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Cyber Security and Intellectual property rights

1. What is Cyber Security and how it is different from Information Security?
2. What do you mean by Information System? What is the need of
Information System?
3. What are the types of Information System?
4. Explain the terms: Criminal attacks, Publicity attacks, Legal attacks. What
is security?
5. How to protect yourself while on the Internet.
6. What is password?
7. Define: Frauds,Scams, Identity theft, Intellectual property theft, Brand
8. Discuss the types of attacks with example.
9. What are the key principles of security?
10.Discuss the reason behind the significance of Authentication.
11.What is ‘masquerade’? Which principle of security is breached because of
12.What is Denial of service attack?
13.What is worm? What is the significant difference between virus and
14.Discuss the concept of ‘phishing’ and ‘pharming’.
15.Classify attacks on a system.
16.What is cybercrime? Brief different cybercrimes.
17.What is Cyber Security and How it is different from Information Security?
18.Explain different categories of cybercrime?
19.Discuss 5 kinds of cybercrime.
20.Discuss cyber pornography with example
21.Explain 5 types of cybercrime that are done frequently in digital world?
22.List out the top cyber safety actions.

1. Discuss the security threats in detail.

2. Discuss the specific motives or goals of a attacker for an attack on a system.
3. Explain the terms: Virus, Worms, Trojan Horse, Impersonation,
Eavesdropping, Social engineering, Mail bombing, Network spoofing.
4. Explain the difference between Virus , Worms and Trozan Horse?
5. Explain Firewall and working of Firewall?
6. Explain the working of Virtual Private network?
7. What do you mean by Application Security? Explain the steps involved in
securing Database?
8. Explain the S-MIME protocol for Secure E-Mail?
9. Write a short note on Digital signatures.
10.How can be Intrusion Detection system is the backbone of Information
system? Justify along with its categories?
11.Elaborate Cyber crime play a vital role against person ,property and govt. to
protect all valuable information and rights?
12.Write a note on Hacking.
13.Explain the types of hacking.
14.Explain the types of hackers.
15.State the advantages and Disadvantages of hacking.
16.Write a note on Firewalls.
17.Write a note on E-cash.