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Apprentice Teaching

Lesson Plan Summary Template

Agendas for the week: 03/18 – Period 1, 5
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Objective(s): Objective(s): SWBAT Objective(s): SWBAT

SWBAT present review and clear up any explore how life came about
their projects and misconceptions on the and engage in a discussion
give constructive Inheritance test. connecting the activity to the
feedback to their origin of life.
peers as they listen
to presentations.
SWBAT practice gene
mapping and X-linked
inheritance probability

P Engage: Take out Engage: Pass back exams – Engage: Diagnostic pre-test –
presentation notes Do Now, students will look Evolution concepts (5 min)
over their exams and note
specific areas to go over

L Explain: Students will Explore/Explain: In Explore: Origin of Life

present their groups, students will Activity (adopted from
A Inheritance Projects. engage in different stations Creating coacervates:
As the presentations around the room to make
are going on, students test corrections and explore web/lessons/coacerv.html
Activity will take notes on their concepts of evolution
Explain: Students will fill
classmate’s work
out a worksheet with
(feedback, questions).
discussion questions
Elaborate: Some of the
Explore: How is sections will have an Elaborate: Students will
colorblindness extension activity with engage in a discussion about
inherited? Mini Lab different examples for the the lab activity and its
students as well as college parallels to the origin of life.
Apprentice Teaching Lesson Plan Summary Template

Explain: Have lab level applications of

groups share their concepts
answers with one
another. A few
students will share
their answers to the
Elaborate: Extension
problem worksheet –
Sex- linked punnet

N Evaluate/Summary: Evaluate/Summary: Evaluate/Summary:

eNding Exit ticket: X-linked As students are going to the Exit ticket: choose one of the
pedigree problem (one stations, they will fill out a discussion questions for
of the test questions worksheet with questions students to write an answer to
that majority of the pertaining to each station and submit
students got wrong)

Resource Resource Requirements: Resource Requirements:

Requirements A few laptops/ tablets
Lab Safety requirements
Chemicals for lab

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