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Every the great humans will make change from people near to them, because they
know that if you can not change nobady near you, so you can not step away from there. The
devolpment of time make our culture fading away and as we know, Indonesia have a strong
culture, if we lost the culture we seem like the human have no head. Every fomous people
have one similarity that all of them have something different from other people . In Airtiris
has a one culture namely batobo which has the meaning of working together to work in the
fields. the culture is almost faded among the young because of the progress of the times that
happened at this time, where all have mastered smart phone. But from the activity batobo has
a weakness that is not optimize all the potential on the raw materials used such as straw on
which can be used as paper-making raw materials, and imagine if it happens then there will
be a decrease in the unemployment rate and automatic crime numbers will go decreass.

Replacement from tree to straw aims to reduce deforestation due to increased paper
demand resulting in illegal logging. The essence of replacing trees with straw has a simple
principle of replacing cellulose in trees with cellulose in other plants. cellulose is a polymer
that has great strength so that it is used as a raw material of paper and unique cellulose is only
digested in the animals because there is a cellulase enzyme cellulase. papermaking usually
begins with the taking of trees and then made into pulp. pulp making is done in three ways,
the first way is to separate between cellulose and other chemical compounds. by mechanical
means of putting it into a tube that has a high pressure that works the same way as the human
digestive system. then semi-chemical which will occur softening and removal of lignin, lignin
is a compound that unites between fibers or fused between one cellulose with another
cellulose. on the pulp processing into paper then only need to be emphasized on the pulp and
drying to dry pulp, then leveled by using the iron. then we will get the paper we want. not
only paper to write, straw can also produce paper to make handicrafts by adding some dyes,
and of course the making is done we must control the waste, because the purpose of making
with straw is to keep the environment for the trees on earth is not reduced.

When we can produce papers in order to preserve the botobo culture then we create a
sustainable development in the field of nature conservation, adequate food because the
unemployment rate will decrease, innovation in technology and many more from sustainable
development goals we will achieve. This sustainable development should start from the
principle of self and then the society around then we can influence the people outside. as the
approach of a calm water will move if the nearby water molecules vibrate just like that if we
do a positive thing it will vibrate other people to work. the conclusion is that you are not the
only one that can be used as raw material for paper making but still can be used other
environmentally friendly alternatives such as rice straw, coconut bark, coconut bunches,
banana stems and more. The cause of all that is the composer of the paper, because cellulose
is not only contained in trees but can be found in other plants, and the reason to use the tree
as paper material in the factory is because of the large amount and the stronger fiber then
very thick so that one tree can produce a lot of paper sheets.