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The story focuses on a group of pilgrims heading to Canterbury, and as a way to entertain themselves

during the trip they begin to tell each one a story, mediated by the innkeeper. Among the pilgrims is a
gentleman, a miller, a bolero, a merchant, a prioress, a sailor, a nun, etc. The narrations range from
heroic stories, tender stories of love, famous tragedies, emperors and kings, adultery, holiness ... in
short, a mosaic of narrations that allow us to know the different points of view that each pilgrim has
about life. Each story is also the opportunity to attack the neighbor through stories where this is in
shame based on their profession or social status.

Study questions

1. What is the difference between etymology and entomology?

2. Which of the following pairs contains an example of calque? How would ou describe the others.


What are initialism? Where there any examples in this chapter

B who invented the term portmanteaus words