "your" true nature. Maintain gratitude for both the good and bad in your life. Firstly. When detached. this love will always reside in my heart. In the end we're all different. one must develop a deep. these might exist in academia. True love is unconditional. keep them close . Fear is the only darkness. Keep the mind free of desire and be forever full. there are great lessons to be learned on both ends. we must first have a loving relationship with ourselves. In order to love others. not from the outside. True love cannot be broken. yet equally the same. Even in the heart of darkness. loving relationship with oneself. The only "wrong" way to live is to live according to "others". Fourthly. It sacrifices everything but never complains. Abolish "right" and "wrong" from your minds. It always gives and never gives up.

When you're feeling weak. "From yourself you can't run away" ~Killswitch Engage~ Don't let your senses guide you off course. what's the difference? The truth often sounds paradoxical. Don't judge me by the man I used to be. Adversity is conquered by unwaivering determination.9% of problems. It takes more wisdom to profit from good advice than it does to give it.. don't give up.. "Get busy living or get busy dying" ~Andy Dufresne~ There is no progress without failure. Stop comparing and competing with yourself and others. not intrusive. . The only thing in life that's guaranteed is death. and restrictions. Miscommunication. Behind misfortune is fortune. It is only then will you see the divine light.Fortune and misfortune. Watch out for great promises spoken by shallow minds and empty eyes. what's the difference? Behind fortune lies misfortune. Clear the mind of poison. fashions.. Judge me by the man I am today. Follow the peace in your heart. fixed concepts. the root of 99. Your life is only as big as the goals you set. Those who "overglorify" themselves with excessive amounts of cosmetics. Sometimes what you think is your most harmful burden winds up being your greatest blessing. you're so close to success.. Build your resources when the sun shines. The truly strong will never flaunt themselves so ostentatiously. conserve them when darkness falls. So I ask again. True beauty is subtle. I know heaven only because I've lived in hell almost my entire life Balance and moderation are keys to success. The moment you think you're completely right is the moment you're completely wrong. Sometimes what you think is your greatest blessing winds up becoming your most harmful burden. and flashy ornamentations are using smoke screens to cover up their deep internal weaknesses. Lesson: Don't glitter like rare gems or clatter like stone chimes..

Sometimes it's hard to determine whether someone let you down or did you a favor. not how you want them to be. use patience. Instead. Even the strongest people have their moments of weakness. and prepare carefully. Be an example for the world. whisper out the way inside my heart" ~Drist~ With the thoughts closed and the mind open. Those who are deeply rooted will not be uptorn. Use those emotions constructively. and carefully construct . Sometimes you have to take a few wrong paths to know when you've found the right one. Live life with no regrets. don't lose your hope. even if they've wronged you. Disciplined action is the key to happiness. In doing this." ~Avenged Sevenfold~ Only in times of adversity do you know who you true friends are. You are the artist. When the world knocks down your sandcastle and you feel that no one really cares. before bringing the pencil to the paper. climb up from the bottom for the last time. you avoid unnecessary degrees of indecisiveness. one can grasp the entire universe. See things as they are. "Along the way we learn things too hard. Look inside yourself. I may not be worthy in your eyes. When stagnation dwindles the spirit. error.Don't rush into a situation too quickly. readjust. He who runs out onto the battlefield before his training is complete will fail on his mission. Before looking outside to change the world. and regret. This root is confidence and its flowers are charisma.. think it through. prepare before you battle. action toward opportunity is the only salvation.. This is the virtue of the warrior. Love everyone with all of your heart. Lessons: Look before you leap. rebuild. think before you act. Just stop. the creator of your own destiny. "I may not be perfect but I've always been true. Take it slowly. think deeply about what it is you want to draw. it's wise to first look inside yourself. being hasty it is likely to result in bloodshed and disaster.

