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FHSE Site Specific Document PCL PROCEDURE

Pipe Strain for Rotating Equipment

Form EQPT-02-21 Revision 1

Project Name: Sunlake FHSE Project No.: 1300607 Customer Ref.:

Area/Location: Eqpt/Tag / ID No.: Ref Dwg:
Date: T/O System:

Description: Manufacturer:

Suction Flange Position:  Vertical  Horizontal Discharge Flange Position  Vertical  Horizontal
Suction Flange Size: Discharge Flange Size:

Initial for Acceptance

Items to Check
Company Customer Date
Flange to nozzle bolt holes aligned so bolts can be installed
without using mechanical assistance (Bolt free to turn condition)
Flange to nozzle gap parallel to within 0.001/in of pipe diameter to
a maximum 0.030/in. >10/in = 0.010/in (API 686 Chapter 6, 4.6.3)
Flange to nozzle face separation within the gasket spacing +/-
Pipe spring supports in cold setting
Pipe spring hangers are set properly
Pump shaft movement within .002” horizontal and vertical after
pipe has been tightened
Alignment is within tolerance after pipe strain check
Alignment Laser file number:

Measure and record gap at four equal spots at inlet and outlet with feeler gauges.
Note: Sample configuration. Bolt up largest flange first
No. Inlet Outlet

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Pipe Strain for Rotating Equipment
Form EQPT-02-21 Revision 1

Remarks: ( * Indicates Customer Hold Point)

Final Inspection (within API 686 specified maximum tolerances):

Representative: Date:
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Authorized Company
Representative: Date:
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Customer: Date:
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