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A Playable Race for 5th Edition

Written and Illustrated by Tom Iszatt

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Tibbits are a race of feline shapechangers, also known gnomes and halflings, finding them to be much more fun-
as catweres. They are spread across all of Faerûn, and loving and daring company than the humans, elves and
their tendency to roleplay as mundane housecats dwarves.
means that many are unaware of their existence.

Mysterious Origins Tibbit Names

Tibbits usually receive a single, ungendered name from
The exact origin of the tibbit race is rather unclear. Some their parents, at birth, or soon after. This will most likely
argue that they developed naturally, but most accept be a reflection on their physical appearance. As they
some sort of magical intervention. The cause of this magic reach adulthood, a tibbit will likely adopt a new name or
is equally disputed however, whether it was some arcane names according to the conventions of the society they
blessing or curse, or was somehow linked to the feline live in.
deity which they worship. No matter their beginning, the
tibbits now inhabit most areas of Faerûn, living amongst Tibbit Birthnames: Tabbyear, Greyclaw, Longtail,
other races. Spotpaw

Tibbit Traits
Feline Physiology
Unlike the more common feline race, the catfolk, tibbits As a tibbit, you inherit certain traits from your ancestry.
have two very distinct humanoid and cat forms. Their Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score
increases by 2, and either your Intelligence, Wisdom or
humanoid forms range from almost human to having
Charisma score increases by 1.
some cat-like features, but nothing as extreme as the
Age. Tibbits have a similar, if slightly longer, lifespan
catfolk. They are also a fair bit shorter than humans, but
to humans, reaching adulthood after their teens and
not the extent of the halflings. The average person in the
living just over a century.
street would likely mistake them for just a slightly
Alignment. Tibbits tend to be very spontaneous and
obscure-looking, small human. They tend to have dark
chaotic, but generally care little for moral extremes,
skin, and green, blue or copper eyes. Their hair colours
thus they favour a chaotic neutral alignment.
have the same range as different breeds of cat. Size. Tibbits are around 4 feet tall, and tend to weigh
In their cat form, they look just like the common around 70 pounds. Your size is Small.
housecat, retaining their hair colour from their humanoid Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
form. They also tend to have somewhat heavier build than Darkvision. Accustomed to the midnight prowl, you
normal cats. have Darkvision, as described on page 20 of the
Players Handbook.
Secretive Nature Keen Stalkers. You have proficiency in the
Perception and Stealth skills. In cat form, replace your
The tibbit’s ability to change into a fairly inconspicuous
skills entry with “Perception +(1 or your Wisdom
form means that it can easily infiltrate situations without
modifier + your proficiency bonus), Stealth +(2 + your
arousing suspicion. Tibbits often like to go around town
proficiency bonus)” and your passive Perception is 10 +
as a cat and observe the affairs of other races. They prize 1 or your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus.
the secrets they find out through these methods. Feline Tongue. You are able to speak to and
However, these skills come at a price. Whilst tibbits understand any cat.
make great spies, they are also distrusted by many who Feline Form. You are able to shift between your
know of their nature. Other more nefarious types attempt humanoid and cat forms. You can use your action to
to corrupt their fairly unbiased nature to recruit them as shift between these forms.
evil agents. Some tibbits, on the other hand, put their As a cat, you take on all the scores, actions and
great desire for freedom into action, bringing an end to abilities of your new form, except that you retain your hit
the reign of many an oppressive overlord through their points and hit die (maximum, current and temporary),
roguish schemes. racial traits (except your ability score increase, size,
speed and the ability to speak and write in Common
The Tibbit Adventurer and your other chosen language) and mental ability
scores (Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma) unless the
Whilst many tibbits are lethargic and lazy for much of cat’s is higher. This means that any abilities or bonuses
their lives, just like there cat counterparts, most at some granted by your class, background, feats or equipment,
point experience a particularly strong sense of such as spellcasting, do not apply in your cat form.
wanderlust. This is a result of their curious and You may remain in either form for any length of time,
inquisitive nature, and when they get behind a scheme, and if you drop to 0 hit points, you remain in your
they are likely to see it through with dauntless current form and fall unconscious. When you transform,
determination. As a result, the occupation of an your gear melds into the new form.
adventurer is well looked upon in tibbit circles. Tibbits Languages. You can speak, read, and write in
will often adventure with other diminutive races such as Common and one extra language of your choice.

Not for resale. Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use only . Tibbits 2