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Venn Diagram Rubric

Comparing and Contrasting Spring Festival and Christmas


CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Each section of the diagram Each section of the diagram Each section of the diagram Each section of the diagram
Number of Quality
contains five or more facts that are contains four facts that are easily contains three facts that are contains very few facts that are not
easily identified. identified. somewhat identified. easily identified.

Primary Source Student exhibits mastery of the Student illustrates a firmer Student displays a limited Student shows little or no
Content resource material as evidenced by understanding of most of the understanding with some details understanding of topic. There are
attention to detail. similarities and differences. pertinent to the subject matter. few details.

The Venn Diagram reflects some The Venn Diagram contains non-
The Venn Diagram reflects factual Most of the information is factual
Linking Content factual information and attempts to factual information that does not
information that corresponds with and seemingly corresponds with
together put it in corresponding section of correspond to the appropriate
appropriate section of diagram. appropriate section of diagram.
diagram. section of diagram.

Student contributes consistently Student contributes inconsistently

Student contributes to the group Student chooses not to participate
Collaborative and actively to the group to the group discussions and
discussions and completes the in the group discussions and does
Performance discussions and accepts and completes the assigned tasks with
assigned tasks. not complete the assigned tasks.
performs all of the tasks. encouragement.

There are so many spelling,

Grammar, Usage and There is virtually no spelling, There are few spelling, punctuation There are a number of spelling,
punctuation or grammatical errors
Mechanics punctuation or grammatical errors. or grammatical errors. punctuation or grammatical errors.
that interfere with the meaning.

The Venn Diagram is attractive The Venn Diagram is legible and The Venn Diagram is very messy
Organization of the The Venn Diagram is messy and it
and well organized with all the organized with most of the required and it contains little or no required
Required Elements contains limited required elements.
required elements. elements. elements.