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3 State and Local Tax Assignment

Your task: in this assignment you will briefly interview someone you know who owns a home
and pays taxes. The goal is for students to analyze the tax burden that state and local
governments place on taxpayers (we will study federal taxes in a later lesson).

Ask the person the amount they pay each year for the following taxes. If the person is not sure
what these taxes are, you are responsible for explaining it to them (accept the person’s closest
estimate if they are unsure). Add up the total when finished:

Part I – Opening Questions. (5 points)

1. Who did you interview?

a. Orit Rosen-Yazdi
2. What is their relationship to you?
a. She is my mom

Part II – Data Collection (5 points)

Type of tax Annual amount paid
Sales tax $1,157
Local income tax $0
State income tax $2,609
Local property tax $4,326
Excise taxes $500
Other taxes (specify) $0
Total $8592

Part III –Analysis (5 points each)

3. Ask the person if (in their opinion) they are paying: 2) too much; b) too little; or c) a
reasonable amount of taxes to state and local governments each year.

In my mom’s opinion, she is paying too much in taxes every year.

4. Ask the person their opinion on progressive taxation (wealthier pay higher rates than the
poor): does the person think this is fair? Why or why not?

In my mom’s opinion, progressive taxation is unfair because it treats different income

brackets differently, and she believes that this discourages people from moving towards
higher income brackets.