relinquish. oh Mother Gaia. When the process is done. we should have learned by now. This is called Transformation. Overendulgence." Napoleon Hill "Do not expend all of your vital energy prematurely. every failure. Shortly after. things will run smoothly. a lost trait amongst the multitude of youth today. A face that awakes when they close their eyes. But it's not too late to change the course. Complacency." ~All that Remains~ The moment you think they're the problem." The greatest leaders are often the most lonely. What a tragedy. and the fruits will taste oh-so spectacular. the youth will often continue to indulge despite the knowledge and continue feasting until it's too late to escape without great pains. Constantly intaking the wrong foods is equivalent to having sex without love. they're both harmful and insidious. no I never say I'm always right. you'll experience little resistance. Do not attempt to obtain things by force. There's no second chance. There's so much more than this.your walls stronger than ever before. its like tasting a sweet fruit without knowing it's poisonous. Procrastination. Malnutrition. Selfishness. A face that laughs every time they fall" ~Linkin Park~ "I have seen the Light. you'll see that you re sometimes better from the experience. Arrogance. Boredom. toxic and addicting. if one doesn t learn. Depression. not so much your words. You are a product of your actions. Youth and ignorance go hand and hand. every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Do not rush your precious harvest to completion. Invest in yourself today and you will be handsomely rewarded. Ignorance. you're the problem. If it is known to be posionous. A face watches every time they lie. "Follow the lead to failure. failure is certain." ~Stratovarius~ "Every adversity. When the time is ready. "I make decisions one at a time. Discipline. The adage is true. Pointing fingers always rebounds on oneself. and pay no mind. the youth learns the painful lesson." ~Avenged Sevenfold~ . the exam often comes before the lesson. "But everybody has a face that they hold inside. This will result in certain death. and a lack of Confidence are all by-products of this. it came into my life. I'm confident that when I stand on my own you'll see the truest form of a man when I'm shining through. Self-Destruction.

Sometimes it's better to give than to receive. but it s only by this way to do we learn and grow. Don't be afraid to look inside yourself.. Sometimes it's better forfeit than to fight. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Children. this will be the essence of my teachings" Lao Tzu -Tao te Ching Lead a life of peace and love and your self will be forever full. If it wasn't for the fear. :) ~Ghandi~ Life has a way of teaching us lessons in cruel and unusual ways... Wisdom is nothing if it lacks its life component. Sometimes it's better to give something up than to hold onto it. ~Killswitch Engage~ Slow down this fast-paced world and you will see past the illusion. This is where true growth take place. Reality has a way of making you feel insane when you're on the wrong path.. compassion."A violent man will die a violent death. Compassion is nothing without the wisdom of guidance. Live a life of vibrancy. then we would never find our place in life..away!!!! ~Creed~ In ones deepest sorrow lies the key to their greatest success. If it wasn't for discordance. believe you can fly. this fire burns. Live a life of strength. The ones who refuses this goes astray. don't stop dancing. if it wasn't for pain.. Sometimes it's better to unlearn than it is to learn. Experience is nothing if the extraction of wisdom does not take place. Even when you're afraid of failure.. and discipline and you'll endure through the ages. Sometimes it's better fail than to succeed. listen to the voice and readjust. without it. ~Killswitch Engage~ Knowledge is nothing without experience to test it. and fail. Experience is nothing without knowledge gained along the way. However. always. Even through the darkest days. away. it will guide you on your path of life. Step out of your comfort zone. there would be no progress. it's the only way to serenity. or appreciation. Pain is the ultimate teacher. take action. Life s forms are mysterious in nature. Sometimes it's better to be average than beautiful... this fire burns always. we wouldn't humble. integrity. sometimes it eludes us.. admit fears. . Sometimes it s better to love and fail than to have never loved at all. there are sweet fruits at the end if you do. Wisdom is nothing without the experience of self. use the fear as a tool to rise above and conquer. compassion. keep an open mind and you'll never stop growing. follow the "emptiness" in your heart. afterall. we would never change our ways.

For the first time in my life. Stillness of the mind is faith. Stillness of the spirit is eternity.Uncontrollable suffering gives wisdom to the compassionate and gives compassion to the wise. The greedy strive for happiness as if it were a possession that could be achieved or bought. Each day I use these as the gateway to the heavens. understand the highest truths yet retain an ordinary manner? That would be true clarity. complete your work cooperatively and joyfully. live in the present. help your brothers and sisters. Salvation lies within. love every stage in between :) Open your mind to what is. Honor your parents. true mastery. assume responsibility for problems. Stillness of the heart is truth. Insight comes from wisdom. It is a spiritual quality. wisdom from experience. care for your mate with devotion. Sometimes you need a part of you to die before you can become reborn . They do not understand that happiness is not a possession. each day I take a step toward salvation. Learn from the past. Learning from pain is the pathway to salvation. true simplicity. lead for the future. as elusive as the wind brushing your cheek. and what is not. I feel the radiance of its light and the warmth of the sunshine on my face. be faithful to your friends. love your children. A man should not be judged by his position in life but by the obstacles he has overcome. practice virtue without first demanding it of others. Growth stems from adversity.

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